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    • By Genesis2001
      Need something to do during your time off?  Install Renegade, RenList, and hop in-game to boink some GDI scum.
    • By Unstoppable
      The first WOL API written with C# by me.
      Thanks for Olaf @ xwis.net, ExEric3 and unknown for the contribution of this API!
      WOLSharp is a light, fast and simple WOL client written in C#, that may handle Renegade games and can send pages,
      manage buddies and list servers, with their datas.
      You may find example usages in the pack.
      Please read the readme file before working with API.
      If you experience an issue, please contact and drop a bug report at https://discord.gg/KjeQ7xv.
    • By Unstoppable
      This is a very simple FDS restarter, starter and stopper with IRC controls.
      You can start your FDS and bot which are configurable.
      On first launch, manager will drop a file named "Config.ini" with default values and closes itself.
      You should modify FDSExec, BotExec, Nickname and Ident keys before launching application.
      You may use ExecuteOnConnect section in Config.ini to execute commands on startup, or register your bot.
      Valid commands are: !startfds, !startbot, !stopfds, !stopbot, !restartfds, !restartbot, and !restart (restarts FDS and Bot)
      If you find a bug or application generates a crashdump, please report them to me from http://discord.gg/KjeQ7xv
      If you have suggestions, you may comment below as well.
      This project uses Atlantis 4.1.3 and Atlantis.Net.Irc 4.1.6
      You may find Atlantis 4.1.3 at https://github.com/zloveless/Atlantis.
      Thanks for using my project!
    • By Unstoppable
      You may improve this or suggest better ideas.
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