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Found 7 results

  1. Version 1.1.1


    The first WOL API written with C# by me. Thanks for Olaf @ xwis.net, ExEric3 and unknown for the contribution of this API! WOLSharp is a light, fast and simple WOL client written in C#, that may handle Renegade games and can send pages, manage buddies and list servers, with their datas. You may find example usages in the pack. Please read the readme file before working with API. If you experience an issue, please contact and drop a bug report at https://discord.gg/KjeQ7xv.
  2. New Game Servers Online Because we are always looking for new games to play, we've launched a couple of new servers for several games including: CounterStrike Global Offensive Everybody knows the game CSGO i think, so it doesn't need much clarification Our server is hosted in Germany and gathers player statistics automatically processing daily and global awards every day @ 24h over at http://hlx.multiplayerforums.com/hlstats.php?game=csgo Team Fortress 2 TF2 is a free game and can be downloaded from Steam @ http://store.steampowered.com/app/440/ and our server statistics can be found @ http://hlx.multiplayerforums.com/hlstats.php?game=tf Overwatch Overwatch is a brand new IP from Blizzard, It's an FPS Style game quite similar to Team Fortress 2 yet modern and alot more fun imo! -@Cronus A couple of our people are playing this regularly, feel free to join up in our Teamspeak 3 channels for it @ ts.multiplayerforums.com when looking for games. Come visit our channel on irc.cncirc.net in #overwatch to discuss the game and arrange things. Generals & Zero Hour We're also expanding our C&C adventure to include Generals Zero Hour. We found that a LOT of players are present on a thing called Game Ranger who play Generals & Zero Hour. @r3surr3Ktx is setting up the downloads for it and has written a few guides on how to play and set up the game. See the forum for details @ https://multiplayerforums.com/forum/464-cc-generals-zero-hour/ Unreal Tournament 3 UT3 short, is an excellent fast paced FPS game with a few game modes such as CTF, DM, and WAR(with tanks and things) we have 3 servers up for this game and it gathers statistics at http://ut3.multiplayerforums.com automatically updated every hour. The IRC channels are on irc.cncirc.net in #MPF-UT3-DM , #MPF-UT3-WAR and #MPF-UT3-CTF. Unreal Tournament 4 UT4 is a free game for that matter and can be downloaded from http://www.unrealtournament.com after you sign up for an account. We have currently 5 servers for this game in the Netherlands, Germany and the United States(central) both CTF and DM. Have fun Thanks for joining our community and playing on our servers!
  3. Download GameRanger here: http://www.gameranger.com/ Run the GameRanger Setup application. Open the file GameRangerSetup.exe and click Install. If a message appears asking if you are sure you want to run this file, click Run. Create a new free account. GameRanger will prompt you to create a new GameRanger account or use an existing one, and you will need to enter a valid e-mail address. You should use the address your friends are likely to know. Activate your account and then log in. You will receive a confirmation e-mail to activate your new account. If it's not in your inbox then try looking in your junk folder. Under the Community menu, there are various options to invite your friends to try GameRanger. You can also search to see if they already have a GameRanger account. Host or Join a game. To join an existing game, select a game room from the list and click Join Game. If the game room has a green dot next to it, then it is already playing. Some games do not allow you to join if they have already started. Alternatively, you can create a new game by clicking Host Game. GameRanger requires Windows 10, XP, 7, Vista, 8, or Mac OS X. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can toggle what games GameRanger displays by using the drop down box in the center on the page. My Games: Will display any current games you have installed on your computer that GameRanger supports. All Games: Will display every game that GameRanger currently supports. Alternatively you can toggle it to show a certain category of games eg: Action, Simulation, Strategy. Clicking the Window tab at the top of the page will allow you to view the friends window to see what games your friends are playing if they are online by right clicking their name. Any games your friends are currently playing in or hosting will also be displayed as blue text on the main game room dashboard. If you need help setting this up let me know.
  4. Step 1 Register an account on the forums over at http://forums.revora.net/ Make sure you validate your email first before trying to go online in CNC3. Step 2 Goto http://cnc-online.net/download/ and download their C&C:Online Launcher on the right side of the screen, so not confuse it with the GenTool download which is for Generals. Step 3: Launch your game and the C&C Online Launcher will pop-up. Goto Hook->C&C3 and make sure it is checked. Click on C&C 3 to launch the game. Step 4: While in C&C 3, goto Multiplayer -> Online Login or Create a new user and play
  5. UT3 Servers Online Our MPF Unreal Tournament 3 servers have been online for a few weeks now. We're hosting a DM and WAR server for 32 players each, the servers are running only Custom New Maps from the community. The servers website can be found at http://unreal.multiplayerforums.com/which has some basic info and news on it. New Content & Downloads You will be able to just join the servers and download the maps automatically. There is no need to pre-install them Just add it to your favorites, join it and play The IP's Below you can find the IP and Port of the servers. Simply add them to your favorites and join! European DM Server: European WAR Server: IRC Channels The servers report ingame kills and chat at irc.cncirc.net in the channels #MPF-UT3-DM and #MPF-UT3-WAR Statistics The stats for the servers like kills, deaths, games played etc, are recorded at the link below: http://ut3.multiplayerforums.com Fun Have fun in the servers!
  6. CSGO Store Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/730/ ( 13.99€ ) MPF CSGO Website: http://www.csgods.com MPF CSGO Forums: http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/forum/74-counter-strike-global-offensive/ MPF CSGO Tournament Stats: http://us.multiplayerforums.com/csgo/hlstats.php We restarted our servers for CSGO just recently. TRFL, Mike, Kenz3001, CireX, Spiders, PwnCall, Wyld and zunnie (to name a few) are trying to make our servers active for it. There are also monthly prize(s) to win when you are ranked first for example. In the future we will create tournaments with different goals apart from being ranked 1st. Have fun!
  7. First I wish to say, that I apologize for any misunderstanding on renegadeforums.com, maybe I broke all rules of security, and admins banned me in the past. But now I have my very big project Commando Assault, and a lot of fans and comrades, and new equipment, and server for online-play. For now I'm not such an active user of any forums or blogs. But be sure, I will answer to any your questions, including my project and a whole work of Westwood3D engine, my contacts are listed on my webpages and in my MPF profile. So have a nice day and enjoy my works. GraYaSDF is back =)
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