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Pwn Call

Poke Vehicle Purchase Sounds Send Custom?

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Zunnie this is basically the same as the cinematic vehicle purchase only it should come out of the normal WF or Air and send a custom.









I know we had talked about this one on TS zunnie.  Just wanted to put it into writing in case you had any questions about it.


So basically the script will be made so that you can poke a terminal and for a price buy a specific vehicle.  Also it will need to have a cooldown period where you can't buy a vehicle after recently purchasing one for a specified time.


Then if it could have seperate sounds for when you either purchase, are denied purchase because of cool down, or are denied purchase because of not enough funds.


The final part would either need to be in a seperate script with this one sending a custom as well so that other terminals for other tanks can also be given a cooldown period.


This will allow it to be used like the normal tank purchase settings but allow you to use multiple pokable terminals.


If you have any questions let me know or post here.




Also I wasn't sure if there is any way to have this work with the warfactory so that it will follow the waypath out the door? and maybe also use the creation animation with the war factor as well as allow the vehicle purchase zone to kill things that are  in the zone?


If not it is no big deal.  Let me know if there will be any issues with this script.  As always no rush.

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Here would be maybe the parameters for it


Team - GDI or nod

Cost - cost to buy vehicle

Preset - Vehicle to buy

Custom - Custom to send out for cooling down other Vehicle PT's

Buy sound - Sound played when purchased

Denied sound - Sound played when denied purchase because of insufficient funds

Cooldown Time - Time that must run out untill you can make another purchase

Cooldown denied sound - Sound played when denied purchase because of being in the cooldown period still


Possibly need this param too


Location - location of where to spawn the vehcile that is purchased.  (if you can't make it come out of the WF or Strip like normal vehicles do)


Then another script (there might already be one like this) that will on custom disable the other PT's for a certain time period.  So you can't buy other tanks for the same amount of cooldown period.  Also this one would have to play the same cooldown denied sound.

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