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Found 1 result

  1. Renegade Community Members vs.Renegade MPF Moderators Hello fellow Renegade Community Members We would like to play a couple of matches between people from the Renegade Community and the Renegade MPF Moderators. Pretty much everyone is welcome to join these Community League Matches. When will this great take place? The current date set is Saturday the 27th of September 2014. The whole day we will be joining the server with team changing enabled where our Regegade MPF Moderators will join one team and any Renegade Community Members who signed up will join the other team. Maprotation, Rules & Settings? We will run our default NewMaps rotation including the G10 Series from ImperialKaskins. To minimize the ingame downloading we recommend to download the mappack and install it prior to joining. The server might be passworded and those who signed up will receive the password to join, in case it is not passworded, the moderators will place players on the correct team. Detailed Rules are explained in this topic here. The server will be set to 80 players maximum. (~40 MPF Moderators & ~40 Community Members) Client Requirements As always the server is running TT41+Dragonade with our NewMaps special plugins and functions. The Tiberian Technologies 4.1 Update is required to play on the server, you cannot join without it. Sign Up Now! We are looking for around 30-40 players to be available on this day for some matches against our Renegade MPF Moderators. To sign up simply register on our forums at http://multiplayerforums.com by clicking here. Click on the "Add me into this war" button on this page. Good Luck Everyone
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