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tcw DevNight May 4th Screenshot Contest

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*info* :: This topic will be unlocked Saturday the 4th of May 2013 :: *info*



Submit your coolest screenshot and Win Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars

Feel free to post your coolest screenshot in this topic.

You *must* attach them directly to your post and *cannot* link to an offsite image such as imageshack or whatever.

To attach images to your post click on the "More Reply Options" button before posting. There you can attach images.

You may post *only 3 images* so pick the ones you feel are the coolest.

We will review every submission and determine which we like best internally.

Somewhere Sunday the 5th of May we will announce who won the contest.

Note: You must have a steam account to receive your prize!



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I just participate for FUN ,NOT to win. :)


Read the story and see the picture.


The Valkyrie


GDI Alpha Wolf Battalion are order to scout the area of nod activity in this sector. But were completely unaware of the nod sam site in the area. Unfortunately resulting into a nod successfully ambushed which taken down many of the squadron orca..


Currently the Alpha Wolf Battlation have to fight their way out, but they notice there is a nod power station nearby which power the Sam sites. Their team leader order an attack on the power station immediately. They move in to destroy it but encounter nod resistance, but that is soon defeated.


Later on they discover that there is a nod outpost here. They move in destroy the entire nod outpost on that island. After destroying all remaining nod in the area they receive an intercom saying pull back that area is heavy fortified. The pilot leader said we already clean up this area...



Just a short story. :)


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Cool images imperial, I especially like the first 1 which is perfect for when they are still being briefed on the mission.


Here are mine.


Hunter, about to get owned by a flamer!




Mammy and 2 Preds. The big boy looks after his mates! They look up to me!




Militant Rocket Sqaud!



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omg no bmps!!! good god man!

Yeah i just noticed my fraps was outputting bmps, am changing now lol.

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I kinda forgot about this, oops.

orca234: You will get the copy of CNC3 TW soon from me :)

Yay I won!


I kindly ask that you give TW over to 2nd place as I already have it!

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