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Found 2 results

  1. zunnie


    Version 1.0


    ### Created by Xpert from Atomix ### irc.ax-games.net ### www.ax-games.net ### CREDITS Thanks to Black-Cell's original concept and idea for a lot of the crates. ### DESCRIPTION ### This plugin will allow you to replace those yellow boxes ingame with special crates. I added sounds to certain crate events so it won't be so plain and also extended information for the _CRATE SSGM header. ### CHANGELOG ### V1 - Release ### Installation ### Place this in the ssgm.ini plugins list of course. Below is what should be in your SSGM.ini for the crate settings. [Crates] ; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ ; ------------------------------------------- Crate Related Settings ------------------------------------------------------- ; -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------ ; NOTE: crates.dll plugin required ; EnableCrates= ; ; Decides if there will be ANY crates, both old and new, on the map. EnableCrates=1 ; EnableNewCrates= ; ; Decides if there will be new crates, if this is set to 0 and EnableAllCrates is set to 1, normal/old crates will spawn. ; New Crates turn those little yellow boxes into a lottery-based system that can help turn the tide of any game, ; and can lead to some pretty fun times. ; Crate log messages will use the "_CRATE" header. EnableNewCrates=1 ; AllowVehCrates= ; ; If set to 1, vehicles will be allowed to pick up crates. If new crates are disabled, this will always be set to 1. AllowVehCrates=0 ; Crate percent configuration. ; ; Controls crate percentages for all maps. ; If you want to disable a specific crate, set it to 0 or leave it blank. Make sure the total sum is 100, or SSGM ; will use its defaults. Weapon=9 Money=9 Points=9 Vehicle=7 MoneyMultiply=4 BlownFuse=4 BigBoom=4 Death=2 Tiberium=2 Ammo=5 Armor=5 Health=5 Character=7 ButterFingers=3 Kamikaze=2 Spy=3 God=1 Stealth=3 Refill=7 Beacon=4 Thief=2 AmmoRegen=2 HumanSilo=1
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