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Ping test ALL the Servers o/

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Hi everyone,


Out of mostly general curiosity and somewhat testing to see the best location for our Renegade Server. Please visit the Below URL and screenshot the Ping Section as shown in the image below.  




This automatically pings all server locations with our provider and I can use this to collect data on the best location. (If not the one we are already currently in)






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from Hamburg ^^ (where i was on vacation/holiday)

Atlanta (Internap)30 Gbps 123 ms64.94.238.13

Chicago (Premium)100 Gbps 131 ms216.52.148.4

Dallas (Internap)20 Gbps 154 ms66.150.214.8

Denver (Internap)1 Gbps 162 ms72.5.102.10

Frankfurt (Internap)20 Gbps 23 ms31.186.250.100

Los Angeles (Internap)20 Gbps 169 ms66.150.188.101

New York City (Internap)30 Gbps 102 ms63.251.20.100

San Jose (Internap)10 Gbps 168 ms66.151.138.9

Seattle (Premium)50 Gbps 159 ms208.146.44.100


from Home:

Atlanta (Internap)30 Gbps 153 ms64.94.238.13

Chicago (Premium)100 Gbps 139 ms216.52.148.4

Dallas (Internap)20 Gbps 161 ms66.150.214.8

Denver (Internap)1 Gbps 170 ms72.5.102.10

Frankfurt (Internap)20 Gbps 48 ms31.186.250.100

Los Angeles (Internap)20 Gbps 190 ms66.150.188.101

New York City (Internap)30 Gbps 129 ms63.251.20.100

San Jose (Internap)10 Gbps 196 ms66.151.138.9

Seattle (Premium)50 Gbps 162 ms208.146.44.100

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