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Hey Guys

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I've played Renegade a lot over the years under different nicks. I decided on something permanent, as friends around me call me this and I love all things to do with Angels. Not very original, I'm aware. Sarcasm minimal please. Beyond that, I'm studying history at the university, I very much enjoy photography, and will ALWAYS love Pokémon!

I dislike cheaters, most of you do. I dislike bad sportsmanship, idiots, and, hmm...all sorts of things, but this is an alright summary. :)

I am hoping to get involved with a decent group of players, which is why this introduction. As a parting thought, please, respect my limited privacy. If I don't want to answer something, or simply tell you its my business alone, please respect that. Its why I left the last servers. I know the older players will respect this, its the other type I'm talking to. I won't knowingly disrespect you, but I don't want the disrespect in return just because you are in some way "unconvinced" of anything I may say. Its not a crime to disbelieve someone, but it is certainly disrespectful to say negative things about it.

Sorry about the speech. :( I really do want to be apart of a gaming community of decent people, but issues of the previous communities have really made it a distasteful idea. This one is different :)

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Welcome to MPF.


I joined this place not to be an admin or power or anything. But merely helping Hawk and zunnie out.  I just started doing more and sticking around more often since how great a group of people MPF had.


This may be a server for gaming, but we aren't competitive, we're all about hanging out and having fun.  So you've definitely came to the right place.  Any issues you have don't hesitate to PM me.

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