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Pwn Call

Poke Grant Ammo?

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So this will be for a mini console that when poked will grant you some ammo.




Cost - cost of ammo

Team - GDI or NOd

Price -

Amount - amount of ammo to grant

Buy sound - sound when bought ammo

Denied sound - sound when you are denied purchase because of funds

Preset - Maybe the preset of the ammo that the gun takes?  I don't know if you would need this param or not.

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Unsure if this is what you want(ed), but here's my take. (Also necro post by a month!)


Source file: (don't forget to include engine.h/scripts.h)

void zbl_Refill_Buy_Poke::Created(GameObject *o){	m_sBuySound = Get_Parameter("Buy_Sound");	m_sDeniedSound = Get_Parameter("Denied_Sound");	m_sInsufficientFunds = Get_Parameter("Insufficient_Funds_Sound");	m_sPowerup = Get_Parameter("Ammo_PowerUp");	m_iCost = Get_Int_Parameter("Cost");	m_iPlayerType = Get_Int_Parameter("Player_Type");}void zbl_Refill_Buy_Poke::Poked(GameObject *o, GameObject *poker){	if (Get_Player_Type(poker) == m_iPlayerType)	{		cPlayer *plr = Find_Player(Get_Player_ID(poker));		if (!plr) return;		if (plr->Purchase_Item(m_iCost))		{			Grant_Powerup(poker, m_sPowerup);			Create_2D_Sound_Player(poker, m_sBuySound);		}		else		{			Create_2D_Sound_Player(poker, m_sInsufficientFunds);		}	}	else	{		Create_2D_Sound_Player(poker, m_sDeniedSound);	}}

Header file:

class zbl_Refill_Buy_Poke : public ScriptImpClass{	int m_iCost;	int m_iPlayerType;	StringClass m_sBuySound;	StringClass m_sDeniedSound;	StringClass m_sInsufficientFunds;	StringClass m_sPowerup;public:	void Created(GameObject *o);	void Poked(GameObject *obj, GameObject *poker);};

Registrant: (including my handy macro)

#define Register_Script(ClassName,Params) ScriptRegistrant<ClassName> ClassName##_Registrant(#ClassName,Params)Register_Script(zbl_Refill_Buy_Poke, "Cost:int,Player_Type:int,Buy_Sound:string,Denied_Sound:string,Insufficient_Funds_Sound:string,Ammo_PowerUp:string");

Compiled binaries attached for LE only. The script body is not compiled into the body as I just compile a script stub (essentially just the registrant with the parameters required to be filled out for LE.


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