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renegade Rotation Adjustment Testing for NewMaps

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[00:29:38] <~zunnie> !rotationirc

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> The map rotation includes:

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> MtBog Country_Meadow Pacific Alpine

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Caves Detroit Blizzard Killer_Cove_v2

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Cold_Waters Airai Forgotten_Town Orca_Heights

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Bridge_Control Cracked Arctic Death_Trap_snow

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> CloseCombat FalcWhore Bunkers Cold_Wall

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Colossus2r1 Desert_Seige2fx Deth_River Cairo

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Conquest_Winter ULake Divergence BunkersTS

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> BasinTS Ridge_Warfare High_Altitude Infinite_Isle

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Flooded Tib_Pit_3 Winter_Assault FieldTS

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Underpass River_of_Hope Backstab Winter_Field

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Bio MtPass Stockade Atoll

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Ridge_Warfare Tropical LittleHillRumble2 [Mines]

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> BlazingSands City2 Oasis_Flying HillBilly_Valley

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Urban_Warfare Terrace Aftermath Lake_Garden

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Death_Pass City_Flying_SE BoxedInV4 Cold_Valley

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> MetroTS Gobi MtPass DesertTunnels

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> TheCanyon GreatWall MtBog Dawn_Raid

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> GreatUnder L01_Beta Dusk Cliffs

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Vile_Facility DomesV2 Gigantomachy Fortress2k4

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> MPF_Meadow Mars Land_Day Basin

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> MPF_Snipers Winter_Assault Lunar_Landing Last_Stand

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> BattleForMidway Damm Arid MPF_Big_Walls

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Cold_River Great_Mountains Night0X Sand

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Hidden_Valley Country_Side Bridge Industrial_Strength

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Battleground Heightfield City_Flying_Re Forest_Falls

[00:29:38] <&NewMapsBot> Dust_Training Ravine

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