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2 - intermediate Add Recon Bike Purchases for Nod & GDI

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These files you need for the Recon Bikes: ReconBikeFiles.zip

This tutorial will cover setting up the Recon bikes entirely for both Nod and GDI.

We will modify the weapon, the weapon ammo, the bike settings themselves and add them to the purchase terminal options.

The settings i use make the Recon bike well worth its $700 imho, in most maps its a piece of shit lol.

With the settings used here you make it a valuable asset for the teams although they do still die very fast.

The reason i gave it 10 armor points is because it then takes 2 ramjet shots extra to kill it.

Ok let's get on with the show. I am assuming you have already loaded the terrain for your map and are now ready

to setup the Ammo for the Recon bikes.

1) Setup the AMMO

Expand 1)Munitions, then 2)Ammo, then 3)Ammo_Vehicle_Weapons and click on Ammo_ReconBike_Rocket_Player.

While selected click on the 4)Temp button


Give the ammo a name such as Ammo_Recon_Bike


Goto the Settings tab and change the following settings accordingly and then press OK to temp the new ammo preset:

EffectiveRange: 135.000

Velocity: 80.000

RateOfFire: 50.000


You should end up with something like this in the preset listing after pressing OK to Temp it:


2) Setup the WEAPON

Now Expand 1)Munitions, then 2)Weapons, then 3)Weapons_Vehicles and select the Weapon_Reconbike_Player.

While selected click on the 4)Temp button


Give it a name, such as Weapon_Reconbike_Good, then proceed to the Settings tab and enter the following settings:

SwitchTime: 0.500

ReloadTime: 1.000

KeyNumber: 0.000


Scroll further down to the options for PrimaryAmmoDefID and SecondaryAmmoDefID and click on the 1)button to change

the Ammo it uses to Ammo_Recon_Bike (what we temped under Ammo in Step 1) as shown on the picture below:


Endresult should look like this:


3) Setup the Nod Recon Bike

Expand 1)Object, then 2)Vehicle, then 3)Nod Vehicles, then 4)Nod_Recon_Bike and 5)select CnC_Nod_Recon_Bike and finally click 6)Temp


Enter a name like Nod_Recon_Bike_Good, goto its Settings tab and set the following options:

Health,HealthMax: 225.000

ShieldStrength,ShieldStrenghtMax: 10.000

Shield Type: CNCVehicleHeavy

DamagePoints: 0.070

DeathPoints: 50.000


Scroll down to the WeaponDefID setting and click the button and change it to the temp we made earlier:


Endresult should look like this:


4) Setup the GDI Recon Bike

Select the temped Nod_Recon_Bike_Good we created in the previous step, and click on the Temp button,

name it GDI_Recon_Bike_Good like on the image below:


Goto the Physics Model tab and under Settings ModelName click the folder icon and browse for your v_gdi_bike.w3d


Goto the Settings tab and set PlayerType to GDI:


5) Add to Purchase Terminal Options for GDI

Under Global Settings, Purchase Settings select Vehicles (GDI) and TEMP it, name it Vehs GDI:


Goto the Settings tab and scroll all the way down to Entry 10, for Name click on the letter-icon,

Goto the Tab "ENC" and scroll down to the Reconbike name as on the image below and select it:


For Cost we do 700, the Texture we set to hud_gdirecon.tga and we select the GDI_Recon_Bike_Good for the Object:


Endresult looks like this:


6) Add to Purchase Terminal Options for Nod

Repeat Step 5 above but this time select the Vehicles (NOD) and Temp it and name it Vehs NOD

Goto Entry 10 and set the letter-icon to the reconbike name, cost 700.

Take note that you set the Texture for Nod to hud_reconnod.tga and for the Object you select the Nod_Recon_Bike_Good.

7) All done! If you did this correct and make your mix file (make sure you include the w3d and dds and tga files in it) you SHOULD be able to buy Recon Bikes.

Good luck!


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I'm assuming this works for any other vehicle you would want to add?

Thanks for the tutorial I've always wanted to add these in my maps :)

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Yea, you need the vehicle's W3D and Texture. Then you can add them like that. The procedure is the same for other vehicles although sometimes they may require tweaking under the Physics tab.

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For the texture you need the HUD texture for the level edit settings correct? Although the models texture should be included in the .mix file?

Also do the HUD textures need to be .dds or can they be .tga files?

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They can be either dds or tga for anything in renegade, just the editor references it as .tga always and so does RenX.

So: Inside the editor you use the mytexturehud.tga but in the mix you can place a dds of the same texture for example.


If i'm confusing you then just keep it all tga's lol :)

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Guest Mauler

Tga's are good for RenX since Renx cannot load DDS but worst file space size

DDS save tons of file space size when placed in the mix instead of TGA's, You can texture in 3DSMax with DDS...Another reason to move on the 3DSmax 8 ...  <_<


best way to use both...


texture with TGA's in Renx and place DDS files in the mix to save on file size

texture with DDS in 3DSmax 8 and place files into mix without the hassle of having to use RenX 

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If you texture with texture.tga in renx and add the dds to the mix, do you have to change the extension that the mix looks for? Or does renegade automatically look for one if it does not find the other?

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Guest Mauler

If you texture with texture.tga in renx and add the dds to the mix, do you have to change the extension that the mix looks for? Or does renegade automatically look for one if it does not find the other?


DDS and tga's are interchangeable..... if DDS is not found it will look for a TGA, same thing for TGA, if no TGA found DDS is loaded... it's all handled automatically... I want to repeat this again.. placing DDS textures in a mix is far superior to using a TGAs..

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    • By zunnie
      The  Helipad models and textures are in zip: CapturableHelipads.zip
      Temp Object->Simple->Simple_DSAPO_Versions->Simple_MiniConsole and name it Capturable_GDI_Helipad

      On the Physics Model tab browse for the model by clicking the folder icon and choose Open

      On the Settings tab set Health to 2 and HealthMax to 500,
      Skin and ShieldType both to CNCMCTSkin with a DamagePoints of 0.750 and DeathPoints 0.000
      Click the Letter icon to choose the Helipad name from the category Enc and set Encyclopedia Type to Building

      Still on the Settings tab set PlayerType to Unteamed and Radar Blip Type to Stationary

      Now MAKE your Helipad on the map

      Goto the Scripts tab for the properties of the Helipad and select Type: z_Capturable_Helipad and set the Name Parameter of Owner to -2

      Now note the ID of the Helipad in a textfile for later use:

      Now TEMP the Simple_MiniConsole and name it Capturable_GDI_Helipad_Terminal

      On the Settings tab for the Terminal set the Skin and Shield Type to Blamo and Damage and Deathpoints to 0.000
      We want this Terminal to grant a Orca so we click the Letter icon and choose the Orca name from Enc category:

      Make note of the GDI Orca exact multiplayer presetname, in our case this would be the original preset aka CnC_GDI_Orca (case sensitive):

      Next we MAKE and position a Daves Arrow on TOP of the Helipad and move it UP on the Z-axis until it floats like 3 orca's high in the air above the Helipad like so:

      Note the ID of this Arrow (PS: Do NOT delete the arrow, you must leave it on the map)

      Go back to the Helipad Terminal on the map and goto its properties and the Scripts Tab, add the following script to it "z_Capturable_Helipad_Terminal"
      with the settings as displayed below.
      HelipadID would be the ID of the Helipad on the map we created first, in this example ID number 100000
      Preset would be the vehicle to create at the location of the Daves Arrow we placed so CnC_GDI_Orca and 100003
      An Orca costs $900 in Renegade so we enter that as the Cost for it.

      Endresult should look like this for the Helipad Terminal:

      You're done:

    • By zunnie
      The Repair Pad models and its textures you are gonna need are in the zip: CapturableRepairpads.zip
      Temp it under Object->Simple->Simple_DSAPO_Versions->Simple_MiniConsole and name it "Capturable_GDI_Repairpad":

      On the Physics tab browse for the model by clicking the folder icon and open it:

      Give it 2 Health, 300 MaxHealth (Shield & ShieldMax should be 0.000)
      Give it CNCMCTSkin as Skin and Shield Type (even if its set to 0.000)
      Click the letter icon for TranslatedNameID and go into the Enc category and find the RepairFacility one as shown below
      Make the Encyclopedia Type a Building

      Still on the Settings tab set PlayerType to Unteamed and Radar Blip Type to Stationary

      Now you can "MAKE" it on your map:

      Next goto Object->Script Zone->Script_Zone_All and MAKE it, position it on top of the repairpad as seen on the image below.
      To make it higher in length hold down SHIFT and then move your mouse up/down by selecting the black little boxes of the zone.

      Now get to the properties of the Repairpad and note its ID, in this example 100000
      Get to the zone properties too and get its ID, in this case 100001

      Goto the properties of the Repair Pad and its Scripts Tab, there you add the script z_Capturable_Repairpad with the Name parameter of Owner set to -2 (unteamed)
      Set the Name parameter RepairZoneID to the ID of the Zone you noted in the step earlier, which in this example is 100001

      Endresult should look like this for the repair pad:

      Now edit the Script_Zone_All that you placed on top of your Repairpad by going to its properties and on the scripts tab add the script "z_Capturable_Repairzone" and set the Name parameter for RepairPadID to the ID you noted earlier for the Repairpad, in this example it is 100000

      Endresult for the zone should look simular to this:

      Now save your level and you will have a capturable repair pad on your map!
      Repeat the above process for Nod but then with the Nod model of course.

    • By zunnie
      Required Files: CapturableTiberiumSilos.zip
      TEMP a preset into Object->Vehicle->Mounted and call it for example "Capturable_GDI_Silo":

      Goto the Physics Model tab and for ModelName click the folder button and browse for the gtsilo.W3D file, click Open:

      Goto the Settings tab and set Health to 2 and Healthmax to 300 (yes: ShieldStrength and Max should be 0.000)
      Set Skin to CNCMCTSkin and Shield Type to CNCMCTSkin
      Set DamagePoints to 0.500 and Deathpoints to 0.000
      Set the TranslatedNameID to IDC_Enc_Struct_GDI_TiberiumSilo_Name (found in the strings editor under the Enc category)

      Still on the Settings tab set PlayerType to Unteamed
      Radar Blip Type should be Stationary

      Goto the Scripts tab and click Add... for Type browse for the z_Capturable_TibSilo
      For Name parameter Owner we set the Value to -2 (which means unteamed).

      Now select your temped preset called Capturable_GDI_Silo and click on "Make" button.
      It will appear on your map. Save your level and make your mix file.
      Now people can play your map and capture the silo.

      Repeat the above process for the Nod Tiberium Silo but set Team to Nod, that's all.
      Greetz zunnie
    • By zunnie
      The Environment Setup Tutorial
      This tutorial will attempt to learn you how to setup your entire working environment for creating maps in gMax and the free provided Renegade Public Tools v2.
      It includes all the tools you need and they should be installed in this particular order:
      1- The gMax Installation Files and Registration ByPass. (NOTE: Windows 8+ and 10 are NOT supported, you'll need Windows 7 or XP Pro to use gMax without glitches, there is NO fix for this.) 2- The official Renegade Public Tools version 2 from Westwood Studios. (Works fine with 8+ and 10) 3- The unofficial LevelEditor from Tiberian Technologies for support with 4.6 Scripts Update. (Works fine with 8+ and 10) 4- Some (semi) Critical Assets required for making a map for Renegade in gMax/RenX. 5- The XCC mixer i personally have been using since i don't know when, it's the best eventhough it's not the latest.  
      Environment Guide Package
      Download the file i prepared as zip from the MPF download area:
      Once it is downloaded, make sure you unblock the file by going to the zip properties and clicking "Unblock" BEFORE you extract it.

      In this tutorial i will install EVERYTHING to do with mapping for Renegade in my folder on the D drive in "Renegade-Mapping".

      Go ahead and extract the zip somewhere, open it in a new window:
      And then copy the contents somewhere:

      Go into the #Installs folder that you extracted inside the Renegade-Mapping folder

      Step 1 - Install gMax and apply the registry fix
      We need to install gMax first, you MUST install it first or it won't work properly later.
      Open the gmax12+bypass.zip and copy files into your #Installs folder and then run gmax12.exe to install it.
      In this guide i am installing directly into the Renegade-Mapping folder so the endresult will be something like the following:

      Now, because the author of gMax doesn't send out emails anymore to register gMax for free, there is included a Autodesk.reg file, right click on that and choose Merge and when promted do Yes to merge it.

      When installation is done and you merged the registry thing, then run gMax for the first time.
      You will be prompted to select a rendering device, here you choose "Direct 3D" and continue.
      Once it has fully loaded you must exit gMax again.
      Step 2 - Install the official Renegade Public Tools v2
      Extract the file Renegade_Tools_Installer_2.zip and run the executable, install it into your Renegade-Mapping folder, endresult should look simular to this:

      Go into the folder LevelEdit and you will see these files:

      Now delete (yes delete permanently) the LevelEdit.exe that is currently there, the original from Westwood.
      Extract the file LevelEdit46.zip and copy the resulting LevelEdit46.exe to your LevelEdit folder like so:

      Goto your Renegade GAME folder, which you updated to the latest TT Script Update (available on http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org )
      Copy the following files to your LevelEdit folder and overwrite any existing ones there:
      "MemoryManager.dll" "Mss32.dll" "Shared.dll" "ttle.dll" You should end up with a LevelEdit folder looking like this:

      Now make a complete copy of your Renegade game folder (which is updated to 4.6 of course) and name it "RenegadeEditorGame", just copy and paste it somewhere like:

      Now open the Registry Editor through your startmenu "search" option type: regedit and open it.

      Expand the folders (or keys as they are called) until you are inside the Renegade folder/key.
      "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Wow6432Node -> Westwood -> Renegade"

      You see the InstallPath option there? Double click on it and change its value to where your game2.exe is located in the RenegadeEditorGame you copied earlier, in my example here it would be:

      Now close the Registry Editor program, we don't need it no more now, you don't need to save anything, it does so automatically.
      Run the Editor
      Ok, so we can finally run the editor now, go into the LevelEdit folder and run LevelEdit46.exe
      There click the "New..." button and call it for example "MyWork".

      Double click the MyWork in the window and it shall bring up the editor in action:

      You'll notice the editor created a folder called "MyWork":

      Which contains a few key folders the editor uses:

      Create a map project folder inside the levels folder like so:

      Inside this folder you will save your Editor's "C&C_My_Map.lvl" file and stuff related to your map such as W3D models/terrain and maybe textures, cinematic text files and/or audio.
      ALWAYS choose to "Save Current Level As..." inside the editor ALWAYS WHENEVER you want to save your progress, do NOT EVER use "Save Current Level" (trust me), period, or it will not update some files (lsd/ldd/ddb) for your map and it wont work properly when you make a .mix with XCC later on.

      For example the endresult could look like this:

      << i will update this guide later tonight or tomorrow, just 1 thing: If you have missing textures make sure you place them in your Editor_Cache folder and reload the editor >>
    • Guest Mauler
      By Guest Mauler
      You will want to download http://multiplayerforums.com/index.php?/files/file/624-maulers-renegade-sidebar/ for this tutorial.
      Now that scripts 4.1 allows you to use the sidebar stand-alone in a Renegade map, its time to write a tutorial for how its done.
      The first thing you need to create are textures for the sidebar. [iNCLUDED IN THE DOWNLOAD LINK]
      You need to create a top half texture, bottom half texture and up and down arrow textures. They can be the same for both teams or different for each team.
      Then, you need to create an ini file. If your map is named C&C_MyMap, the ini file should be named C&C_MyMap_tt.ini
      In this file put something like this

      Obviously the names of the textures should match the names you gave them when you created them.
      You can also optionally add

      SidebarSoundsEnabled=trueSidebarRefillSound=xyzSidebarInfantrySound=xyzSidebarVehicleSound=xyzif you want sounds to play when sidebar items are purchased.The sounds need to be 2D sound presets created in LE. (obviously replace xyz with the name of the sound to use). The sounds are played whenever something is purchased (i.e. double click etc)
      Note that the sidebar does not display any text on top of the icons except for the cost so you will need to either rely just on the pictures or you will need to add text to your icons.
      Also note that all players using your map will require scripts 4.1 (as will the server) in order for this to work.
      Also, the sidebar does not allow you to purchase beacons (unlike the PTs) so if you want beacons to be purchasable, you will have to add separate terminals to let you do that (there are plenty of scripts to make that happen)
      ok, time for part 2 of the tutorial (which is necessary if you want objects to disappear when the building that normally builds them goes away)
      First, in the C&C_MyMap_tt.ini file (or whatever), put this line at the end after the others

      NewTechLevel=trueThen in leveledit, go to Global Settings then Purchase Settings. For each of Character Classes (GDI), Character Classes (Nod), Character Classes (Secret GDI), Character Classes (Secret Nod), Vehicles (GDI), Vehicles (Nod), Vehicles (Secret GDI) and Vehicles (Secret Nod), create a temp preset copy (or if you already have one, edit it). What you need to change is the Factory Building Type for each entry. For soldiers, set it to Soldier Factory. For vehicles, set it to Vehicle Factory. If you are using my helipad tutorial (to be posted shortly) set helicopters/air units to Helipad.If there are units you dont want on the sidebar (e.g. the secret hidden extra vehicles), set their object to none. The usual enable/disable for extras (EXTRAS console command etc) will not work with the sidebar.
      That should be all you need to do, no extra scripts are required, the engine logic behind NewTechLevel=true will do all the work of making the items vanish from the sidebar when the relavent building is destroyed.
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