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Found 18 results

  1. We've updated our server today (18/11/2019). Here's the changelog: • We've added a new map "Crazy_TheCanyon", from the original C&C_TheCanyon. We made the Silo uncapturable (unkillable), and removed automated defenses. • We had to remove Crazy_Canada from rotation. A preset setting conflict caused a client-side crash. We'll be on it to take it back into rotation. • We added a FDS relay function powered by UltraBot, which we are still working on it, for Discord. Users will be able to view server chat, event, and other things in a specific Discord channel as soon as possible. (Function is still WIP, nothing much left.)
  2. Version 1.0


  3. We'll keep updates posted here. Revision: 368 Author: zunnie Date: Wednesday, March 07, 2018 7:38:58 PM Message: Update game client to TT 4.6 ---- Modified : /Client/E121A023BDBED7DF.CLU Added : /Client/Join MPF Discord Voice Chat.url Added : /Client/Launcher.bmp Modified : /Client/MemoryManager.dll Modified : /Client/Shared.dll Modified : /Client/TCW2.ico Modified : /Client/TTCore.dll Deleted : /Client/Tiberium Crystal War Forums.url Deleted : /Client/Tiberium Crystal War Homepage.url Modified : /Client/VFS.dll Added : /Client/Visit TCW Website.url Modified : /Client/bandtest.dll Added : /Client/launcher.cdp Added : /Client/open_folder_debug.bat Added : /Client/open_folder_ss.bat Modified : /Client/scripts.dll Added : /Client/tt.vfs Modified : /Client/ttle.dll Modified : /Client/ttversion.txt
  4. Version 4.6.2


    Install this AFTER you update your game to 1.037! The client patch with the TT scripts. Adds a whole lot of new things like automatic map downloader and seriously improved anti-cheat measures. The installer removes old scripts installations and other mods like RR, because these are incompatible with TT, due to various technical difficulties. Don't worry though; most features of those are also included in the TT scripts. New in 4.2: Client side support for reviving dead buildings. New console commands revivebuildingbytype, revivebuildingbypreset, revivebuildingbyname, and revivebuildingbyid, and new engine function BuildingGameObj::On_Revived that support building revival. New engine call Grant_Weapon which grants an object a weapon without needing a powerup. New engine call Get_Animation_Target_Frame that gets the target frame of an animation which is generally the "end frame" passed to Commands->Set_Animation. New scripts for TSR Veterancy work JFW_Deployable_Vehicle, JFW_Veteran_Weapon, JFW_Veteran_Weapon_Deploy, JFW_Veteran_Armor, JFW_Veteran_Armor_Deploy, JFW_Mech, JFW_Deployable_Mech, JFW_Veteran_Help_Text, JFW_Limited_Jetpack_Timer, JFW_Veteran_Model, JFW_Veteran_Custom, JFW_Veteran_Weapon_NoSwitch, JFW_Veteran_Weapon_Switch (unless you are working with dp88_veterancyUnit you dont want these scripts) New scripts JFW_Ion_Storm_3, JFW_Sabotage_Beacon_Layer, JFW_Sabotage_Beacon_Zone, JFW_Sabotage_Beacon. Various changes (new scripts, bug fixes, improvements) to Jerads scripts Add a new mix file creating function BuildMixFile to MixFileFactoryClass.cpp (its loosely based on what makemix.exe does and was written as part of some "mix file patcher" code I wrote for the new launcher the APB guys are doing) Players will no longer get stuck in ghost collision after exiting a ladder. Players will now detonate proximity C4 while on ladders. New engine calls Lock_Soldier_Collision_Group and Unlock_Soldier_Collision_Group which locks which collision group a solder will use or clears the lock. Add new SoldierFlySpeed setting under "global settings-general" in LE that will allow you to have a different speed for flying infantry than the default running speed (just as with walking speed and crouch speed) New engine calls Set_Object_Visibility_For_Player and Set_Object_Visibility which allow you to have per-player visibility for objects (Set_Object_Visibility_For_Player sets the visibility for just one player, Set_Object_Visibility sets it for all players) Make lsdview work again Fix player names sometimes not being visible when a player first joins a game. Fix a crash caused when a refinery building controller class is deleted but the harvester still exists (this only happens on map shutdown/game exit, not when the refinery building itself is destroyed) Fix some issues related to the downward tilt that happens when you reload (including an issue where you could shoot the ground if you are holding down the fire button when your reload completes) Add a fix to vehicles so that vehicles set up with projectile physics (used for certain special things in Tiberian Sun Reborn) will correctly stop moving when they are thrown to the ground Make the UseExtraPTPages tt.ini setting usable in the per-map tt.ini files. Add a new engine call Get_Damage_Is_Explosion that will return true if the damage is comming from an explosion, false otherwise. A bunch of fixes to bugs and issues in various dp88_xxx scripts New script dp88_CreateAttachedObject New script JFW_Vehicle_Crate Fixes to JFW_Medic_Beacon Fixes to JFW_Per_Preset_Visible_Person_In_Vechicle, JFW_Per_Preset_Visible_People_In_Vechicle and JFW_Per_Preset_Visible_Multiple_People_In_Vehicle so that the visible person objects will be properly made invisible if the vehicle is stealthed. Fix to Reborn_IsMech so that when certain units are being delivered, the legs dont animate Remove some obsolete scripts created by Saberhawk. New script SH_ResetDoorKeysOnCreated which will let you clear out the door keys held by a soldier when they re-spawn and issue them with specific keys. Add a "Lock Vehicle Camera To Turret" checkbox to wwconfig.exe New engine call Change_String_Player which changes a specific strings.tdb entry for a specific client (the string table reloads on map change so the changed strings get reset) New engine call Force_Position_Update which forcibly updates the position of an object for all clients. Fixes to ring and sphere primitives (this fixes glitches with the ion cannon animation for example) Add special logic so that objects of type "simple" with "projectile" physics get their position and velocity sent over the network (allows you to have scripts that "throw" something like it was a piece of C4 and have the projectile code handle flying through the air and landing) New scripts JFW_EMP_Mine_Manager_2 and JFW_Spawn_Projectile_Death. Fix a bug with Superweapon building controllers Fix some issues with special-case code for bump-maps so that they get loaded identically to stock again. New engine call Get_Random_Pathfind_Spot which is used to find a random spot via the pathfinding code Fix a crash caused when an AI soldier enters a vehicle New engine call Set_HUD_Help_Text_Player_Text Re-read the team names from strings.tdb on map load (that way maps with custom strings files that change the team name will work properly) Small fix to some texture mapper related code Add a change such that putting "Prelit=false" into the user text of a mesh will cause the default "bumpmapped meshes don't get vertex solve" code to not run (i.e. you put it there if you know that you have the right settings on your bumpmapped mesh and it wont screw up when you run vertex solve on it) Fix an issue with the text in w3dviewer.exe New scripts JFW_Medic_Beacon and JFW_Medic_Beacon_Layer Fix so that the per-map ini files work correctly if you are using the -map command line option to load the map New script JFW_Ion_Storm_2 Fix some sound related issues with JFW_Ion_Lightning, JFW_Vehicle_Weapon_Switcher, Reborn_IsDeployableMech, Reborn_IsDeployableTank, Reborn_IsDeployableTank_2, Reborn_IsDeployableTank_3, Reborn_IsDeployableTank_4 and RA_Ore_Truck_2 Removed "This build of Renegade is out of sync with the strings database (strings.tdb). Strings will be incorrect and may cause the game to crash." warning message as the reason the warning existed no longer matters. Fix crash if the game tries to spawn a soldier and cant find a spawner for them (e.g. if you do "team 1 -3" since no team -3 spawner exists) Fix some cases where gun turrets on certain SP maps (the big one on M03, the ones near the research center on M08 and all the turrets on M10) were starting out pointing at the 0,0,0 of the map instead of the correct direction that they should be pointing Fix to the mutant hijacker script so you cant hijack a vehicle that is currently deploying or undeploying Fix so that weapon reloading properly syncs to all clients over the network (including manual reloading by pressing the reload key) Fixes to code for vehicle AI (this affects all ground vehicles as well as the gunboat in the third mission and anything else that doesn't have an "aircraft" vehicle type) Un hard-code the colors used for the win text on the multiplayer win screen dialog via new hud.ini keywords WinScreenGDIColor and WinScreenNodColor New scripts JFW_Spawner_Delay and JFW_Per_Preset_Visible_Multiple_People_In_Vehicle. Fix so that EntryHelpMessage setting on vehicles only displays for the player that entered the vehicle (a bug was causing it to display for everyone) Fix a bug with the sound volume for movies played via the "movie options" dialog Fixes to Reborn_IsDeployableMech Custom per-map load-screen support (now you can have a completly different loadscreen for your map with different text placement and everything). Players with an older scripts build that doesn't have this feature will simply get the stock loadscreen. Per-map sky color overrides (so you can have different sky color/tint on your map, say, a red tint for a Mars map or whatever). Players with an older scripts build that doesn't have this feature will simply get the stock sky colors. New engine call Set_HUD_Help_Text_Player that displays a string as the "HUD Help Text" (the text that appears in the middle of the screen in single player). Yes it does send over the network properly. New script JFW_Set_HUD_Help_Text_Player that uses the new engine call Fixes to w3dlib.dll and altmat.exe. Fix a typo related to loading some registry settings Changes so that stuff flying in when purchased via AirFactory objects cant be shot whilst its flying in. Fix so that objects with their collision mode in LE set to "KILL" work correctly. Extra debugs for detecting certain kinds of network issues including packets that are too large. New settings under "Global Settings - C&C Mode Settings" that let you have different EVA sounds for power offline (you can now have one that plays for Nod when Nod power goes offline, GDI when Nod power goes offline, Nod when GDI power goes offline and GDI when GDI power goes offline) New collision group DEFAULT_AND_SOLDIER_ONLY_COLLISION_GROUP which collides only with DEFAULT, SOLDIER and SOLDIER_GHOST. Fix to some issues with certain kinds of texture mappers not rendering properly. Fix some glitches with damageablestatic physics objects Fix an issue that can be caused if you have a TT package containing a dazzle.ini file. Fix some issues with fog. Improve the way NavalFactoryGameObj detects objects blocking the spawn point (it now does it more like VehicleFactoryGameObj) Fix some issues with pathfinding where it wasn't correctly loading certain pieces of pathfinding data. Changes to make Commands->Set_Is_Rendered work over the network for things other than vehicles (it always worked for vehicles). Naturally both client and server need 4.2 for this to work. Fix an issue where the muzzle flash on a vehicle can screw up if its model or weapon is changed. Fix an issue with Commands->Set_Obj_Radar_Blip_Color so it works properly Changes so that spies will always appear on radar with the color of the player object regardless of which team the player is on. Fix so that the "battle info" dialog box displays the correct harvester health on the client. Also fixes the vehicle limit to correctly account for the harvester. Fix an issue where Commands->Create_2D_Sound and Commands->Create_2D_WAV_Sound can cause a crash in certain circumstances. Add a new keyword to server.ini, DisableLogs which disables writing to the normal server log file (useful if you are using SSGM or something and handle the log info some other way) Fix an issue where if a soldier is destroyed (e.g. via suicide, team change or leaving the server) and the soldier was in a vehicle, certain objects weren't being properly destroyed. Fix an issue with certain dialogue that soldiers say (it was mixing up the sounds for "I got shot by friendly"/"I got shot by enemy" and "I got killed by friendly"/"I got killed by enemy" Improve the randomness of spawn point selection. Improve certain math functions to use SSE (makes it slightly faster) Remove code that generates sysinfo.txt (it couldn't detect modern hardware) Some fixes to the special Mendoza and Raveshaw boss objects. Fix an issue with movies in single player causing a crash Fix an issue with the single player EVA map dialog causing a crash Added a change so that homing weapons won't target objects that are immovable (that is, anything who's physics type isn't MoveablePhys and that isn't stuck to another object via Attach_To_Object_Bone) Fix an issue with radar in single player Fixes to vehicle dazzles to make them work like stock Code to make the volume of movies (startup movie and mission movies) reflect the setting of the "cinematic" slider in the config options. Improve the randomness of the team remix code New TargetingRange field on Ammo definitions that defines the targeting range (independently of the weapon range). If its set to the default (or not set at all) it will use the normal weapon range. Add a cooldown timer to SH_UndergroundVehicle. Add new custom CUSTOM_EVENT_BUILDING_REVIVED which is sent when a building is revived (to allow any scripts to do things they need to) Fix RA_MAD_Tank_Devolved so it properly destroys the tank when its set off. New script Reborn_IsDeployableTank_4 Various fixes to deployable vehicle scripts Various fixes to the obelisk and AGT scripts including fixes so they wont target AI harvesters. Fix an issue with JFW_Spawn_Zone_Created, JFW_Custom_Spawn_Zone, dp88_Ore_Field, dp88_buildingScripts_functionSpawnTeamZone, dp88_buildingScripts_functionSpawnZone, dp88_conquestControlZone, JFW_Vehicle_Zone and JFW_Building_Zone_Controller where the zone rotation value was being interpreted as radians instead of degrees. Restore M00_BuildingStateSoundSpeaker and M00_BuildingStateSoundController so they work like stock. Add an error message to JFW_Turret_Spawn_3 for if the turret object cant be spawned. New script JFW_Time_Remaining_Sounds_2 which is just like JFW_Time_Remaining_Sounds except per-team New script JFW_Repair_Complete_Sound which will play any time the health or shield strength of the object goes below 100% then comes back to 100%. Fixes to JFW_Time_Remaining_Sounds/JFW_Time_Remaining_Sounds_2 so that they play the sounds properly if the time remaining is changed. Note that each sound will play only once even if the time remaining is increased to the point where the sound would have played again. Change JFW_Attack_Location/JFW_Attack_Object so that they will only immobilize the vehicle if the speed parameter is zero. New script JFW_Airstrike_Cinematic which basically spawns a cinematic at the location of the object JFW_Airstrike_Cinematic is attached to on receiving a specific custom. New script JFW_Ion_Storm_Weather_2 which is able to store the old weather settings before the ion storm starts and restore them after its finished. New script JFW_Spy_Disguise_Target which, when shot with a specific warhead, changes the model of the thing that did the shooting to the model of the object with JFW_Spy_Disguise_Target on it. Its intended so that spies can "target" specific infantry units to disguise themselves as that unit. New script JFW_Warhead_Custom which sends a custom when hit with a specific warhead. Fix an issue with RA_Gap_Generator_Vehicle not correctly displaying the shroud when you first enter the vehicle. Fix a bug with vehicle name display New engine call Seconds_To_Hms which converts a value in seconds to hours/minutes/seconds. Constructions yards and various scripts will now treat simple objects with the encyclopedia type "Building" as buildings. Changed default private message color to light blue. Change the mlist console command so it displays all the maps if you don't pass any parameter. Hide dazzles on stealthed vehicles. Make the NoPowerCostMultiplier and BuildTimeDelay tt.ini keywords usable in the per-map tt.ini files. Add tt.ini keywords (usable in the per-map tt.ini files like the rest of the sidebar stuff) for per-team sidebar sounds. Fixes to how the time limit/time remaining changes get sent over the network so they work better. Add a GetTTRevision engine call to get the current build number (the one displayed on the main menu or by the sversion console command) from scripts. Add engine calls Get_Clouds, Get_Lightning, Get_Wind, Get_Rain, Get_Snow, Get_Ash that do exactly what they say. Add an Update_Game_Options engine call to force sending new game options if they have been changed. Add a new engine call Update_Network_Object_Player which is just like Update_Network_Object but per-player. Improvements to the way we detect a missing d3dx dll Some fixes to AI code used for VTOLs. Fix some issues in various pieces of saveload code. New script JFW_Per_Preset_Visible_People_In_Vechicle. New Find_Observer function on ScriptableGameObj. Fix so that dead soldiers wont collect powerups New CanRefill flag on soldiers that determines if a soldier can use refills or not. This only works for the sidebar and should not be turned off if your mod/map/etc uses the normal PT dialogs. Fix gamespy master server addresses to point to the new community-run GSA clone now that the official ones are gone. New GDIPurchaseReportID and NodPurchaseReportID on vehicles, these strings (and associated sounds) will be played on vehicle purchase. New CanRepair flag on vehicles, determines if Repair Bay objects (and various repairing scripts) can repair the vehicle or not. New EntryHelpMessage and EntryHelpMessageColor values on vehicles, if this is set then the message will be displayed in the center of the screen when the vehicle is entered. Intended for help messages like "press Q to deploy this vehicle". New flag ApplySurfaceEffectDamage on vehicles which makes vehicles take surface effect damage. New flag DisableSurfaceSounds on vehicles which turns off track/wheel sounds for the vehicle. New Check_If_On_Surface function on vehicles to let you check if a vehicle is touching a given surface type. New flag on Physical objects in LE, IgnoreForTracking. Turn this on and the object will be ignored for tracking purposes even if it would otherwise not be. Clear out the texture set by the Set_Info_Texture engine call on map load. Fix an issue where AI units being told to move to the same point they are already at could act weirdly (this was noticeable with the helicopter in the tiberium meteorite room on the dam mission) Fix a case where an object being resized by the engine could result in the game entering an infinite loop Change infantry head turn logic so that it now stores the bones per-infantry instead of globally (fixes the case of objects with custom skeletons) Add support for a "C HEADT" bone that the engine will treat like the "C HEAD" bone but which is also a valid target bone. New script dp88_customPointsPercentage New script JFW_Object_Spawn Fix a crash in Create_Effect_All_Stealthed_Objects_Area Fix missing sun dazzle Some improvements to the in-game chat logic Fixes for a number of netcode issues
  5. Please read that topic to get going
  6. Hey, Christmas it's coming soon and we're happy to announce a new update to Mutant Co-Op. In the spirit of Christmas, you can use !santa command that will transform you into a Santa, with lot of weapons and health, plus healing around (like a mobile dispenser!). We've also added a new command !amin (!a for short), try it We wish you a Merry Christmas! PS: Soon we will have Jerad Gray's maps on Mutant Co-Op - Mutant Co-Op team
  7. zunnie

    Updated map Oxide

    Updated the map DM-Oxide from Mangley to the latest Beta 1 now. It's a cool map i think Good atmosphere Cya there sometime maybe
  8. Full topic @ https://renegade-x.com/forums/topic/74903-renegade-x-patch-525-released/
  9. [ESL One Cologne 2015] – ESL One Cologne Player Autograph Capsules are now available for purchase, with 50% of the proceeds from capsule sales going to the players and organizations. Player Autograph Stickers can be used as game pieces in the Cologne 2015 Player Pick’Em Challenge. – ESL One Cologne Team Stickers are now available for purchase, with 50% of the proceeds from sticker sales going to the organizations. Team Stickers can be used as game pieces in the Cologne 2015 Team Pick’Em Challenge. [uI] – Updated the Watch panel — Added the Cologne 2015 Pick’Em Challenges and Matches. — Your matches and tournament matches are now presented with an updated scoreboard and round performance panel [MISC] – [Linux] Fixed bug where bomb beeping was not playing on all channels. – [Windows] Added a graphics driver hint to try to use the dedicated GPU when available on laptops. – Minor volume and pitch adjustments to weapon equip and reload sounds – Fixed a sound synchronization bug with some Falchion knife animations
  10. http://www.tiberiumcrystalwar.com We are still actively working on Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 Things are going a tad slowish but we're still making progress. The code-base is now moved over to the Dragonade 1.8 version with 4.2 TT support, created by WhiteDragon originally for Renegade itself. Building sound and message notifications, unit purchase notifications, and radar visibility are now coded to not play/view unless the Command Post and/or Operations Center are alive and kicking. The GDI Armory code is also done where it will repair friendly units within a certain radius of it. This simulates the C&C 3 function to restore units back to full health by putting them inside the Armory. Stealth Detection is functioning as well already where it will decloak enemy stealthed units while using a GDI Pitbull or Nod Attack Bike. We're unsure if we want the defenses to destealth enemy units in range, although they will fire at them at will. The veterancy for units is also working. There are 3 levels of veterancy just like in C&C 3: Veteran, Elite and Heroic. They will sport icons created by ImperialKaskins, a single chevron, a double chevron and a golden star which appears near the unit when it is promoted. These icons will stick to the unit and are only visible to friendly units so you don't give away your position to enemies in certain situations. Upgrades for the Nod Secret Shrine are also coded in place and provide: - Tiberium Infusion: Militant Rifle and Militant Rocket Soldiers will take no more damage from Tiberium fields. - Confessor: Hallucinogenic Grenades will be granted to all Militant Rifle and Militant ROcket Soldiers on the battlefield which can be used to severely annoy your enemy by making their screen shake immensly. Upgrades for the GDI Armory: - Composite Armor: Grants Rifle Soldiers, Grenadiers and Missile Soldiers more hitpoints for their Kevlar Vest Armor. - Power Packs: Increases Zonetrooper hitpoints and makes them regenerate health while they are idle and not moving. - Scanner Packs: Will grant the Zonetrooper the ability to detect stealthed units in a nearby radius. Commando gameplay just got more interesting! As some of you may know both the Nod and GDI Commando can kill a building with just 1 Timed C4. This Timed C4 runs for 1 minute and it will announce publically it was placed on a certain building. Engineers, Saboteurs and Spawn Guys can disarm this with their Repairguns. In the past when you used your Timed C4 with a Commando you had to return to base and refill your ammo, this is no longer the case. In TCW 2.0 the Commando will regenerate his Timed C4 every 2-3 minutes (may be tweaked later). The GDI Sniper will kill ALL enemy units in 1 single shot. Its weapon will have a semi-high reloading time though so it is not as easy to pick off targets with it and in addition to this there is a maximum of 2 Snipers per team. A skilled Shadow user is the ultimate counter to this character. Unit Technology from the Weapons Factories, Barracks and Hand of Nod can be stolen by the enemy! With Nod you use a Saboteur to get inside the building and steal Tech, with GDI you can use the Engineer to do it. Note that the limited ammo repairgun of this character must be full while attempting to steal technology. WHen successful it will unlock enemy units in your Purchase Terminal meaning if you stole GDI Weapons Factory technology with Nod you can then buy Mammoth tanks and what not. And vice versa for Nod units on GDI. Superweapons are not yet functional but worked on. They will have simular cinematics as seen in TCW 1.52b where the Nuclear missile will actually take off into the air etc. The guy you spawn with, the Spawn, now has 3 variations in the purchase menu which can be switched to for free: 1- The Repair Spawn (equiped with a repair gun that can slowly repair and disarm things as well as capture tiberium spikes) 2- The Shotgun Spawn (equiped with a highpowered short-ranged Shotgun with 8 shells) 3- The MP5 Spawn (equiped with a 30 round automatic MP5 rifle) This should add some variation to the start of the game mostly In addition to their primary weapon they also have a Knife btw. I hope this covered some of the questions you may have about the game. There is more to report but maybe later We are actialy developing it but slowly, it will be available "when its done" and that will be a few months work at least. PS: We are taking new testers, when interested please post here: http://multiplayerforums.com/forum/411-applications/
  11. [GAMEPLAY] – Fixed a bug that affected crouched movement speed. [MISC] – Added the Chroma 2 Case. [MAPS] Dust2 – Fixed a bug where a spot in Long A had the wrong radar name.
  12. [OPERATION VANGUARD] – Operation Vanguard has come to a close. [MAP GROUPS] – Train has been added to the Active Duty map pool. – Nuke has been moved to the Reserve map pool. [GAMEPLAY] – Smoke grenades are now more reliably kept track of on the client to prevent mismatches between smoke particle visuals and screen overlay visuals. – Fixed players being able to double stack inside a smoke to peek out of the top (and be really hard to see from outside the smoke). – Updated expiration of the smoke screen overlay to match more closely to the visuals of when the third person particles expire and vice versa. – Updated the vertical position slightly of the smoke particles to reduce seeing though edges of the smoke (particularly at the bottom). – Fixed spectator sometimes not getting the smoke overlay for the player they are spectating when that alive player is inside smoke. – Improved spawnpoint selection code to not spawn at occupied spawn points or spawn points of a different team. – Tagging values have been tweaked slightly to increase tagging on higher mobility weapons, and updated values for tagging on multiple hits to make it more effective – Increased price of the M4A1-Silencer from 3100 to 3200 to align the weapon’s price with its utility. – Increased Tec-9’s damage fall-off to reward players that close engagement distance. – Lowered Tec-9’s magazine size to 24 to reward more discriminate firing. – Lowered scoped movement values for AWP and Autosnipers. – The accuracy of the MP9, MP7, and Mac-10 have been improved. [sTATRAK] – Trade up contracts work on StatTrak weapons. – There is now a StatTrak swap tool available for purchase. It swaps the StatTrak value between two of the same weapon. [sERVER BROWSER] – Fixed the server browser showing the map workshop path in the “Map” column. – Added a sortable column to the server browser to display whether a server is running a map from the workshop or not. – Added a sortable column to the server broswer that displays icons for popular game mods running on that server. – Server browser will save the layout changes made between game sessions. – Updated the first time server browser pop up message. [uI] – Fixed scoreboard hiding at match end when you bring up a player’s Steam profile. – Added a game option in team options section to control whether lobbies get created with public access or private requiring invites for friends. – Added Flavor Text to the Bank collection. [MISC] – Add surround sound support (quad/5.1) on Linux. – Marked nav commands as a cheat to protect against potential server exploits. – Chicken kills are now logged in CS event logs on game servers including attacker and weapon information. – HE grenade detonations are now logged in CS event logs prior to logging player deaths from corresponding HE grenade explosion. – Added sv_reliableavatardata 2 game server setting for LAN tournaments production. In this mode the game server will load player avatars from corresponding csgo/avatars/76512345678-.rgb files (or csgo/avatars/default.rgb if the corresponding SteamID avatar is missing), and avatars will be recorded in GOTV demos. To produce avatars rgb files tournament operators can place 64×64 png player avatars as csgo/avatars/76512345678-.png and run the client-side command cl_avatar_convert_rgb to convert all 64×64 png files into rgb format. – Optimized the process of logging in players to matchmaking backend during game updates. [MAPS] -Dust2 –Opened up skybox around Long A double doors, Catwalk and Short –Improved visibility around blue car in Long A –Fixed render distance on a crate in CT spawn -Mirage –Opened up skybox around back of apartments –Simplified sides of CT sniper window in mid –Raised cover slightly in upper mid –Fixed visibility through a crate in Bombsite A -Overpass –Opened up and simplified Bombsite A –Added back stairs to pit near Bombsite A –Opened up semi-open door in bathrooms, fountain side -Cobblestone –Smoothed out movement in Bombsite B –Removed corner on left side of T tunnel into Bombsite B –Haystack near Long A now requires a jump to get on top -Train (Thanks c0tton and adreN!) –Various optimizations –Removed collision at top of ladders –Pushed Bombsite A further back towards CT side –Added a third train car to A site to reduce amount of long sightlines –Added a peek-position inside T main –Opened up area on the left side of T main exit –Moved dumpsters in Ivy –Raised crane in Bombsite A –Blocked extremely tight angle from lower CT ramp towards T ramp in Bombsite B –Prioritized CT spawn positions -Cache –Fixed an exploit boost at A –Added a decal indicating the boundaries of the A bombsite’s plantzone –Made white tarps on crates more spammable (Thanks Mod645!) –Fixed shadows casting into A main shed from boost spot –Improved readability from middle to A site container -Shorttrain –Added back to map rotation
  13. Map Rotation Update So we decided to install a few CLASSIC maps from back in the days for some more nostalgia. Some are pretty nice, others are plain fun to play and some are a bit more recent. Other News Siege was removed from rotation due to the tunnel aiming bug. Alpine_Night was replaced with its original Daylight version - Getting on top of mountains is ALLOWED! Newly installed maps Alpine Day - The original version of Alpine where it is still possible to get on top of the mountains which is ALLOWED for that matter. BoxedInV4 - A fun classic map, not the best around but its fun to play. Conquest Winter - Cool map with a nice cave. A bit too 'campy' maybe though. But overall good experience on this one. Country Meadow - This map is very nice. It was bugged a bit earlier but now it is working again. The nod ref is missing textures for some reason but thats the only bug here. FieldTS - By aircatkiller based on Field but with underground tunnels and blockades removed. Nice textures too. FjordsTR - By aircatkiller. Very nice looking map. May cause some fps drops for slower computers. Fortress2k4 - A classic map from back in 2004. High Altitude - Fun map. Not too big. No defenses. High Noon v2.1 - Excellent map with nice tunnels and elevated defenses. Lunar Landing - Funny no defense map with a crater in the center. Mars - Funny low gravity map. By aircatkiller. Oasis Flying - Great map. Nothing more to say personally. Try it out!
  14. [GAMEPLAY] – Smoke screen overlay fades faster now when exiting smokes quickly. – Adjusted boundaries of smoke screen overlay slightly. [TOURNAMENT SUPPORT] – Added server setting sv_reliableavatardata: when enabled player avatars are reliably exchanged between all players and casters on the game server, reliably delivered to GOTV spectators, and recorded in demo files. – Added the ability to specify team logos just like we specify team names or flags (via convars mp_teamlogo_1 and mp_teamlogo_2 using team’s shorthand image name). — Team logos now show in the spectator scoreboard, the win panel and the player scoreboard. – Added a new win panel string that shows the team name if they win the round. [MISC] – Added ff_damage_bullet_penetration convar to control how much penetration power and damage is scaled when hitting a friendly when FF is off. – Fixed pistol muzzle flash so it no longer stretches to the map origin at low framerates. – Fixed fog clearcolor calculation that caused free-cam spectators to see bright colors behind level geometry. – Speculative fix for spectating audio bug. – Added player flashbang visual indicators with a progress bar that shows over players heads when you are watching via GOTV. – Updated the first person flash effect when spectating someone via GOTV. – Fixed bug which stopped CS:GO from working on OSX Snow Leopard. – Added flavor text to the Bravo Collection weapons. – Added 5 new Music Kit Offers. – Added 12 new Sticker Offers. – Fixed gamepads being reset and deactivated on map load. – Added support for hot-plugging of gamepads rather than requiring that they be connected prior to game launch. [MAPS] -Cobblestone –Removed various boosts –Further optimizations –Tweaked layout of underpass room –Moved door from CT side to T side of underpass –Made cubby at entrance to Bombsite A smaller –Widened arch at end of long A –Set correct surface types on textures –Brightened haystacks at entrance to Long A –Updated collision on broken wall in bombsite A and B
  15. New Administrators and Staff For a while now these people have been helping out in the "shadows" for a long time now in lots of different areas for MPF. Be it through Teamspeak or IRC and what not for the past few years some of them or a bit more recent. Regardless of how long exactly they have been around, they all have earned their position we think. Who are they? - Genesis2001 is now an Administrator for his long endurance in supporting MPF in many areas including the forums, irc and server. - Kickmofo is now an Administrator to be able to fully run the Renegade division as the leader for this. - Mike is now an Administrator with several duties regarding the maintenance and support of the websites. - Unknown is now an Staff member for his work on brenbot coding and irc and the server. Thank you and have a great time over at MPF
  16. New Server Active We've got our access to our new server-box with the company OVH now. We are currently configuring a few aspects of the web- and server pc OS's. NewMaps and Snipers were both already moved and active. We may have to reboot the serverpc one or two times in the near future though. Specifications Intel Xeon E5-1650v2 6c/12t 3,5 GHz+/3,9 GHz+ 128 GB DDR3 ECC 1600MHz 2 x 2 TB SATA3 1 Gbps Connection Windows 2012 R2 New IP The IP of the server has changed so everyone who had it favorited will need to update it by re-adding it to their favorites in RenList. The new server ip and port are Have funz Have fun everyone
  17. Optimizations: - Weapon Texture resolutions have been reduced to a max of 1024x1024. - Unnecessary textures due to shader optimization such as Gloss maps and reflection maps have been removed. - 3rd person weapon meshes now only have a single material slot for a single draw call. - All mesh LODs for 3rd person weapons have been updated. - First person arms mesh now uses a combined single texture map / material for less draw calls. At the same time this also fixes the stealth effect on the arms not working right due to more than one material. - Optimized all characters (draw calls, textures & shaders). - Gold Rush & Mesa II: - optimized collision, reduced lightmap sizes, optimized certain LODs, smaller filesize. - Optimized silo light map sizes. - Added a PT scene specific C-130 which is cropped and has much smaller light map size, - PT actors moved server side, and replicated to clients - Opening/Closing PT is now completely client-side Fixes: - No longer uses seamless loading. Could *possibly* fix crashing at game end. - Fixed a few shader issues with hovercraft, gunboat, and C-130. - Fixed issue with version check not evaluating the version number correctly. - Fixed shotgun and ramjet reticles always showing as yellow. - Fixed the air vehicles being purchased in non-air maps using the key press. - Fixed being able to heal over Max Armour. - Fixed a bug where if a player tried to enter another player's locked vehicle directly after it was produced, it would stop driving and not clear the spawn location. - HUD now actually calls the clean-up functions and also made it clean some extra references. Possible crash reduction. - Fixed the PT UI memory crash. - Restore enemy minimap blip visibily when targeting. - 1st person reloading animation no longer gets overridden by sprinting animation. - 1st person sprinting animation should now automatically play after switching to a different weapon whilst sprinting. - Fixed clients not seeing and hearing Airstrike aircraft if the Airstrike target area was out of sight. - Fixed being able to continue to repair 100% Friendly Tech Buildings. - Fixed Apache rockets being fired from the gun socket when playing as a client on a dedicated server. - Fixed Missile Launcher first person clipping through camera in some resolutions - Main Menu map will no longer show aspect ratio bars - Fixed lighting on the mammoth tank in the main menu - Fixed an issue that would cause spy crates to not set the spy flag if it changed your pawn (ie, going from non-SBH character to SBH and vice versa). - Fixed not being able to heal armour if the heal had 0 armour. - Fixed potential occurrence of being able to heal someone who is dead if they still had some armour when they died. - Fixed issue with beacons destroying buildings that they are very far by using the bounding - Fixed issue where player’s weapon ammo count did not update after leaving vehicles - Fixed infinite reserve ammo infantry weapons not showing as infinite in multiplayer. - Fixed respective ammo counters not updating when switching to a weapon with 0 usable or reserve ammo - Fixed SBH not lighting up properly when getting shot while cloaked - Fixed Stealth tank not lighting up properly when getting shot while cloaked - Fixed Stank often being and staying visible from any distance after getting shot Tweaks: - Added 60 second per-client cooldown for calling votes, so grievers can't prevent others from calling votes. - Vehicle explosions no longer do damage. - Added TeamDonate command. - Entering 0 into a Donate command now donates all credits. - Slight change to the client list output to make it easier for people parsing. - Restored playing Building Repaired sound. Building repair sound will not play if the building hadn't fallen below 85% health. Building repair sound replay cooldown is set to static 10 seconds versus 6-10 range. - Remove one thread frame lag, hardware physics, and speedtree in the settings, as they are not usable and performance hogging. - Hud Game Time now shows Elapsed Time if in a no-time limit match. - Added disallowed nicknames to Rx_Game. Very short names, or names containing certain reserved values are not allow (e.g. "-----"). - Added 0.5 second delay to re-access purchase terminal to disallow refill spam. Updated hud indicators to show non-accessible PT while the delay in in progress to avoid confusion. - Updated sniper, ramjet and shotgun reticles. - Going to first person in vehicles now zooms in for precise long shots. - Camera shows map overview at end of match, instead of "winning" player. - Scoreboard is now delayed about 10 seconds after the game is over. - Player main HUD will now be removed before the scoreboard is shown after the game is over. - Removed legacy building damage system which operated within the levels - Added new building damage system which is handled entirely within the actor classes - Updated base weapon shader to include a global simplified cubemap reflection, and also improved specularity by interpolating sharpness based on Fresnel to make highlights appear sharper with harsher facing angles which improves first person specularity considerably. - Updated various weapon first person positioning - Rocket Launcher, Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Flak Cannon, and Heavy pistol now have proper explosion lights - Ramjet Rifle has updated impact effects - Current weapon will no longer perform weapon switching on the same weapon while reloading. this is to prevent a glitch on the arm mesh being visible. - Ramjet and sniper now have dots on their reticle - Artillery now has an ordinary tank crossair because of the reduced arch - Updated explosion particle effects - Barracks now has an improved interior, and now goes red at destruction state, it also has proper damage material changes like the other buildings - Carbine and Tactical rifle now have a subtle more aim-able firing animation when aiming down sights - renamed reduced gore to enabled gore to avoid major confusion. - Carbine and Tiberium Auto Rifle will now be unequipped on the back of the character rather than the where the pistol is holstered. - Enabled post process in the system settings for very low preset settings - Removed the HTML filter from EVA messages as they don’t seem to get fully parsed as HTML - Spotting an SBH will now give a "Spotted SBH near X !!!" message instead of just the usual "Spotted 1 infantry near X" - Previously you could never use spotting on an SBH when it was cloaked. Now you can do a spot message for a short time after it got hit even when its cloaked - Enemy Beacons as well as friendly Beacons can now be targeted with 'Q' to display a message about their location for your teammates - Upgraded the new DeployedActor building hit detection to more accurately support the varied shapes of buildings. - Added vehicle blocker volumes at the doors of the WF to prevent vehicles from being able to drive inside it on all maps - Orca's engine sound volume reduced to match that of Apache's New: - Replaced old java launcher with a brand-new WPF launcher. Pretty UI, update checks, community banners and more! - Added new shotgun first person animations. - Added new Marksman Rifle first person animations. - Added new Tiberium Flechette Rifle model, animations, and sounds. - Missile Launcher has new sound effects. - Missile launcher has new first person animations. - Silos now broadcast team EVA/Cabal sounds on Capture and Loss. - Settings options menu can be accessed through the pause menu. - Scoreboard system in pause nenu. - Chat system in pause menu. - GDI bought some less blurry siding for their barracks. - Donate menu in pause menu. - Added new end game camera fly through & music sequences - End game scoreboard vote menu UI now displays timer and next map - Added new Black Hand Sniper / Laser Chain Gunner character model - Added Option "Use Classic Ren Team Color Names" in the Input settings for both Frontend and Pause Menu. - Renegade player info (namely Score and Credits) are now saved between reconnects. - Added EVAPrivateSay, a server command that allows the server to privately message a player as "EVA". Comes in a lighter, more cyany blue. - Added Anti-Tank mines in the weapon section (non-refillable) - Added EMP Grenades in the weapon section (non-refillable) Balance: Autorifle: - Rate of Fire reduced to match classic renegade. - Damage vs armoured vehicles increased. - Projectile speed and range increased. - Headshot damage increased. - Spread increase, max spread, and base spread reduced. Shotgun: - Shotguns can now do headshots. - Shotgun headshot damage multiplier reduced to 1.5. Missile Launcher: - Alt fire no longer tracks targets. - Missile launcher building damage tweaked to be almost equal to gunner's rocket launcher in terms of damage per second against buildings. - Alt fire projectile speed increased. Tiberium Flechette: - Reduced based spread and spread increase per shot. - Range increased. Flak Cannon: - Reduced damage of both primary and alt fire - Reduced projectile speed - Reduced splash damage of alt fire Flame Thrower: - Added new volumetric projectiles that will damage targets within the volume instead of a traditional projectile - reduced range - reduced damage vs infantry to compensate for volumetric projectile Chemical Thrower: - Added new volumetric projectiles that will damage targets within the volume instead of a traditional projectile - reduced range - reduced damage vs infantry to compensate for volumetric projectile - removed gravity influence - Updated projectile effect Chaingun: - Rev up time reduced with quicker rate of fire. - Rev down time increased slightly. - Projectile speed reduced. - Maximum range increased. - Now fires armour piercing rounds which can damage heavy armour and has small radial damage on infantry. - Increased horizontal recoil. - Spread increase, and max spread reduced. - Removed ADS. Laser Chaingun: - Spread increase, max spread, and base spread reduced. - Rev up state fires shots in the same time. - Max range increased. - Horizontal recoil increased. - Head shot damage increased. - Removed ADS. Laser Rifle: - Spread increase, max spread, and base spread reduced. - Max range increased. Grenade Launcher: - Damage radius reduced slightly. Heavy Pistol: - Head shot damage increased. - Maximum rate of fire increased. Silenced Pistol: - Spread increase and max spread reduced. Volt auto rifle: - Spread increase, max spread, and base spread reduced for both primary and alt fire. - Increase maximum range. Airstrike: - Deploy time reduced slightly. - Blast radius on increased slightly - Damage increased slightly APCs: - Now fire armour piercing rounds similar to the chaingun. - Projectile speed reduced. - Projectile range increased. - Rate of fire increased. - Spread increased. - Reload time increased. MRLS: - Range increased to match Artillery's range. Humvee/Buggy: - Now fire armour piercing rounds similar to the chaingun. - Headshot damage increased. Apache: - Doubled missile count - Reduced missile damage slightly - Increased missile reload time to compensate for increased pay load - Increased gun ammo count - Reduced gun reload time - Increased vehicle health slightly Orca: - Now fire armour piercing rounds similar to the chaingun. - Head shot damage increased. - Bullet Rate of fire increased. - Bullet Damage reduced slightly to compensate for increased ammo and rate of fire. - Doubled missile count - Reduced missile damage slightly - Increased missile reload time to compensate for increased pay load - Increased gun ammo count - Reduced gun reload time - Increased vehicle health slightly Chinook: - Now fire armour piercing rounds similar to the chaingun. - Projectile range increased. - Headshot damage increased. Artillery: - Projectile speed reduced. - Artillery projectile gravity pull reduced to give less of an arch. - Artillery explosion blast radius increased. Medium Tank / Light Tank: - Recoil shake reduced. Light Tank / Medium Tank / Mammoth Tank - Range increased slightly. - Explosion blast radius increased slightly. Flame Tank: - Added new volumetric projectiles that will damage targets within the volume instead of a traditional projectile - Increased turret turn rate Mammoth Tank: - Increased vehicle speed - Increased vehicle turning rate - Increased missile range - Increased missile damage - Increased missile reload time Characters: - Reduced hitbox radius. - Stealth effect has more clarity but has the same distance reveal radius - Added a dynamic offset to the third person camera when aiming very high/low, so that the crosshair isn't obstructed by the player model (in like 96% of cases) - Updated character rag doll physics to be less limber and stiffer with less collapsing into itself Maps: Walls_flying: - Added vehicle blocking volumes to all 8 wall infantry ramps (stop vehicles getting on top of the walls) - Added extra blocking volumes to boarders (stop players climbing the rocks) - Added vehicle blocking volume to the middle of the hill (stop aircraft from getting stuck on the walkways) Whiteout: - Fixed some spots were vehicles could get in to the infantry only paths Field: - Updated minimap on field so that the silo is not a barn Islands: - Fixed collision bug on GDI tunnels. Goldrush: - Removed floating Tiberium crystal Volcano: - Bran new remake of Volcano Xmountain: - Remake of the UT3 RenX fan map by Kenz3001 remade by Kenz3001 himself!
  18. IMPORTANT Tiberian Technologies Update 4.1 The TT team has released yet another update for Renegade. It brings the version up to 4.1 For manual installation downloads visit http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org Thanks Thank you for using 4.1 and making Renegade fun to play. Seeya on our server
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