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Found 324 results

  1. Stream highlights video

    15 clips from a stream on newmaps and jerad2142 clip 2 months ago
  2. Snowy Mountains

    Version 1.0


    My first public map on Renegade. Silos, repair facilities and tailguns are capturable. Double base defenses. Defenses, building locations, etc. are balanced as much as I can. Report bugs and glitches in the comment section. My next map will be soon.


  3. the cinematic taht played during tib pit 3

    how did this happen
  4. Stream highlights video

    a assortment of clip from my streams what improvement can i make? also anyone know good free music making software so i can make a 8sec jingle or whatever for the first 8 secs?
  5. Iron City: a map by trunkskgb a playlist of both times yesterday that we played the map as both sides
  6. MPF Public FDS Package

    Version 1.0.1


    This package contains everything you need to get a server going. When you downloaded the zip file make sure that you goto its properties and "Unblock" it BEFORE you extract the files, else it may not function correctly. There is a folder called "prerequisites" and you must run and install the vcredist_x86_2012.exe and vcredist_x86_2013.exe and also the dxsetup.exe found in the dxsetup folder or your server will not run. Make sure you edit server.ini and change ports where needed and forward them if applicable. Note that the GameSpyQueryPort *must* be different from what you set in DA.ini Also edit the srvcfg_cnc.ini found in the data folder to set your own server name, title, and maybe some other options. Brenbot is included in this zip and works 'out of the box' pretty much. You should however change the nickname of the bot to use on IRC, the channels it will join and the Path to your Server root folder. See moderators.cfg for help adding moderators. The FIRST message listed in messages.cfg is what will be displayed when players type !rules in your server. Keep it very short as there is a ~200 character limit on lines. I've included an example configuration of the tt.cfg file that now handles the server map rotation and downloader properties. It's pretty straigthforward, just upload your ttfs folder to your website and set the repositoryUrl to it ending with a / eg: repositoryUrl = "http://www.yourwebsite.com/ttfs/"; A note: When you use the packageeditor cmdline to install or convert new maps or packages make sure the Server is NOT running. If you've adjusted your configuration files and are ready to run it, then execute the file server.exe followed by brenbot.exe Always start the server first, then brenbot. The sourcecode based on Dragonade 1.92 with TT 4.6 support is included and contains a nice mpf_example to get going. You need both Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2015 installed. I can give you the ISO's for this but you will need to make code and compile yourself. Contact me @zunnie For help adding custom maps and/or other things to your server please join us on our irc.cncirc.net in channel #mpf It is recommended to join us on Discord with a microphone as it is a lot easier to help then. Perhaps also get Teamviewer, we use that a lot and makes it tenfold easier to help remotely with issues you may have. ( www.teamviewer.com )


  7. UltraAOW NewMaps Mappack

    Version 33.0


    ................................. ....www.multiplayerforums.com.... ...irc.cncirc.net.#mpf-newmaps... ...._____ _____________________.. .../ \\______ \_ _____/.. ../ \ / \| ___/| __).... ./ Y \ | | \ .... .\____|__ /____| \___ / .... .........\/..............\/...... .....03/31/2018..@..07:23PM...... ................................. UltraAOW NewMaps Mappack [+++| Mappack 4.6+ |+++] A full TT 4.6+ compatible Mappack made by MPF for our UltraAOW NewMaps server. It also contains files for the servers CrazyCTF and RenegadeSniperElite for which we do developing as well. All maps and required assets that are in rotation are contained within this mappack. [+++| Slower Connections |+++] If you have a somewhat slower connection and get tired of waiting for the ingame downloadscreen you could download this mappack and install it before joining any of the above three mentioned servers. You will not experience (much of) the ingame downloader then, just join up and play right away. [+++| Important Note |+++] By default your so called "TTFS" folder where Renegade downloads mapfiles to is located in your "Application Data" folder which is a hidden system folder by default. For this reason you *Should Not* change the destination location when the installer asks you for it. You should leave the default installation location in place unless you are absolutely sure you must change it and know what you are doing. If the destination is wrong then the mappack will not be installed properly and you still get download dialogs while joining the servers. [+++| Thanks |+++] Thank you a lot for downloading the mappack and playing on the servers! [+++| Useful Links |+++] http://www.indiedb.com/company/mpf MPF IndieDB Profile https://discordapp.com/invite/gzgCvrq Visit to Join the MPF Discord Chat and text, voice or video chat with others. https://multiplayerforums.com/donate/ Donating to MPF ensures we can continue to run the servers in the future and upgrade when needed. When you donate you get certain (non gameplay breaking) benefits, read more @


  8. The hover rush from earlier today

    1 min of The assault of the nod base
  9. 55 people in game

  10. MVP with just a chemsprayer

    yayyy upgraded chemsprayer
  11. Covering my beacon at barracks with flamer

    Droping a beacon at bar and covering in flamer
  12. Killing server with his own mine

    made it black and and white with Instagram filter
  13. NFHAVOC Youtube/Twitch/Instagram/Twitter

    I have not made a post for my social media other then a video here and there I have a Youtube where i made videos and stream the game https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkeXXP_xPhP447FaXNjaakw a Twitch where i stream https://www.twitch.tv/nfhavoc and a instagram where i put alot of screen shots https://www.instagram.com/nfhavoc/ also a Twitter that basically just auto tweets of what the other accounts are doing at the moment https://twitter.com/NFHAVOC
  14. renegade Screenie I found

    Not sure when it's from, though. Sometime in the last year, I think.
  15. Hi All! Robyike1 here!

    Hi all, I am trying to connect with players that played Renegade back in the day at black-cell.net. My handle was robyike1 and I'm getting ready to get my family into playing Ren. I was wondering who still played.
  16. Here's the updated rotation for December based upon feedback from last month's likes and dislikes. Serv.
  17. Renegade WOL Error

    Guys my Renegade Client and Server cannot connect to WOL Servers. I'm tried to close firewall and reinstall Renegade but doesn't work. What should I do?
  18. Hi all. I recently uninstalled and reinstalled Renegade and now it won't work. It didn't seem to have any problems while installing. I'm using a PC with Windows 10 installed. When I launch the game with no compatibility options enabled nothing happens. I have tried changing the compatibility to XP Service Pack 2 & XP Service Pack 3. When using either of those, my mouse will spin for a while like it is loading then I'll get a Windows prompt asking me if the application worked correctly and it gives me an option to diagnose compatibility issues, but if I choose that option it doesn't seem to recommend anything other than trying another setting. Any ideas on how to get Ren working again? Thanks in advance! Edit: For what it's worth, I never had any issues in the past with Renegade on this PC although I did use compatibility mode for XP SP2. I also did try to uninstall and reinstall a second time with no luck. Again, thanks for your time.
  19. Tragic death of MPF greatest caught on video. Watch it below in the video.
  20. hello, my name is kira. 27 years old. I am a student for software practical engineering at Israel. I wanted to know how much does it cost to purchase a new better faster stronger hardware server? and can you put a new bar thing so we can target some sort of amount of donations to reach for the maintenance? lags and connection losses are very annoying and it happens a lot. i want to try help the community if it is donations, uploading videos, sharing with friends, (already showed to one of my friends and i think he likes it.) i want help. i love this mod of renegade, renegade x is beautiful. those connection losses really pisses me off. so please tell me the full details, as much as you can. like packages you purchase from servers company, costs, time of installing the server things, anything that relate. i really do want to try to help. i got some skills i think... now i am in my finals but in September i am available. you can ask me for my email in private message. or look up at steam: kirart2 , challangeme1 those are my users. i sure we can solve most of the events of lagging. just need to unite.
  21. Help me with renlist

    Help me setting up reenlist, I am kinda new to this program
  22. Help me with renlist

    I need help seting up reenlist, can someone help me?
  23. New Renegade Division Leader

    We have recently made some changes to our administrative structure. Kickmofohas informed us that he would like to step down in order to be able to devote more time to his personal life. This something most of us can understand very well. Moderating for a server and especially being the leader is like having another job expect that it is unpaid. There is a lot of work that goes into it and most of it is unseen in the background. While we regret to see him go we understand that real life must always come first. Kick has done a lot of great things for furthering and advancing our Renegade Server. He will remain an admin in our community but will no longer be the leader of the Renegade Division. Taking Kick's place as the leader will be r3surr3Ktx. He has really grown in our community and made it his home. He has taken up many projects that no one else wanted to and has put in a huge amount of work into both our Renegade server and community as a whole. r3 plays renegade frequently, has built rapport with the players and is willing to speak his mind and bring new ideas to the table. He has done a great job and proved himself a reliable and dedicated contributor to our community. We cannot think of a better person to lead our Renegade section. Please join us in thanking Kick for the great work he has done and congratulating r3 on his new position. Alex & Fear
  24. A suggestion presented by player @Relentless regarding tips prompted myself to mention to @zunnie about putting tips on the load screen for players to read while they load. And well, we didn't get tips on the load screens, but we did get pretty images of the map that you're loading into. Load screens made courtesy of MPF Developer zunnie. An example: There will be a small download from our ttfs repository for you to download the updated files we added to the .mix files. It's less than a meg though. Enjoy, Genesis MPF Administrater

    All vehicles spin around firing non stop or turn invis and stay stuck in place on Canyon_Falls

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