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apb Semi-Major Update

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New Feature

It is now possible to steal enemy infantry technology:

When you stand inside the enemy barracks with an engineer near the mct for 15 seconds without dying, the enemy infantry options become available in your own purchase terminal :)

Other Misc Updates

- Spies will be able to press E on enemies to kill them in the future co-op maps. Downside is that your "spy-ability" is lost once you use it and enemies will start firing at you.

- Add a Human Silo crate which makes the player that picked it up act like a Silo granting the whole team $2.5/sec until they die, changing characters is fine.

- Add a Team option to the regular Money crate which makes the picked up money team-wide meaning everyone on your team gets that amount of money.

- Death crate now creates a proper explosion, Tanya C4.

- Add Veterancy crate which can grant the player 1 up to 1111 veteran points.

- Add support for the stealth crate to stealth the first vehicle you enter, but only your first and once.

Misc Fixes

- Make sure the veterancy health regeneration commences when you spawn or switch character.

- Add a check for the conyard with the "You can now build defenses again." message so it doesn't display unless the conyard is available and not dead too.

- Add the defense purchases to !commands output for players.

- Update the !commands output to include a lot of things, try it.

Future Plans

We've added an Allied Chinook in light blue coloring for delivering vehicles from the vehicle crate once we get around to set crate locations for each map.

We've gotto fix the co-op map Dark_Dawn, it appears to be crashing the server all the time, unsure when this will be done.

New wip co-op map upcoming called RA_Zero_Healing with a Hospital, the Soviet bases and an A-Bomb Silo which will be used for the primary objective of this map.

sla_ro(master) is also gonna work out a co-op map, more details soon.

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