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Guest Mauler

1 - beginner [VIDEO] 3DSMax beginner's guide - Author: Mauler

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    • By zunnie
      Place the obelisk controller like this on the Obelisk in your map:

      Goto the properties of the obelisk controller and substract 41 from the Z value, enter the new value in the Z box and press OK.
      In this example:
      Old Value = 28.009
      Substract - 41.000
      New Value = 12.991

      The controller will jump underneith the map, this is fine, and supposed to happen.

      Now when you play your map the obelisk will fire from the red top.
    • By zunnie
      We've added roszek's (former MPF Administrator) map to the server tonight.
      It has all cool vehicles from C&C 4 working in Renegade.
      The map uses the sidebar with beacon purchases available.
      Below is what roszek says about this map:
      This is a custom map created by me with help from Mauler.
      All the Renegade vehicles have been replaced with C&C4 vehicles.
      There is also a working Chronoshpere for GDI, and Nod has a mutant lab which allows Nod to buy Mutant soldiers even if the hon is dead.
      This map uses custom crates (instead of the reborn ones) which are dropped of by cargo plane.
      For this map to work properly you need to install the included scripts and ssgm plugin to your server.
      The sidebar.dll (created mostly by zunnie) puts beacons on the sidebar.
      Again, thanks to Matt Fabian for his great waterfall.
      Some Screenshots:

      Have fun
    • By zunnie
      This nifty tool lets you reimport models from the W3D file back into Max, for you own editing needs
      Extract into your 3dsmax8 Folder to install
      **Now that you have the model it still needs to be optimized for Rengade, as the importer messes with the W3D file, Please read the tutorial on the subject
      Here is the "Importing and Optimizing W3D's Tutorial" - using this script to import
    • By zunnie
      Version 1.0
      Created by Mauler
      This will change ALL the default low quality Nod/GDI purchase icons into newer HD quality icon textures
      Affects both GDI and Nod Purchase Terminal Icons
      Extract all DDS files to Renegade/Data/.. folder
    • By zunnie
      Mauler and me have finished working on the map C&C_Lava. The textures were mostly made by Mauler as well as the bigass rocks that cover the scenery.
      Beware that you cannot drive or walk over the lava, you will die lol.

      The Design
      Scene is set in a fantasy world with 3 volcano's and lots and lots of hot Lava! The map is divided into several small islands where some have a building on it.
      They are connected with a dozen bridges to access each building's island.
      In the center of the map you can find two Helicopter Pads which can be repaired to full health after which you can purchase a GDI Orca or a Nod Apache for $700.
      The Silo's and Repairpads do not count to the buildings and can be repaired when they are killed.
      Inside the Sniper Towers are weapon spawners. A crate spawns in the center.

      Right Now! Beta 1 is already installed on the server and is in rotation.
      Just join and let the 4.0 integrated downloader download it when it comes by (20MB).




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