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Found 357 results

  1. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This is a very simple FDS restarter, starter and stopper with IRC controls. You can start your FDS and bot which are configurable. On first launch, manager will drop a file named "Config.ini" with default values and closes itself. You should modify FDSExec, BotExec, Nickname and Ident keys before launching application. You may use ExecuteOnConnect section in Config.ini to execute commands on startup, or register your bot. Valid commands are: !startfds, !startbot, !stopfds, !stopbot, !restartfds, !restartbot, and !restart (restarts FDS and Bot) If you find a bug or application generates a crashdump, please report them to me from http://discord.gg/KjeQ7xv If you have suggestions, you may comment below as well. This project uses Atlantis 4.1.3 and Atlantis.Net.Irc 4.1.6 You may find Atlantis 4.1.3 at https://github.com/zloveless/Atlantis. Thanks for using my project!
  2. You may improve this or suggest better ideas.
  3. Another update post yay! Fixed bug with !mindcontrol that caused unlimited ammo - thx @sla.ro Reduced number of kills required on MPF_Snipers Disabled unlimited ammo on C&C_Air Disabled unlimited ammo on C&C_Tropical2 SBH can pickup extra weapons again Tweaked beacon prevent to not be as restrictive The issue that would cause bot to go offline is hopefully fixed now. Bumped up required TT version to join the server Replaced MPF_High_Altitude with High_Altitude version for now It's no longer required to change character at the start of C&C_Mars for low gravity to take effect Melta can no longer drive vehicles Added new moderator @puppie New map Snowy_Mountains by @Unstoppable Marathon mode is now TimedMarathon at 4 hours. - May adjust later Adjusted the health of the vet !agt/!ob. Renamed the noob taunt. - poor seif Disabled 10 sec beacons on all stock maps Disabled 10 sec beacons on all IA maps Fixed vehicle crate spawn position on Lost_Coast Fixed vehicle crate spawn position on Desert_Siege @>>NF<<HAVOC has started a club called Tips & Tricks To Renegade If you know some good tips, help him out.
  4. Anyone agree with me? Often people just don't vote up and we will stuck in a suck map. Decrease the max vote amount or make them like Next Map voting.
  5. Version 1.07 Sub-Update 1


    A alternative and advanced version of RenList listing utility. This is a server listing utility which takes data from GSA feeds from GSA Master Server hosted by CnCIRC and lists server for user. The differences between RenList and MasterList and the reasons of why you should prefer MasterList is specified below. If you using my lister, thank you so much. Please always use the latest version of this The development is currently paused and it will be continued soon. Current version is stable and should not have any issues. • MasterList is quicker than RenList for listing speed. • MasterList is simplier and more advanced than RenList. • Usage of MasterList is easier. The changes that planned and going to add: • Buddy system. Notices you when your buddy in a/any server. LIVE! • Favorites system. Notices you when a event that you want happens. Example, when the map you want starts. (WIP) • Some basic improvements for visual of UI. LIVE! • Some other improvements for backend. LIVE! Some help?? Look below! • Find "Theme" option from Menu>Options list to change your theme. • Change your nickname or your Renegade Installation directory from the related options on Menu>Options. • And be ready for other new features! Please report bugs and suggestions to me on here or Discord ( The Unstoppable (TR)#1000 ) or find me from MPF Discord Server at http://multiplayerforums.com/discord Enjoy!
  6. Hello everyone, It's time for another update post. New Ion Storm crate that shoots lightning r 2019.07.27 - Updated server to DA 1.98, versions below 1.97 had memory leak Taunts broke at one point on our test server which was resolved The strange garbled music that would happen on some maps has been fixed A recent bug that would keep crashing our test server was finally fixed. Tunnel beacons are now blocked globally on all maps r 2019.07.27 - Fixed overhaul crate causing a crash Chinook Vehicle Transporting is working again Fixed deploying of vehicles while being transported Fixed MaxCrates setting from being ignored Fixed getting a character from random character crate that was on a disable list, causing a crash Fixed getting a vehicle from random vehicle crate that was on a disable list, causing a crash Fixed an issue with !mindcontrol Disabled a debug message that would happen with beacons Added a one time hud welcome message Made !agt/ob say "Base Defense" instead of gunboat. Made it so vet defenses can not be purchased in mid-air, which would bypass base distance restrictions Fixed !turret not having max health on purchase Added a setting to control the weapon range of the vet !agt and !ob Fixed a bug that could be exploited to reduce the number of deaths you have Adjusted the camera view on turrets you can enter Fixed the vet obelisk/agt weapon position Added a setting to control vehicle regen separate from character Fixed a bug in the bot where channel modes were not set correctly Disabled ped beacons on the map with tiny powerplant Fixed a case where the camera type would get stuck Vet defenses !turret/!guntower etc can no longer be placed inside buildings and tunnels. Did some rearranging on our ttfs packages Nerfed IA chem trooper Fix so skip votes can be run on marathon mode Fixed the helipad on mtpass from disappearing Opened new area in downloads for severside RenSharp plugins https://multiplayerforums.com/files/category/257-rensharp-plugins/ Installed new and updated maps Iron City b10, Lost Coast and Hon Dom. Added a bunch of new music to the jukebox { name="Command & Conquer", file="command&conquer.mp3", duration=175, }, { name="Renegade Menu", file="menu.mp3", duration=92, }, { name="Defunkt", file="defunkt.mp3", duration=163, }, { name="AmmoClip", file="ammoclip.mp3", duration=193, }, { name="Sniper", file="sniper.mp3", duration=195, }, { name="In The Line Of Fire", file="in the line of fire.mp3", duration=234, }, { name="Mech Man's Revenge", file="mechmansrevenge.mp3", duration=277, }, { name="Nod Base", file="level 0 nod base.mp3", duration=54, }, { name="Tiberium", file="level 0 tiberium.mp3", duration=47, }, { name="Move It", file="moveit.mp3", duration=122, }, { name="Act On Instinct", file="raveshaw_act on instinct.mp3", duration=208, }, { name="Renegade Jungle", file="renegadejungle.mp3", duration=200, }, { name="Sakura Dogfight", file="sakura_dogfight.mp3", duration=279, }, { name="Sneak Attack", file="sneakattack.mp3", duration=227, }, { name="Stop the machine", file="stopthemagain.mp3", duration=233, }, { name="On Your Feet", file="onyourfeet.mp3", duration=233, }, { name="Sakura Battle Theme", file="sakura battle theme.mp3", duration=240, }, { name="Stomp", file="10-stomp.mp3", duration=174, }, { name="Ambient Beach", file="11-ambient beach.mp3", duration=178, }, { name="I got a present for ya", file="07-got a present for ya.mp3", duration=141, }, { name="Packing Iron", file="02-packing iron.mp3", duration=233, }, { name="amb market", file="amb_market.mp3", duration=125 }, { name="await r", file="await_r.mp3", duration=237 }, { name="BattleTanx Global Assault (Music) - Tower of London", file="BattleTanx Global Assault (Music) - Tower of London.mp3", duration=246 }, { name="BattleTanx Global Assault (PS1) Soundtrack Tower Of London (1080p)", file="BattleTanx Global Assault (PS1) Soundtrack Tower Of London (1080p).mp3", duration=121 }, { name="Bog Remix Chicajo", file="Bog_Remix_Chicajo.mp3", duration=106 }, { name="captainplanet", file="captainplanet.mp3", duration=61 }, { name="CC red alert Retaliation Sole Survivor music (Workmen remix)", file="CC red alert Retaliation_Sole Survivor music (Workmen remix).mp3", duration=242 }, { name="cc95 80mx226m", file="cc95_80mx226m.mp3", duration=256 }, { name="cc95 24031115", file="cc95_24031115.mp3", duration=30 }, { name="cc95 24070101", file="cc95_24070101.mp3", duration=30 }, { name="cc95 aoi", file="cc95_aoi.mp3", duration=153 }, { name="cc95 ccthang", file="cc95_ccthang.mp3", duration=193 }, { name="cc95 die", file="cc95_die.mp3", duration=151 }, { name="cc95 fist226m", file="cc95_fist226m.mp3", duration=192 }, { name="cc95 fwp", file="cc95_fwp.mp3", duration=46 }, { name="cc95 heart", file="cc95_heart.mp3", duration=183 }, { name="cc95 heavyg", file="cc95_heavyg.mp3", duration=172 }, { name="cc95 i am", file="cc95_i_am.mp3", duration=151 }, { name="cc95 ind2", file="cc95_ind2.mp3", duration=34 }, { name="cc95 j1", file="cc95_j1.mp3", duration=182 }, { name="cc95 jdi v2", file="cc95_jdi_v2.mp3", duration=176 }, { name="cc95 march", file="cc95_march.mp3", duration=134 }, { name="cc95 nomercy", file="cc95_nomercy.mp3", duration=182 }, { name="cc95 otp", file="cc95_otp.mp3", duration=166 }, { name="cc95 prp", file="cc95_prp.mp3", duration=192 }, { name="cc95 radio", file="cc95_radio.mp3", duration=177 }, { name="cc95 recn226m", file="cc95_recn226m.mp3", duration=244 }, { name="cc95 rout", file="cc95_rout.mp3", duration=103 }, { name="cc95 stopthem", file="cc95_stopthem.mp3", duration=168 }, { name="cc95 target", file="cc95_target.mp3", duration=172 }, { name="cc95 valkyrie", file="cc95_valkyrie.mp3", duration=269 }, { name="cc95 warfare", file="cc95_warfare.mp3", duration=179 }, { name="cc95 win1", file="cc95_win1.mp3", duration=52 }, { name="cnc", file="cnc.mp3", duration=175 }, { name="CnC3 Track 11", file="CnC3_Track_11.mp3", duration=139 }, { name="CnC3 Track 12", file="CnC3_Track_12.mp3", duration=86 }, { name="CnC3 Track 13", file="CnC3_Track_13.mp3", duration=66 }, { name="CnC3 Track 14", file="CnC3_Track_14.mp3", duration=162 }, { name="CnC3 Track 15", file="CnC3_Track_15.mp3", duration=87 }, { name="CnC3 Track1+2", file="CnC3_Track1+2.mp3", duration=143 }, { name="CnC3 Track3+4", file="CnC3_Track3+4.mp3", duration=181 }, { name="CnC3 Track5+6", file="CnC3_Track5+6.mp3", duration=165 }, { name="CnC3 Track7+8", file="CnC3_Track7+8.mp3", duration=156 }, { name="CnC3 Track9+10", file="CnC3_Track9+10.mp3", duration=191 }, { name="cncchimix", file="cncchimix.mp3", duration=168 }, { name="Command Conquer Red Alert -Counterstrike Expansion Music - Backstab", file="Command Conquer Red Alert -Counterstrike Expansion Music - Backstab.mp3", duration=285 }, { name="credits", file="credits.mp3", duration=149 }, { name="crus226m", file="crus226m.mp3", duration=207 }, { name="dayvan", file="dayvan.mp3", duration=300 }, { name="Despacito", file="Despacito.mp3", duration=227 }, { name="dothemario", file="dothemario.mp3", duration=40 }, { name="DoW ForceCommander", file="DoW_ForceCommander.mp3", duration=198 }, { name="fac1226m", file="fac1226m.mp3", duration=246 }, { name="fac2226m", file="fac2226m.mp3", duration=297 }, { name="FFX BlazingSands", file="FFX_BlazingSands.mp3", duration=245 }, { name="FFXII Suspense", file="FFXII_Suspense.mp3", duration=231 }, { name="Frank Kelpacki - Chaos 2", file="Frank_Kelpacki_-_Chaos_2.mp3", duration=253 }, { name="frank kelpacki - voice rhythm", file="frank_kelpacki_-_voice rhythm.mp3", duration=303 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Shut it", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_ Shut it.mp3", duration=268 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - 2nd Hand", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_2nd_Hand.mp3", duration=274 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Act On Instinct", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Act_On_Instinct.mp3", duration=173 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Airstrike", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Airstrike.mp3", duration=198 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Arazoid", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Arazoid.mp3", duration=258 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Backstab", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Backstab.mp3", duration=281 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Bigfoot", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Bigfoot.mp3", duration=234 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Bog", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Bog.mp3", duration=370 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Brain Dead", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Brain_Dead.mp3", duration=185 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - C&C Thang", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_C&C_Thang.mp3", duration=193 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Creeping Upon", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Creeping Upon.mp3", duration=260 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Crush", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Crush.mp3", duration=229 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Dense", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Dense.mp3", duration=298 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Depth Charge", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Depth_Charge.mp3", duration=255 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Drill", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Drill.mp3", duration=267 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Drone", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Drone.mp3", duration=272 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Face The Enemy", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Face_The_Enemy.mp3", duration=336 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Floating", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Floating.mp3", duration=276 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Fogger", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Fogger.mp3", duration=306 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Full Stop", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Full_Stop.mp3", duration=181 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Gloom", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Gloom.mp3", duration=235 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - GroundWire", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_GroundWire.mp3", duration=234 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Hell March", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Hell_March.mp3", duration=384 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Hell March2", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Hell_March2.mp3", duration=223 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - In The Line Of Fire", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_In_The_Line_Of_Fire.mp3", duration=125 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - In Trouble", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_In_Trouble.mp3", duration=212 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Industrial 1", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Industrial_1.mp3", duration=173 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Just Do It Up", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Just_Do_It_Up.mp3", duration=143 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Mechanic Man 2", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Mechanic_Man_2.mp3", duration=276 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Mechanical Man", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Mechanical_Man.mp3", duration=173 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Mud", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Mud.mp3", duration=285 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Mud 2", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Mud_2.mp3", duration=92 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - No Mercy", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_No_Mercy.mp3", duration=53 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - No Mercy Remix", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_No_Mercy_Remix.mp3", duration=208 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Prepare For Battle", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Prepare_For_Battle.mp3", duration=209 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Radio Remix", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Radio_Remix.mp3", duration=210 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Rain In The Night", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Rain_In_The_Night.mp3", duration=154 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Roll Out", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Roll_Out.mp3", duration=235 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Run for Your Life", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Run_for_Your_Life.mp3", duration=319 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Search", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Search.mp3", duration=277 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Smash", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Smash.mp3", duration=274 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Terminate", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Terminate.mp3", duration=215 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - To Be Feared", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_To_Be_Feared.mp3", duration=166 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Traction", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Traction.mp3", duration=357 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Trenches", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Trenches.mp3", duration=634 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Twin Gun", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Twin Gun.mp3", duration=235 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Underlying Thoughts", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Underlying_Thoughts.mp3", duration=253 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Vector", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Vector.mp3", duration=258 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - VR2", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_VR2.mp3", duration=260 }, { name="Frank Klepacki - Wasteland", file="Frank_Klepacki_-_Wasteland.mp3", duration=243 }, { name="Front Mission 4 OST - Lock Load", file="Front Mission 4 OST - Lock Load.mp3", duration=214 }, { name="ifeelgood", file="ifeelgood.mp3", duration=20 }, { name="KKNDSurvivor", file="KKNDSurvivor.mp3", duration=974 }, { name="lol bitch", file="lol_bitch.mp3", duration=57 }, { name="lol epic", file="lol_epic.mp3", duration=44 }, { name="lol epic2", file="lol_epic2.mp3", duration=41 }, { name="lol happy", file="lol_happy.mp3", duration=12 }, { name="lol industrial", file="lol_industrial.mp3", duration=237 }, { name="lol lebtnoch", file="lol_lebtnoch.mp3", duration=18 }, { name="lol mbros", file="lol_mbros.mp3", duration=54 }, { name="lol sexbomb", file="lol_sexbomb.mp3", duration=16 }, { name="mario2jazz", file="mario2jazz.mp3", duration=155 }, { name="mario2mix", file="mario2mix.mp3", duration=40 }, { name="menu", file="menu.mp3", duration=224 }, { name="msc hero", file="msc_hero.mp3", duration=75 }, { name="pirate", file="pirate.mp3", duration=112 }, { name="pwr pimpmyride", file="pwr_pimpmyride.mp3", duration=21 }, { name="ra afterlife", file="ra_afterlife.mp3", duration=219 }, { name="ra endcredits", file="ra_endcredits.mp3", duration=153 }, { name="ra facetotheenemy", file="ra_facetotheenemy.mp3", duration=241 }, { name="ra missionaccomplished", file="ra_missionaccomplished.mp3", duration=109 }, { name="ra radio2", file="ra_radio2.mp3", duration=236 }, { name="ra runforyourlife", file="ra_runforyourlife.mp3", duration=274 }, { name="ra snake", file="ra_snake.mp3", duration=245 }, { name="ra workmen", file="ra_workmen.mp3", duration=273 }, { name="run1226m", file="run1226m.mp3", duration=299 }, { name="score", file="score.mp3", duration=112 }, { name="scrubs", file="scrubs.mp3", duration=14 }, { name="sit on my face", file="sit_on_my_face.mp3", duration=61 }, { name="smsh226m", file="smsh226m.mp3", duration=275 }, { name="spongebob", file="spongebob.mp3", duration=39 }, { name="the vocal edition 03", file="the vocal edition 03.mp3", duration=4379 }, { name="TheNumberOfTheBeast", file="TheNumberOfTheBeast.mp3", duration=291 }, { name="TiberianSun LoneTrooper", file="TiberianSun_LoneTrooper.mp3", duration=282 }, { name="TiberianSun Mutants", file="TiberianSun_Mutants.mp3", duration=255 }, { name="tren226m", file="tren226m.mp3", duration=295 }, { name="TS LoneTrooper prebandaremix", file="TS_LoneTrooper_prebandaremix.mp3", duration=289 }, { name="up in here", file="up_in_here.mp3", duration=26 }, { name="UT3 TacticalAgenda", file="UT3_TacticalAgenda.mp3", duration=292 }, { name="zombie end", file="zombie_end.mp3", duration=34 }, { name="zombie join", file="zombie_join.mp3", duration=23 }, Added a bunch of new taunts for a total of 1200+ 01=woohoo m00pcpu_aqob0001i1gbmg_snd.wav 02=haha laugh1.wav 03=left lefty1.wav 04=easy m00asqr_kill0006i1gomg_snd.wav 05=feel m00avis_kick0035i1neft_snd.wav 06=bonus m00avis_kick0036i1nemg_snd.wav 07=burn2 m00decx_007in_neft_snd.wav 08=warm m00avis_kifi0008i1neft_snd.wav 09=brighten m00avis_kifi0009i1nemg_snd.wav 10=flame m00avis_kifi0035i1gbrs_snd.wav 11=smell m00avis_kifi0020i1nctk_snd.wav 12=^^ m00avis_kifi0021i1ccsf_snd.wav 13=light m00avis_kifi0024i1gbmg_snd.wav 14=toast m00avis_kifi0029i1gomg_snd.wav 15=slow m00avis_kifi0041i1gcbb_snd.wav 16=roll m00avis_kifi0053i1gbmg_snd.wav 17=ghra m00avis_kill0032i1mbrs_snd.wav 18=eliminated m00avis_kill0038i1nors_snd.wav 19=toomuch m00avis_kiov0028i1gomg_snd.wav 20=waste m00avis_kiov0034i1gbrs_snd.wav 21=hurt m00avis_kiov0052i1gbmg_snd.wav 22=dontshoot m00ccsf_tdfa0001i1ccsf_snd.wav 23=sorry m00ccsm_dfax0001i1ccsm_snd.wav 24=wakeup m00ccsm_kiam0005i1gers_snd.wav 25=fast m00ccsm_kick0024i1gcc3_snd.wav 26=fun2 m00ccsm_kisq0012i1gbrs_snd.wav 27=ohno m00ccsm_sftd0001i1ccsm_snd.wav 28=scum m00decx_001in_nsmg_snd.wav 29=still ut3_taunt_hold_still_damnit.mp3 30=die m00decx_004in_nemg_snd.wav 31=hard m00decx_002in_neft_snd.wav 32=ha m00decx_004in_gcf1_snd.wav 33=hahaha m00decx_005in_nbft_snd.wav 34=hiheha m00decx_006in_nbft_snd.wav 35=hehe m00decx_006in_ners_snd.wav 36=aah taunt_aah.mp3 37=afraid taunt_afraid.mp3 38=allday taunt_allday.mp3 39=balls taunt_balls.mp3 40=better taunt_better.mp3 41=bleed taunt_bleed.mp3 42=bring taunt_bring.mp3 43=gum taunt_bubblegum.mp3 44=face taunt_difference.mp3 45=dollar taunt_dollar.mp3 46=woman ut3_taunt_you_cant_handle_the_real_woman.mp3 47=friends taunt_friends.mp3 48=fun taunt_fun.mp3 49=gg taunt_gg.mp3 50=guns taunt_guns.mp3 51=hehehe taunt_hehehe.mp3 52=hell taunt_hell.mp3 53=imgood taunt_imgood.mp3 54=kane5 taunt_inthenameofkane.mp3 55=kickass taunt_kickass.mp3 56=king taunt_king.mp3 57=mess taunt_mess.mp3 58=myway taunt_myway.mp3 59=nochance taunt_nochance.mp3 60=peace taunt_peacethroughpower.mp3 61=piss taunt_piss.mp3 62=rest taunt_rest.mp3 63=run taunt_run.mp3 64=shit taunt_shit.mp3 65=sit2 mxxdsgn_dsgn026i1gbmg_snd.wav 66=future taunt_thefutureisours.mp3 67=welcome taunt_welcome.mp3 68=xmas taunt_xmas.mp3 69=yes3 taunt_yes.mp3 70=go m01dsgn_dsgn0506i1gcp1_snd.wav 71=hero m01dsgn_dsgn0292i1gcp1_snd.wav 72=save m01dsgn_dsgn0300i1gcc1_snd.wav 73=shutup mxxdsgn_dsgn010i1gbmg_snd.wav 74=stfu mxxdsgn_dsgn010i1gbmg_snd.wav 75=shame mxxdsgn_dsgn001i1gbmg_snd.wav 76=gdi1 m00bnts_kill0003i1gbmg_snd.wav 77=bye m00bnol_kill0054i1gbmg_snd.wav 78=cya m00bnol_kill0054i1gbmg_snd.wav 79=blah mxxdsgn_dsgn011i1gbmg_snd.wav 80=gotya mx0_nodsniper_alt07.wav 81=shy m00nbmg_heax0001i1nbmg_snd.wa 82=skill mxxdsgn_dsgn014i1gbmg_snd.wav 83=chicky m00achk_kill0001i1gbmg_snd.wav 84=tt m00mstm_kill0013i1gbrs_snd.wav 85=nonono m00gbrs_stoc0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 86=boo m00kimd_001in_neft_snd.wav 87=amateur m00bntu_kill0040i1gcm1_snd.wav 88=sweet M06DSGN_DSGN0127R1GBMG_SND.wav 89=rage taunt_rage.mp3 90=rq taunt_rage.mp3 91=rnr rocknroll.mp3 92=girls taunt_girls.mp3 93=aaah taunt_aah.mp3 94=ohyeah taunt_ohyeah.mp3 95=losing ut3_taunt_were_already_losing.mp3 96=hey taunt_hey.mp3 97=bitch ut3_taunt_yeah_bitch.mp3 98=yeah ut3_taunt_hellyeah.mp3 99=low ut3_taunt_a_new_low.mp3 100=staydown ut3_taunt_and_stay_down.mp3 101=trying ut3_taunt_are_you_even_trying.mp3 102=kidding ut3_taunt_are_you_kidding_me.mp3 103=ass ut3_taunt_beat_yo_ass.mp3 104=legs ut3_taunt_cant_feel_my_legs.mp3 105=goodjob ut3_taunt_good_job.mp3 106=holyshit ut3_taunt_holyshit.mp3 107=look ut3_taunt_how_do_i_look.mp3 108=next ut3_taunt_next.mp3 109=owned ut3_taunt_owned.mp3 110=sick ut3_taunt_sick.mp3 111=good ut3_taunt_still_not_as_good_as_me.mp3 112=grah m00avis_kill0032i1mbrs_snd.wav 113=toy mtudsgn_dsgn0289i1gbmg_snd.wav 114=jerks m11dsgn_dsgn0104r1gbmg_snd.wav 115=moo amb_cow1.wav 116=lucky m00gnod_kill0037r1nbft_snd.wav 117=urdead l02b_02_hav02.wav 118=help m00gbrs_hftd0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 119=idiot m00mbpt_poco0001i1mbpt_snd.wav 120=sweetheart M06DSGN_DSGN0127R1GBMG_SND.wav 121=dobedo mxxdsgn_dsgn0027i1nemg_snd.wav 122=forest taunt_forest.mp3 123=uhoh m00bggt_kill0048i1ccsf_snd.wav 124=extra m00bgwf_kill0030i1nbft_snd.wav 125=chaha taunt_cabalhaha.mp3 126=amess ut3_taunt_haha_what_amess.mp3 127=meh taunt_meh.mp3 128=bant taunt_banhammer.mp3 129=cannon taunt_cannon.mp3 130=holy Holy_Grenade.mp3 131=big m00gcf1_tfea0001i1gcf1_snd.wav 132=maggot m00decx_001in_nbft_snd.wav 133=mutlaugh m00decx_005in_mstm_snd.wav 134=mutdie m00decx_004in_mstm_snd.wav 135=urdead2 m00decx_009in_nbft_snd.wav 136=stealthdie m00decx_004in_nsss_snd.wav 137=stealthmag m00decx_001in_nsss_snd.wav 138=smart mxxdsgn_dsgn016i1gbmg_snd.wav 139=idiot2 m00tdfa_003in_gbrs_snd.wav 140=falcod m06dsgn_dsgn0042i1nscw_snd.wav 141=gasp m00tfea_001in_gbmg_snd.wav 142=pizza m01gcp1_dsgn0182r1gbmg_snd.wav 143=tag m01gemg_dsgn0103i1gbmg_snd.wav 144=eye m03dsgn_dsgn0005r1gbmg_snd.wav 145=hatenod m00pori_007in_gomg_snd.wav 146=mutlaugh2 m00kill_001in_mstm_snd.wav 147=mutmag m00kill_002in_mstm_snd.wav 148=mutvanq m00kill_003in_mstm_snd.wav 149=vanquished m00kill_003in_nctk_snd.wav 150=broiled m00kill_003in_neft_snd.wav 151=coffee m00gnod_gcon0041i3nbmg_snd.wav 152=n00b m00asqr_kill0018i1mbpt_snd.wav 153=medic m00ffire_003in_gemg_snd.wav 154=vital m00nbft_tfea0001i1nbft_snd.wav 155=udie m00gcf1_decx0001i1gcf1_snd.wav 156=noes m00gcc3_sftd0001i1gcc3_snd.wav 157=finally m00gsmg_atoc0001i1gsmg_snd.wav 158=suck m00gnod_kill0039r3nbmg_snd.wav 159=terrorist m00kill_006in_gcf1_snd.wav 160=lessgdi m00kill_005in_ners_snd.wav 161=stealthless m00kill_005in_nsss_snd.wav 162=mutelim2 m00kill_005in_mstm_snd.wav 163=hahhah m00kill_004in_gcf1_snd.wav 164=disintegrate m00kill_002in_nscw_snd.wav 165=gdimag m00kill_002in_nctk_snd.wav 166=bleh m00kigd_007in_nctk_snd.wav 167=mutaah m00kigd_005in_mstm_snd.wav 168=itsnod m00itoc_008in_gers_snd.wav 169=no m00ffire_002in_gcf1_snd.wav 170=coming m00gbrs_atoc0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 171=whoops m00vnst_kill0030i1nbmg_snd.wav 172=paintjob m00vnst_kill0009i1gsgr_snd.wav 173=stayaway m00vnst_kill0047i1ccfm_snd.wav 174=falcodie m00vct2_kill0036i1gcbb_snd.wav 175=eyeball m00tfea_011in_gcm2_snd.wav 176=baddriver m00vnst_aqob0031i1gcim_snd.wav 177=destructive m00vnst_kill0048i1ccsf_snd.wav 178=garbage m00vct2_kill0008i1gsen_snd.wav 179=infidels m00stoc_003in_nsrs_snd.wav 180=killhim m00stoc_002in_nsmg_snd.wav 181=spothim m00gnod_secx0034r3nemg_snd.wav 182=sloppy m00gnod_gcon0036i3nbmg_snd.wav 183=present m00ggdi_kill0040a1gsen_snd.wav 184=notfunny m00ggdi_kill0014r3gsrs_snd.wav 185=racket m00ggdi_hesx0038i3gsmg_snd.wav 186=toplease m00ggdi_gcon0037r2gsgr_snd.wav 187=aboy m00ggdi_gcon0037r1gsen_snd.wav 188=thepain m00gcm2_tfea0001i1gcm2_snd.wav 189=nofalcod m00gcm1_stor0001i1gcm1_snd.wav 190=hi m00gcc3_sfrx0001i1gcc3_snd.wav 191=ow m00gbmg_tfea0001i1gbmg_snd.wav 192=messy m00gsrs_kitb0008i1nemg_snd.wav 193=wasted m00gsrs_kiov0016i1nbft_snd.wav 194=shirt m00gsrs_kitb0016i1nbft_snd.wav 195=gditraining m00gnod_kill0029r2nors_snd.wav 196=tag2 m00nbmg_stoc0001i1nbmg_snd.wav 197=break m00stoi_009in_gcc5_snd.wav 198=stupid mxxdsgn_dsgn028i1gbmg_snd.wav 199=mullet mxxdsgn_dsgn023i1gbmg_snd.wav 200=stayoff M00CCFM_POCO0001I1CCFM_SND.wav 201=trespass M00CCFM_CTOA0001I1CCFM_SND.wav 202=deepfried mxxdsgn_dsgn0039i1neft_snd.wav 203=notwelcome m00ccfm_rtoc0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 204=dontscare m00ccfm_poai0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 205=stayaway2 m00ccfm_secx0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 206=hello m00ccsf_pori0001i1ccsf_snd.wav 207=stayout m00ccfm_ctor0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 208=weird m00ccck_kibv0025i1gcc4_snd.wav 209=mutgasp m00dfax_003in_mein_snd.wav 210=randy m00ggdi_gcon0023i3gsrs_snd.wav 211=itch m00gnod_gcon0043i1nbmg_snd.wav 212=candy m00gnod_gcon0001i1neen_snd.wav 213=munchies m00gnod_gcon0001i2neft_snd.wav 214=battleplan m00gnod_gcon0031i1nbft_snd.wav 215=plow m00ccfm_sfax0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 216=crops m00ccfm_sfrx0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 217=comeback m00ccfm_stoa0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 218=takethis m00ccfm_stoc0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 219=findya m00ccfm_rtos0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 220=thosekids m00ccfm_pose0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 221=shoottres m00ccfm_sfcx0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 222=farmaah m00ccfm_tfea0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 223=property m00ccfm_decx0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 224=youkids m00ccfm_hesx0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 225=betterrun m00ccfm_atos0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 226=partner m00ccfm_pori0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 227=needhelp m00ccsf_stoa0001i1ccsf_snd.wav 228=gditraining2 m00ggdi_gcon0028i3gsrs_snd.wav 229=tower m00ggdi_gcon0025a2gsrs_snd.wav 230=incompetance m00ggdi_gcon0028i2gsmg_snd.wav 231=hateob m00ggdi_gcon0023i2gsmg_snd.wav 232=brighten2 m00geen_kifi0008i1nemg_snd.wav 233=ruined m00gcxp_kiov0018i1nbmg_snd.wav 234=notinto m00gcxp_kibv0018i1nbmg_snd.wav 235=skills m00gcxp_kick0018i1nbmg_snd.wav 236=acquiring m00mstm_hftd0001i1mstm_snd.wav 237=acquired m00mstm_sfcx0001i1mstm_snd.wav 238=disgusting m00kimd_007in_gcf1_snd.wav 239=pantson m00nbmg_hftd0001i1nbmg_snd.wav 240=oops l02b_03_hav03.wav 241=infidel Ca_Iiinfidel.wav 242=gvanq G_Vanquished.wav 243=ikhaha HaHaHaHaHaIK.mp3 244=knived KnifeShot.wav 245=mjob M_Job.wav 246=musta Mustahil.wav 247=nooo Nooo.wav 248=hard2 mx6dsgn_dsgn0007i1dsgn_snd.wav 249=filthy m00asqr_kill0010i1gsmg_snd.wav 250=unnecessary m00asqr_kill0031i1nbrs_snd.wav 251=optimal m00avis_kick0031i1mstm_snd.wav 252=nodswrath m00avis_kifi0015i1nsrs_snd.wav 253=hurts m00avis_kifi0042i1gcf1_snd.wav 254=welldone m00avis_kifi0051i1ccfm_snd.wav 255=plight m00avis_kiov0015i1nsss_snd.wav 256=ooh m00avis_kiov0029i1gors_snd.wav 257=monster m00avis_kiov0041i1gcf1_snd.wav 258=bitmuch m00avis_kiov0033i1gsrs_snd.wav 259=toomuch2 m00avis_kiov0035i1gcim_snd.wav 260=smores m00avis_kifi0019i1nbmg_snd.wav 261=rocksalt m00avis_kiov0050i1ccfm_snd.wav 262=brotherhood m00avis_kill0042i1nsss_snd.wav 263=fool m00decx_003in_nbft_snd.wav 264=vitamins m00decx_002in_nscw_snd.wav 265=mutscum m00decx_001in_mstm_snd.wav 266=damaged m00decx_001in_moac_snd.wav 267=suffering m00decx_003in_moac_snd.wav 268=hihi m00decx_006in_nbft_snd.wav 269=hahahaha m00decx_006in_nscw_snd.wav 270=infidel2 m00decx_007in_nsrs_snd.wav 271=infidel3 m00decx_007in_nbft_snd.wav 272=mutinf m00decx_006in_mstm_snd.wav 273=mutha m00decx_008in_mstm_snd.wav 274=muhahaha m00decx_010in_ners_snd.wav 275=move2 m00dfax_001in_mstm_snd.wav 276=whoa m00dfax_001in_gcm1_snd.wav 277=mutgasp2 m00dfax_001in_mein_snd.wav 278=sorry2 m00dfax_004in_gcm2_snd.wav 279=prowlers m00ccfm_sfsx0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 280=injured m00ccfm_kill0032i1gcim_snd.wav 281=comeout m00ccfm_heax0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 282=calldoc m00ccfm_hftd0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 283=bonuspay m00ccfm_kiam0016i1nbft_snd.wav 284=dontsay m06dsgn_dsgn227r1gcim_snd.wav 285=middlename m06dsgn_dsgn230i1nbft_snd.wav 286=combatskills m06dsgn_dsgn243a1gbmg_snd.wav 287=getsome m06dsgn_dsgn221i1gbmg_snd.wav 288=intruder m06dsgn_dsgn0074i1ccfm_snd.wav 289=blackhand m06dsgn_dsgn0070r1gbmg_snd.wav 290=guards m06dsgn_dsgn0077i1ccsm_snd.wav 291=squirrel m00asqr_kill0034i1gbmg_snd.wav 292=1shot ut3_oneshot_onekill.mp3 293=no2 m00ffire_002in_gers_snd.wav 294=ohno2 m00ffire_001in_gcm1_snd.wav 295=ohno3 m00ffire_001in_gemg_snd.wav 296=mutelim m00kill_001in_moac_snd.wav 297=mutyell m00kill_001in_mein_snd.wav 298=destroyed m00kill_003in_moac_snd.wav 299=mutagh m00kill_002in_mein_snd.wav 300=dissolved m00kill_004in_nscw_snd.wav 301=eliminated2 m00kill_005in_nomg_snd.wav 302=lessinf2 m00kill_006in_mstm_snd.wav 303=ps m00kill_006in_nors_snd.wav 304=ps2 m00kill_006in_nsrs_snd.wav 305=stealthgot m00kill_009in_nsss_snd.wav 306=lessinf m00kill_008in_nctk_snd.wav 307=stealthdie2 m00kill_008in_nsss_snd.wav 308=mutaah2 m00kimd_005in_mstm_snd.wav 309=letdown m00nbft_stoa0001i1nbft_snd.wav 310=hello2 m00nbmg_herx0001i1nbmg_snd.wav 311=putthat m00nbmg_tdfa0001i1nbmg_snd.wav 312=foryou m00pori_008in_gbrs_snd.wav 313=keephands m00pori_001in_gbrs_snd.wav 314=stealthinf m00decx_007in_nsss_snd.wav 315=infidel4 m00decx_007in_nomg_snd.wav 316=infidel5 m00decx_007in_nctk_snd.wav 317=infidel6 m00decx_007in_nsmg_snd.wav 318=mutgasp3 m00dfax_002in_mein_snd.wav 319=sydnext m06dsgn_dsgn240i1nbft_snd.wav 320=yes2 l06b_02_syd01.wav 321=both l06b_16_rav06.wav 322=killhim2 l06b_11_rav03.wav 323=hey2 m00gbrs_pori0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 324=what m00gbrs_poco0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 325=ow2 m00gbrs_tfea0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 326=icome m00gcbb_sftd0001i1gcbb_snd.wav 327=mypeople m00gcbb_decx0001i1gcbb_snd.wav 328=kills m00avis_kick0030i1moac_snd.wav 329=fun3 m00gbmg_sfcx0001i1gbmg_snd.wav 330=yes m00kill_001in_gemg_snd.wav 331=killem mx1dsgn_dsgn0018i1dsgn_snd.wav 332=boink m00bnss_kill0053i1gbmg_snd.wav 333=martian m00kigd_007in_moac_snd.wav 334=mutgroan m00kill_003in_mein_snd.wav 335=martian2 m00kimd_006in_moac_snd.wav 336=mutkane m00itoc_009in_mstm_snd.wav 337=mutnod m00itoc_008in_mstm_snd.wav 338=mutgrr m00itoc_004in_mstm_snd.wav 339=muteasy m00kill_007in_mstm_snd.wav 340=mutbwah m00kigd_002in_mstm_snd.wav 341=kane m00kill_007in_nsrs_snd.wav 342=eliminated3 m00kill_005in_nctk_snd.wav 343=gdimag2 m00kill_002in_nomg_snd.wav 344=gdimag3 m00kill_002in_nsmg_snd.wav 345=gdimag4 m00kill_002in_nemg_snd.wav 346=gottem2 m00kill_006in_nemg_snd.wav 347=vanquished2 m00kill_003in_nomg_snd.wav 348=gotya2 m00kill_009in_nemg_snd.wav 349=gotya3 m00kill_011in_gemg_snd.wav 350=lessmag m00kill_006in_nscw_snd.wav 351=eliminated4 m00kill_005in_nemg_snd.wav 352=praisekane m00kill_007in_nsmg_snd.wav 353=stealthsee m00kill_004in_nsss_snd.wav 354=eliminated5 m00kill_003in_gomg_snd.wav 355=finished m00kill_004in_nomg_snd.wav 356=finished2 m00kill_004in_nctk_snd.wav 357=lookaround m00nbmg_pose0001i1nbmg_snd.wav 358=clothing m00nbmg_poco0001i1nbmg_snd.wav 359=nohide m00neen_stoc0001i1neen_snd.wav 360=mutkill m00stoc_002in_mstm_snd.wav 361=help2 m00stoc_003in_gbrs_snd.wav 362=mutinfs m00stoc_003in_mstm_snd.wav 363=infidels2 m00stoc_003in_nctk_snd.wav 364=hey3 m00stoc_005in_nctk_snd.wav 365=gogogo m00stoc_007in_gemg_snd.wav 366=muthahhah m00stoc_008in_mstm_snd.wav 367=mutinf2 m00stoc_009in_mstm_snd.wav 368=mutsecure m00stoi_001in_mstm_snd.wav 369=nowwhat m00stoi_003in_gcc3_snd.wav 370=muthmm m00stoi_005in_moac_snd.wav 371=hmm m00stoi_002in_gemg_snd.wav 372=friendlyfire m00tdfa_004in_gbrs_snd.wav 373=help3 m00tfea_003in_gemg_snd.wav 374=myleg m00tfea_005in_gemg_snd.wav 375=feelsgood m00tfea_006in_nbft_snd.wav 376=helpme m00tfea_008in_gbrs_snd.wav 377=gotme3 m00tfea_009in_gcc3_snd.wav 378=backup m00tfea_010in_gbrs_snd.wav 379=uhoh2 m00vgor_kill0012i1gbrs_snd.wav 380=victory m00vnst_kill0036i1gcbb_snd.wav 381=uhoh3 m00vnst_kill0046i1nctk_snd.wav 382=gundown m01dsgn_dsgn0287i1nemg_snd.wav 383=sorry3 m00vnst_kill0028i1nbft_snd.wav 384=toast2 m00vct2_kill0011i1gsrs_snd.wav 385=eliminated6 m00vct2_kill0020i1nemg_snd.wav 386=blewit m00vgor_kill0002i1geen_snd.wav 387=destructive2 m00vgor_kill0031i1gcim_snd.wav 388=velocity m00vnst_kill0031i1gcim_snd.wav 389=explosions m00vct2_kill0009i1gsgr_snd.wav 390=tanning m00vct2_kill0030i1nbmg_snd.wav 391=eliminated7 m00vct2_kill0034i1gcp2_snd.wav 392=destructive3 m00vnst_kill0011i1gsrs_snd.wav 393=enjoyed m00vnst_kill0012i1gbrs_snd.wav 394=dropit m01dsgn_dsgn0288i1nemg_snd.wav 395=father l06c_01_syd01.wav 396=wow m00avis_kick0022i1gcc1_snd.wav 397=ohno4 m00gsrs_kill0013i1gbrs_snd.wav 398=careful m00tdfa_010in_gbrs_snd.wav 399=where m11dsgn_dsgn0085i1gbrs_snd.wav 400=hello3 m00gbrs_hesx0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 401=hitting m00tdfa_009in_gbrs_snd.wav 402=ohplease m00ggdi_kill0044r2gbrs_snd.wav 403=shootyou mtudsgn_dsgn0108i1gbrs_snd.wav 404=dothat m00bntu_kill0014i1gbrs_snd.wav 405=notsweet mtudsgn_dsgn0099a1gbrs_snd.wav 406=coming2 m00itoc_007in_gbrs_snd.wav 407=huh m00itos_003in_gbrs_snd.wav 408=gethim m00stoc_008in_gbrs_snd.wav 409=incoming m00itoc_009in_gbrs_snd.wav 410=thisone m00gbrs_decx0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 411=heyidiot m00tdfa_003in_gbrs_snd.wav 412=ohboy m00ggdi_secx0041i2gbrs_snd.wav 413=pointthat mtudsgn_dsgn0333i1ncxp_snd.wav 414=elena mtudsgn_dsgn0323i1ncxp_snd.wav 415=petrova l08b_01_hav01.wav 416=raveshaw l08b_04_hav03.wav 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591=wrongbuilding m00bgwf_kill0033i1gcim_snd.wav 592=wrongteam m00bgwf_kill0011i1gsgr_snd.wav 593=shouldnt m00bgwf_kill0004i1geen_snd.wav 594=integrity m00bntu_kill0033i1gcim_snd.wav 595=tt2 m00decx_005in_gemg_snd.wav 596=ha2 m00decx_004in_gemg_snd.wav 597=hghh2 m00decx_003in_gemg_snd.wav 598=hghh3 m00decx_002in_gemg_snd.wav 599=going m00decx_007in_gemg_snd.wav 600=payback m00decx_008in_gemg_snd.wav 601=moveit2 m00dfax_005in_gemg_snd.wav 602=moveit3 m00dfax_005in_nctk_snd.wav 603=careful4 m00dfax_004in_nctk_snd.wav 604=recalibrating m00dfax_004in_moac_snd.wav 605=sorry5 m00dfax_004in_gemg_snd.wav 606=trajectory m00dfax_002in_moac_snd.wav 607=clearshot m00dfax_007in_nctk_snd.wav 608=alarm2 m00itoc_005in_nctk_snd.wav 609=blast m00itoc_005in_nsrs_snd.wav 610=intruder2 m00itoc_006in_nctk_snd.wav 611=incoming2 m00itoc_007in_nctk_snd.wav 612=infhere m00itoc_008in_neft_snd.wav 613=dieinf m00itoc_009in_nctk_snd.wav 614=forbrother2 m00itoc_010in_nctk_snd.wav 615=kane2 m00itoc_011in_nsmg_snd.wav 616=kane3 m00itoc_011in_nctk_snd.wav 617=kane4 m00itoc_011in_nomg_snd.wav 618=intruder3 m00stoc_007in_nctk_snd.wav 619=enemy m00stoc_010in_nctk_snd.wav 620=watchit3 m00tdfa_002in_nctk_snd.wav 621=checkfire2 m00tdfa_003in_nctk_snd.wav 622=control m00tdfa_004in_nctk_snd.wav 623=gotme7 m00tdfa_009in_nctk_snd.wav 624=concentrate m00tdfa_010in_nscw_snd.wav 625=time purchase_nod_militant_squad_2.mp3 626=miblet mxxdsgn_dsgn028i1gbmg_snd.wav 627=bs taunt_rage.mp3 628=bullshit taunt_rage.mp3 629=ik taunt_rage.mp3 630=db taunt_rage.mp3 631=crow bird_crow1.wav 632=present2 bombit1.wav 633=cmon cmon1.wav 634=grunt grunt_grunt.wav 635=keepem keepem1.wav 636=lookin l02b_01_hav01.wav 637=oops3 l02b_03_hav03.wav 638=yo yo1disabled.wav 639=sir yes1.wav 640=yeah3 yeah1.wav 641=tuffguy tuffguy1.wav 642=yell raveshaw_yell_small_1.wav 643=onit onit1.wav 644=noproblem noprblm.1.wav 645=line mxxdsgn_dsgn020i1gbmg_snd.wav 646=comedian mxxdsgn_dsgn003i1gbmg_snd.wav 647=boots mxxdsgn_dsgn0110i1neft_snd.wav 648=peeled mxxdsgn_dsgn0072i1nscw_snd.wav 649=terrorist2 mxxdsgn_dsgn0057i1neft_snd.wav 650=killthem mxxdsgn_dsgn0073i1nemg_snd.wav 651=daydream mxxdsgn_dsgn0049i1nemg_snd.wav 652=laughing mxxdsgn_dsgn002i1gbmg_snd.wav 653=coward mxxdsgn_dsgn0021i1nemg_snd.wav 654=hesh taunt_time.mp3 655=roh taunt_rage.mp3 656=showoff m02dsgn_dsgn0163r1gbmg_snd.wav 657=buzzoff m03dsgn_dsgn0116r1gbmg_snd.wav 658=teeth m04dsgn_dsgn0074r1gbmg_snd.wav 659=sheep m05dsgn_dsgn0068i1nbft_snd.wav 660=pigs m05dsgn_dsgn0076a1gcf1_snd.wav 661=rockstar m00vnst_aqob0044i1gbmg_snd.wav 662=geko taunt_rage.mp3 663=murkel m05dsgn_dsgn0076a1gcf1_snd.wav 664=bleed2 m05dsgn_dsgn0070i1nbft_snd.wav 665=maniac m01nsmg_dsgn0209r1nemg_snd.wav 666=ceasefire m01nemg_dsgn0164i1nemg_snd.wav 667=didntmean m00vnst_kill0049i1ccsm_snd.wav 668=explosion m00vnst_kill0039i1gcm2_snd.wav 669=targetdown m00vnst_kill0010i1gsmg_snd.wav 670=thattime m00vnst_kill0006i1gomg_snd.wav 671=gotya4 m00vnst_kill0002i1geen_snd.wav 672=rnr2 m00vnst_aqob0044i1gbmg_snd.wav 673=gararge m00vnst_aqob0036i1gcm2_snd.wav 674=loveto m00vnst_aqob0030i1nbmg_snd.wav 675=wheels m00vnst_aqob0028i1nbft_snd.wav 676=imdriving m00vnst_aqob0012i1gbrs_snd.wav 677=hopon m00vnst_aqob0007i1gors_snd.wav 678=handsnfeet m00vnst_aqob0001i1gbmg_snd.wav 679=dontcall m00vnsc_kill0052i1gbmg_snd.wav 680=ohyeah2 m00vnah_kill0033i1gcp1_snd.wav 681=wrongone m00vgor_kill0037i1gcf1_snd.wav 682=reallyblew m00vct2_kill0042i1gcc3_snd.wav 683=bringit m00tfea_009in_nbft_snd.wav 684=dressed m00prkv_aqob0001i1gbmg_snd.wav 685=lockload m00pavr_aqob0002i1gbmg_snd.wav 686=stickthis m00paib_aqob0002i1gbmg_snd.wav 687=fresh m00neen_kitb0004i1gemg_snd.wav 688=seat m00neen_kill0053i1gbmg_snd.wav 689=toasted m00kill_004in_neft_snd.wav 690=sting m00gsrs_kitb0018i1nbmg_snd.wav 691=241 m00gsrs_kick0006i1neen_snd.wav 692=horror m00gsrs_kibv0016i1nbft_snd.wav 693=regret m00gsmg_tfea0001i1gsmg_snd.wav 694=gettingshot m00gsgr_tfea0001i1gsgr_snd.wav 695=dontrun m00gsen_ctos0001i1gsen_snd.wav 696=weaponready m00gnod_secx0036i3nbmg_snd.wav 697=allergic m00gnod_kill0043i3nors_snd.wav 698=impressive m00gnod_kill0027r2nsss_snd.wav 699=orderspal m00gnod_hesx0044r1nbmg_snd.wav 700=cominggdi m00gnod_hesx0003i3neft_snd.wav 701=realman m00gnod_gcon0045a3nbmg_snd.wav 702=sister m00gnod_gcon0045a1nbmg_snd.wav 703=standaround m00gnod_gcon0041i1nbmg_snd.wav 704=trainsoldiers m00gnod_gcon0040a1nbft_snd.wav 705=oldtimes m00ggdi_secx0038i1gsgr_snd.wav 706=afteryou m00ggdi_secx0037r3gsgr_snd.wav 707=capon m00ggdi_secx0029r1gsrs_snd.wav 708=bringem m00ggdi_secx0020a2geen_snd.wav 709=1liner m00ggdi_kill0044r1gbmg_snd.wav 710=creep m00ggdi_kill0036i3gsrs_snd.wav 711=wrongend m00ggdi_kill0025a2gsmg_snd.wav 712=sarcastic m00ggdi_kill0022r1gsmg_snd.wav 713=opinion m00ggdi_kill0015a2gsmg_snd.wav 714=walksbar m00ggdi_kill0013i3gsmg_snd.wav 715=charm m00ggdi_kill0012r1gsmg_snd.wav 716=shootmore m00ggdi_kill0009r3gomg_snd.wav 717=killlist m00ggdi_kill0003i2gegr_snd.wav 718=comments m00ggdi_hesx0045a3gors_snd.wav 719=nodbuddy m00ggdi_hesx0043i2gomg_snd.wav 720=spider m00ggdi_hesx0036i3gsrs_snd.wav 721=shutit m00ggdi_hesx0025a3gsmg_snd.wav 722=bloody m00ggdi_hesx0014r2gsmg_snd.wav 723=goodthings m00ggdi_gcon0015a3gsgr_snd.wav 724=beenshot m00gcxp_tfea0001i1gcxp_snd.wav 725=difficult m00ccsm_kibv0010i1gsmg_snd.wav 726=justme m00ccfm_hfax0001i1ccfm_snd.wav 727=horn m00ccck_kisq0007i1gors_snd.wav 728=snuck m00ccck_kiam0003i1gegr_snd.wav 729=broadcast m00bncc_kill0054i1gbmg_snd.wav 730=cancelled m00bnaf_kill0053i1gbmg_snd.wav 731=oops4 m00bgwf_kill0044i1gcc3_snd.wav 732=hotseat m00avis_kifi0032i1gsgr_snd.wav 733=gkl taunt_rage.mp3 734=jammer taunt_rage.mp3 735=toad taunt_afraid.mp3 736=unknown ut3_master.mp3 737=bryan taunt_banhammer.mp3 738=yes4 taunt_yesss4.mp3 739=yes5 taunt_yesss5.mp3 740=yeahbaby taunt_yea_baby.mp3 741=welldone2 taunt_well_done.mp3 742=wd taunt_well_done.mp3 743=way2b taunt_way_to_be_team.mp3 744=verynice taunt_very_nice.mp3 745=vn taunt_very_nice.mp3 746=myhouse taunt_this_is_my_house.mp3 747=myh taunt_this_is_my_house.mp3 748=ttw taunt_thats_the_way.mp3 749=wantsome male2_AnyoneElseWantSome.wav 750=imhit2 male2_ImHitImHit.wav 751=incoming3 male2_Incoming.wav 752=backup6 male2_INeedSomeBackup.wav 753=medic3 male2_Medic.wav 754=myhouse2 male2_MyHouse.wav 755=hadtohurt male2_ThatHadToHurt.wav 756=hangin male_HangInThere.wav 757=slaughtered male_IJustSlaughteredThatGuy.wav 758=yourteam male_ImOnYourTeamYouIdiot.wav 759=backup7 male_INeedSomeBackup.wav 760=letsrock male_LetsRock.wav 761=eliminated9 male_TargetEliminated.wav 762=ws male2_AnyoneElseWantSome.wav 763=myh2 male2_MyHouse.wav 764=h2h male2_ThatHadToHurt.wav 765=youbedead male2_YouBeDead.wav 766=zunnie ut3_master.mp3 767=boomhs boomhs.mp3 768=loser loserhorn.mp3 769=barrelroll barrelroll.mp3 770=weed smoke_weed.mp3 771=lame lame.mp3 772=fart farty.wav 773=rollin rollin.mp3 774=balls2 your_balls.mp3 775=dogs wholetdogsout.mp3 776=porch porch.mp3 777=faith2 lackfaith.mp3 778=kelly kellyclarkson.mp3 779=lookinat lookinat.mp3 780=wallhax wallhax.mp3 781=serv rollin.mp3 782=gek0 rollin.mp3 783=r0h rollin.mp3 784=hh mtudsgn_dsgn0377a1gbmg_snd.wav 785=tuff tuffguy1.wav 786=yes_sir yes1.wav 787=fall mx0_falling2_60.wav 788=got_it gotit1.wav 789=dead l02b_02_hav02.wav 790=creature m00asqr_kill0018i1mbpt_snd.wav 791=lol m00asqr_kill0019i1mbrs_snd.wav 792=roar m00avis_kick0029i1mein_snd.wav 793=target m00avis_kick0030i1moac_snd.wav 794=incinerate m00avis_kifi0003i1moac_snd.wav 795=fire m00avis_kifi0006i1mbrs_snd.wav 796=pain2 m00bncc_kill0054i1gbmg_snd.wav 797=kisses m00nbmg_decx0001i1nbmg_snd.wav 798=bell amb_curchbell1.wav 799=inc 000204_b.wav 800=cow amb_cow1.wav 801=creak amb_creak4.wav 802=sak l06b_20_hav06.wav 803=run2 m00stoc_004in_gcc3_snd.wav 804=clear mx0_engineer2_020.wav 805=hurry mx0_gditrooper2_alt08.wav 806=kill_him l06b_11_rav03.wav 807=gameover m00bncy_kill0054i1gbmg_snd.wav 808=helidown m00bghp_kill0002i1evan_snd.wav 809=heh m00itos_003in_nctk_snd.wav 810=fight m00stoc_004in_gcm1_snd.wav 811=cover_me mxxdsgn_dsgn0025i1nemg_snd.wav 812=negattive m00s7_s7s1gbmg_snd.wav 813=affirmative m00s1_s1s1gbmg_snd.wav 814=aha m00stoc_009in_nomg_snd.wav 815=traffic m00vnst_kill0001i1gbmg_snd.wav 816=destroy m00gsrs_kisq0001i1mein_snd.wav 817=no1 m00ffire_002in_gers_snd.wav 818=ns m00kill_006in_nors_snd.wav 819=unstable m00gsrs_kibv0001i1mein_snd.wav 820=guys m00ggdi_kill0021i1geen_snd.wav 821=meee amb_goat2.wav 822=target2 m00moac_decx0001i1moac_snd.wav 823=attack m00stoc_004in_nors_snd.wav 824=bla mxxdsgn_dsgn011i1gbmg_snd.wav 825=junior mxxdsgn_dsgn026i1gbmg_snd.wav 826=boink2 correction_3.wav 827=door door_1s_cell2.wav 828=rain envir-rain_drippy.wav 829=destruction l04_samdestruct.wav 830=yes1 l06b_02_syd01.wav 831=rav l08b_04_hav03.wav 832=tv m00bncc_kill0053i1gbmg_snd.wav 833=dont_shoot_me m00ccsf_tdfa0001i1ccsf_snd.wav 834=hi2 m00gcc3_pori0001i1gcc3_snd.wav 835=muhaha m00decx_010in_ners_snd.wav 836=move m00dfax_001in_mstm_snd.wav 837=elephants m00gbmg_heax0001i1gbmg_snd.wav 838=aw m00gbmg_tfea0001i1gbmg_snd.wav 839=not_now m00gcf1_poco0001i1gcf1_snd.wav 840=situation_under_control m00gcp2_ctor0001i1gcp2_snd.wav 841=time_for_action m00gcp3_atoc0001i1gcp3_snd.wav 842=support m00gcp3_sftd0001i1gcp3_snd.wav 843=gotcha mx0_nodsniper_alt07.wav 844=ask m00ccck_kitb0029i1gbmg_snd.wav 845=hunt m00gbmg_sfsx0001i1gbmg_snd.wav 846=ceiling_turret ceiling_turret_fire.wav 847=pray m11dsgn_dsgn0073i1mbpt_snd.wav 848=system_backup m00bncc_dsgn0004i1evan_snd.wav 849=dubi mxxdsgn_dsgn0027i1nemg_snd.wav 850=shatter shatter_window_03.wav 851=hit mx0_a-10_167.wav 852=bravo mtudsgn_dsgn0235i1gsrs_snd.wav 853=bear amb_mutant1.wav 854=rooster amb_rooster.wav 855=battle ambbtl3.wav 856=pet l08b_10_pet05.wav 857=job_hazard m00ccfm_kill0002i1gbmg_snd.wav 858=out_of_the_way m00ccfm_kill0052i1gbmg_snd.wav 859=who_is_there m00ccsf_rtos0001i1ccsf_snd.wav 860=call_a_doctor m00ffire_003in_gcm1_snd.wav 861=man_down m00ffire_004in_gers_snd.wav 862=dance m00gbmg_decx0003i1gbmg_snd.wav 863=headache m00ggdi_secx0045a1gbmg_snd.wav 864=dont_shoot m00gcm1_tdfa0001i1gcm1_snd.wav 865=quiet m00gbmg_hfax0002i1gbmg_snd.wav 866=heads_up m00dfax_008in_nors_snd.wav 867=watch_out m00dfax_001in_nomg_snd.wav 868=np noprblm1.wav 869=stay_down m00avis_kiov0036i1gctk_snd.wav 870=got_one m00avis_kiov0037i1gcp1_snd.wav 871=cool m00ccsm_kibv0024i1gcc3_snd.wav 872=bigheads m00gnod_kill0002r2neen_snd.wav 873=phew m00stoi_005in_gcc2_snd.wav 874=superman m02dsgn_dsgn0121r1gbmg_snd.wav 875=oo m00bggt_kill0048i1ccsf_snd.wav 876=o.o m00bggt_kill0048i1ccsf_snd.wav 877=comeon cmon1.wav 878=gun ceiling_turret_fire.wav 879=ambulance amb_ambulance1.wav 880=flies amb_flies1.wav 881=woops m00gctk_dfax0001i1gctk_snd.wav 882=yes_sir2 m00ggdi_gcon0017r2gegr_snd.wav 883=yes_sir3 mtudsgn_dsgn0082r1gemg_snd.wav 884=pin7 m00decx_005in_mstm_snd.wav 885=rape female_death02.wav 886=ty mx1dsgn_dsgn0022i1dsgn_snd.wav 887=1 mxxdsgn_dsgn0003i1evag_snd.wav 888=2 mxxdsgn_dsgn0004i1evag_snd.wav 889=3 mxxdsgn_dsgn0005i1evag_snd.wav 890=4 mxxdsgn_dsgn0006i1evag_snd.wav 891=bird bird_jungle_08.wav 892=time_to_die m00mbpt_atos0001i1mbpt_snd.wav 893=orca_volley mx0_orca_volley.wav 894=whip rico5.wav 895=all_right mx0_engineer2_alt02.wav 896=baaa amb_goat2.wav 897=fillme M06DSGN_DSGN234A1GBMG_SND.wav 898=witch M02DSGN_DSGN0129R1GBMG_SND.wav 899=stuffyou M04DSGN_DSGN0061A1NOMG_SND.wav 900=tibdiet M04DSGN_DSGN0082R1NEMG_SND.wav 901=bored M05DSGN_DSGN0069I1NBFT_SND.wav 902=gunlaws M05DSGN_DSGN0102I1GBMG_SND.wav 903=badluck M05DSGN_DSGN0103I1GBMG_SND.wav 904=missme M05DSGN_DSGN0104I1GBMG_SND.wav 905=fish M05DSGN_DSGN0167R1GBMG_SND.wav 906=humor M08DSGN_DSGN0003A1NBMG_SND.wav 907=heylook M08DSGN_DSGN0007I1GBMG_SND.wav 908=what1 M10DSGN_DSGN0027A1GBMG_SND.wav 909=likeit M10DSGN_DSGN0048R1GBMG_SND.wav 910=sayno M11DSGN_DSGN0074R1GBMG_SND.wav 911=warms m00ccck_kifi0011i1gsrs_snd.wav 912=doom m00ggdi_gcon0025a2gsrs_snd.wav 913=tts m00ggdi_kill0036i1gsmg_snd.wav 914=flameon m00avis_kifi0035i1gbrs_snd.wav 915=beerplz m00ggdi_gcon0033i1gbmg_snd.wav 916=warplz m00ggdi_gcon0041i1gbmg_snd.wav 917=amcoming m00nbmg_hftd0001i1nbmg_snd.wav 918=playtime m00nbmg_rtoc0001i1nbmg_snd.wav 919=shatter2 shatter_window_02.wav 920=iownu mxxdsgn_dsgn0059i1nemg_snd.wav 921=mercy1 mxxdsgn_dsgn0009i1nemg_snd.wav 922=mag m00decx_001in_nbft_snd.wav 923=where1 mxxdsgn_dsgn0123i1nomg_snd.wav 924=wherecoward? mxxdsgn_dsgn0122i1nomg_snd.wav 925=frosty mxxdsgn_dsgn0085i1nomg_snd.wav 926=smellfear mxxdsgn_dsgn0061i1nomg_snd.wav 927=bodybag mxxdsgn_dsgn0013i1nomg_snd.wav 928=aww1 mxxdsgn_dsgn001i1gbmg_snd.wav 929=standing mx0_trooper1_98.wav 930=w00t mx0_rockettrooper_alt30.wav 931=woot mx0_rockettrooper_alt30.wav 932=close mx0_rockettrooper_alt17.wav 933=uidiot mx0_gditrooper1_alt03.wav 934=pinned mx0_gditrooper1_alt01.wav 935=wow1 mx0_gditrooper1_175.wav 936=holycow2 mx0_gditrooper1_174.wav 937=thatrocks mx0_gditrooper1_140.wav 938=omgagg mx0_gdireconleader_018.wav 939=fancypants mtudsgn_dsgn0376a1gcls_snd.wav 940=pain m00avis_kick0035i1neft_snd.wav 941=noflights m00bnaf_kill0053i1gbmg_snd.wav 942=agg1 M00GCIM_ATOC0001I1GCIM_SND.wav 943=obisucks M00GGDI_GCON0023I2GSMG_SND.wav 944=morekills M00GGDI_HESX0014R3GSEN_SND.wav 945=inc1 M00GGDI_HESX0018I3GOMG_SND.wav 946=massacre M00GGDI_HESX0019R3GERS_SND.wav 947=spidey M00GGDI_HESX0036I3GSRS_SND.wav 948=popguns M00GGDI_HESX0044R3GBMG_SND.wav 949=amgood M00GGDI_KILL0001I3GERS_SND.wav 950=gj M00GGDI_KILL0002R3GEEN_SND.wav 951=roger M00GGDI_SECX0022R3GEMG_SND.wav 952=ohplz M00GNOD_SECX0045A3NBMG_SND.wav 953=hurryup M00GSMG_ATOS0001I1GSMG_SND.wav 954=kaneftw M00KILL_007IN_NSMG_SND.wav 955=fallback mx0_nodsoldier2_104.wav 956=retreat mx0_nodsoldier2_alt01.wav 957=deadgdi m00GNOD_KILL0010A1NOMG_SND.wav 958=w00ts M00GGDI_KILL0016I3GEMG_SND.wav 959=uknowit M00GGDI_HESX0020A1GERS_SND.wav 960=nono m00gbrs_stoc0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 961=gummi gummibear.mp3 962=sparta Sparta.mp3 963=birth_control birth_control.mp3 964=blow Blow.mp3 965=bubblegum bubblegumz.mp3 966=annoying Damn_annoying.mp3 967=damngood Damn_good.mp3 968=damnugly Damn_ugly.mp3 969=diesob diesob.mp3 970=game_over Game_over.mp3 971=gonnadie gonna_die.mp3 972=hail Hail.mp3 973=highway highway.mp3 974=holycow Holy_cow2.mp3 975=holyshit2 Holy_shit2.mp3 976=ktit KTIT.mp3 977=lilfriend little_friend.mp3 978=myday make_my_day.mp3 979=only1 only_one.mp3 980=ooooh Ooooh.mp3 981=panties panties.mp3 982=pissed pissed_off.mp3 983=playmyself play_with_myself.mp3 984=shitdown shit_down.mp3 985=shithappens Shit_happens.mp3 986=slacker slacker.mp3 987=sniff sniff.mp3 988=steel Steel.mp3 989=talkin talkin_to_me.mp3 990=wasted3 Wasted3.mp3 991=yippie Yippie.mp3 992=plan2 plan2.mp3 993=whyso why_so_serious.mp3 994=mario Mario_Life.mp3 995=english english.mp3 996=bile coachboomerjar01.wav 997=bile2 coachboomerjar02.wav 998=mmmm coachtaunt06.wav 999=angrybitch coachwitchgettingangry03.wav 1000=cheezeburger coachworldc2m2b23.wav 1001=hankypanky coachworldc2m3b01.wav 1002=ahhhhhhhh dfskream.wav 1003=humpin ellisgrabbedbyjockey07.wav 1004=jockey ellisgrabbedbyjockeyr04.wav 1005=zombies ellisnickocd03.wav 1006=mudmen ellisseemudmen04.wav 1007=ammo ellisspotammo03.wav 1008=firstaid ellisspotfirstaid01.wav 1009=pills ellisspotpills01.wav 1010=goat ellisstoriesb02.wav 1011=kiddyland ellisworldc2m2b18.wav 1012=raiden gib2.wav 1013=raiden2 gib5.wav 1014=kidthunder kidthund.wav 1015=kiss kiss.wav 1016=kiss2 kiss2.wav 1017=waaaooo lkflyk1.wav 1018=bikekick lkspink.wav 1019=1-up mario_1-up.wav 1020=pause mario_pause.wav 1021=pipe mario_pipe.wav 1022=powerup mario_powerup.wav 1023=stageclear mario_stage_clear.wav 1024=warning mario_warning.wav 1025=worldclear mario_world_clear.wav 1026=AHHHHH n1death.wav 1027=AHHHHHH n1death2.wav 1028=ahhhoo n1wast1.wav 1029=ahhhooo n1wast2.wav 1030=puke nickboomerjar03.wav 1031=puked nickboomerjar04.wav 1032=shaddup nickellisinterrupt07.wav 1033=abitch nickgoingtodie13.wav 1034=spitter nickgooedbyspitter01.wav 1035=jockeys nickgrabbedbyjockey01.wav 1036=mall nickheardwitchc106.wav 1037=riding rochgrabbedbyjockeyr01.wav 1038=barkin rochtaunt01.wav 1039=boom-hs rochworldc1m2b47.wav 1040=comehere scorcome.wav 1041=getoverhere scorget.wav 1042=spear scorthr1.wav 1043=toasty toasty.wav 1044=divorce ConsiderThatADivorce.wav 1045=refund DidHeGetARefund.wav 1046=fuckyou FuckYou1.wav 1047=gm GoodMorning.wav 1048=quaid IAMQUaid.wav 1049=kinky IDidntKnowSoKinky.wav 1050=cop ImACopYouIdiot.wav 1051=idjk ImDetectiveJonKimball.wav 1052=bunch IWantToAskABunchOfQuestions.wav 1053=spies NoTheyWereSpiesOrSomeSing.wav 1054=kill_me PeopleAreTryingToKillMe.wav 1055=stopit StopIT.wav 1056=stopwhining StopWhining.wav 1057=WhatRU WhatRU-MyFather.wav 1058=wtfwrong WhatTheFuckDidIDoWrong.wav 1059=wyd WhoIsYourDaddy.wav 1060=discipline YouLackDiscipline.wav 1061=usob YouSonOfABitch.wav 1062=questions a-few-questions.mp3 1063=alrighty-then alrighty-then.mp3 1064=inc_msg captain.mp3 1065=pacdeat pacdeath.mp3 1066=pacopen pacopen.mp3 1067=your_balls your_balls.mp3 1068=agony Agony.wav 1069=Animality Animality.wav 1070=Babality Babality.wav 1071=BabyCry BabyCry.wav 1072=BARAKA BARAKA.WAV 1073=bong Bong.wav 1074=cage Cage2.wav 1075=crispy crispy.wav 1076=crowd1 crowd1.wav 1077=cyd CYD.wav 1078=cyraxwins CyraxWns.wav 1079=owowowow dfwast1.wav 1080=ooowooowo dfwast2.wav 1081=yeeaahhh dfyea.wav 1082=dont dont.wav 1083=pitdeath ebpit.wav 1084=pitdeath1 ebpithit.wav 1085=Excellent Excellent2.wav 1086=fatality Fatal3.wav 1087=finher FinHer2.wav 1088=finhim FinHim2.wav 1089=flawless Flaw3.wav 1090=clowns friend.wav 1091=mkfrosty mkfrosty.wav 1092=fujinwins fujinwins.wav 1093=bigslip gbigslip.wav 1094=explode m00itoc_005in_gbrs_snd.wav 1095=ggirlpit girlpit.wav 1096=gong Gong.wav 1097=GoroGrwl GoroGrwl.wav 1098=gorowins gorowins.wav 1099=gslip1 gslip1.wav 1100=gslip2 gslip2.wav 1101=gslip3 gslip3.wav 1102=gudhit gudhit1.wav 1103=JaxWins JaxWins3.wav 1104=kabal_scream KabScrea.wav 1105=kabal_wins KabWins.wav 1106=kano KanoWin3.wav 1107=kintaro KINTARO.WAV 1108=kitana Kitana2.wav 1109=knifed knifplng.wav 1110=kunglao KungWin3.wav 1111=lightning lightng.wav 1112=LiuDie1 LiuDie1.wav 1113=LiuDie2 LiuDie2.wav 1114=LiuDie3 LiuDie3.wav 1115=LiuWins LiuWins3.wav 1116=liuthrow lkthrow.wav 1117=liukick lkwast1.wav 1118=liukick2 lkwast2.wav 1119=MK2_Laugh MK2_Laugh.wav 1120=neigh MotNeig1.wav 1121=ohnoo OhNooo.wav 1122=Oiduvodwah Oiduvodwah.wav 1123=RaidenWin RaidenWin1.wav 1124=oooooooohhhhhh react4.wav 1125=mmmmm RepMmmm.wav 1126=scorpionwins scorpionwins.wav 1127=best ShaoBest.wav 1128=bow ShaoBow.wav 1129=iwin ShaoIWin.wav 1130=make ShaoMake.wav 1131=nevr ShaoNevr.wav 1132=noth ShaoNoth.wav 1133=path ShaoPath.wav 1134=powr ShaoPowr.wav 1135=prep ShaoPrep.wav 1136=rule ShaoRule.wav 1137=try ShaoTry.wav 1138=will ShaoWill.wav 1139=wrath ShaoWrth.wav 1140=sheepality Sheepality.wav 1141=shvooh Shvoohh.wav 1142=slipbig slipbig.wav 1143=splash splash.wav 1144=lazors throtsai.wav 1145=thunder thunder.wav 1146=thunder2 thunder2.wav 1147=raaaawr treeroar.wav 1148=tym TYM.wav 1149=uuuggghhh vpwast2.wav 1150=endscreen vscreen.wav 1151=yousuck yousuck.wav 1152=getthem get_them.mp3 1153=itsover its_over.mp3 1154=Madness Madness.mp3 1155=snd slavery_and_death.mp3 1156=saf stand_and_fight.mp3 1157=theydie they_die.mp3 1158=failure m00bncc_kill0003i1gbmg_snd.wav 1159=VlatIsLoose m08dsgn_dsgn0041i1nomg_snd.wav 1160=angrydisplay m00gbrs_poco0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 1161=displayhelp m00gbrs_decx0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 1162=pokesdisplay m00gbrs_tdfa0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 1163=displaycantheal4shit m00gbrs_sftd0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 1164=deafdisplay m00gbrs_pose0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 1165=displayjoined m00gbrs_rtos0001i1gbrs_snd.wav 1166=displaycrapping gexplode.wav 1167=displayrodeo m00itos_008in_gbrs_snd.wav 1168=whorehouse m00ggdi_secx0013i1gsen_snd.wav 1169=n00bspotted m00ggdi_secx0011i3gsen_snd.wav 1170=4mypeeps m00gcf1_stoc0001i1gcf1_snd.wav 1171=30Seconds2Live 30Seconds2Live.mp3 1172=ack_reply ack_reply.mp3 1173=AdunToridas AdunToridas.mp3 1174=bull Bull.mp3 1175=calltheshot calltheshot.mp3 1176=Carrier Carrier.mp3 1177=Choppa Choppa.mp3 1178=Cortana_leave Cortana_leave.mp3 1179=Cortana_Wth Cortana_Wth.mp3 1180=Cortana_YankMe Cortana_YankMe.mp3 1181=Creepy Creepy.mp3 1182=criminalscum criminalscum.mp3 1183=darkside darkside.mp3 1184=dilih DropItLikeItsHot.mp3 1185=FP Falcon_Pawnch.mp3 1186=FF7 FF7victory.mp3 1187=freshmeat freshmeat.mp3 1188=gogogogo gogogogo.mp3 1189=goodbread goodbread.mp3 1190=guys_suck guys_suck.mp3 1191=Houston Houston.wav 1192=InMyScope InMyScope.mp3 1193=Internet_Lies Internet_Lies.mp3 1194=invincible invincible.mp3 1195=Itsme Itsme.mp3 1196=jks_giggle jks_giggle.mp3 1197=jks_laughs jks_laughs.mp3 1198=KellyClarkson KellyClarkson.mp3 1199=lackfaith lackfaith.mp3 1200=Leeroy Leeroy.mp3 1201=life4aiur life4aiur.mp3 1202=LoserHorn LoserHorn.mp3 1203=made_you made_you.mp3 1204=moves moves.mp3 1205=nextbbq nextbbq.mp3 1206=nosy NoOneSaveYou.mp3 1207=Not_even Not_even.mp3 1208=NuclearLaunch Nuclear.mp3 1209=Orccity Orccity.mp3 1210=Over9000 Over9000.mp3 1211=playagame playagame.mp3 1212=preparetodie preparetodie.mp3 1213=PriceWrong PriceWrong.mp3 1214=Pylons Pylons.mp3 1215=Romanoff Romanoff.mp3 1216=smoke_weed SMOKE_WEEK.mp3 1217=soundsfun soundsfun.mp3 1218=Stayawhile Stayawhile.mp3 1219=STFU STFU2.mp3 1220=time2faround time2faround.mp3 1221=TimeForDat TimeForDat.mp3 1222=Toiletstore Toiletstore.mp3 1223=wltdo WhoLetDogsOut.mp3 1224=you_talkin you_talkin.mp3 1225=Yuri Yuri.mp3 1226=hungry m00gnod_gcon0001i3ners_snd.wav 1227=Trojan m00gnod_gcon0004r1ners_snd.wav 1228=cena cena.mp3 1229=ctt ctt.mp3 1230=CVS CVS.mp3 1231=drama drama.mp3 1232=dreams dreams.mp3 1233=falling falling.mp3 1234=fat fat.mp3 1235=Grab Grab.mp3 1236=harlem harlem.mp3 1237=jiu jiu.mp3 1238=kirov kirov.mp3 1239=limit limit.mp3 1240=mama mama.mp3 1241=mclovin mclovin.mp3 1242=neigh2 neigh2.wav 1243=power power.wav 1244=sacrifice sacrifice.wav 1245=StopWhining2 StopWhining2.mp3 1246=truck truck.mp3 1247=whatcha whatcha.mp3 1248=666 666.mp3 1249=666beast 666beast.mp3 1250=thebeast TheNumberOfTheBeast.mp3 1251=snerip ello_stfu3.mp3 1252=CaptainPlanet iamcaptainplanet.mp3 1253=CP iamcaptainplanet.mp3 1254=pirate lol_pirateloop.mp3 Some of you have been wondering whats going on with the changes on Westwood maps It's all due to an idea we were approached with from RC, which is why the following changes have been made Currently on stock maps only. Enabled Marathon mode Enabled DA's PurchasableWeapons Disabled extra units not normally in stock recon bikes, tow hummvee's etc Disabled a bunch of power ups obby guns, grenade vests etc Disabled fund and building restores Disabled 10 second beacons Disabled !ammo/!support/!turret/!veh/!char A bunch of veteran changes levels, requirements # Example for map settings override # anything you type in here it's overriding the default veteran.cfg # use @override on every section to just override what you want @override set vetconfig { # Show the message "You don't have access to any commands yet." when no commands avaliable to client? show_nocommands no } # to disable a sound, just comment it out! @override set gdi_sounds { # plays when promotion occurs promoted bonus_complete.wav # plays when final promotion occurs finalpromotion bonus_complete.wav # plays when gains access to a new comand newaccess no # plays when character gets upgraded HP charupgrade no # plays when vehicle gets upgraded HP vehupgrade no # plays when !veh grants occurs vehcommand no # plays when player doesn't have the required veteran level insufficientlevel no # plays when player have to wait to use the command wait no # plays when your turret kills a player boink no # when used mindcontrol successfully mindcontrol no } @override set nod_sounds { # plays when promotion occurs promoted bonus_complete.wav # plays when final promotion occurs finalpromotion bonus_complete.wav # plays when gains access to a new comand newaccess no # plays when character gets upgraded HP charupgrade no # plays when vehicle gets upgraded HP vehupgrade no # plays when !veh grants occurs vehcommand no # plays when player doesn't have the required veteran level insufficientlevel no # plays when player have to wait to use the command wait no # plays when your turret kills a player boink no # when used mindcontrol successfully mindcontrol no } @override set presets_value { # do not change CASE on PRESETS # only numbers after presets # no spaced presets # syntax: preset amount_vet_points # example: CnC_Nod_APC 5 CnC_GDI_Engineer_0 1 CnC_GDI_Grenadier_0 1 CnC_GDI_MiniGunner_0 1 CnC_GDI_RocketSoldier_0 1 CnC_Nod_Engineer_0 1 CnC_Nod_FlameThrower_0 1 CnC_Nod_Minigunner_0 1 CnC_Nod_RocketSoldier_0 1 CnC_GDI_Grenadier_2SF 2 CnC_GDI_MiniGunner_1Off 2 CnC_GDI_MiniGunner_2SF 2 CnC_GDI_RocketSoldier_1Off 2 CnC_Nod_FlameThrower_2SF 2 CnC_Nod_Minigunner_1Off 2 CnC_Nod_Minigunner_2SF 2 CnC_Nod_RocketSoldier_1Off 2 CnC_Nod_RocketSoldier_2SF 2 CnC_Sydney 2 CnC_GDI_RocketSoldier_2SF 2 CnC_GDI_Humm-vee 2 CnC_Civilian_Pickup01_Secret 2 CnC_Civilian_Sedan01_Secret 2 CnC_Nod_Buggy 2 Nod_Chameleon 2 CnC_Nod_Recon_Bike 2 CnC_GDI_Engineer_2SF 3 CnC_Ignatio_Mobius 3 CnC_Ignatio_Mobius_ALT2 3 CnC_GDI_MiniGunner_3Boss 3 CnC_Nod_FlameThrower_3Boss 3 CnC_Nod_Minigunner_3Boss 3 CnC_Nod_RocketSoldier_3Boss 3 CnC_Nod_Technician_0 3 CnC_Sydney_PowerSuit 3 CnC_GDI_APC 3 CnC_GDI_MRLS 3 CnC_Nod_APC 3 CnC_Nod_Mobile_Artillery 3 CnC_GDI_MiniGunner_3Boss_ALT2 3 CnC_GDI_MiniGunner_3Boss_ALT3 3 CnC_GDI_MiniGunner_3Boss_ALT4 3 CnC_Sydney_PowerSuit_ALT2 3 CnC_Nod_FlameThrower_3Boss_ALT2 3 CnC_Nod_FlameThrower_3Boss_Petrova 3 Nod_FlameThrower_3Boss_alt 3 CnC_Nod_MiniGunner_3Boss_ALT2 3 Nod_Minigunner_3Boss_alt 3 CnC_Nod_RocketSoldier_3Boss_ALT2 3 CnC_Nod_RocketSoldier_3Boss_Secret 3 CnC_Nod_Transport 3 CnC_GDI_Transport 3 CnC_GDI_Medium_Tank 4 CnC_Nod_Light_Tank 4 CnC_Nod_Flame_Tank 4 CnC_Nod_Apache 4 CnC_GDI_Orca 4 CnC_GDI_Harvester 4 CnC_Nod_Harvester 4 Nod_Turret_MP_Improved 4 Nod_Turret_MP 4 Nod_Turret 4 GDI_Guard_Tower 4 CnC_GDI_Mutant_2SF_Templar 4 CnC_GDI_Mammoth_Tank 5 CnC_Nod_Stealth_Tank 5 } # ################################################################### # Damage Amount for veteran points # ################################################################### @override set vet_damage { REPAIR_BUILDINGS 300 REPAIR_TANKS 300 } # ################################################################### # Points Distribution # ################################################################### @override set vet_amount { # Set 0 to disable a feature. # amount of points for something done by a player BUILDING_KILL 20 DEFENSE_BUILDING_KILL 20 PROXY_C4_DISARM 1 REMOTE_C4_DISARM 1 TIMED_C4_DISARM 1 BEACON_DISARM 6 # those are customizable on vet_damage settings, when reaches that amount of damages its giving amount of points set here DAMAGE_BUILDING 0 DAMAGE_TANKS 0 REPAIR_BUILDINGS 1 REPAIR_TANKS 1 BOT_KILLS 0 } # ################################################################### # Level Settings of Veteran System # ################################################################### # name <Name_of_Promotion> # points <how many vet points for that level> # power# <God|Spy|Refill|RepairGun|RailGun|RamjetGun|SniperGun|money|score|and many more if you make your own powers> (this gives a power at veteran.promotionotion of a player) # powers <#total_of_powers> # upgrade_veh <#precent upgrade vehicles hp/ar> # upgrade_char <#precent upgrade vehicles hp/ar> # buy_char <no|yes> # buy_veh <no|yes> # buy_weap <no|yes> # weapons_free <#amount_of_free_weapons_declared> # weapon# <weapon name> # vehregen <HP/s> # support <text file> (TEAM is replaced with respective team name) # total of levels, tiers char, tiers veh @override var VET_LEVELS 5 @override set vet_level_0 { # this is defined by default name Officer Cadet ammo no } @override set vet_level_1 { name Lieutenant points 50 upgrade_veh 5 upgrade_char 5 regen 1 vehregen 2 regen_tick 3 vehregen_tick 3 discount 0.05 mindcontrol no ammo no } set vet_level_2 { name Colonel points 100 upgrade_veh 7.5 upgrade_char 10 regen 1 vehregen 2 regen_tick 3 vehregen_tick 3 discount 0.075 mindcontrol no ammo no } set vet_level_3 { name Brigadier points 150 upgrade_veh 10 upgrade_char 15 regen 1 vehregen 2 regen_tick 2 vehregen_tick 2 discount 0.10 mindcontrol no ammo no } set vet_level_4 { name Lieutenant General points 200 upgrade_veh 12.5 upgrade_char 18 regen 1 vehregen 2 regen_tick 2 vehregen_tick 2 discount 0.125 mindcontrol no ammo no } set vet_level_5 { name General points 300 upgrade_veh 15 upgrade_char 20 regen 1 vehregen 2 regen_tick 1 vehregen_tick 1 discount 0.15 mindcontrol no ammo no } @override chunk { -- powers list vetpowers={} } p.s I may of forgotten some things as i did not write them down before hand. Credits @unknown @sla.ro @gkl21 @Unstoppable @shaitan @trunkskgb and anyone i missed.
  7. We've put up a new download for our Mappack and Keys Configuration file. The mappack v.27 is now once again fully updated to our server content. The keys config contains a new entry for Chinook Vehicle Transport abilities which will be used on Imperial Age maps in the near future. You can now press the HOME key to check on your veterancy status. You can download them from our Downloads Area @: - Download Mappack Here (1.05GB) - Download MPF Keys Configuration Here(160KB) PS, if anyone has questions or wants the keys config file for their Renegade just tell them to goto keys.ultraaow.com This link will take them to the download. Have fun ppl
  8. Version 1.21


    WARNING! This plugin only works with DA 1.98 and above! Download DA 1.98 from http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=tree&th=41243&start=0& This is the first and only Building Warnings plugin ever released in C&C Renegade forums. If a copy or redistributed type of this plugin spotted, the action will be taken. Plugin reports building health percents ingame with EVA sounds like below. If you see bug, let me know in comments or find me in Discord "The Unstoppable (TR)#1000" [DA] The GDI Power Plant health at 75 percent
  9. lol. I did some research to check if it was really real but, turns out not real :(. N0w we can't eat Kane's Ch0c0late unless we beg EA to make them N0w! Original link to this picture: https://www.deviantart.com/kallebowo/art/CNC-TIBERIAN-PARK-Wallpaper-Kane-s-Schokolade-291866027 You can also find other stuff by him.
  10. Version 1.0


    I made this skin many years ago the rims came from the rims on my truck and i wanted to put them on the arty so here it is everything is made by me and to be used freely enjoy and thank you! Extract the DDS file from the RAR and place the DDS file in your Renegade's Data folder. Enjoy !
  11. Here is a list of current things in progress of our maps, you can check if there was some progress done. A new reply will be posted here when there's some progress. Current Map: ORG_Mars Current Stage: Mapping (no textures) [GMAX] Last progress (DD.MM.YY): 10.11.18 Stages: - Map idea - Map concept - Structure the files & required models/software/etc. - Mapping (no textures) [GMAX] - Prop making [GMAX] (we can use some help here!) - Texturing [GMAX] - LevelEditing & Objectives [LevelEditor/GMAX] - Map testing - Refining map - Map release - Map patching if required Map will be worked on every Saturday starting at 14:00 to 16:00 GMT+2 (Live on http://twitch.tv/slamaster)
  12. Version 1.1


    Basic Renegade GSA API made by C# Language. Originally by Iran (if I don't remember wrong), but modified. Have 4 functions; GetAllRenServersIPByGSA() - Returns IPEndPoint[] : Gets all servers IP GetGSData(IPEndPoint server) - Returns Dictionary<string, string> : Gets server data by server IP. Here's a basic code for lazy. //Shorter version Dictionary<string, string> mpf_server_data = new Dictionary<string, string>(); IPEndPoint mpf_ip = new IPEndPoint(); foreach(IPEndPoint ip in GetAllRenServersIPByGSA()) { if(GetGSData(ip)["hostname"].Contains("MPF")) { mpf_server_data = GetGSData(ip); mpf_ip = ip; } } You can get all servers data with this code too. If you want shorter way, here's a basic code. Dictionary<string, string> mpf_server_data = GetServerDataByKeyValue("hostname", "MPF"); It returns the same mpf_server_data value as the top. For the IP, you can write this code. IPEndPoint mpf_ip = GetServerIPByKeyValue("hostname", "MPF"); It also returns the same mpf_ip value as the top. Comment bugs, glitches and ideas about new functions.
  13. Version 1.0.1


    This package contains everything you need to get a server going. When you downloaded the zip file make sure that you goto its properties and "Unblock" it BEFORE you extract the files, else it may not function correctly. There is a folder called "prerequisites" and you must run and install the vcredist_x86_2012.exe and vcredist_x86_2013.exe and also the dxsetup.exe found in the dxsetup folder or your server will not run. Make sure you edit server.ini and change ports where needed and forward them if applicable. Note that the GameSpyQueryPort *must* be different from what you set in DA.ini Also edit the svrcfg_cnc.ini found in the data folder to set your own server name, title, and maybe some other options. Brenbot is included in this zip and works 'out of the box' pretty much. You should however change the nickname of the bot to use on IRC, the channels it will join and the Path to your Server root folder. See moderators.cfg for help adding moderators. The FIRST message listed in messages.cfg is what will be displayed when players type !rules in your server. Keep it very short as there is a ~200 character limit on lines. I've included an example configuration of the tt.cfg file that now handles the server map rotation and downloader properties. It's pretty straigthforward, just upload your ttfs folder to your website and set the repositoryUrl to it ending with a / eg: repositoryUrl = "http://www.yourwebsite.com/ttfs/"; A note: When you use the packageeditor cmdline to install or convert new maps or packages make sure the Server is NOT running. If you've adjusted your configuration files and are ready to run it, then execute the file server.exe followed by brenbot.exe Always start the server first, then brenbot. The sourcecode based on Dragonade 1.92 with TT 4.6 support is included and contains a nice mpf_example to get going. You need both Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2015 installed. You can get VS2015 Community Edition off Microsoft's website. However, there is no community edition for VS2012. For help adding custom maps and/or other things to your server please join us on our irc.cncirc.net in channel #mpf It is recommended to join us on Discord with a microphone as it is a lot easier to help then. Perhaps also get Teamviewer, we use that a lot and makes it tenfold easier to help remotely with issues you may have. ( www.teamviewer.com )
  14. until
    There is going to be a weekend tribute of sorts event held on the "zunnies OmegaAOW" renegade server. It is an old server mod that zunnie and his friends used to work on. Because of how old it is there may be some small bugs to live with, but @shaitan and I have done what we can to get it ready. During this time Newmaps,MutantCo-op and possibly other servers will be taken offline. IRC: irc.cncirc.net -or- irc.rencorner.com channel: #OmegaAOW
  15. Not sure when it's from, though. Sometime in the last year, I think.
  16. Here’s something to tide you over because no stream
  17. 15 clips from a stream on newmaps and jerad2142 clip 2 months ago
  18. Version 1.0


    My first public map on Renegade. Silos, repair facilities and tailguns are capturable. Double base defenses. Defenses, building locations, etc. are balanced as much as I can. Report bugs and glitches in the comment section. My next map will be soon.
  19. Version 1.8


    https://multiplayerforums.com/games/imperial-age/ The maps and game-modes are mostly designed by current and/or former MPF Developers such as @Pwn Call @trunkskgb me @zunnie and former Developer @ImperialKaskins. Coding of the server, brenbot and veterancy were done by me @zunnie @unknown @Genesis2001 and @sla.ro for the most part. The game sport a wide range of variety to play with many units, buildings, weapons and powerups. We also have a dozen maps available that were created by the Renegade Community over the years since 2002! Fight as the Global Defense Initiative or The Brotherhood of Nod in a fictionary C&C World. Attack the enemy base buildings to win while protecting your own. Renegade is not needed to play this, it is a Standalone Installation. Have fun playing!
  20. a assortment of clip from my streams what improvement can i make? also anyone know good free music making software so i can make a 8sec jingle or whatever for the first 8 secs?
  21. Iron City: a map by trunkskgb a playlist of both times yesterday that we played the map as both sides
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