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Found 37 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    A moderate-size level designed primarily for deathmatch/elimination (6-8 players recommended). It takes place in a waste refinement plant, as implied by the greenish-bio theme shown. There are a variety of ambient sounds in place to add immersion, along with some dynamic objects like rotating cylinders and a couple of matinee objects for aesthetic purposes (though some clever devils will find a way to use them in special scenarios). There are basically only two floors to navigate, both linked by ramps, lifts and a jump pad from different locations so snipers don't get too cozy. All weapons are available along with 4 different powerups and the Redeemer. Some wall-jumping skills are required to access a few of these powerups as well as key vantage points. Overall the level is very interconnected, so familiarize yourself with the surroundings if you're not a fan of surprises. This level is long overdue and sat in the "near-completion" stage for far too long, I wanted to get it the hell out there instead of perfecting every nook and cranny before publishing. It's my best level so far, though probably still inefficiently designed from a technical standpoint (too many point lights, and perhaps too much sound ambience). What it all comes down to is the ambiguous term of "flow" which may or may not be found lacking in this level, as a UT map isn't worth much if it doesn't play well, regardless of how sexy it looks. Hopefully people enjoy it and give some feedback from the gameplay standpoint, and if nothing else I hope some folks can scavenge some ideas/inspiration from it for their own projects. Have at it!
  2. Version 0.3.0


    DM map inspired by the UTk4 Labyrint Map. Fogy & snowy Setting! Just this map is biger, and has Pentagram and Penta Plex Structurs.... 1st Beta! Bild is for 6 Players DM...


    Version 0.9.0


    a good Duel & DM Map. build completly out of static mashes. njoy & HF
  4. Version 1.0.0


    a good Duel & DM map wit Liandri Theme. build completly out of static mashes. njoy & HF
  5. WarpSpasm

    ut4 DM-GasDroid

    Version 9


    UT 4 Map for EPIC/MAPCORES 2016 Showdown level design contest
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Want to start a Zark server? Or maybe a Zark Ladder match? This is your gun, with auto fire and ammo count is set to 50 and max 75. You'll always have to play smart and pick up drops. When it comes to getting head shots, this rifle don't care if your camping or runing. No Tracers so you don't give away your location, and faster fire rate then Zark Rifle Sniper Gun. Custom Zoom Cross-hair with see-through outer ring, so you know when someone is coming from the side. unlike the Zark Rifle Sniper Gun who's outer ring is non-see-through for sniping and camping. RedirectReferences=(PackageName="BP_Bc_ZarkRifle_Tournament-WindowsNoEditor",PackageURLProtocol="http",PackageURL="redirect.mpforums.com/ut4/users/anarki02f8/BP_Bc_ZarkRifle_Tournament-WindowsNoEditor.pak",PackageChecksum="3feaa7d7d0ce4f705f0f2b70e3ca4d38")
  7. MoxNix


    Version A1


    Remake of the UT2k3/2k4 map DM-Antalus First version (A1) uploaded for play testing and feedback, to check scale and fine tune things for movement. Atmospherics (lighting, materials, meshes, emitters, water, etc) will be made to look better after the scale and geometry are good. Run through with feedback from cafe.
  8. Version A1


    A ginormous map based upon the UE4 Landscape Mountains demo. This was made as an experiment to see how a really, really big map plays in UT4. It's roughly 500k uu on each side, by comparison Deck easily fits in a 20k x 10k area. It's not really meant for online play (at least not unless the load time gets fixed) but rather for players who want to try playing with a lot of players/bots on a really huge map. The performance actually isn't bad even with 32 players/bots in. I easily hold 120+ FPS on a GTX 970 with 31 bots in, all settings at Epic and FXAA on. Some months back I was getting a rock solid 70 FPS with the same number of bots on a 2Gb GTX 960 (I don't remember what graphics settings that was with though). Important Notes and Caveats: - This map is really, really big. So large it plays best with sniperarena or zoom instagib. Though it can handle a lot of players, it's so big, even with 32 players, you really want a weapon with a scope. - The pak file is also quite large (nearly 500Mb), you probably will disconnect while downloading from the redirect server. Just let it finish downloading and then rejoin the server and you'll be fine. - It takes a while to load too, about 1 minute loading from SSD on my system. Not sure why loading takes so long, it used to take 10-12 seconds but something changed in the game several builds back causing it to take much longer to load. This may cause online timeout disconnects for players running on slower computers. I wasn't planning on uploading this map anymore until the long load time gets fixed but a few players keep asking for it so here it is. The map is now (or soon will be) up on all the MPF HuBs for online testing.
  9. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Grinder

    Version A1


    Quick port of DM-Grinder from UT99. I don't intend to do a proper remake of this map so I'm also including an assets file containing the umap and all the ported UT99 assets it uses in case anyone else wants to use this as a starting point for doing a proper remake. Simply extract the entire zip file into your editor Content folder. The umap file is in Content/Maps while the ported assets are in a DM-Grinder-UT99 sub folder under Content/RestrictedAssets/Maps/WIP (because that's where the converter program expects to find assets and moving them elsewhere is quite the chore). The map is scaled up by 2.5 times. There is no directional light, skylight or post processing volume and no reflection capture actors either. Adding any of those will require completely redoing both lighting and materials. I did not include the custom material used on underground lava sheets in two places, there are several stock materials that can be used instead.
  10. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Nitro

    Version V15


    Layout based upon Ebolt's original DM-Nitro for UT99. Nitro is a fairly large map suitable for FFA and TDM, yet small and open enough to work for Duels too.
  11. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Conveyor

    Version A1


    Remake of DM-Conveyor from UT99 A large map with plenty of vertical action, all of the weapons, most of the powerups and it's signature feature, a lengthy conveyor belt that moves objects like players and sticky grenades. The atmosphere is far from done, there's still a lot of work to be done on materials, lighting and meshing but it plays pretty good and is more than ready for online play now.
  12. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Pressure

    Version A1


    Quick port of DM-Pressure from UT99 with the trap working. I don't plan on doing a proper remake of this map so I've included a zip containing the umap file and all custom/ported assets used in the map in case anyone else wants to use it as a starting point for a proper remake. Simply extract the zip into your editor's Content folder, the umap will be under Content/Maps and the assets in RestrictedAssets/Maps/WIP/DM-Pressure-UT99.
  13. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Bishop

    Version V8


    DM-Bishop is a remake with the layout based upon Shane Caudle's original UT99 map. It's a large map that plays well in UT4. New in version V8: - added a grenade launcher (where the ripper was in UT99) and thigh pads (50 armour). - A major rework of the map and theme, with a lot of meshwork, new meshes and materials, many tweaks to existing meshes and materials, a full lighting pass, geometry and collision tweaks and changes, sound tweaks, additional sounds and much more.
  14. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Eliminator

    Version V24


    A medium sized original map that plays well in FFA and Duel. Untested in TDM and Showdown (feedback would be greatly appreciated).
  15. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Zeto

    Version V10


    Remake of DM-Zeto by Allan (Talisman) Willard from the original Unreal Tournament (aka UT99). A large map, RCR style with plenty of weapons and powerups. A great map for new players and experienced players to play together.
  16. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Tempest

    Version A2


    Remake of Cliff (CliffyB) Bleszinski's original DM-Tempest from UT99.
  17. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Phobos

    Version A3


    Remake based upon Cedric (Inoxx) Fiorentino's original Phobos Moon for Unreal Tournament.
  18. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Turbine

    Version A07


    Remake from UT99.
  19. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Gothic

    Version A6


    Remake based upon Shane Caudle's original map from UT99.
  20. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Mojo

    Version A7


    Remake of Cliff (CliffyB) Bleszinski's original DM-Mojo ][ from UT99.
  21. MoxNix

    ut4 DM-Codex

    Version A11


    Remake based upon Cliff (CliffyB) Bleszinski's original map Codex of Wisdom from UT99. A smaller, fast paced map with lots of vertical action.
  22. Version 1.5.0


    A friend and I began to August 2015 a Grendelkeep to build. Here is the latest version. Have fun
  23. Today I received the Unreal Tournament Package
  24. Ported by Metalfist. Author: Cliff Bleszinski
  25. Here a short video of the map DM-Malevolence originally by Rich 'Akuma' Eastwood for Unreal Tournament 99, for Unreal Tournament 4 by @MoxNix
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