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Found 97 results

  1. I've finished working on the sequel to Spikewar, it's as good as finished (minus a texture glitch around the tiberium field). Here is the loadscreen for it:
  2. To expand upon in the near future:
  3. This map is originally designed by @Hunter-Seeker for TCW 2.0 I've placed a few temporary textures on it so you can better see what it could look like in its final state. I think the map is greatly done by Hunter-Seeker, good layout, needs some fixing here and there but overall i'm very happy with it. Here a shot from ingame while we were testing just now (remember: Textures are temporary)
  4. Please read that topic to get going
  5. Public Testing We've decided to make the Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 testing public. It is very timeconsuming to find people willing to test and get them to be active on the forums and all. So we figured it would be nice to just make it a public thing. You can now download the client through SVN and join the testserver. We hope you like trying it out, but keep in mind that the game is not finished at all and you may of course give suggestions. I encourage everyone who decides to download it to register on our forums and report any issues or questions. What you will need TortoiseSVN program - http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads.html You will need the program called Tortoise SVN to download (or Checkout/Update) the game test client. To install (aka "Checkout") the "Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 Test Client" you need a username and password listed below: Username: tcwtester Password: testersonly15 Create a new folder in any location of your choice, for example: C:\MPF Games\Tiberium Crystal War 2 Test\ or even your desktop will do but NOT your Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder. Right click the folder you created and you will see an option named "SVN Checkout" select this and a popup window will be opened. Enter into the URL portion, this address: https://svn.multiplayerforums.com/svn/tcw/Client (right click on the link and copy it) The screen should look like this and press OK: Next you will be presented with a login screen where you enter the username "tcwtester" and password "testersonly15" (no quotes). No further changes are required, press OK and it will begin to download the latest updates (about 2 GB) from the SVN Repository which may take a while depending on your internet speed. Once done downloading, you have the latest files from SVN. Updates to the game will be posted here in the forum. Once a new version has been submitted, simply right click the folder and click on "SVN Update" and it will download the posted update, and keep you up to date. Keeping the Client Up2Date Everytime we update the server and client you will need to SVN Update on your end. If you get "Version Mismatch" or "You need Tiberium Crystal War to play here" messages when trying to join, it means your Test client is out of date. Simply right click on the folder and choose "SVN Update" and wait for it to download the new and modified files: Now you should be able to join the server again. If not: Please post on the forums. Play & Test Run the TCW2Launcher.exe file in your folder. Goto the Direct Connect tab. Enter your player name and connect to play/test. IRC Channel The irc channel is on irc.cncirc.net in #TCW and #TCW2 Discord Area Visit https://multiplayerforums.com/discord to join our Discord Area for text and voice chatting. Thank you Thanks for testing the client and please provide us with your thoughts and concerns if any.
  6. Barsow Badlands, City Blue Zone and Snow are all three WIP maps created by @Hunter-Seeker for Tiberium Crystal War. Stay tuned to see them in game soon. Here some shots taken from max: City Blue Zone: Barsow Badlands: Snow:
  7. 1-2-2012 5-5-2013 Good ol' times Let's have those again in TCW2
  8. https://multiplayerforums.com/games/tcw/ Check out the tcw pages and manual, mostly done although some content still needs adding The stuff there will be loaded in the Launcher that @Goldy58 is working on.
  9. I'v eadded three new commands on the server: !stats <player> - Displays the overall stats of passed player !joins - Displays how many times you have joined the server !played - Displays how many times you played the current map
  10. We'll keep updates posted here. Revision: 368 Author: zunnie Date: Wednesday, March 07, 2018 7:38:58 PM Message: Update game client to TT 4.6 ---- Modified : /Client/E121A023BDBED7DF.CLU Added : /Client/Join MPF Discord Voice Chat.url Added : /Client/Launcher.bmp Modified : /Client/MemoryManager.dll Modified : /Client/Shared.dll Modified : /Client/TCW2.ico Modified : /Client/TTCore.dll Deleted : /Client/Tiberium Crystal War Forums.url Deleted : /Client/Tiberium Crystal War Homepage.url Modified : /Client/VFS.dll Added : /Client/Visit TCW Website.url Modified : /Client/bandtest.dll Added : /Client/launcher.cdp Added : /Client/open_folder_debug.bat Added : /Client/open_folder_ss.bat Modified : /Client/scripts.dll Added : /Client/tt.vfs Modified : /Client/ttle.dll Modified : /Client/ttversion.txt
  11. Please read the following to test:
  12. If you have any questions and need answers or if you need help with Tiberium Crystal War then feel free to create a topic in this section. Thanks.
  13. Looking for Developers (not paid) We are currently looking for Mappers, Modelers, Texturers, Skinners and Audiophiles to help work on the Tiberium Crystal War game, server and assets. 3D Studio Max - Mappers & Modelers We use an outdated version of 3DS Max v8 to create and modify maps and models. Newer versions are not supported because the engine of Renegade W3D has no exporters and plugins available for those newer versions. If you know other versions of 3DS Max is always nice of course, but remember some options may not be available in 3DS Max v8, also note that you could probably export from newer Max versions into a known format from Max v8 to import it there. Photoshop CS6 - Texturers & Skinners If you a good work with Photoshop CS6 (or above) and textures or skins for terrain and/or units in DDS formats of 512x512 and 1024x1024, we are seeking you to help us make this game nice to play and watch. Audition (or alternatives) - Audiophiles I'm personally not very good with audio so hence looking for someon) who is. Jobs would be like extracting and stereo-fy and mp3-fy-ing sound effects from TW and possibly music soundtracks as well. Qualified? If you are interested in any of the above then please: - Contact me via discord at https://discordapp.com/invite/gzgCvrq - Contact me via irc at irc.cncirc.net #TCW - Contact me via message on the MPF forums at https://multiplayerforums.com - Contact me via email at sunnyzunnie@hotmail.com Thanks.
  14. Download Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 Test from the link below: http://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/2186-tiberium-crystal-war-2-test-client/(776MB) Hello everyone, Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 is nearing a first public release however we still need to do some real balance testing with more than 10 players at a time. Most units, buildings and code are in place now and are functioning properly. I am hoping that by releasing this Test Installation we will see some players join up from time to time to REALLY test the balance of the game. We can hopefully pin down any major issues before we do a full public release upcoming January 2016. Notes: There is currently no launcher available for this test version so you will need to edit the shortcut properties on your desktop and/or startmenu and change your nickname. Next go into your StartMenu and run the TCW2 Configuration utility to set your resolution and options. After that you can simple double click on the shortcut called Tiberium Crystal War 2 Test to have it join our test server. Thanks everyone for joining and testing the client. Be sure to register on our forums to report any issues you may have: http://www.multiplayerforums.com You can join the IRC channel on IRC.CNCIRC.NET in #MPF-TCW and #MPF-TCW-Test Thanks again.
  15. C o m i n g - S o o n Website: http://www.tiberiumcrystalwar.com IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/tcw-w3d Forums: http://multiplayerforums.com/forum/14-cc-tiberium-crystal-war/
  16. Here a video of the WIP map for Christmas 2015, originally for v1.5 by Mauler. Each team has a "Core" which has to be protected because when it is destroyed your team loses the game. In the center of the map is a Control Node which must be captured by your team, when captured the enemy Core becomes vulnerable for attacks. Your team must own this Center Node to damage/destroy the enemy Core and win the game. The Core cannot be healed.
  17. tcw Christmas 2015 Map Game Mode

    The Christmas 2015 map originally designed by Mauler is now featuring a new game mode in TCW 2.0 You have to capture the Control Node in the center of the map, then you can damage the enemy Core. When the enemy Core is destroyed your team wins. You cannot heal the Core.
  18. tcw TCW_Dominatrix Domination map WIP

    A map that will be set up as Domination just like in v1.5 Capture control points to gather capture points, when a target amount of required capture points is met, you win the game
  19. tcw K-screen and GDI+Nod Winscreen

    Mostly designed by Kenz3001 the winscreens if im not mistaken.
  20. tcw Neutral Tiberium Spike

  21. tcw Tiberium Silo's

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