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Found 36 results

  1. Version 1.1


    This is the updated and improved version of the UltraAOW Mappack Installer. This always installs latest mappack from our server and keeps you always up-to-date. It is a very useful installer for against slow connections. If you have a slow connection, you can use this installer. Just open installer, it sometimes can't detect or wrong detect your TTFS folder, in this case select correct TTFS folder, and it starts downloading. Please report glitches to our Discord server. You can find our Discord at http://multiplayerforums.com/discord URL.
  2. Version 1.0


    My first public map on Renegade. Silos, repair facilities and tailguns are capturable. Double base defenses. Defenses, building locations, etc. are balanced as much as I can. Report bugs and glitches in the comment section. My next map will be soon.
  3. I've added the map Yodeller to the game, it was originally designed by someone for Renegade years ago. It's been set up as Deathmatch and you will spawn with any random character from your team's PT options. Mapmakers can temp the PT options and remove infantry from the slots then the code will not include them in the available random characters for that map. Here its loadscreen:
  4. I've finished working on the sequel to Spikewar, it's as good as finished (minus a texture glitch around the tiberium field). Here is the loadscreen for it:
  5. This map is originally designed by @Hunter-Seeker for TCW 2.0 I've placed a few temporary textures on it so you can better see what it could look like in its final state. I think the map is greatly done by Hunter-Seeker, good layout, needs some fixing here and there but overall i'm very happy with it. Here a shot from ingame while we were testing just now (remember: Textures are temporary)
  6. WarpSpasm

    ut4 DM-GasDroid

    Version 9


    UT 4 Map for EPIC/MAPCORES 2016 Showdown level design contest
  7. Meowi

    renx CNC-Rime

    Version 0.9.1a


    Snowy type map I am working on, trying to get the whole balance and landscape made first before I add everything else.. Infantry path still WIP Let me know what you think
  8. Voix

    Narrow Isles

    Version 1.0.0


    Narrow Isles 3VS3 skirmish map for C&C Tiberium Wars with super weapon restriction.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Skirmish maps with some some maps banning super weapons. Map List: Double_T 2VS2 (NoSW) The_Maze 2VS2 (NoSW) Fort_Infilteration 2VS3 (NoSW) No_Escape 2VS2 (NoSW) Desert_Passage 2VS2 Salvation_Road 2VS2 (NoSW) Two_Green_Hills 2VS4 (NoSW) Front_Lines 2VS2 Two_Lakes City_Defense Foursome_Battle
  10. All vehicles spin around firing non stop or turn invis and stay stuck in place on Canyon_Falls
  11. zunnie


    Version Beta 01a


    Update (2015-01-14): Updated Lea to version Beta01a. This version works with UE4.6. Please check the changelog below for a list of changes! Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a heads up on a map I'm remaking for UT4. I've included a playable alpha version for testing and feedback. Word of caution, this is very alpha. Things are either broken, or not working correctly. Things are unoptimized, etc. Check it out. :-) This is a remake of a popular UT2004 map called DM-Lea. The original author is H1ghTecM@n^, and I do not take credit for the UT2004 map. I am recreating this map as a tribute to the UT2004 map, but with changes that make the map playable for UT4. As always, I respect original map authors and always give credit for any remakes I make. Changelog: (2015-01-14) (Version Beta01a) (Compatible with UE4.6) Changed armors back to defaults. Finished the textures on a few more meshes. Fixed a few problems. (2015-01-12) (Version 04t) (Compatible with UE4.6) Huge Experimental Changes concerning armors. Changed belt to 100a. Now absorbs only 75% of damage instead of 100%. Added custom static mesh for 100a. Changed vest to 50a. Absorption **unchanged** (75% of damage). Added custom static mesh for 50a. Changed thighpad to 25a. Absorbs 75% of damage instead of 30%. Added custom static mesh for 25a. Changed helmet static mesh to a custom mesh. Helmet values are unchanged. Changed initial spawn times of the thighpad, helmet and vest to 30 seconds. Added more static meshes to the map and more textures. Special thanks to community member "Raste" for redoing the lighting on Lea. This sped up my lighting build quite a bit. (2014-12-27) (Version 04o) (Compatible with UE4.6) Improved the lighting. Hopefully things are better now. (2014-12-22) (Version 04m) (Compatible with UE4.6) Added temporary lighting (the ugly blue lighting that everybody hates including me). (2014-12-21) (Version 04L) (Compatible with UE4.6) Temporary fix for "92 unbuilt objects" error. Added a window above the center helmet. Added more meshes New Post Processing Lighting (Not finished yet) Attempting to add a bit more color to the map with bright glassy parts (Work in progress) Improved a few things, might have broke other things. (2014-11-30) (Version 04h) (Compatible with UE4.6) Epic cooked this version. Same as version 04g, but with lighting fix. (2014-11-30) (Version 04g) (Compatible with UE4.6) Note: Busy month. I haven't had a lot of time to get much done, but I'm still working on the map. Added new ceiling fan and ceiling meshes. Not finished texturing yet. Added new windows and curved windows. Fixed a few collision problems. I still have not addressed certain issues, please be patient. (2014-11-02) (Version Alpha04a) Added more static meshes to the map, improving visual detail. Improved textures on the windows. A lot of things concerning blueprints, that doesn't matter to the average player, but matters to me as a map maker. This took the bulk of my time. Added slanted walls in some places. Slightly relocated a jump pad to make it possible to slide up a sloped wall (near belt). Added another helmet near belt to help reduce spawn killing, by allowing a spawning player to pick up 20armor and have headshot resistance. Will add more information later. (2014-10-09) (Version Alpha03c) Music (Thanks nonemm!) Windows (Not Finished yet) Custom Lifts (Not Finished yet) Custom Lifts light up when in use. Emissive Materials on trims (Not Finished yet) Improved the shock rifle area Improved the lift area near sniper Added a new ramp near the lift near sniper. Added a temporary wall material to all of the checkerboard walls (2014-09-20) (Version Alpha02q) FIRST RELEASE Game Version Tested & Works: UnrealTournament-Client-XAN-2318482-Win64 (As of 2014-10-09 - Lea Version Alpha03c) Installation Instructions for playing the map in UT4: Extract the zip file to this directory: ..\WindowsNoEditor\UnrealTournament\Content\Paks Description: A remake of the popular UT2004 / UT3 map called DM-Lea. This version is based off the UT3 version of Lea, which I created in 2010. The UT3 version was based off of the UT2004 version of Lea, which was created by someone else. This version aims to be a completely different looking map, with very sci fi, somewhat reflective metals to take advantage of UE4’s new features, and also to test my abilities to create a great looking map that also has great gameplay. Derivative Works: Please do not make any derivative works of this project until it has been officially released as a final, stable, non alpha or beta version. I usually encourage anyone to make derivative versions, but please, do not do so until this project is finished. Thanks. :-) Disclaimer: This version is not built specifically to cater to UT2004 players, nor UT3 players. I’m attempting to satisfy both audiences, and create something new for UT4. If you have some constructive criticism, please voice your opinions below in a civil manner for the best reception. :-) Goals for this version: Eliminate certain sight lines that could bias the map towards being overly spawn killy, or hitscan dominated. Improve certain rooms like the stinger room, or the bottom center of the map, to enhance gameplay. Scale the map slightly smaller than the UT2004 version, and bigger than the UT3 version of Lea. Find a good balance to fit UT4’s gameplay. Add slopes/ramps for dodging, and add an interesting garage door to take advantage of dodge rolling. Also, take advantage of multidodge in some areas. Known Issues: Filesize at the moment is HUGE and will only get bigger in subsequent versions. I will optimize texture sizes later to try to reduce filesize. The map colors, and textures are *NOT* final and are subject to change. FIXED - Rockets get stuck in blocking volumes. Quite hilarious honestly. FIXED - The lifts are a little bit buggy, need some tweaking. Untested in multiplayer, not sure if working in MP. Working on it - Static meshes have not been optimized. There may be performance issues until later. FIXED - Layout needs some improvement in some areas (Shock area, Rocket area, etc). The area directly below belt seems a little crampt. Might need to add a little extra vertical height for the middle section of that area. The doorways near shock rifle have messed up materials. Brightness issues. I need to fix those. Todo List (Plans): COMPLETE Implement custom music from Nonemm (Thanks!) Continue creating custom static meshes, and custom textures. Improve the look of the map until it looks fantastic, and also have an acceptable gameplay:system performance ratio. Seek feedback from community on things. Remember, not all ideas will be accepted, but will be heard and considered. Come up with a good color scheme. Take long and healthy breaks. xD Music: Community Member nonemm from #beyondunreal IRC channel on global gamers was kind enough to make custom music for my map! It sounds really great. Check it out! https://soundcloud.com/fjcomposer/dm-lea/s-eu7IQ Copyright: Nonemm (2014). You are *NOT* allowed to use this song in other maps, projects, for personal or commercial use. If you would like to use this song in your own map, please ask nonemm for permission to use this song. You can find him in the #beyondunreal IRC channel on irc.globalgamers.net Credits: MasterG for helping me with texturing, materials and certain 3d modeling techniques. Also, feedback. Nonnem for the custom song! Check out his song here. Satan’s Father for helping me setup UE4 from github. Raxxy for helping me cook the map using his super awesome map cooker. -CaptainMigraine (Neil)
  12. zunnie


    Version 1.0


    A map made for 6 to 10 players. Flag rooms are connected with a window in-between to make camping the flag harder. By ivan.hook
  13. Version 1.0


    Planetarium is a fast paced and jumppad-heavy capture the flag map set in space, where controlling the middle section is the key to success. It consists of the middle section with two floors and alot of jumppads. Two bases with two floors each. There are also four paths connecting to each base, two between the lower middle floor and two between the upper middle floor. By Glacke.
  14. zunnie


    Version 1.0


    CTF-Omega13 is a capture the flag level for 6-10 players located on a space station inside a massive rock in outer space. In the middle of the map there is an open section where the space station goes out into space. This section has jump pads going across from base to base with low gravity in the middle, bringing some risk for those choosing to take the “quick and easy way”. There is an alternate corridor going across which takes longer but has a Sniper Rifle pickup in the middle and an open area overlooking the entire middle section. The entrance to each base has a choke point coming from the middle and then splitting up into multiple paths all ending up in the flag room, where the flag is waiting on a small platform in the air. By Nickolai Fuglevaag.
  15. Version 1.0


    A capture the flag map set in a castle in the sky with a great glass wall protecting one side from the other. By Oett.
  16. Version 1.0


    Killscreen is a CTF level for 6-12 players. It has a large central area built for long-ranged weapons and smaller defense areas for more close combat. By noraneer.
  17. Version B101


    Forgeworks is a CTF map ideally suited for 8-12 players. It’s simple layout and straightforward design makes it ideally suited for newcomers and pros alike. Based on a design by Erik “Sabot” Franzén. Erik Rayleigh
  18. zunnie


    Version 1.0


    Set on a oil platform, Divide is a symmetrical CTF-map (6-10 players) that not only rewards precision shooting but also strategic thinking. The map is repackaged (2014-04-02) to work with the newest version of UT. By William Wennergren
  19. Here some screenshots of this great map
  20. You can find a bunch of nice old CNC tracks on my website at zunnie.multiplayerforums.com When you decide to use one of these on your map you must keep the filename exactly like it is there. Why?: Some other maps already use this MP3. To keep a long story short: If you rename them then there may arise conflicts with other maps. So nonono.mp3 to renaming them. Just use them on your map as they are. Edit: In 4.1 and on renaming them won't matter. Still i'd leave them as they are Let's get started: (1)expand Sound, then (2)select Music and then (3)click the Temp button: Give it a name, for this example it is Frank_Klepacki_Act_On_Instinct: On the Settings tab now we configure the following options: Filename - Browse for the MP3 file inside your Level Mapname folder Drop-off Radius - 7000.000 Max-Vol Radius - 6000.000 m_Volume - 1.000 m_Priority - 1.000 All other settings are correct already and need no attention. Now OK it all. Then (1)select the preset in your list and (2)click the "MAKE" button, a sound icon appears on your map. It is best if you place this music icon in the center of your map. If you have a large map you may need to adjust the Drop-off Radius and Max-Vol Radius to a higher number. Have fun
  21. zunnie


    Version 1.0


    General Map Information This map is not something like DM, DOM or AOW map. Each side has a Core in their base, a huge object with lighting, the enemy has to destroy this Core to win the game. The Core cannot be repaired! Buildings are indestructible. What to do? In the center of the map there is a Center Node. When you repair this Node you capture it and it becomes yours. The enemy Core becomes vulnerable to attacks when this has been done. The Cores are not damageable unless your team owns the Center Node. There are Unreal Tournament 3 female announcements for most of the Node/Core events to let players know what to do. Inside the Barracks and Hand of Nod you can find a Terminal "Pickup Orb". When you press E here you will get the Orb weapon. This weapon can capture the Center Node in 1 shot from close range even if it is already teamed to the enemy. There can be only 1 Orb per team at a time. Most characters don't spawn with Timed C4 (minigunners, engineers and hotwires/technicians excepted) because it would be too easy to kill the Center Node then and too much C4 spam in that area. Use the Orb to insta-capture the Center Node. Havocs and Sakura's have a 2 bullet clip. Snipers have a 3 bullet clip. Gunner has a basic rocket launcher to elimate the inbalance with Rocket Soldiers which are likely to be used to attack the Cores. Rocket Weapons had their range decreased to combat "Base 2 Base Core Attacks". A crate spawns in the middle at the Center Node as well as a Weaponcrate. Much thanks goes out to Mauler, ImperialKaskins and Blazea58 for their content in this map such as the trees, carrier and ramps to the deck. Notes To play this map you require script updates which are not available in TT 4.0 RC1, when the next version of TT 4.0 comes out you will be able to play and host this map on your own server and game. It is now in rotation on the UltraAOW.com NewMaps 4.0 server. Have fun!
  22. OuTSMoKE

    C&C FjordsTR

    Version 3.0


    C&C Fjords Third Revision Created By: AircraftKiller C&C FjordsTR is the third revision of Fjords. It fixes some issues form the past two map versions such as vehicle bugs, lag spikes/graphics lagging, amongst other small tweaks. It still has lag, but plays far better than its previous conterparts.
  23. Version 1.0


    ======================== ==C&C_Winter_Field.mix== ======================== Gametype: AOW Size: Large (45+ Player accommodation) Version: 1.0 Created: Mauler -- Addition Files: Blazea58 C&C_Field set in winter conditions ===================== =Changelist/Features= ===================== - CnC Mode - Rotable MRLS Turret - Ramjet Rifle ammo decreased to 1 clip rounds - CnC Crate Spawner for (serverside mods) - VIS system in place, for maximum performance
  24. C&C_Lava Mauler and me have finished working on the map C&C_Lava. The textures were mostly made by Mauler as well as the bigass rocks that cover the scenery. Beware that you cannot drive or walk over the lava, you will die lol. The Design Scene is set in a fantasy world with 3 volcano's and lots and lots of hot Lava! The map is divided into several small islands where some have a building on it. They are connected with a dozen bridges to access each building's island. In the center of the map you can find two Helicopter Pads which can be repaired to full health after which you can purchase a GDI Orca or a Nod Apache for $700. The Silo's and Repairpads do not count to the buildings and can be repaired when they are killed. Inside the Sniper Towers are weapon spawners. A crate spawns in the center. When? Right Now! Beta 1 is already installed on the server and is in rotation. Just join and let the 4.0 integrated downloader download it when it comes by (20MB). Screenshots Video
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