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Found 9 results

  1. Version 1.0.1


    This package contains everything you need to get a server going. When you downloaded the zip file make sure that you goto its properties and "Unblock" it BEFORE you extract the files, else it may not function correctly. There is a folder called "prerequisites" and you must run and install the vcredist_x86_2012.exe and vcredist_x86_2013.exe and also the dxsetup.exe found in the dxsetup folder or your server will not run. Make sure you edit server.ini and change ports where needed and forward them if applicable. Note that the GameSpyQueryPort *must* be different from what you set in DA.ini Also edit the svrcfg_cnc.ini found in the data folder to set your own server name, title, and maybe some other options. Brenbot is included in this zip and works 'out of the box' pretty much. You should however change the nickname of the bot to use on IRC, the channels it will join and the Path to your Server root folder. See moderators.cfg for help adding moderators. The FIRST message listed in messages.cfg is what will be displayed when players type !rules in your server. Keep it very short as there is a ~200 character limit on lines. I've included an example configuration of the tt.cfg file that now handles the server map rotation and downloader properties. It's pretty straigthforward, just upload your ttfs folder to your website and set the repositoryUrl to it ending with a / eg: repositoryUrl = "http://www.yourwebsite.com/ttfs/"; A note: When you use the packageeditor cmdline to install or convert new maps or packages make sure the Server is NOT running. If you've adjusted your configuration files and are ready to run it, then execute the file server.exe followed by brenbot.exe Always start the server first, then brenbot. The sourcecode based on Dragonade 1.92 with TT 4.6 support is included and contains a nice mpf_example to get going. You need both Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2015 installed. You can get VS2015 Community Edition off Microsoft's website. However, there is no community edition for VS2012. For help adding custom maps and/or other things to your server please join us on our irc.cncirc.net in channel #mpf It is recommended to join us on Discord with a microphone as it is a lot easier to help then. Perhaps also get Teamviewer, we use that a lot and makes it tenfold easier to help remotely with issues you may have. ( www.teamviewer.com )
  2. zunnie

    Renegade FDS

    Version 1.037


    To get passed the WOL installation for the RenegadeFDS you need to enter a (fake) serial number that starts with 0669. For example: 0669714956637887900319 (Note: This is a fake serial and you cannot host a server in XWIS/WOL mode with this serial, it is only provided for you so you can get passed the installation dialogs.) To host a server on XWIS enter your Renegade serial in server.ini After installation it is highly recommended to upgrade to TT SSGM 4.x. Click the links below to view detailed instructions on how to set that up: SSGM 4.x Download Page You can now also download an all up2date package with Dragonade 1.92 and TT 4.6 support, source code and brenbot included @
  3. Version


    This is a server-side game manager for the Renegade FDS. It includes a wide variety of features such as additional logging, gamespy forwarding, weapon and powerup drops, new game modes, crates, vehicle shells, vehicle purchase queueing, and much more. The source code is included and you can build your own plugins using the built in event system or use existing SSGM plugins. Created by @Whitedragon and Black-Cell.net. Note: This particular VC2015 Solution for the Source Code was made by dblaney.
  4. zunnie


    Version 4.2.4


    This package will turn your Renegade FDS into a Co-Op server where you can fight together with other players against bots on the Single Player Mission Maps. This version has the following maps: M00_Tutorial M01 M02 M03 M04 M05 M08 M10 M11 Skirmish00 Source levelfiles for M08, M11 and Skirmish00 are included.
  5. Version 1.0


    Allows mIRC to send FDS commands. v00d00 spent time on it making it more efficient and cleanup sockets after they were used. Example mIRC script for using this DLL: alias MPSENDFDS { var %msg = $1- if ($1 == msg) var %msg = $1 [MP] $2- dll mIRC_Ren.dll FDS_Send 5015 remotepw %msg}alias inlist { var %i = 1, %j = $numtok($2,32) while (%i <= %j) { if ($gettok($2,%i,32) iswm $strip($1)) return 1 inc %i } return 0}on *:text:*:#MP-AOW-Admin:{ if ($nick == MPAOW) { if (!time isin $2-) MPSENDFDS msg The time is $time Amsterdam GMT+1 if ($2 == gotya) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_nodsniper_alt07.wav if ($2 == chicky) MPSENDFDS snda m00achk_kill0001i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == omg) MPSENDFDS snda oh_my_god.wav if ($2 == skill) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn014i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == snipe) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_nodsniper_alt01.wav if ($2 == killem) MPSENDFDS snda mx1dsgn_dsgn0018i1dsgn_snd.wav if ($2 == guns) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn005i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == smile) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn004i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == toy) MPSENDFDS snda mtudsgn_dsgn0289i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == hehe) MPSENDFDS snda mtudsgn_dsgn0377a1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == haha) MPSENDFDS snda laugh1.wav if ($2 == left) MPSENDFDS snda lefty1.wav if ($2 == jerks) MPSENDFDS snda m11dsgn_dsgn0104r1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == kills) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kick0030i1moac_snd.wav if ($2 == ^^) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kifi0021i1ccsf_snd.wav if ($2 == waiting) MPSENDFDS snda m11dsgn_dsgn0069i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == haveya) MPSENDFDS snda m11dsgn_dsgn0073i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == tt) MPSENDFDS snda m00mstm_kill0013i1gbrs_snd.wav if ($2 == bwahaha) MPSENDFDS snda m00asqr_kill0019i1mbrs_snd.wav if ($2 == death) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kick0030i1moac_snd.wav if (n00b isin $2-) MPSENDFDS snda m00asqr_kill0018i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == coffee) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_gcon0041i3nbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == squirrel) MPSENDFDS snda m00asqr_kill0034i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == sit) MPSENDFDS snda m00bnsn_kill0053i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == ask) MPSENDFDS snda m00ccck_kitb0029i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == die) MPSENDFDS snda m00decx_004in_nsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == fun) MPSENDFDS snda m00gbmg_sfcx0001i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == hunt) MPSENDFDS snda m00gbmg_sfsx0001i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == medic) MPSENDFDS snda m00ffire_003in_gemg_snd.wav if ($2 == run) MPSENDFDS snda m00decx_010in_nbft_snd.wav if ($2 == daddy) MPSENDFDS snda mtudsgn_dsgn0320a1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == shoot) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn029i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == stfu) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn010i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == burn) MPSENDFDS snda m00decx_009in_neft_snd.wav if ($2 == boink) MPSENDFDS snda m00bnss_kill0053i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == more?) MPSENDFDS snda m00ccck_kitb0029i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == nonono) MPSENDFDS snda m00gbrs_stoc0001i1gbrs_snd.wav if ($2 == moo) MPSENDFDS snda amb_cow1.wav if ($2 == cya) MPSENDFDS snda m00bnol_kill0054i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == gg) MPSENDFDS snda m00bncy_kill0054i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == lucky) MPSENDFDS snda m00gnod_kill0037r1nbft_snd.wav if ($2 == buuurn) MPSENDFDS snda m00decx_007in_neft_snd.wav if ($2 == urdead) MPSENDFDS snda l02b_02_hav02.wav if ($2 == finally) MPSENDFDS snda m00gsmg_atoc0001i1gsmg_snd.wav if ($2 == strike) MPSENDFDS snda m00gsrs_kill0029i1nbft_snd.wav if ($2 == wasted) MPSENDFDS snda m00gsrs_kiov0016i1nbft_snd.wav if ($2 == present) MPSENDFDS snda bombit1.wav if ($2 == pray) MPSENDFDS snda m11dsgn_dsgn0073i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == noes) MPSENDFDS snda m00gcc3_sftd0001i1gcc3_snd.wav if ($2 == boo) MPSENDFDS snda m00kimd_001in_neft_snd.wav if ($2 == udie) MPSENDFDS snda m00gcf1_decx0001i1gcf1_snd.wav if ($2 == better) MPSENDFDS snda l08b_03_pet01.wav if ($2 == hide) MPSENDFDS snda m00mbpt_hesx0001i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == help) MPSENDFDS snda m00gbrs_hftd0001i1gbrs_snd.wav if ($2-3 == i smell)MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kifi0020i1nctk_snd.wav if ($2 == idiot) MPSENDFDS snda m00mbpt_poco0001i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == amateur) MPSENDFDS snda m00bntu_kill0040i1gcm1_snd.wav if ($2 == painless) MPSENDFDS snda m00mbpt_heax0001i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == hide) MPSENDFDS snda m00mbpt_hesx0001i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == bonus) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kick0036i1nemg_snd.wav if ($2 == yourmine) MPSENDFDS snda m00mbpt_sfcx0001i1mbpt_snd.wav if ($2 == eye) MPSENDFDS snda m03dsgn_dsgn0005r1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == pizza) MPSENDFDS snda m01eval_dsgn0253r1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == dangerous) MPSENDFDS snda i_am_dangerous.wav if ($2 == owned) MPSENDFDS snda owned.wav if ($2 == godlike) MPSENDFDS snda godlike.mp3 if ($2 == papa) MPSENDFDS snda come_to_papa.wav if ($2 == spree) MPSENDFDS snda killingspree.mp3 if ($2 == unstoppable) MPSENDFDS snda unstoppable.mp3 if ($2 == camping) MPSENDFDS snda camping_hostages.wav if ($2 == hiding) MPSENDFDS snda where_are_you_hiding.wav if ($2 == hosty) MPSENDFDS snda hosty_down.wav if ($2 == hitm) MPSENDFDS snda they_never_knew_what_hit_them.wav if ($2 == ?turret) MPSENDFDS msg Turrets cost 1000$ Type !buy turret to deploy them if ($2 == ?buy) MPSENDFDS msg Type !buy <preset> to place a cannon(500), samsite(800), turret(1000) or guntower(2000) if ($2-4 == ownedm) MPSENDFDS snda we_owned_them.wav if (($2-3 == very nice) || ($2 == vnice)) MPSENDFDS snda very_nice.wav if ($2 == rank) MPSENDFDS snda m00ggdi_gcon0027r1gsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == down) MPSENDFDS snda m10dsgn_dsgn0012r1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == blabla) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn011i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == kanelives) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0024i1evan_snd.wav if ($2 == sweetheart) MPSENDFDS snda M06DSGN_DSGN0127R1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == fillme) MPSENDFDS snda M06DSGN_DSGN234A1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == hero) MPSENDFDS snda M01DSGN_DSGN0292I1GCP1_SND.wav if ($2 == glad) MPSENDFDS snda M01DSGN_DSGN0293I1GCP1_SND.wav if ($2 == tag) MPSENDFDS snda m01gemg_dsgn0103i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == witch) MPSENDFDS snda M02DSGN_DSGN0129R1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == stuffyou) MPSENDFDS snda M04DSGN_DSGN0061A1NOMG_SND.wav if ($2 == diat) MPSENDFDS snda M04DSGN_DSGN0082R1NEMG_SND.wav if ($2 == sleep) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0068I1NBFT_SND.wav if ($2 == board) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0069I1NBFT_SND.wav if ($2 == bleed) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0070I1NBFT_SND.wav if ($2 == gunlaws) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0102I1GBMG_SND.wavv if ($2 == badluck) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0103I1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == missedme?) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0104I1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == blast) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0133I1GSRS_SND.wav if ($2 == fish) MPSENDFDS snda M05DSGN_DSGN0167R1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == cowards) MPSENDFDS snda M07DSGN_DSGN0040I1GCF1_SND.wav if ($2 == dienod) MPSENDFDS snda mM07DSGN_DSGN0039I1GCM2_SND.wav if ($2 == humor) MPSENDFDS snda M08DSGN_DSGN0003A1NBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == heylook) MPSENDFDS snda M08DSGN_DSGN0007I1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == what?) MPSENDFDS snda M10DSGN_DSGN0027A1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == likeit) MPSENDFDS snda M10DSGN_DSGN0048R1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == sayno) MPSENDFDS snda M11DSGN_DSGN0074R1GBMG_SND.wav if ($2 == dobedo) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0027i1nemg_snd.wav if ($2 == hopon) MPSENDFDS snda m00vnst_aqob0007i1gors_snd.wav if ($2 == fun) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0026i1evag_snd.wav if ($2 == warms) MPSENDFDS snda m00ccck_kifi0011i1gsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == kanelives) MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn0026i1evag_snd.wav if ($2 == stayout) MPSENDFDS snda m00ccfm_ctor0001i1ccfm_snd.wav if ($2 == randy) MPSENDFDS snda m00ggdi_gcon0023i3gsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == doom) MPSENDFDS snda m00ggdi_gcon0025a2gsrs_snd.wav if ($2 == flameon) MPSENDFDS snda m00avis_kifi0035i1gbrs_snd.wav if ($2 == beerpls) MPSENDFDS snda m00ggdi_gcon0033i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == warpls) MPSENDFDS snda m00ggdi_gcon0041i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == shootmore) MPSENDFDS snda m00ggdi_kill0009r3gomg_snd.wav if ($2 == bringit) MPSENDFDS snda m00prkv_aqob0002i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == rocknroll) MPSENDFDS snda m00vnst_aqob0044i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == shootpls) MPSENDFDS snda m02dsgn_dsgn0071r1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == stupid?) 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MPSENDFDS snda mxxdsgn_dsgn001i1gbmg_snd.wav if ($2 == standing) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_trooper1_98.wav if ($2 == close) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_rockettrooper_alt17.wav if ($2 == uidiot) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_gditrooper1_alt03.wav if ($2 == pinned) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_gditrooper1_alt01.wav if ($2 == wow!) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_gditrooper1_175.wav if ($2 == holycow) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_gditrooper1_174.wav if ($2 == thatrocks) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_gditrooper1_140.wav if ($2 == omgagg) MPSENDFDS snda mx0_gdireconleader_018.wav if ($2 == fancypants?) 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  6. - Introduction - Renegade, in 4.0, will have the ability to download new maps from a server's remote file repository. When a player is missing the map it will be automatically downloaded and installed on the client whereafter the client can immediately play the map, no game-restart is required. - PackageEditor - The PackageEditor is used on the server to create so called packages which are installed on the server and uploaded to an offsite repository. When a map package is installed the clients connecting to the server will download said package from the repository url set in the tt.cfg file. - Commands - convert ---- convert a mix file into a packageinstall ---- install a converted mix file into the packages systemuninstall -- uninstall a converted mix file from the packages systemdownload --- download a map package from a remote repository urllist ------- list all installed packages- Converting Maps into usable Packages -Open a Command Prompt window and change directory to where your server is installed. First we need to convert the map into a usable package by typing: PackageEditor convert "data\C&C_Mediterranean.mix" 1.0 zunnie [enter]When the converting has been processed a message like the following will appear in the Command prompt window: Package was saved to 'C:\Servers\UberMapPack\UltraFDS\UltraServer\ttfs/packages/00091e55.tpi'. You can now install it via 'packageeditor install 00091e55'.We need to install the package when we created one. The Command prompt will output an ID we can use for that, in our for example the ID is 00091e55.We can install our package by typing the following: PackageEditor install "00091e55" [enter]- Notes -Note that we do not enter the .mix extension when installing a package. When installation is completed a new folder will be created in your server's folder called "ttfs". Upload the contents from this folder to your website repositoryUrl and enter this url into your tt.cfg configfile. Players who connect to your server will then download the packages from your website.
  7. CSGO Store Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/730/ ( 13.99€ ) MPF CSGO Website: http://www.csgods.com MPF CSGO Forums: http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/forum/74-counter-strike-global-offensive/ MPF CSGO Tournament Stats: http://us.multiplayerforums.com/csgo/hlstats.php We restarted our servers for CSGO just recently. TRFL, Mike, Kenz3001, CireX, Spiders, PwnCall, Wyld and zunnie (to name a few) are trying to make our servers active for it. There are also monthly prize(s) to win when you are ranked first for example. In the future we will create tournaments with different goals apart from being ranked 1st. Have fun!
  8. Always wanted to have this special feature on your server where players can buy a Logan instead of a default Sniper on GDI? This tutorial explains how to do just that. Of course you can apply this knowledge to any other character in the purchase menu as well. First of all open your LevelEditor :durr: and then expand the category (1)"Global Settings", then expand (2)"Purchase Settings" and click on the "Character Classes (GDI)" and finally click on the (3)"Mod" button at the bottom of your LevelEditor: Once done, you are presented with a mod edit screen like the image below. First click on the "Settings" tab and then scroll down until you see "Entry 4" which is for the Sniper on GDI. It has a weird name, blame Westwood for that lol. Click on the little colorful button at the right which i labeled a blue "1". Then proceed and click the "+" in front of the presetname "CnC_GDI_MiniGunner_2SF", a new entry lists with "_Logan" added to it. Select that preset at the blue "2". Now press OK and you're done. Save the presets by exiting the LevelEditor and choosing Yes when it asks to save the presets. Then goto your presets folder and rename objects.ddb to objects.aow and load that in your tt.cfg of your server. Example tt.cfg to load a custom modded objects.aow file: gameDefinitions:{ Field: { mapName = "C&C_Field"; serverPresetsFile = "objects.aow"; };};rotation:[ "Field"];downloader:{ repositoryUrl = "http://ttfs.ultraaow.com/";};Now when you start your server players who buy the GDI Sniper will actually get the GDI Logan to snipe with.Greetz zunnie
  9. With this method you can easily change the properties of a Refinery serverside like the credits/sec you get, how much money you get per dump and how long it takes the harvester to dump its tiberium. Startup your LevelEditor and expand the folder (1)"Buildings", then expand the folder (2)"Refinery", there select either the mp_GDI_Refinery or mp_Nod_Refinery. Then goto the bottom of your LevelEditor screen and click the (3)"Mod" button once: Once you pressed the "Mod" button you will be presented with this mod-dialog-box below. Goto the Settings Tab and scroll way down: 1) - Sets the time it takes for the harvester to unload at the Refinery, set to 10.000 for 10 seconds for example 2) - Sets how much money you get when the harvester is done dumping, default is 300.000 for $300 3) - Sets the amount of money you get every second when the Refinery is alive, set to 5.000 to get $5 a second or any high you want I hope this helps you with whatever you are doing Note that this is 100% serverside and you can just save the presets when you exit LevelEdit, then goto your presets folder and rename objects.ddb to objects.aow Then load objects.aow in tt.cfg with for example the following configuration: gameDefinitions:{ Field: { mapName = "C&C_Field"; serverPresetsFile = "objects.aow"; };};rotation:[ "Field"];downloader:{ repositoryUrl = "http://ttfs.ultraaow.com/";};
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