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Found 36 results

  1. dm-jungle DM-Jungle

    Version 1.2


    DM-Jungle (V1.2), a Deathmatch map for 6-10 players for Unreal Tornament 4. It has random fog density, each time you play this map, the fog will change. MapRotation=/Game/DM-Jungle/DM-Jungle RedirectReferences=(PackageName="DM-Jungle-WindowsNoEditor.pak", PackageURLProtocol="http", PackageURL="redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/wARmAcH1n3ae61/DM-Jungle-WindowsNoEditor.pak", PackageChecksum="ac9ddf1196edaa106656763ce827307a") Gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ijy4SoAsccg&feature=youtu.be Special Thanks to: -Low Poly Rainforest from Dokyo -Tropical Plants from www.3dmodels-textures.com/store/3dmodels/Vegetation/Tropical -some Textures from www.gametextures.com -Grass mesh from OliverMH www.blendswap.com/user/OliverMH -Sonniss.com for GDC 2016 (ambient sound)


  2. DM-Blast Arena

    Version 1.0.0


    hello everyone the blast arena has old school fellings about deathmatchs ..small map for 8 players and simple design with more vertical action hope u like ..have fun!


  3. CTF-1on1-Joust

    Version 8


    Remake of Joe Wilcox's UT2004 Map CTF-1on1-Joust. Like in the Original, Players will spawn in the opponent's base. Admin Info: Path: Game/CTF-Joust/CTF-1on1-Joust-v8 Redirect: http://redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/barsam27d84/CTF-1on1-Joust-v8-WindowsNoEditor.pak md5: 53DF12B59FB4E8337EF5CA706EBFB9F6


  4. A new update was released a few hours ago! We've updated all our HUBs and they are currently accepting players. Have fun everyone, here some screenshots of the update:
  5. DM-Viridian

    Version 4


    Conversion of Rich "Akuma" Eastwood's UT99 Map Viridian Dreams. Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Viridian/DM-Viridian-v4 Redirect: http://redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/barsam27d84/DM-Viridian-v4-WindowsNoEditor.pak md5: E219123BB844C41B40D78B5723FFFA3C Short Video of Version 4


  6. ut4 DM-Turbine

    Version A07


    Remake from UT99.


  7. Sign Up In this topic you can post your youtube video's and screenshots, you will then be eligable to receive the game prizes randomly for the Mappers Night event @ Thanks to Epic Games Thanks a lot to Flak from Epic Games for sponsoring us with the prizes! <3 Flak & Epic Unlock This topic will unlock on July the 30th. Good Luck
  8. Click here to Sign Up for the Streaming Prize Event (read more below) Invitation This is an open inviation to all mappers out there and players who want to talk to those mappers! We would like to host your latest Deathmatch maps in our trusted/ranked Hubs in the EU and US for general fun gameplay and feedback for you. Do you have a map laying around you haven't finished yet? Or maybe a small update to an existing one? We need it! Two Maps Limitation Every mapper is allowed to provide two maps maximum for inclusion in this event. The deadline to submit a map to @Metalfistor me is around 3pm July 30th GMT+2. Entering the Event Please post here or on Epic Games forums or contact me or @Metalfist to have your map officially entered into the Event for playing/testing etc. Current Map Entries DM-Batrankus by G.Lecter DM-HardDomeV5 by SymphonyheLL DM-BlackrockV5 by SymphonyheLL DM-TwinFalls-V9 by effects69 DM-RadioActive-V13 by effects69 DM-H05 by Heresiarch DM-Mica by tidu DM-Exo by tidu DM-Nitro by MoxNix DM-Eliminator by MoxNix Current Capture the Flag Map Entries CTF-Diego by Mr-E CTF-AsteroidDrill by Metalfist CTF-Polaris by PayBack CTF-Core by vst22 Admins The Hubs will at most times have admins in there who can change the map should that be needed. When? The event will be held on Saturday the 30th of July from 8pm to 2am Dutch time, more times: Where? Apply a filter on the list with "MPF" or simply select the Hubs with the name "MPForums.com NewMaps" and join. Streaming and Teamspeak 3 You should all locate your virtual ass on ts.mpforums.com so we can TALK about the maps and get to talk with fellow mappers and get ideas and nice feedback. We will be streaming to our official twitch as well @ https://www.twitch.tv/multiplayerforums Prizes sponsored by Epic Games: We will provide (with Epic Games thx Flak!) to players who are playing in the event: 1 T-Shirt, 3 keyrings and 5 stickers. All you have to do to 'sign up' for the Prizes is to post Screenshot(s) or Video(s) in this topic proving your participation in the event. The prize winners will be chosen randomly out of all submitted media. To be able to receive your prize you must be a member of our forums and in addition to this you should understand i will need your home address and name to send the prize to you. You can PM me your details on the forums, i will not share this information with 3rds besides Flak from Epic Games who is actually sending out the prizes (Thx again to Epic Games & Flak!).
  9. I've updated the HUBs in EU and US with a new category for easy hosting of the maps You can simply select the category "Event" and then play the maps that were selected. I strongly encourage everyone to join on teamspeak 3 at ts.mpforums.com in the HUB's subchannels for discussion of the maps Will be fun. Here is what it looks like (NOTE: THIS IS NOT FINISHED AS MORE MAPS ARE PENDING TO BE ADDED) :
  10. DM-Spirit

    Version 1b


    Conversion of Paul Fahss' UT2004 Map Spirit. Version 1b Main Changes: Overall Map is now brighter added 3 new Paths from ground level to "first floor" (one being a slope-dodge) Version 1b md5: 6C14B32D4A1917645DF87CEDD2BF3DB0


  11. Our hub in Germany is now a trusted hub and you gain experience there while playing which benefits your rank status! Have fun everyone
  12. CTF-Extortion

    Version 8


    Remake of the Instagib-CTF Map Extortion. Admin Info: Path: Game/CTF-Extortion/CTF-Extortion-v8 Redirect: http://redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/barsam27d84/CTF-Extortion-v8-WindowsNoEditor.pak md5: F037FC18182A1DC4DCF3A19EF9AA637C


  13. Our UT4 EU Hub

    Our server Hub hosted in Germany for Unreal Tournament 4 is now live and trusted/ranked as well, so you gain experience while you play on servers in the Hub. All have fun in there! PS: Don't have Unreal Tournament 4 yet? It's FREE! Get it now @ https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/
  14. The contest was to create a nice video featuring gameplay from our servers/hub. Although the weekend event attracted a lot of players and mappers there was only 1 guy who made a video He goes by the name LoD and is from Germany. He won the hardware prize of a Logitech G402 mouse. You can view the video from Youtube below: We will hold more (and different) events like this in the future! Stay tuned! Thanks, greetz zunnie, MPF
  15. We've placed online a german Hub now. Still testing its configuration a bit and finetuning it. Hopefully we can get a trusted key from Epic Games shortly so players get better XP while playing there which benefits ranks. Look for MPForums.com NewMaps EU hub and join today!
  16. DM-Malevolence

    Version V16


    Remake based upon Rich "Akuma" Eastwood's original DM-Malevolence for UT99. It has the same proportions (scaled up by 2.5), room shapes, item placement and no extra items (other than 5 vials replacing the ripper in the water passage). Malevolence is a fairly small map, great for fast paced Duels and FFA.


  17. https://wiki.unrealengine.com/Version_Notes_2016_7_13 A new build of the game and server have been released just now. You can read the release notes on the link above. Our servers in the USA and NL are up2date already, GER servers are pending a hardware reboot. Have fun!
  18. @Metalfist came with the idea of holding another UT99 Classics Event in the near future. The only prerequisites are that it looks, sounds and plays exactly the same as the original from UT99 (or as close as possible) using the exact same brushes, textures, audio, so an exact port, resulting in the final gameplay we all loved in UT99. Metalfist would love it if volunteers would help out with porting UT99 maps to extend the server maplist. If you know how the Unreal Tournament 4 Editor works and want to help make maps for this event then please contact @Metalfist on the forums here by private message or post in this topic. You can port the maps using the Utility available here: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?18198-UT4-Converter-0-7-3-18-06-2016 To view the DM and CTF maps from UT99 to refresh your memory visit the wiki: https://liandri.beyondunreal.com/Unreal_Tournament (excluding PS2 editions) Please let us know what map(s) you would like to see ported first.
  19. DM-HighRise

    Version 4


    My take on the ShooterGameDemoMap from the UE 4 Learn Tab. In the period where WarpSpasm hasn't recooked this Map from mid 2015 to Nov 2016, I started converting this into a UT4 Map. As he already mentioned, it's not an ArenaStyleMap, but good SniperPractice Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Highrise/DM-Highrise-v4 Redirect: redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/barsam27d84/DM-Highrise-v4-WindowsNoEditor.pak md5: 6B6578A24E0DC037FF78D23B72AEB70D


  20. MPForums.com Throwback 99 Classics We will be holding a special deathmatch gaming event throughout the world this weekend with servers in the United States, Germany and The Netherlands. They will run only remakes of maps from Unreal Tournament 99 GOTY during the weekend, both original Epic Games maps and popular ones from other authors back then. The maps were created/ported over by a number of community members whom include MoxNox and barsam2 and they are splendid maps Please keep in mind those maps are all a "Work in Progress" and do not reflect the authors final touch. Small Preview Cool Maps in Rotation DM-Tempest DM-Phobos DM-Turbine DM-Bishop DM-Codex DM-Gothic DM-Mojo DM-Nitro DM-Zeto DM-Malevolence DM-Viridian Servers Look for servers with the name "MPForums.com Throwback 99 Classics" in the list, or simply filter "MPF" to find them. They are all set to 16 players maximum and 12 minutes per map. Voice Chat TS3 If you wish to voice chat with us and other members of the community who are playing as well please feel free to join our public teamspeak 3 server at ts.multiplayerforums.com in the channel Unreal Tournament/Events. MPF Clan/Community We are starting up a nice community and a clan for UT4 with people from all around the world, our primary Language is English though so you are expected to talk English If you would like to join the community or clan (special join process applies for the clan) please register on the website forums at https://multiplayerforums.com Thanks a lot for joining! <3 Greetz zunnie & MPF Staff + MoxNix, barsam2 and other mappers. https://multiplayerforums.com
  21. TDM & 10p Max

    After some discussion with our Unreal Staff members we've decided to transform one of the two DM's for each Location (NL, DE, US) to a TDM server. We've also reduced the number of maximum players from 16 to 10. This will encourage a bit more serious gameplay as it was too much of a spamfest before when the servers hit 10+ players. We hope you will have a nice time on our servers this weekend as well with the UT99 Throwback Weekend On Monday night at around 11:59pm the servers will continue normal map rotation operation Have fun!
  22. DM-Shrapnel

    Version 4


    Conversion of Cliff Bleszinki's UT99 Map Shrapnel. Admin Info: Path: Game/DM-Shrapnel/DM-Shrapnel-v4 redirect: http://redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/barsam27d84/DM-Shrapnel-v4-WindowsNoEditor.pak md5: 56D06299CA4BB82608FF843E632DEF31


  23. I've set the new timelimit from 15 mins to 12 mins per map now after some requests from people in game.

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