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  • Birthday 02/13/1990

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    New York, United States
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    Anything Anime, Renegade, (Playing Since 2002) call of duty, grand theft auto, thunderstorms and other crap that you don't need to know about!!! :)

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    GTA IV
    Black Ops
  1. Reached 120 in gta online last night

  2. Version 1.0


    This modification replaces the multiplayer obelisk with the obelisk from single-player.
  3. playing Cod Black ops II cause westwood is down

  4. annoying glitches in singleplayer

  5. hey its Kyles658 so I have had scripts 4.0 for a while and throughout the time during singleplayer I have noticed a few glitches I cant just get over I have listed a few of the glitches that irritated me the most 1. In the cargo ship mission, nod eva voice does not work (ex. when nod eva identifies havoc as intruder) 2. The gunshot effects from the weapons when fired are not visible accurate, but someone distorted. 3. the mission in the mountains, when the powerplant is destroyed, it makes the scripts 4.0 "Building destroyed" sound like in multiplayer, BUT it glitches up and the sound repeats OVER AND OVER, its f*cking annoying. Is there anyway I can fix any of these glitches, or are they just part of scripts 4.0? I know its worthless but I cant get over it when I play the singleplayer. ty
  6. Playing The Single Player for the 500th Time

  7. I am one! One with the god, one with my ps3, and one with the RENEGADE!!!! :D

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