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Found 8 results

  1. zunnie

    Renegade FDS

    Version 1.037


    To get passed the WOL installation for the RenegadeFDS you need to enter a (fake) serial number that starts with 0669. For example: 0669714956637887900319 (Note: This is a fake serial and you cannot host a server in XWIS/WOL mode with this serial, it is only provided for you so you can get passed the installation dialogs.) To host a server on XWIS enter your Renegade serial in server.ini After installation it is highly recommended to upgrade to TT SSGM 4.x. Click the links below to view detailed instructions on how to set that up: SSGM 4.x Download Page
  2. Whitedragon


    Version 1.9


    This is a server-side game manager for the Renegade FDS. It includes a wide variety of features such as additional logging, gamespy forwarding, weapon and powerup drops, new game modes, crates, vehicle shells, vehicle purchase queueing, and much more. The source code is included and you can build your own plugins using the built in event system or use existing SSGM plugins. http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=msg&th=41119&start=0& Created by @Whitedragon and Black-Cell.net.
  3. So you try and set up a gamespy renegade server but you see this then in your searchbar in the start menu or next to it type notepad %systemroot%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts right click notepad %systemroot%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts and click run as administrator and click yes on thebox that pops up now copy this text (one line at a a time) below: master.gamespy.com master.udpsoft.com and paste it into the file the file should look something like this now save the file and close the window now type restart in the server console window and it should look like this now(you may have to restart your pc) and if you look in renlist you should see your server this proves i dont have to use brenbot for my server to work properly
  4. The errors i am talking about: To fix this run notepad.exe as an Administrator and open the file: Add the following line at the bottom: master.gamespy.com Endresult should look simular to this: The server will now list on the new community ran GSA List from cncirc
  5. - Introduction - Renegade, in 4.0, will have the ability to download new maps from a server's remote file repository. When a player is missing the map it will be automatically downloaded and installed on the client whereafter the client can immediately play the map, no game-restart is required. - PackageEditor - The PackageEditor is used on the server to create so called packages which are installed on the server and uploaded to an offsite repository. When a map package is installed the clients connecting to the server will download said package from the repository url set in the tt.cfg file. - Commands - convert ---- convert a mix file into a packageinstall ---- install a converted mix file into the packages systemuninstall -- uninstall a converted mix file from the packages systemdownload --- download a map package from a remote repository urllist ------- list all installed packages- Converting Maps into usable Packages -Open a Command Prompt window and change directory to where your server is installed. First we need to convert the map into a usable package by typing: PackageEditor convert "data\C&C_Mediterranean.mix" 1.0 zunnie [enter]When the converting has been processed a message like the following will appear in the Command prompt window: Package was saved to 'C:\Servers\UberMapPack\UltraFDS\UltraServer\ttfs/packages/00091e55.tpi'. You can now install it via 'packageeditor install 00091e55'.We need to install the package when we created one. The Command prompt will output an ID we can use for that, in our for example the ID is 00091e55.We can install our package by typing the following: PackageEditor install "00091e55" [enter]- Notes -Note that we do not enter the .mix extension when installing a package. When installation is completed a new folder will be created in your server's folder called "ttfs". Upload the contents from this folder to your website repositoryUrl and enter this url into your tt.cfg configfile. Players who connect to your server will then download the packages from your website.
  6. - svrcfg_cnc.ini - The standard game configuration file whjich resides in your server's Data folder. The server game configuration file handles various things such as Game Title, Maximum Players and Passworded Servers. Note that the Maprotation entries -although present in the svrcfg_cnc.ini- are moved to tt.cfg Making changes to the maprotation inside svrcfg_cnc.ini has no effect. ConfigName=Default C&C Server Settings;bGameTitle sets the servername, this cannot exceed roughly 30 characters as it will be cut-off on the listingbGameTitle = Renegade 4.1 Server;Sets the message of the day that players will see as a dialog box when they join the serverbMotd=Visit our website at www.ultraaow.com;Used in conjunction with PKG filesModName=DoMapsLoop=yes;The timelimit in minutes for each mapTimeLimitMinutes=45;RadarMode=0=disabled;RadarMode=1=only teammates are shown;RadarMode=2=All units but stealthed ones are shownRadarMode=1;Automatically restart the server when it crashes?;This is best left off to stop unwanted clones of the server.IsAutoRestart=no;Set a gamepassword here to have players enter a password to enter the serverIsPassworded=nobPassword=;QuickMatch is no longer supported in WOL mode and should be turned off.;It's possible to turn it on but some configurations are incompatible with it.IsQuickMatch=no;Set the game laddered or not. IsLaddered=yes;Remix the teams at the start of each new map? ;In general you would want this turned on to ensure teams are remixed ;and don't end up stacked.RemixTeams=yes;Can players repair their buildings or not?CanRepairBuildings=yes;If this is enabled the first person to enter the vehicle always has ;control over the gun. If not, the passenger gets control.;Players can use the key Q to toggle between driver and passenger gunning.DriverIsAlwaysGunner=yes;Spawn random weapons on the map's spawnlocations?;When enabled players may find various weapon powerups scattered over the map.;Don't confuse this with SSGM's DropWeapons feature, they are not the same.SpawnWeapons=yes;Enable or Disable friendly fire.IsFriendlyFirePermitted=no;Teamchanging can be enabled if you want here. Note that laddered servers ;are not compatible with this option turned on.IsTeamChangingAllowed=no;Clans don't work anymore in WOL and this should be turned offIsClanGame=no;Depending on your server's connection you can set a compatible max player ;count here. In general only 100MBit servers can run 50 or more players as ;it uses a lot of bandwidth and CPU processing power.MaxPlayers=32;Wether base destruction ends the game or not. If set to no the game will ;not end until the time expires. Pedestal ends game can only be enabled if ;base destruction is enabled as well.BaseDestructionEndsGame=yesBeaconPlacementEndsGame=yes;How much money players get when the game startsStartingCredits=5;Allow separate mine limits for proxy C4 and for remote C4SplitMineLimit=no;Obsolete maprotation entries.;The maprotation was moved to the tt.cfg configuration file.MapName=C&C_Walls.mixMapName00=C&C_Walls.mix
  7. - tt.cfg - The new way of configuring several aspects of your server. Notice that the gameDefinitions lack the C&C_ prefix and that the corresponding maps in the rotation lack the C&C_ prefix as well. Only C&C_ prefixes are used in the gameDefinitions mapName and packages to download. Maps that do not have any additional packages to be downloaded can be added to the rotation with their C&C_ prefix. In this example the maps FieldTS, GlacierTS and Lunar_Landing will download an additional package called quake and the maps DesertTunnels and Field will load a custom objects.aow modded presets file. The quake package contains sounds which will play when players reach certain kills in a row without dying such as Firstblood, Multikill, Killingspree and Godlike. These sounds can be enabled or disabled in ssgm.ini through the option PlayQuakeSounds. To manually create a package for quake download the file and use the packageeditor to turn it into a package: quake.zip Example tt.cfg configuration: gameDefinitions:{ FieldTS: { mapName = "C&C_FieldTS"; packages = ["C&C_FieldTS", "quake"]; }; GlacierTS: { mapName = "C&C_GlacierTS"; packages = ["C&C_GlacierTS", "quake"]; }; Lunar_Landing: { mapName = "C&C_Lunar_Landing"; packages = ["C&C_Lunar_Landing", "quake"]; }; DesertTunnels: { mapName = "C&C_DesertTunnels"; packages = ["C&C_DesertTunnels","quake"]; serverPresetsFile = "objects.aow"; }; Field: { mapName = "C&C_Field"; packages = ["quake"]; serverPresetsFile = "objects.aow"; };};/* Note that the rotation is a list of quoted maps without the .mix extension.Also note that the last map in the rotation does not have the ending comma. */rotation:[ "FieldTS", "GlacierTS", "Lunar_Landing", "DesertTunnels", "Field", "C&C_Mesa", "C&C_Canyon", "C&C_Hourglass", "C&C_Islands", "C&C_Complex", "C&C_Under"];/* downloader and its repositoryUrl control where the server will send clients to to download custom maps and content. */downloader:{ repositoryUrl = "http://ttfs.ultraaow.com/";};
  8. - Introduction - To run a Renegade Dedicated Server you need to install the Renegade FDS (Renegade Free Dedicated Server). A dedicated server is basically a command prompt type program which allows for Renegade Clients to connect and play on the server. Dedicated servers are usually unattended and you cannot play as the host while running a dedicated server. Running a dedicated server also enables you to run SSGM 4.0 and/or other special modifications which are unavailable for the game client. - MPF Public FDS Package - You can now download a prepared package of the FDS with DA 1.92 and TT 4.6 applied, source code included with examples @ - Downloads - You can download the RenegadeFDS installation file on for example multiplayerforums over here: http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/files/file/8-renegade-fds-1037zip/ - Installation - After you have installed the Renegade FDS, copy the contents of the serverfiles folder from the 4.0 server download into the FDS folder. Edit server.ini, svrcfg_cnc.ini, tt.cfg and ssgm.ini as per the documentation in this topic. You then also need to install the Visual C++ runtime libraries and the DirectX runtimes from the "redist" folder. The server.exe file in the 4.1 server download is the one you should be using as it has been modified. You do not need to apply the "no gameplay pending" patch to it as that patch is now a server.ini option. Make sure anticheat.ini is in the data folder otherwise the anti-cheat will probably kick you even with stock renegade files. - Requirements - When running the server in Westwood Online Mode (or XWIS these days) you require a valid serial number to run the server. This can be a FDS Serial or your Renegade Client serial. In GameSpy mode there are no requirements. - Notes for WOL Mode (XWIS) - To get passed the WOL installation for the RenegadeFDS you need to enter a (fake) serial number that starts with 0669. For example: 0669714956637887900319 ( Note: This is a fake serial and you cannot host a server in XWIS/WOL mode with this serial, it is only provided for you so you can get passed the installation dialogs. )
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