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Guest Mauler

1 - beginner Buildings - Author: Greg Hjelstrom

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Guest Mauler

renx_ico.gif RenX (Gmax)

By Greg Hjelstrom - Westowood Lead Developer
Buildings in Renegade are a collection of terrain meshes and static animated objects that are set up as “Building Aggregates” in the level editor.  A logical building controller is created and placed in 3d space in the level editor.  This controller collects all meshes near the building controller that have a matching prefix in their name.
Building Controller
Building controllers are defined and instantiated in the level editor.  They can be found in the Presets tree under the top-level “Buildings” folder.  The building controller defines the game-logic attributes of the building such as health and shield type.  A key setting in the building controller is the MeshPrefix string. All meshes in the vicinity of the building controller whose names contain a prefix that matches this prefix will be tracked by the building controller for damage purposes.  All “BuildingAggregates” in the vicinity whose names match this prefix will be animated according to the damage state of the building.
Exterior Meshes
Meshes that are part of the exterior of a building should be named like this:
For example, an exterior mesh for the gdi weapon factory might be named “mgwep^011”.  The ‘^’ symbol indicates that it is an exterior mesh. 
Interior Meshes
Meshes that are part of the interior of a building should be named like this:
The ‘#’ symbol is used to indicate that the mesh is part of the interior.  Remember that all w3d mesh names must be less than 16 characters long.
When a bullet hits either an interior or exterior mesh of the building, damage will be applied to the logical building controller.
Building Aggregates
A building aggregate is a special type of animated static object (tile) that plays different segments of its animation depending on the damage state of the building controlling it.  These are set up in the “Tiles” sub folder of the “Presets” tree in the level editor.  The model and preset for a building aggregate should contain the mesh prefix that the building controller expects.
To make a tile which is a building aggregate, you create a tile and select “BuildingAggregate” as its physics model type. 
There are many settings in the building aggregate that can be used to do things that the shipping version of Renegade does not currently do.  For example, you can create truly destructable buildings by simply making a huge destruction animation and setting it up as a building aggregate.  Have Fun!

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    • By Unstoppable
      This is a modify of Building Health Sounds. Originally created by Xpert from Atomix. Plugin reports building health percents and destruction imminents ingame with EVA sounds like below. If you see bug, let me know in comments or mail me canozkan145@gmail.com
      [BldWarning] The GDI Power Plant health at 75 percent.
      [BldWarning] Warning - GDI Power Plant - Destruction imminent.
      NOTE: Some buildings in some maps not reporting their health percent. I realized that and working on a fix.
    • By zunnie
      Place the obelisk controller like this on the Obelisk in your map:

      Goto the properties of the obelisk controller and substract 41 from the Z value, enter the new value in the Z box and press OK.
      In this example:
      Old Value = 28.009
      Substract - 41.000
      New Value = 12.991

      The controller will jump underneith the map, this is fine, and supposed to happen.

      Now when you play your map the obelisk will fire from the red top.
    • By zunnie
      Sometimes when you create maps there can be 'duplicate ids' for objects in your level, don't ask HOW that happens, i don't know but fact is that with 4.1 and on it will crash clients when the map is loaded on a server. There will be a error box saying there is a collission id detected if that is the case.
      It is VERY important that you run "object -> check IDs" in leveledit and if any ID collisions are found, run "object -> fix ID collisions".
      Note that if you make use of special scripts and objects, those objects may receive new ID's after fixing, you will need to check your scripts and adjust their parameters if that is the case or they may stop functioning correctly.
    • By Pwn Call
      This is a pack of 3 seperate 3ds Max 8 files for the Standard Renegade buildings. (Air/weps, power plant, refs, bar/hon, and obby/agt)
      One is the standard buildings with ground meshes attached
      One is the standard buildings with flying ramps and ground meshes attached
      The last one is just the flying ramps and vehicle blockers so you can add them to your pre-existing maps
    • Guest Mauler
      By Guest Mauler
      To create a working construction yard, place an appropriate building on your terrain. Then create a building controller of type construction yard.

      The following settings are specific to construction yard objects:
      RepairRate (the rate to use when repairing buildings, in seconds)VehicleRepairRate (the rate to use when repairing buildings set up as vehicles, in seconds)RepairAmount (the amount to repair)LowPowerRepairAmount (the amount to repair when the power is down)RepairWarhead (the warhead to use to do the repairs) The way it works is that every RepairRate seconds, it will apply repair damage to all buildings of the correct team that are still alive, using RepairAmount or LowPowerRepairAmount and RepairWarhead.
      For vehicles it uses VehicleRepairRate and it will repair any vehicles of the correct team that have their Encyclopedia Type set to Building in leveledit. (it made sense as a convenient way to tell the construction yard logic what to repair and what not to repair)

      Note that the construction yard object will not repair itself.

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