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Found 16 results

  1. SymphonyheLL

    DM - Station

    Version v2


    Welcome to the station. this map was inspired by "orbital" from doom 2016, is a map made especially for deathmatch .. recommended for 8 players any criticism or suggestion leave your comment


  2. barsam2


    Version 14


    My take on the ShooterGameDemoMap from the UE 4 Learn Tab. In the period where WarpSpasm hasn't recooked this Map from mid 2015 to Nov 2016, I started converting this into a UT4 Map. As he already mentioned, it's not an ArenaStyleMap, but good SniperPractice Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Highrise/DM-Highrise-v14 md5: CF2A0DF5E4AA01E76AE66BCF4F3CAE4C


  3. barsam2


    Version 22


    Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Spirit/DM-Spirit-v22 md5: 9E6669F688BF5134A66C835B2B0CEB3E


  4. barsam2


    Version 18


    Remake of Joe Wilcox's UT2004 Map CTF-1on1-Joust. Like in the Original, Players will spawn in the opponent's base. Admin Info: Path: Game/CTF-Joust/CTF-Joust-v18 md5: 6E4D8C28174A3D371ABA968CC4F05352


  5. wARmAcH1n3

    dm-jungle DM-Jungle

    Version 1.2


    DM-Jungle (V1.2), a Deathmatch map for 6-10 players for Unreal Tornament 4. It has random fog density, each time you play this map, the fog will change. MapRotation=/Game/DM-Jungle/DM-Jungle RedirectReferences=(PackageName="DM-Jungle-WindowsNoEditor.pak", PackageURLProtocol="http", PackageURL="redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/wARmAcH1n3ae61/DM-Jungle-WindowsNoEditor.pak", PackageChecksum="ac9ddf1196edaa106656763ce827307a") Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ijy4SoAsccg&feature=youtu.be Special Thanks to: -Low Poly Rainforest from Dokyo -Tropical Plants from www.3dmodels-textures.com/store/3dmodels/Vegetation/Tropical -some Textures from www.gametextures.com -Grass mesh from OliverMH www.blendswap.com/user/OliverMH -Sonniss.com for GDC 2016 (ambient sound)


  6. SymphonyheLL

    DM-Blast Arena

    Version 1.0.0


    hello everyone the blast arena has old school fellings about deathmatchs ..small map for 8 players and simple design with more vertical action hope u like ..have fun!


  7. MoxNix


    Version V16


    Remake based upon Rich "Akuma" Eastwood's original DM-Malevolence for UT99. It has the same proportions (scaled up by 2.5), room shapes, item placement and no extra items (other than 5 vials replacing the ripper in the water passage). Malevolence is a fairly small map, great for fast paced Duels and FFA.


  8. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Turbine

    Version A07


    Remake from UT99.


  9. zunnie

    Our UT4 EU Hub

    Our server Hub hosted in Germany for Unreal Tournament 4 is now live and trusted/ranked as well, so you gain experience while you play on servers in the Hub. All have fun in there! PS: Don't have Unreal Tournament 4 yet? It's FREE! Get it now @ https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/
  10. MauL


    Version A34A


    Background: I built this completely from scratch to learn UE4 since I haven't had time to map much these days so I thought I would take on something small. Although I have meshes in it, I consider it really pre-alpha since every single thing might change. Materials, lighting, gameplay, skybox etc need a ton of work. Mostly I'm just playing around having a blast in the editor but I thought I'd get it playable so people could start having fun with it. Scale: To get a feel for scaling on my own, I used the Malcolm/Taye method of measurement (i.e. Malcolm mesh in UT3/Taye in UT4) and measured certain distances in my DM-MCC-SpaceNoxx for UT3 to the same number of Taye's and came up with 2.2 which is a number I've seen others use. From there I built the BSP and lo and behold, it felt terrible. The main thing I think is the eye height in UT4 made me feel Liliputian at that scale. So, I dropped Rattlesnakes' awesome MapScaler in and started playing with different scalings until it felt just right (for me anyway). It turns out that about a 25% reduction from the 2.2 scale felt best. Once I had the scale correct, I realigned all of the brushes to the grid the best I could (still a bit messy). The other big thing of course is that the mix between no double jump and the desirable level of gravity change up things in UT4 quite a bit. The key distance is being able to jump across the center pit area and grab the amp at just the right height with only a single jump. I don't like the gravity too floaty so I may change it a little still but it's getting close. I really haven't added in any UT4 specific movement stuff and I'm not sure if I will so it's kinda old school anyway. Without the pipe meshes on the towers you could wall run on them but it kinda flings you out into space so its not really useful there. I've considered some DM-RGB style rings around the play area but I'm not sure I'll go there for this one. Bots: I still have a lot to learn about the nav mesh and might have to break it up into pieces as others have done. I feel like I'm missing some of the easy controls on the old pathnodes. I can't get the bots to go for the amp yet and they are doing weird things everywhere. If there's a "force path" equivalent, I'd like to know what it is. Ladders: Okay I know Clawfist joked about this but just for laughs, I added a real ladder on the back of some of the towers. I know people liked getting to the upper ring like that in UT99 but I didn't have that available in my UT3 version. The only way I could currently get it to work is by using a physics volume with the "water" box checked. The problem with it is that if you jump when you're in it, you'll hear a water splash. I tried all of the different physics related volumes and couldn't getting around that yet. If I uncheck "water", it doesn't work as intended. Alternatively I could massively change the slope of the the backsides of the towers. Weapons/Powerups: I intend to add the secret areas at some point with some blueprints. Not sure what I will put in there yet. Nothing more fun than getting an elevator launch and dropping the deemer on everyone tho lol! I'm playing around with the belt down a ramp on the back. Not sure if I'll keep that. Currently the ramp is too steep for bots to want to come back up unless you entice them. Misc: Dialing in the sunrise over the planet was an interesting challenge. Essentially I used the sun position from the directional light/atmospheric fog to get the light position dialed then disabled the built in sun. I then placed 3 planet meshes in, one to be the sun, one to be the planet atmosphere, and one to be the planet of course. I then created material instances of all 3 that I could modify. On the main planet, I had to figure out how to move the fake sun/shadow positlion and also on the atmosphere glow, I had to adjust that just right. I then modified the intensity and color of the fresnel settings on all 3 meshes/materials to get it dialed in. Tedious but fun.


  11. Something spotted on Facebook Click here to view facebook and like the pages CTF-Coret for Unreal Tournament 4 Creator: unknown as of yet Information: The map CTF-Coret was introduced in the 1999 demo of Unreal Tournament's first release. It was the only Capture The Flag map in the demo and many played it day and night, including myself. With a fun symetrical layout, plenty of weapon spots and a U-Damage this is a great map. Screenshots Video of Coret in 99
  12. Unreal Tournament 4 - Alpha Stage Did you know you can already play the early Alpha version of Unreal Tournament 4? Website http://www.unreal4ever.com is waiting for your visits Free Game The game will be 100% free to play for everyone, no hidden fees or pay to win etc. How to Play? Register on unrealtournament.com forums. After that you can download the game-files from this topic. Server Information Simply select the server from the serverbrowser or connect to its IP/DNS @ us.unreal4ever.com or eu.unreal4ever.com port 7777.
  13. One of my favorite maps in Unreal Tournament series.
  14. Unreal Tournament 4 - Alpha Stage Did you know you can already play the early Alpha version of Unreal Tournament 4? Website http://unreal.multiplayerforums.com worked on by Mike, Kenz3001 and me. Some text, images and video need to be replaced still. Free Game The game will be 100% free to play for everyone, no hidden fees or pay to win etc. How to Play? Register on unrealtournament.com forums. After that you can download the game-files from this topic. Screenshots? Video MPF Server Look for the servername: MPforums.COM EU IRC Channel irc.multiplayerforums.com #MPF-UT4 Thanks Thanks for gearing up on our server
  15. Read how to play for free | Visit Unreal 4 Ever Website

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