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Source file: (be sure to include engine.h and scripts.h)

void zbl_Zone_Enter_Send_Custom_Object::Entered(GameObject *o, GameObject *enterer){	if (Get_Player_Type(enterer) == Get_Int_Parameter("Player_Type"))	{		int ID = Get_Int_Parameter("ID");		int message = Get_Int_Parameter("Message");		int param = Get_Int_Parameter("Param");		Send_Custom(ID, message, param, enterer);	}}

Header file:

class zbl_Send_Custom_Base abstract{protected:	void Send_Custom(int ID, int message, int param, GameObject *sender, float delay = 0.0f)	{		GameObject *o = Commands->Find_Object(ID);		if (o)		{			Commands->Send_Custom_Event(sender, o, message, param, delay);		}	}};class zbl_Zone_Enter_Send_Custom_Object : public ScriptImpClass, zbl_Send_Custom_Base{public:	void Entered(GameObject *o, GameObject *enterer);};

Registrant: (including my macro)

#define Register_Script(ClassName,Params) ScriptRegistrant<ClassName> ClassName##_Registrant(#ClassName,Params)Register_Script(zbl_Zone_Enter_Send_Custom_Object, "Player_Type:int,ID:int,Message:int,Param:int");

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