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Found 18 results

  1. Any map requests going forward should be posted here and i will take them into account for the next server update/s. Again you as the player are in control and tell us what maps you want to play using !like & !dislike. Anything other than map requests will be deleted. r3s.
  2. Here's the updated rotation for December based upon feedback from last month's likes and dislikes. Serv.
  3. Note: Cairo may get removed if it crashes too much.
  4. Hi, rotation update as follows, a little bit late in updating because of giving the new rate system time to collate some stats. Added Maps: Greenery Oasis_Flying TiberiumRedux Conquest_Winter Detroit Tropics SnowStorm Hybrid_Forest Mines LittleHillRumble2 Tiberium_Temple Removed Maps: City_Flying_SE Dusk Hangmans_Canyon_Night MPF_Big_Walls Night0x RavineDB River_RaidDB SeasideCanyon Tiberium_Cave_2_b1 Tib_Field Underpass Forest_Falls RiverValley Changes will take effect next time the server is empty and can be updated. Other Updates: Time increased on Imperial (D3) maps from 72 mins to 90 mins. Mine limit increased on all maps from 90 to 100. Restricted the ability to add time to a map to 3 occasions (for instance you can vote !yes or !no to extend the map time by 30 mins 3 times in succession when the time reaches 5:00). Few other tweaks and improvements to the Veteran System. @unknown continues to work on his new bot with some new commands & recommendation system. Thanks to @gkl the ability to !fund has become a lot better and stable. More updates coming soon! Pending Fixes & Bugs Samsites on Imperial (D3) maps do not work properly sometimes until fired at. On some maps !support bots are idol and do nothing. Thanks for choosing MPF & Happy Gaming. r3s & MPF Team.
  5. Rotation has been updated and refreshed using your !like & !dislike votes this month. Changes are: Maps Added: Night0x Tib_Forest Tib_Field Urban_Rush Ocean_View Underpass Tib_Pit_3 DesertTunnels MPF_Under Woodland Canyon_Fortress River_RaidDB Caves City_Flying_SE Volcano Dusk Urban_Conflict Desert_Siege Maps Removed: Bio Battleground BridgeDB Bunkers Damm Epocilation FieldTS Gobi Mines Tib_Waste Tiberium_Temple Wasteland As usual use the map request topic here to request maps you want to see in rotation: That is all for this month. Thanks again for playing on MPF <3
  6. Only slight rotation changes this month: Maps Removed: Sand Ruins0x Tiberium_Pit_2 Maps Added: Tobruk Damm River_Canyon Please continue to use !like & !dislike to rate the map in the first 10 minuets, it really is helping me build a 'balanced' rotation that you all want to play. As i said before you (as the players) are in charge of what maps get added or removed. Seen some positive and really pleasing player increases since this has been done so thank you for playing with MPF. As always you can request maps to go in here: Other Updates: !like & !dislike time frame will be changing soon and you will be able to rate the maps until the first building is killed. - This restriction is in place as some players vote maps based on weather they are losing a map or not at the time, which is a shame as some really good maps are getting removed. The placement distance of defenses (!turret !guntower !samsite) close to the enemy base has been increased from 50m to 150m. Thank you to @unknown who is working hard on a new server bot for us. Updates on this soon. Thank you to @Genesis2001 who is currently rewriting & cleaning up codes for us. Thank you to @Cronus for doing nothing and eating taco bell. Thank you to @alexrirak for being 'online' on facebook messenger. Thank you for your continued support and choosing MPF. Happy gaming! r3s & MPF team.
  7. Rotation has been updated for January with your votes. Maps removed: Skull_Isle Sunrise_Revine Parkhouse Clover Battlecreek GrasslandAssault Duel_Death Delta Greenlands Maps added: Infinite_Isle_D3 TheCanyon Bunkers BasinTS Ravine Sand Gobi Land_Day Silent_Dawn Tiberium_Temple Mines Hangmans_Canyon_Night As always map requests and discussions go here: Hope you all had a good Christmas & Happy New Year. Thank you for the continued support. MPF Team.
  8. Rotation updated for December based around your ratings. Added: C&C_Clover C&C_Delta C&C_Duel_Death C&C_Epocilation C&C_GrasslandAssault C&C_Greenlands C&C_Parkhouse C&C_South_Pacific C&C_Tiberium_Cave_2_b1 C&C_Tib_Waste C&C_Metropolis C&C_Cairo C&C_Skull_Isle Removed: C&C_Crevesse C&C_Divergence C&C_Lunar_Landing C&C_MPF_Walls_Flying C&C_Detroit C&C_Winterfell As always you have control of the rotation so do vote using !like !dislike. You can request any maps you would like to see in rotation here: Thanks for choosing MPF and happy gaming. r3s & MPF Team.
  9. First of all let me start be wishing you a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Changes this month are as follows based on your !like & !dislike ratings........... Maps removed: C&C_BoxedINV4 C&C_Dust_Training C&C_Heightfield C&C_MPF_Arena <---- Due to FPS issues C&C_Conquest_Island <------ Due to FPS issues C&C_MPF_Tiber_River <------ Due to FPS issues C&C_Sunken2 C&C_Underpass C&C_West Maps added: C&C_Ridge_Warfare_D3 C&C_Desert_Seige2fx <---- Requested C&C_Cairo <---- Requested C&C_Cracked_b10 <---- Requested C&C_Divergence C&C_Airai_b8 <----- Requested C&C_Sleepy_Hollow <---For Halloween only Changes in the next 12 hours. Thanks for choosing MPF and again HAPPY HALLOWEEN from all the MPF Team.
  10. Rotation updated for October as follows based on your ratings !like & !dislike Maps added: C&C_Conquest_Island C&C_Arena C&C_BattleCreek C&C_Sunken2 C&C_SeasideCanyon C&C_Battleground C&C_RiverValley C&C_BoxedInV4 C&C_Backstab_b6 C&C_Underpass Maps removed: C&C_Aftermath C&C_Glacier_Flying C&C_Hourglass_Flying C&C_Pompeii C&C_TiberiumRedux C&C_Heightfield IK maps every 3rd map. Ill update server tomorrow. Thanks for choosing MPF and happy gaming. r3s & MPF team. Any map requests that you want to see in rotation go here for next month:
  11. Thanks for the continued !like & !dislike ratings of maps, this is really helping me to build a rotation that you want to play. Changes this month are: Maps added: None Maps removed: C&C_Bunkers C&C_Dont_Fall C&C_Alpine ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other changes: Map rotation will no longer reset back to the start rotation on a server crash or !restart and will continue from the next map in the list. For example: Before change: "BlazingSands", <- 2. server would resume from the start after crash or !restart "Hourglass_Flying", "BattleForMidway", "Tib_Pit_3", "Orca_Heights", "Sunrise_Ravine", <- 1. example server crashes here "MtBog", "Uphill", "Greatwall", "Winterfell", "Desert_Siege", "Pompeii", "CloseCombat", "Bio", After change: "BlazingSands", "Hourglass_Flying", "BattleForMidway", "Tib_Pit_3", "Orca_Heights", "Sunrise_Ravine", <- 1. server crashes here "MtBog", <- 2. server resumes here after crash or !restart "Uphill", "Greatwall", "Winterfell", "Desert_Siege", "Pompeii", "CloseCombat", "Bio", This change will make the rating system even more accurate and give every map a fair chance to play in the rotation. Changes effective in the next 12 hours when server is empty. Thanks for choosing MPF and happy gaming. r3s.
  12. Rotation updated using !like & !dislike statistics. Changes will take place in a day or so. Maps added: Radiation Aftermath Maps removed: C&C_Pillars_Fly C&C_MPF_Valley_G16 C&C_Mountain C&C_EKIsland C&C_Area81_b23 C&C_Medical_Center_b43 C&C_Installation C&C_High_Noon_2.1 C&C_Oasis_Flying C&C_Tropics Other stuff: Other updates are planned and we have been working on some new things to add like: New vet system (credits @sla.ro @unknown) Taunt updates New series of maps by @Pwn Call. I will add these when finished Game competitions with a chance to win prizes Want to see a map back in rotation? Map requests here: Thanks for choosing MPF & happy gaming. r3s.
  13. Hello! As per the title rotation update for July as follows: (Based on !like !dilike) Maps Added: Pompeii Dont_Fall West Pillars_Fly Mountain EKIsland Medical_Center_b43 Grotto_b3 Maps Added By Requests: Crevasse Ruins0X Dust_Training Forgotten_Town Oasis_Flying Maps Removed: ArcticXP_Beta - Map was bugged T_Garden - Map was bugged TheCanyon - Map was bugged Godwana - Map was bugged Bridge_The_Gap Hilly - Map was bugged Snow_Arena - Map was bugged Overlook - Map was bugged Madness GlacierTS Map requests should go here: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra Updates: First Blood: First blood.dll reinstalled and enabled - 100 points for the first kill. Credits: @zunnie Lottery: Lottery plugin re-enabled - Player will receive a prize either good or bad like the 17 second freeze or extra credits/points as well as some other things. Buy_Buildings: The plugin for the Buy_Buildings command is now out of Beta stage and has been updated. What is Buy_Buildings? This allows you as a team to purchase back buildings that you have lost using the !fund <building> <amount> command. (once per structure per map) Whats new? - Added a !seize command which allows you to re-take the credits you have funded to a building if you so wish. (It will only allow you to take back the credits you yourself have funded). - Fixed the building donation limit. Now when you fund it will no longer allow you to donate over the set building amount. - Added new buildings to the fund list: Construction Yard Communications Center Repair Pads Helicopter Pads Pretty much every structure is now fund-able. (Except destroy-able structures on d3 maps like the Obelisk & AGT etc) - Added dynamic building costs. Structure prices will increase as players join the server. Credits: @unknown @gkl21 for the Buy_Buildings work. Thanks guys! Taunts: Taunts are in the process of being refreshed and updated with some new ones and less used ones removed. You can use !sounds list for the current installed taunts on the server from in game. Use !sounds <on> <off> to enable and disable taunt sounds. Updates will take place in the next 24 hours. Thank you for choosing MPF and happy gaming. Also thanks for the continued donations it is really appreciated. r3s & MPF Team.
  14. Rotation has been updated for this month (June) based on your !like !dislike feedback. Trending bad maps over last few months will be totally removed and not be in rotation again for sometime (unless requested by the players). I have started to look at some brand new maps to replace the consistent poor performing ones, and the first lot of new maps are listed at the bottom. When i say 'brand new' i mean some of these maps you probably will not have ever played before or it will have been a couple of years since they were last in the rotation. Although i have spent a lot of time testing these maps to ensure they are bug free there still might be some bugs present i have missed. If you notice any bugs please list them here so i can review them. If you would like to request a map to be added back in use this topic here: The current changes that will take place in the next day or so are: Maps removed: Death_Trap_snow DesertTunnels Killer_Cove_v2 Sniper_Heights BattleCreek Battleground Blizzard Bridge_Control Canyon_Falls Quick_Draw Conquest_Winter Dusk Dust_Training FalcWhore Forgotten_Town Gobi MPF_Under Nova Oasis_Flying Ravine RiverValley SeasideCanyon Sleepy_Hollow Sunken2 Terrace Traverse Underpass Maps added: Uphill Brand new maps added: Tib_Pit_2 Sunrise_Ravine Installation Godwana Bridge_The_Gap ArcticXP_Beta T_Garden Snow_Arena Hilly Overlook D3 (Imperial Age) maps will continue to be in rotation every 3rd map. Ranks have been reset for June also so thank you to @Genesis2001 for doing that. r3s & MPF Team.
  15. As the topic says rotation has been updated for May from your ratings from !like & dislike. Whats new? D3 maps are now every 3rd map. Maps that have been removed. BridgeDB Colossus2r1 Country_Side FjordsTR Gigantomachy MutationRedux Night0x Ocean_View Skull_Isle_b7 Maps that have been added. Quick_Draw Bridge_Control Snow GlacierTS Conquest_Winter Bunkers Underpass FalcWhore Tropics Dusk Wasteland r3s & MPF Team.
  16. Soon i will be updating the rotation for this month (April) based on your ratings (!like & !dislike). I will make a separate topic for this update and include any changes made as per normal. Most feedback i have had has been positive so please continue to rate our current map rotation so you can play the maps you really want to play. Tell your friends to rate as well as every time you rate it really does help me when making decisions. Has a map been removed that you liked recently? Use this thread to post any maps you would like to see again in the rotation. Any maps posted here from today will be considered for May when i update the rotation again. Any genuine requests will be considered. Thanks r3s & MPF Team.
  17. Rotation update is almost complete for this month (April). As per if a map has been removed that you like then request it to be reviewed here: Please continue to use !like & !dislike to rate the current maps. Here are a list of changes. Maps added: Colossus2r1 Gobi Tomb Sunken2 BattleCreek PacificDB Blizzard Battleground RiverValley Madness MPF_Walls_Flying Killer_Cove_v2 Creekdale_Fly DesertTunnels MPF_Islands Sleepy_Hollow Death_Trap_snow Rockies MPF_Under Skull_Isle MPF_Valley Maps removed: Backstab Tiberium Temple Tobruk Woodland Seasidesunset Domesv2 Canyon Fortress2k4 Mars Forestfalls Plunder_Valley Land_Day Basin Damm Laststand Aiari Secretbase Cracked Changes will be applied tomorrow (my time) when server is less busy.
  18. Map Rotation Update So we decided to install a few CLASSIC maps from back in the days for some more nostalgia. Some are pretty nice, others are plain fun to play and some are a bit more recent. Other News Siege was removed from rotation due to the tunnel aiming bug. Alpine_Night was replaced with its original Daylight version - Getting on top of mountains is ALLOWED! Newly installed maps Alpine Day - The original version of Alpine where it is still possible to get on top of the mountains which is ALLOWED for that matter. BoxedInV4 - A fun classic map, not the best around but its fun to play. Conquest Winter - Cool map with a nice cave. A bit too 'campy' maybe though. But overall good experience on this one. Country Meadow - This map is very nice. It was bugged a bit earlier but now it is working again. The nod ref is missing textures for some reason but thats the only bug here. FieldTS - By aircatkiller based on Field but with underground tunnels and blockades removed. Nice textures too. FjordsTR - By aircatkiller. Very nice looking map. May cause some fps drops for slower computers. Fortress2k4 - A classic map from back in 2004. High Altitude - Fun map. Not too big. No defenses. High Noon v2.1 - Excellent map with nice tunnels and elevated defenses. Lunar Landing - Funny no defense map with a crater in the center. Mars - Funny low gravity map. By aircatkiller. Oasis Flying - Great map. Nothing more to say personally. Try it out!
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