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Game ideas For MPF

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Does anyone here play wow?

We should make a wow guild on some server

Also a Freelancer Server is a old game very few players with alot of fun mods 

Alos  doom 2 multiplayer super old game 23 years but some people still play it online multiplayer with some online community with new engine 

Also the minecraft has very little poeple on it so it could be redone

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A WoW guild wouldn't be a great thing because I don't see a lot of players here being interested in WoW. Combined with the difficulty in recruiting good people.


Never heard of Freelancer. Got a link?


Minecraft is sorta in the works. It's been discussed internally and has support. My time, though, atm is being spent on Renegade and IRL crap with family. tl;dr regarding minecraft, the majority of my ideas are refined from my time at St0rm so whenever we see a re-opening of MC, you'll likely see a lot of similarities. I might try to get Aca involved too.

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