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A deep slow inhale
The smoldering orange crystals
A singeing cloud of milky omnipotence
The smell of souls

Unveiling phosphorescent architecture
The disintegration of earthly perception
A regrettable selection of symphonic dissonance
A bleak portrait consuming and malignant

The mind recoils in horror
Paralyzing the nervous system
An unrefusable invitation to an alien hell
The wrath of the spirit molecule

Interweaving shadows circling an exposed mind
Witches from another realm
Prodding through the withered rind
Dismal array of sorrow seeping in the bones
Vortices insufflate spiraling plight

There's no way around fear
Accept this fate, there's no escape
Pain radiates mental rage
There's no way to prepare

Shadow beings hovering
Conquering, inoculating
Examining the inner workings
Of human tendencies and intrinsic greed

Harboring a dark and vicious creed
Inside the sleeve ugly, corroded weak
Amaurotic sheep

Initiating, humiliating, intimidating
Ostracizing, chastised, infiltrating, castigating
Penetrating, reprimanding, scarified


There's no way around fear
Accept this fate, there's no escape

Hallucinational vacationing to escape finite gain reality

Emanating from the spiteful sentient
A roiling bath of harsh enlightenment


Apeirophobic restoration
Of the humbled and bewildered

The infinite circling inquisition
A hallow graphic paradigm defiles

Discombobulated perception


The disarray of terra incognito......

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