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    New York, United States
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    Anything Anime, Renegade, (Playing Since 2002) call of duty, grand theft auto, thunderstorms and other crap that you don't need to know about!!! :)

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    GTA IV
    Black Ops
  1. Reached 120 in gta online last night

  2. Single-player Obelisk

    Version 1.0


    This modification replaces the multiplayer obelisk with the obelisk from single-player.


  3. playing Cod Black ops II cause westwood is down

  4. HELP!!!!!!!

    are the westwood servers down or something? I cant join on either on either of my computers or any of my westwood games?
  5. Cant join ultra

    hi, I seem to be having a problem with joining when I try to join ultra aow, the game crashes and says that "renegade has encountered an internal error" and the game shuts down I can join any other server but ULTRA AOW some help would be greatly accepted
  6. annoying glitches in singleplayer

  7. Playing The Single Player for the 500th Time

  8. brenbot.exe failing

    i found the Config file but it was a different name ConfigName in svrcfg_cnc i do not know the name of the LogFilePath so i do not know where it is
  9. brenbot.exe failing

    correction i cannot find the files, did they come with the server ini files
  10. brenbot.exe failing

    i know why now i think two files are not where they are supposed to be FDSLogFilePath = C:/Westwood/RenegadeFDS/Server/ FDSConfigFile = C:/Westwood/RenegadeFDS/Server/Data/svrcfg_cnc.ini
  11. brenbot.exe failing

    i tried, it still failed
  12. brenbot.exe failing

    hi, ive been setting up a new server last night and i'm just about to run brenbot.exe and everything seems to be ok except for one thing it says the ssgm log server on : 4848 has failed and will retry in one minute. i do not know what the problem is but some help would be greatly appreciated thank you
  13. I am one! One with the god, one with my ps3, and one with the RENEGADE!!!! :D

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