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Found 15 results

  1. Version 1.2 Hotfix #1


    This is the newer and improved version of the MPF Mappack Installer. Differencess from older one is this version supports all maps and content packs of the servers hosted by MPF, and always downloads the latest packages from rotation. Feel free to use this installer if you have slow connection. Sometimes installer fails to detect or can't detect your TTFS folder, in this case select your TTFS folder. Please report bugs to our Discord server at http://multiplayerforums.com/discord
  2. We've put up a new download for our Mappack and Keys Configuration file. The mappack v.27 is now once again fully updated to our server content. The keys config contains a new entry for Chinook Vehicle Transport abilities which will be used on Imperial Age maps in the near future. You can now press the HOME key to check on your veterancy status. You can download them from our Downloads Area @: - Download Mappack Here (1.05GB) - Download MPF Keys Configuration Here(160KB) PS, if anyone has questions or wants the keys config file for their Renegade just tell them to goto keys.ultraaow.com This link will take them to the download. Have fun ppl
  3. Version 1.0


    This mappack automatically detects your Generals Zero Hour maps folder and will install the following maps: !aod triangle base final version(more money) -aod- civilian insurrection (more money v3) -aod- lagarto3 v1-3 -aod- mega defense challenge (remade by hazard) 00011 a general & his army new modifidedt version 2 air aod - frontline by evanz1987 [final] aod - 2 mini no money aod - fifa terrorist takedown edited by-=modified=- aod - level ups final v5! by twinsen aod - new frontline! by twinsen aod by- china skirmish aod enemy retreat v3 by twinsen aod field of fun the i^love^aod map (final#2 v3) P.S. Maybe you want to try our First/Third Person Shooter with Tiberium Wars elements:
  4. Version 1.0


    This mappack contains a bunch of maps designed for Coop and/or Art of Defense. The maps are supposed to be played against scripted computer controlled opponents and in most cases are scripted. The zip contains an installation file that will install into your CnC 3 Tiberium Wars Maps folder directly. Do not change the destination folder unless you know what you are doing and it is required. Maps in this package: AOD_canyon_storm_(v1) 3v5_Smok@lot_CompStomp_v1.1 Art_of_defence_-_avatar_invasion_v1.05 Art_of_Defense_-_Forest_assault_v1 art_of_defense_-_last_stand_v1.0 Art_of_Defense_-_Tiberium_grounds_v1_1 Centralized Incoming-=AOD=- Mission_under_high_voltage Ring_Of_Death(Metal) SarajevoRedZone VonBing's_Pain_Harbor Zunnie_3vs5_Co-op_V5_NoSW P.S. Always wanted to play TW in an First/Third Person Setting? Download this:
  5. Download http://multiplayerforums.com/files/category/224-mappacks/ Unreal Tournament 3 Mappack 1 I've uploaded a mappack installation file that will install all the maps we currently have on our servers. Simply run and install the file and join our servers No need to download while ingame anymore then. Maps that will be installed x DM-Aly-SE x DM-ArcaneTemple x DM-BN-HyperBlast-3-SE x DM-GardenOfDreams x DM-Phobos-99 x DM-Wolf3D-2k8-V2 x WAR-BeachFront x WAR-ColdHarbor x WAR-InfectionForest_SE x WAR-MoltenCore-Beta1 x WAR-Valley
  6. Mappack version 29.0 We've put up a new download for our Mappack. The mappack v.29 is now once again fully updated to our server content. You can download it from our Downloads Area @: - Download Mappack Here (1.41GB) Have fun ppl
  7. New Mappack v24.0 Download Mappack 24.0 New mappack is available which contains all of our content for the server. New Imperial Map: Mountain Bog Discuss this map | View Screenshot The map design is based off an old map called Mountain_Pass which were redesign from ground up. It is a map with only Land vehicles. Have fun ppl
  8. http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/files/category/32-mappacks/ A new mappack was released just now which contains the latest content for our server Have fun ppl and thanks for joining us
  9. Click to download Mappack A new mappack was released just now and it contains all of the new stuff we have recently added to the server including the Delta versions of ImperialKaskins's maps.
  10. For easy sharing with players who need the keys or mappack i created two subdomains: http://keys.ultraaow.com ( For the keys installation file for MPF servers ) http://mappack.ultraaow.com ( For the mappack containing MPF servers maps for 4.x clients ) These links are easy remembered and shared along
  11. New Mappack v20.0 A new mappack was generated today for our NewMaps 4.1 server: Download Here @ MPF (1.01 GB) Note: Small update to the installer where it now takes literally seconds to fire up. Thanks.
  12. New Mappack v18.0 A new mappack was generated today for our NewMaps 4.1 server: Download Here @ MPF (951 MB) Thanks.
  13. New Mappack v15.0 A new mappack was generated today for our NewMaps 4.1 server. We removed a lot of old beta's from the package which reduced it's filesize to 894 MB's. Download Here @ MPF
  14. http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/files/category/32-mappacks/ Feel free to download the new mappack which contains all the maps we have in rotation. Including the new G5 Series maps by ImperialKaskins recently added.
  15. http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/files/category/32-mappacks/ Feel free to download the new mappack which contains all the maps we currently have in rotation No more ingame downloading
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