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Found 5 results

  1. The Helipad models and textures are in zip: CapturableHelipads.zip Temp Object->Simple->Simple_DSAPO_Versions->Simple_MiniConsole and name it Capturable_GDI_Helipad On the Physics Model tab browse for the model by clicking the folder icon and choose Open On the Settings tab set Health to 2 and HealthMax to 500, Skin and ShieldType both to CNCMCTSkin with a DamagePoints of 0.750 and DeathPoints 0.000 Click the Letter icon to choose the Helipad name from the category Enc and set Encyclopedia Type to Building Still on the Settings tab set PlayerType to Unteamed and Radar Blip Type to Stationary Now MAKE your Helipad on the map Goto the Scripts tab for the properties of the Helipad and select Type: z_Capturable_Helipad and set the Name Parameter of Owner to -2 Now note the ID of the Helipad in a textfile for later use: Now TEMP the Simple_MiniConsole and name it Capturable_GDI_Helipad_Terminal On the Settings tab for the Terminal set the Skin and Shield Type to Blamo and Damage and Deathpoints to 0.000 We want this Terminal to grant a Orca so we click the Letter icon and choose the Orca name from Enc category: Make note of the GDI Orca exact multiplayer presetname, in our case this would be the original preset aka CnC_GDI_Orca (case sensitive): Next we MAKE and position a Daves Arrow on TOP of the Helipad and move it UP on the Z-axis until it floats like 3 orca's high in the air above the Helipad like so: Note the ID of this Arrow (PS: Do NOT delete the arrow, you must leave it on the map) Go back to the Helipad Terminal on the map and goto its properties and the Scripts Tab, add the following script to it "z_Capturable_Helipad_Terminal" with the settings as displayed below. HelipadID would be the ID of the Helipad on the map we created first, in this example ID number 100000 Preset would be the vehicle to create at the location of the Daves Arrow we placed so CnC_GDI_Orca and 100003 An Orca costs $900 in Renegade so we enter that as the Cost for it. Endresult should look like this for the Helipad Terminal: You're done:
  2. Please review the video tutorial here on how to post When submitting a new tutorial please follow this simple guide to keep tutorials concise and provide the best learning experience. When you post a new topic, it will need to be approved by a moderator. Some things to think about Only post releases of Renegade related tutorials in the their correct catagoryAdd a category tag before the title, to do this add a tag with one of the common tags and click on ' use first tag as prefix ' then create a [ ] containing the main format and provide the author name. Example: WWSkin animation - Author: MaulerAttach your screens and/or files to the forum post, unless your release is too big to be attached. This is very important as it's the only way to make sure that in a couple of months/years, your download still exists. If you do not follow this, your tutorial will face unapproval and will be deleted/removed until you have done so..If possible, please keep tutorial videos under 15 minutesPlease only reply to tutorials specifically if their is an error or mistake, that way the original author can correct any errors, and other comments, replies can be asked,talked about in our 'General Discussion' forum.No external links to anything, if found, your tutorial will be removed (archived tutorials may contain external links- being fixed)No illegal material, warez, cracks, etcMost commonly used topic prefixes VIDEO 3DSMAX RENX W3D LEVELEDIT PHOTOSHOP SERVER SIDE HOWTO TEXT MISC - used in Miscellenous subforum and for tutorials that cover multiple programs All posts to subforums are currently moderated, so please be patient, and follow the guideline and your topic will be posted ASAP Failure to comply to these guidelines, your tutorial risks removal.. Please be patient, topics will not be approved right away, but will be approved asap, thanks! Other than that please let us know how we are doing, and please give us feedback to help improve Renhelp.
  3. #mpf-renhelp Did you know we have a channel for all you mappers out there on IRC? A lot of people join there to talk about mapping and help each other with things about mapping. The RenHelp section is led by Mauler from MPF and the forums for it can be reached through the domain http://www.renhelp.net or just go on the MPF forums over here. There are also lots of public tutorials available there to help you make your map. Developers Some of our Developers are in this channel a lot to answer questions and help with your mapping. PwnCall, roszek, ImperialKaskins and Mauler to name a few are there often. Mapping Downloads You can download a lot of stuff for Renegade Mapping on our forums download section here. Assets, Textures, Maps, Tools and everything you can think of is present The NewMaps Server and New Maps We are generally testing maps on our Test server before throwing them into rotation for a full test. If you created a map feel free to submit it in our downloads area over here and we will test it for you and maybe add it to our server. UltraAOW Special Editor on SVN If you made a map or more and we think you are really good we might give you access to our UltraAOW specific editor which has a lot of assets, vehicles, characters, textures and other files ready for use in maps. As well as custom scripting if you need anything special on your map(s). Alt+3 Move out! Go make something ppl
  4. Some scripts will be explained how they work in this forum. Note though that some scripts are only available on the NewMaps 4.0 server and are probably not be included in the latest 4.0 release. If you need to use any of our scripts from NewMaps 4.0 then you will have to contact us to get the scripts.dll Note that when you use any of our NewMaps 4.0 specific scripts that your map will not work correctly on other servers. We encourage everyone to create new maps even with or without using our scripts, if you are 'good enough' of a mapper we might give you access to our UltraAOW Developer group which has a lot of custom stuff available. Simply contact us If you have script requests you can post them in this forum: http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/forum/183-scripts-requests/ Join us on irc.multiplayerforums.com in channel #MPF-RenHelp
  5. With this method you can easily change the properties of a Refinery serverside like the credits/sec you get, how much money you get per dump and how long it takes the harvester to dump its tiberium. Startup your LevelEditor and expand the folder (1)"Buildings", then expand the folder (2)"Refinery", there select either the mp_GDI_Refinery or mp_Nod_Refinery. Then goto the bottom of your LevelEditor screen and click the (3)"Mod" button once: Once you pressed the "Mod" button you will be presented with this mod-dialog-box below. Goto the Settings Tab and scroll way down: 1) - Sets the time it takes for the harvester to unload at the Refinery, set to 10.000 for 10 seconds for example 2) - Sets how much money you get when the harvester is done dumping, default is 300.000 for $300 3) - Sets the amount of money you get every second when the Refinery is alive, set to 5.000 to get $5 a second or any high you want I hope this helps you with whatever you are doing Note that this is 100% serverside and you can just save the presets when you exit LevelEdit, then goto your presets folder and rename objects.ddb to objects.aow Then load objects.aow in tt.cfg with for example the following configuration: gameDefinitions:{ Field: { mapName = "C&C_Field"; serverPresetsFile = "objects.aow"; };};rotation:[ "Field"];downloader:{ repositoryUrl = "http://ttfs.ultraaow.com/";};
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