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Found 8 results

  1. Version 1.1.1


    The first WOL API written with C# by me. Thanks for Olaf @ xwis.net, ExEric3 and unknown for the contribution of this API! WOLSharp is a light, fast and simple WOL client written in C#, that may handle Renegade games and can send pages, manage buddies and list servers, with their datas. You may find example usages in the pack. Please read the readme file before working with API. If you experience an issue, please contact and drop a bug report at https://discord.gg/KjeQ7xv.
  2. Version 1.07 Sub-Update 1


    A alternative and advanced version of RenList listing utility. This is a server listing utility which takes data from GSA feeds from GSA Master Server hosted by CnCIRC and lists server for user. The differences between RenList and MasterList and the reasons of why you should prefer MasterList is specified below. If you using my lister, thank you so much. Please always use the latest version of this The development is currently paused and it will be continued soon. Current version is stable and should not have any issues. • MasterList is quicker than RenList for listing speed. • MasterList is simplier and more advanced than RenList. • Usage of MasterList is easier. The changes that planned and going to add: • Buddy system. Notices you when your buddy in a/any server. LIVE! • Favorites system. Notices you when a event that you want happens. Example, when the map you want starts. (WIP) • Some basic improvements for visual of UI. LIVE! • Some other improvements for backend. LIVE! Some help?? Look below! • Find "Theme" option from Menu>Options list to change your theme. • Change your nickname or your Renegade Installation directory from the related options on Menu>Options. • And be ready for other new features! Please report bugs and suggestions to me on here or Discord ( The Unstoppable (TR)#1000 ) or find me from MPF Discord Server at http://multiplayerforums.com/discord Enjoy!
  3. New Game Servers Online Because we are always looking for new games to play, we've launched a couple of new servers for several games including: CounterStrike Global Offensive Everybody knows the game CSGO i think, so it doesn't need much clarification Our server is hosted in Germany and gathers player statistics automatically processing daily and global awards every day @ 24h over at http://hlx.multiplayerforums.com/hlstats.php?game=csgo Team Fortress 2 TF2 is a free game and can be downloaded from Steam @ http://store.steampowered.com/app/440/ and our server statistics can be found @ http://hlx.multiplayerforums.com/hlstats.php?game=tf Overwatch Overwatch is a brand new IP from Blizzard, It's an FPS Style game quite similar to Team Fortress 2 yet modern and alot more fun imo! -@Cronus A couple of our people are playing this regularly, feel free to join up in our Teamspeak 3 channels for it @ ts.multiplayerforums.com when looking for games. Come visit our channel on irc.cncirc.net in #overwatch to discuss the game and arrange things. Generals & Zero Hour We're also expanding our C&C adventure to include Generals Zero Hour. We found that a LOT of players are present on a thing called Game Ranger who play Generals & Zero Hour. @r3surr3Ktx is setting up the downloads for it and has written a few guides on how to play and set up the game. See the forum for details @ https://multiplayerforums.com/forum/464-cc-generals-zero-hour/ Unreal Tournament 3 UT3 short, is an excellent fast paced FPS game with a few game modes such as CTF, DM, and WAR(with tanks and things) we have 3 servers up for this game and it gathers statistics at http://ut3.multiplayerforums.com automatically updated every hour. The IRC channels are on irc.cncirc.net in #MPF-UT3-DM , #MPF-UT3-WAR and #MPF-UT3-CTF. Unreal Tournament 4 UT4 is a free game for that matter and can be downloaded from http://www.unrealtournament.com after you sign up for an account. We have currently 5 servers for this game in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States(central) both CTF and DM. Have fun Thanks for joining our community and playing on our servers!
  4. Version 1.037


    The official multiplayer map level files from Westwood Studios.
  5. Hello boys and girls, here I want to show off my personal buyscript for CSGO. Are you too slowly to buy weapons? Here is the answer, create a buyscript for your favourite weapons and buy everything within one second only. The following codes go into the config.cfg file. You find it here: E:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg -> config.cfg Add new lines and save the config.cfg file afterwards: bind "KP_INS" "buy m4a1;buy ak47;buy primammo"bind "KP_END" "buy deagle;buy secammo"bind "KP_DOWNARROW" "buy p250;buy secammo"bind "KP_PGDN" "buy fiveseven;buy tec9;buy secammo"bind "KP_LEFTARROW" "buy mp7;buy primammo"bind "KP_5" "buy galilar;buy famas;buy primammo"bind "KP_RIGHTARROW" "buy aug;buy sg556;buy primammo"bind "KP_HOME" "buy p90;buy primammo"bind "KP_UPARROW" "buy mag7;buy sawedoff;buy primammo"bind "KP_PGUP" "buy ssg08;buy primammo"bind "KP_SLASH" "buy defuser"bind "KP_MULTIPLY" "buy incgrenade;buy molotov"bind "KP_MINUS" "buy decoy"bind "KP_PLUS" "buy smokegrenade"bind "KP_ENTER" "buy flashbang;buy hegrenade"bind "KP_DEL" "buy vest;buy vesthelm"As you can see, I use the NUMPAD for my buyscript. You are free to use any other keys or mouse buttons.. I prefer the NUMPAD!! Notice: P250 is also the code for the freshly added and alternative CZ pistol M4A1 is also the code for the alternative M4 rifle. If you dont like any of these weapons in your buyscript, here is the full list of "variables": Buymenu number - Name of weapon - Price - Name for binds### 1 - Pistols1 - Glock-18 - $200 - glock1 - P2000 - $200 - hkp20001 - USP-S - $200 - hkp20002 - Dual Berettas - $700 - elite3 - P250 - $300 - p2503 - CZ75-Auto - $300 - p2504 - Tec-9 - $500 - tec94 - Five-SeveN - $500 - fn575 - Desert Eagle - $800 - deagle### 2 - Heavy1 - Nova - $1200 - nova2 - XM1014 - $2200 - xm10143 - Sawed-Off - $1200 - sawedoff3 - MAG-7 - $1800 - mag74 - M249 - $5200 - m2495 - Negev - $5700 - negev### 3 - SMGs1 - MAC-10 - $1050 - mac101 - MP9 - $1250 - mp92 - MP7 - $1700 - mp73 - UMP-45 - $1200 - ump454 - P90 - $2350 - p905 - PP-Bizon - $1400 - bizon### 4 - Rifles1 - Galil AR - $2000 - galilar1 - FAMAS - $2250 - famas2 - AK47 - $2700 - ak472 - M4A4 - $3100 - m4a12 - M4A1-S - $2900 - m4a13 - SSG 08 - $2000 - ssg084 - SG 553 - $3000 - sg5564 - AUG - $3300 - aug5 - AWP - $4750 - awp6 - G3SG1 - $5000 - g3sg16 - SCAR-20 - $5000 - scar20### 5 - Gear1 - Kevlar Vest - $650 - vest2 - Kevlar + Helmet - $1000 - vesthelm3 - Zeus x27 - $1500 - taser4 - Defuse Kit - $400 - defuser4 - Rescue Kit - $400 - defuser### 6 - Grenades1 - Molotov - $400 - molotov1 - Incen. Grenade - $600 - incgrenade2 - Decoy Grenade - $50 - decoy3 - Flashbang - $200 - flashbang4 - High Explosive Grenade - $300 - hegrenade5 - Smoke Grenade - $300 - smokegrenade### OtherX - Knife - n.a. - n.a.
  6. Hello boys and girls, here I want to show-off my professional Crosshair and its codes to create it. These changes need to be added into your config.cfg file which can be found here: E:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg -> config.cfg My XHair is a small one and looks like: Its size is 8x8 pixels! Headshots are guaranteed! The codes for this awesome xhair are: cl_crosshair_drawoutline "1"cl_crosshair_dynamic_maxdist_splitratio "0.35"cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_innermod "1"cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitalpha_outermod "0.5"cl_crosshair_dynamic_splitdist "7"cl_crosshair_outlinethickness "1"cl_crosshairalpha "255"cl_crosshaircolor "1"cl_crosshaircolor_b "50"cl_crosshaircolor_g "50"cl_crosshaircolor_r "250"cl_crosshairdot "1"cl_crosshairgap "-1"cl_crosshairscale "0"cl_crosshairsize "0.35"cl_crosshairstyle "4"cl_crosshairthickness "0.70"cl_crosshairusealpha "1"cl_fixedcrosshairgap "-1.86"cl_observercrosshair "0"cl_scalecrosshair "1"crosshair "1"You may also create an extra file just for your xhair settings, which gets loaded via the autoexec.cfg file. Get some infos about it here: http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/topic/3416-how-to-create-a-professional-netcode-config/ NOTICE: Quote has been modified!
  7. Hello boys and girls, here I want to explain and show-off my professional NETCODEs for CSGO. There will be various ones since different communities have played with different tick rates. To begin, open CSGO's cfg directory. You'll find it under: E:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\cfg Since CSGO it is best to leave the config.cfg file alone!! We are going to create 3 extra config files. At first within the cfg directory, create an "autoexec.cfg" file. If you already own that file, so open and modify it. Add a new line inside your autoexec.cfg file: exec netcode.cfgThis command auto-runs our netcode.cfg file while CSGO is being started, each time. And now, let's create this "netcode.cfg" file! After you have created this fresh and clean netcode.cfg blank, open it. Copy and paste my NETCODE into this fresh file: // NETCODE TICK 128rate "128000.0"cl_interp_all "0.0"cl_updaterate "128"cl_cmdrate "128"cl_interp_ratio "1.0"cl_interp "0.015"// Misc Settings// cl_interp_ratio "2"// cl_interp "0.02"// LAN Settings// cl_interp_ratio "1"// cl_interp "0.01"cl_interp_threadmodeticks "0"cl_lagcompensation "1"cl_pred_optimize "2"cl_smooth "1"cl_smoothtime "0.01"cl_allowdownload "1"cl_allowupload "1"cl_downloadfilter "nosounds"fps_max "512"cl_showfps "1"net_graph "1"net_graphheight "945"net_graphmsecs "400"net_graphpos "1"net_graphproportionalfont "0"net_graphshowinterp "1"net_graphshowlatency "1"net_graphshowsvframerate "1"net_graphsolid "1"net_graphtext "1"After you have done this, save up this file. Now you own a professional NETCODE for a better aim in-game. I have experimented with these since Counter-Strike 1.x. This special NETCODE is for CSGO 128-tick servers. If you don't start a game on 128-tick server, don't worry. CSGO will auto-adjust some of these codes. For any hardcode gamers who never ever play on 128-tick servers, here I am going to provide you a NETCODE setting for 64-ticks: // TICK 64 BETArate "100000.0"cl_interp_all "0.0"cl_updaterate "66.7"cl_cmdrate "66.7"cl_interp_ratio "1.0"cl_interp "0.03"// Misc Settings// cl_interp_ratio "2"// cl_interp "0.02"// LAN Settings// cl_interp_ratio "1"// cl_interp "0.01"cl_interp_threadmodeticks "0"cl_lagcompensation "1"cl_pred_optimize "2"cl_smooth "1"cl_smoothtime "0.01"cl_allowdownload "1"cl_allowupload "1"cl_downloadfilter "nosounds"fps_max "512"cl_showfps "1"net_graph "1"net_graphheight "945"net_graphmsecs "400"net_graphpos "1"net_graphproportionalfont "0"net_graphshowinterp "1"net_graphshowlatency "1"net_graphshowsvframerate "1"net_graphsolid "1"net_graphtext "1"There is one more issue: Since 64-ticks are bad and 128-ticks are worse because 128-ticks is experimental yet, the "102.400002" ticks for every CSGO server is best. I wish 102.400002 ticks will be the regular tick for each CSGO server. Here is my NETCODE, specialized for 102.400002 ticks: // NETCODE TICK 102 BETArate "128000.0"cl_interp_all "0.0"cl_updaterate "102.400002"cl_cmdrate "102.400002"cl_interp_ratio "1.0"cl_interp "0.02"// Misc Settings// cl_interp_ratio "2"// cl_interp "0.02"// LAN Settings// cl_interp_ratio "1"// cl_interp "0.01"cl_interp_threadmodeticks "0"cl_lagcompensation "1"cl_pred_optimize "2"cl_smooth "1"cl_smoothtime "0.01"cl_allowdownload "1"cl_allowupload "1"cl_downloadfilter "nosounds"fps_max "512"cl_showfps "1" net_graph "1"net_graphheight "945"net_graphmsecs "400"net_graphpos "1"net_graphproportionalfont "0"net_graphshowinterp "1"net_graphshowlatency "1"net_graphshowsvframerate "1"net_graphsolid "1"net_graphtext "1"That's it. Happy fraggin. P.s.: I have modified these CODES for you, personally I use "downloadfilter" "none" and some more spezialized "cl_interp_all", "cl_updaterate", "cl_cmdrate", "cl_interp_ratio" and "cl_interp" values.
  8. Hello boys and girls, this smart & easy tutorial will explain how you are able to add/unlock the "Hidden Radio Commands" for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Everyone in-game will hear them and also bots might react on them, too. What hidden commands will be added in general? 1. "Cover me!"2. "Enemy down!"3. "Taking fire, need assistance!"4. "Regroup team!"5. "Get outta here, it's gonna blow!"6. "Report in, team!"7. "Reporting in!" How to start? Open the "radiopanel.txt" file, you will find it under: E:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\csgo\resource\ui -> radiopanel.txt Inside this txt file you are able to add the 7 Hidden Radio Commands for CSGO. I have created some examples for you. You can simply copy and paste one of these codes below into your txt file, overwrite everything there and save it up. It is best to do a backup of the original file at 1st!! Alright, let's start ... and please don't forget to rate up this guide. Thank you! The full guide can be found on Steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=187002729
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