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    • By Cronus
      I just setup our EU Based RenegadeX Server, this will have the same protection as our US server.  However majority of players are EU based, this should help with pings.  
      We now have a US & EU Server Online.
      See us on IRC!  irc.multiplayerforums.com #RenegadeX  #RenegadeX-EU 
    • By kenz3001
      Renegade-X Client
    • By Genesis2001
      Original post: Totem Arts Releases Beta 4 of Renegade-X
      Renegade-X has released new beta (dubbed “Beta 4″). This beta includes quite a few major features including 3 new maps, an auto-patcher, and their own RXD-Kit (RXDK).
      Download (by MPF): MPF 250Mbps
    • By zunnie
      - Weapon Texture resolutions have been reduced to a max of 1024x1024.
      - Unnecessary textures due to shader optimization such as Gloss maps and reflection maps have been removed.
      - 3rd person weapon meshes now only have a single material slot for a single draw call.
      - All mesh LODs for 3rd person weapons have been updated.
      - First person arms mesh now uses a combined single texture map / material for less draw calls. At the same time this also fixes the stealth effect on the arms not working right due to more than one material.
      - Optimized all characters (draw calls, textures & shaders).
      - Gold Rush & Mesa II: - optimized collision, reduced lightmap sizes, optimized certain LODs, smaller filesize.
      - Optimized silo light map sizes.
      - Added a PT scene specific C-130 which is cropped and has much smaller light map size,
      - PT actors moved server side, and replicated to clients
      - Opening/Closing PT is now completely client-side
      - No longer uses seamless loading. Could *possibly* fix crashing at game end.
      - Fixed a few shader issues with hovercraft, gunboat, and C-130.
      - Fixed issue with version check not evaluating the version number correctly.
      - Fixed shotgun and ramjet reticles always showing as yellow.
      - Fixed the air vehicles being purchased in non-air maps using the key press.
      - Fixed being able to heal over Max Armour.
      - Fixed a bug where if a player tried to enter another player's locked vehicle directly after it was produced, it would stop driving and not clear the spawn location.
      - HUD now actually calls the clean-up functions and also made it clean some extra references. Possible crash reduction.
      - Fixed the PT UI memory crash.
      - Restore enemy minimap blip visibily when targeting.
      - 1st person reloading animation no longer gets overridden by sprinting animation.
      - 1st person sprinting animation should now automatically play after switching to a different weapon whilst sprinting.
      - Fixed clients not seeing and hearing Airstrike aircraft if the Airstrike target area was out of sight.
      - Fixed being able to continue to repair 100% Friendly Tech Buildings.
      - Fixed Apache rockets being fired from the gun socket when playing as a client on a dedicated server.
      - Fixed Missile Launcher first person clipping through camera in some resolutions
      - Main Menu map will no longer show aspect ratio bars
      - Fixed lighting on the mammoth tank in the main menu
      - Fixed an issue that would cause spy crates to not set the spy flag if it changed your pawn (ie, going from non-SBH character to SBH and vice versa).
      - Fixed not being able to heal armour if the heal had 0 armour.
      - Fixed potential occurrence of being able to heal someone who is dead if they still had some armour when they died.
      - Fixed issue with beacons destroying buildings that they are very far by using the bounding
      - Fixed issue where player’s weapon ammo count did not update after leaving vehicles
      - Fixed infinite reserve ammo infantry weapons not showing as infinite in multiplayer.
      - Fixed respective ammo counters not updating when switching to a weapon with 0 usable or reserve ammo
      - Fixed SBH not lighting up properly when getting shot while cloaked
      - Fixed Stealth tank not lighting up properly when getting shot while cloaked
      - Fixed Stank often being and staying visible from any distance after getting shot
      - Added 60 second per-client cooldown for calling votes, so grievers can't prevent others from calling votes.
      - Vehicle explosions no longer do damage.
      - Added TeamDonate command.
      - Entering 0 into a Donate command now donates all credits.
      - Slight change to the client list output to make it easier for people parsing.
      - Restored playing Building Repaired sound. Building repair sound will not play if the building hadn't fallen below 85% health. Building repair sound replay cooldown is set to static 10 seconds versus 6-10 range.
      - Remove one thread frame lag, hardware physics, and speedtree in the settings, as they are not usable and performance hogging.
      - Hud Game Time now shows Elapsed Time if in a no-time limit match.
      - Added disallowed nicknames to Rx_Game. Very short names, or names containing certain reserved values are not allow (e.g. "-----").
      - Added 0.5 second delay to re-access purchase terminal to disallow refill spam. Updated hud indicators to show non-accessible PT while the delay in in progress to avoid confusion.
      - Updated sniper, ramjet and shotgun reticles.
      - Going to first person in vehicles now zooms in for precise long shots.
      - Camera shows map overview at end of match, instead of "winning" player.
      - Scoreboard is now delayed about 10 seconds after the game is over.
      - Player main HUD will now be removed before the scoreboard is shown after the game is over.
      - Removed legacy building damage system which operated within the levels
      - Added new building damage system which is handled entirely within the actor classes
      - Updated base weapon shader to include a global simplified cubemap reflection, and also improved specularity by interpolating sharpness based on Fresnel to make highlights appear sharper with harsher facing angles which improves first person specularity considerably.
      - Updated various weapon first person positioning
      - Rocket Launcher, Missile Launcher, Grenade Launcher, Flak Cannon, and Heavy pistol now have proper explosion lights
      - Ramjet Rifle has updated impact effects
      - Current weapon will no longer perform weapon switching on the same weapon while reloading. this is to prevent a glitch on the arm mesh being visible.
      - Ramjet and sniper now have dots on their reticle
      - Artillery now has an ordinary tank crossair because of the reduced arch
      - Updated explosion particle effects
      - Barracks now has an improved interior, and now goes red at destruction state, it also has proper damage material changes like the other buildings
      - Carbine and Tactical rifle now have a subtle more aim-able firing animation when aiming down sights
      - renamed reduced gore to enabled gore to avoid major confusion.
      - Carbine and Tiberium Auto Rifle will now be unequipped on the back of the character rather than the where the pistol is holstered.
      - Enabled post process in the system settings for very low preset settings
      - Removed the HTML filter from EVA messages as they don’t seem to get fully parsed as HTML
      - Spotting an SBH will now give a "Spotted SBH near X !!!" message instead of just the usual "Spotted 1 infantry near X"
      - Previously you could never use spotting on an SBH when it was cloaked. Now you can do a spot message for a short time after it got hit even when its cloaked
      - Enemy Beacons as well as friendly Beacons can now be targeted with 'Q' to display a message about their location for your teammates
      - Upgraded the new DeployedActor building hit detection to more accurately support the varied shapes of buildings.
      - Added vehicle blocker volumes at the doors of the WF to prevent vehicles from being able to drive inside it on all maps
      - Orca's engine sound volume reduced to match that of Apache's
      - Replaced old java launcher with a brand-new WPF launcher. Pretty UI, update checks, community banners and more!
      - Added new shotgun first person animations.
      - Added new Marksman Rifle first person animations.
      - Added new Tiberium Flechette Rifle model, animations, and sounds.
      - Missile Launcher has new sound effects.
      - Missile launcher has new first person animations.
      - Silos now broadcast team EVA/Cabal sounds on Capture and Loss.
      - Settings options menu can be accessed through the pause menu.
      - Scoreboard system in pause nenu.
      - Chat system in pause menu.
      - GDI bought some less blurry siding for their barracks.
      - Donate menu in pause menu.
      - Added new end game camera fly through & music sequences
      - End game scoreboard vote menu UI now displays timer and next map
      - Added new Black Hand Sniper / Laser Chain Gunner character model
      - Added Option "Use Classic Ren Team Color Names" in the Input settings for both Frontend and Pause Menu.
      - Renegade player info (namely Score and Credits) are now saved between reconnects.
      - Added EVAPrivateSay, a server command that allows the server to privately message a player as "EVA". Comes in a lighter, more cyany blue.
      - Added Anti-Tank mines in the weapon section (non-refillable)
      - Added EMP Grenades in the weapon section (non-refillable)
      - Rate of Fire reduced to match classic renegade.
      - Damage vs armoured vehicles increased.
      - Projectile speed and range increased.
      - Headshot damage increased.
      - Spread increase, max spread, and base spread reduced.
      - Shotguns can now do headshots.
      - Shotgun headshot damage multiplier reduced to 1.5.
      Missile Launcher:
      - Alt fire no longer tracks targets.
      - Missile launcher building damage tweaked to be almost equal to gunner's rocket launcher in terms of damage per second against buildings.
      - Alt fire projectile speed increased.
      Tiberium Flechette:
      - Reduced based spread and spread increase per shot.
      - Range increased.
      Flak Cannon:
      - Reduced damage of both primary and alt fire
      - Reduced projectile speed
      - Reduced splash damage of alt fire
      Flame Thrower:
      - Added new volumetric projectiles that will damage targets within the volume instead of a traditional projectile
      - reduced range
      - reduced damage vs infantry to compensate for volumetric projectile
      Chemical Thrower:
      - Added new volumetric projectiles that will damage targets within the volume instead of a traditional projectile
      - reduced range
      - reduced damage vs infantry to compensate for volumetric projectile
      - removed gravity influence
      - Updated projectile effect
      - Rev up time reduced with quicker rate of fire.
      - Rev down time increased slightly.
      - Projectile speed reduced.
      - Maximum range increased.
      - Now fires armour piercing rounds which can damage heavy armour and has small radial damage on infantry.
      - Increased horizontal recoil.
      - Spread increase, and max spread reduced.
      - Removed ADS.
      Laser Chaingun:
      - Spread increase, max spread, and base spread reduced.
      - Rev up state fires shots in the same time.
      - Max range increased.
      - Horizontal recoil increased.
      - Head shot damage increased.
      - Removed ADS.
      Laser Rifle:
      - Spread increase, max spread, and base spread reduced.
      - Max range increased.
      Grenade Launcher:
      - Damage radius reduced slightly.
      Heavy Pistol:
      - Head shot damage increased.
      - Maximum rate of fire increased.
      Silenced Pistol:
      - Spread increase and max spread reduced.
      Volt auto rifle:
      - Spread increase, max spread, and base spread reduced for both primary and alt fire.
      - Increase maximum range.
      - Deploy time reduced slightly.
      - Blast radius on increased slightly
      - Damage increased slightly
      - Now fire armour piercing rounds similar to the chaingun.
      - Projectile speed reduced.
      - Projectile range increased.
      - Rate of fire increased.
      - Spread increased.
      - Reload time increased.
      - Range increased to match Artillery's range.
      - Now fire armour piercing rounds similar to the chaingun.
      - Headshot damage increased.
      - Doubled missile count
      - Reduced missile damage slightly
      - Increased missile reload time to compensate for increased pay load
      - Increased gun ammo count
      - Reduced gun reload time
      - Increased vehicle health slightly
      - Now fire armour piercing rounds similar to the chaingun.
      - Head shot damage increased.
      - Bullet Rate of fire increased.
      - Bullet Damage reduced slightly to compensate for increased ammo and rate of fire.
      - Doubled missile count
      - Reduced missile damage slightly
      - Increased missile reload time to compensate for increased pay load
      - Increased gun ammo count
      - Reduced gun reload time
      - Increased vehicle health slightly
      - Now fire armour piercing rounds similar to the chaingun.
      - Projectile range increased.
      - Headshot damage increased.
      - Projectile speed reduced.
      - Artillery projectile gravity pull reduced to give less of an arch.
      - Artillery explosion blast radius increased.
      Medium Tank / Light Tank:
      - Recoil shake reduced.
      Light Tank / Medium Tank / Mammoth Tank
      - Range increased slightly.
      - Explosion blast radius increased slightly.
      Flame Tank:
      - Added new volumetric projectiles that will damage targets within the volume instead of a traditional projectile
      - Increased turret turn rate
      Mammoth Tank:
      - Increased vehicle speed
      - Increased vehicle turning rate
      - Increased missile range
      - Increased missile damage
      - Increased missile reload time
      - Reduced hitbox radius.
      - Stealth effect has more clarity but has the same distance reveal radius
      - Added a dynamic offset to the third person camera when aiming very high/low, so that the crosshair isn't obstructed by the player model (in like 96% of cases)
      - Updated character rag doll physics to be less limber and stiffer with less collapsing into itself
      - Added vehicle blocking volumes to all 8 wall infantry ramps (stop vehicles getting on top of the walls)
      - Added extra blocking volumes to boarders (stop players climbing the rocks)
      - Added vehicle blocking volume to the middle of the hill (stop aircraft from getting stuck on the walkways)
      - Fixed some spots were vehicles could get in to the infantry only paths
      - Updated minimap on field so that the silo is not a barn
      - Fixed collision bug on GDI tunnels.
      - Removed floating Tiberium crystal
      - Bran new remake of Volcano
      - Remake of the UT3 RenX fan map by Kenz3001 remade by Kenz3001 himself!
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