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Unreal Tournament 3 - Server Setup Guide - Windows

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Download Server Files

The downloads listed here are all you need to get a WAR server up and running,

download them all into one folder on your pc.

- Dedicated Server Installation

- Patch 5 (v2.1)

- Titan Expansion Pack

- Gamespy Server Patch

- WebAdmin 1.17


Step 1: Install the Dedicated Server

It is HIGHLY recommended to install the dedicated server "initial installation" into your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)" folder.

For ease of this tutorial you will apply all patches and content to that folder.

Step 2: Install Patch 5

Run the file UT3Patch5.exe and make it install into your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)" folder.

In most cases it will detect this folder automatically, if not, then point it to there.

Step 3: Install The Titan Pack

Run the file UT3TitanPack.exe and make it install into your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)" folder.

In most cases it will detect this folder automatically, if not, then point it to there.

Step 4: Apply the Gamespy Server Patch

Extract the file called "UT3_Gamespy_Patch_Server.zip" and copy the UT3.exe extracted file to your servers Binaries folder located at

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)\Binaries" and overwrite the existing file.

Step 5: Apply the Web Admin files

Extract the file called "UT3WebAdmin-1.17_2009-09-13.zip" and copy the contents to your "C:\Program Files (x86)\Unreal Tournament 3 (Dedicated)" folder and overwrite the existing files.

You should end up with something like this:


Step 6: Create a server Login

Startup your game Unreal Tournament 3 and create a profile for the server to use. This must be a unique name and password, in the same way you would create a new user login.

This login you use in the server batch file to start it up as explained later. Go do this now!

Step 7: Copy your servers folder to an alternative location

We are now ready to copy the files over to a new folder of our choice.

Create a folder somewhere and call it for example "UT3_WAR", for myself i created the folder inside D:\Servers\UT3_WAR but your location may be different.

Copy the files over like so:


Step 8: Create a Batch Startup File

Create a file called "Start_UT3_WAR.bat" in your "D:\Servers\UT3_WAR" folder with the following contents:


cd Binaries
start UT3.exe server WAR-ColdHarbor?Game=UTGameContent.UTOnslaughtGame_Content?MaxPlayers=32?TimeLimit=20?AdminPassword=YOURPASSWD -configsubdir=ServerCFG -login=USERNAME -password=PASSWD -port=7777 -queryport=25300 -multihome= -log=UT3-Server.log -nohomedir -unattended

WAR-ColdHarbor will be the map loaded at startup.

?Game=UTGameContent.UTOnslaughtGame_Content makes it a WARfare game.

?MaxPlayers=32 sets the maximum player count to 32.

?TimeLimit=20 makes maps last 20 minutes total.

?AdminPassword=YOURPASSWD makes the adminlogin password what you set here.

-configsubdir=ServerCFG creates a folder called ServerCFG in your server folder where the config files reside.

-login=USERNAME is where you enter the username you created for the server earlier in Step 6.

-password=PASSWD is where you enter the password you created for the username in Step 6.

-port=7777 makes the server run on that given port.

-queryport=25300 makes the server run on that given port for Gamespy.

-multihome= should be the IP of the server to use.

-log=UT3-Server.log creates a log file where stuff is logged to.

-nohomedir -unattended are always added for dedicated servers, dunno why :P

Step 9: First Run

Double click your batchfile you created to startup the server, this may take a few seconds to pop-up, don't start it multiple times.

Once started, close it down again, our configuration files are now available in the folder you set for 'configsubdir'.

Step 10: Configure your files

Go into your configsubdir called ServerCFG. If you renamed it it will be in the folder you named.


Open the file "UTGame.ini" to set your motd and title by editing the following section:


ServerName=MPForums.com Stats @ ut3.multiplayerforums.com
ShortName=UT3 Server
MessageOfTheDay=Welcome to a MPF UT3 Server!


Open the file "UTEngine.ini" to set your server's redirect location by adding the following section AFTER the [ipDrv.UdpBeacon] section:




Open the file "UTWeb.ini" to setup your server's WebAdmin interface section:



Set ListenPort and bEnabled and make sure those ports are not blocked in your firewall.

Now startup your server and you should be able to visit your IP followed by its webadmin port and configure your server.

for example:

You can login on the webadmin with your username and the AdminPassword you set earlier.

Good luck!

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If you want another gametype for your server, here is a list of them:


Deathmatch = UTGame.UTDeathmatch

Capture the Flag = UTGameContent.UTCTFGame_Content

Warfare = UTGameContent.UTOnslaughtGame_Content

Vehicle Capture the Flag = UTGameContent.UTVehicleCTFGame_Content

Team Deathmatch = UTGame.UTTeamGame

Duel = UTGame.UTDuelGame

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