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Ruins OX is good.


randomization can be done but it makes some maps not played in a long time and others over played.

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On ‎7‎/‎25‎/‎2018 at 4:29 PM, Madeen said:

Is there a way to randomize the rotation? Seems like it is always the same maps when I log in to play.

I've thought many times exactly same. There is so many times maps same time and takes usually many days in before it changes. However like Pwn Call pointed  totally random would not be so good. Would need more complex algorithm to make sure all maps are played about as many times as others.

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    • By zunnie
      - Introduction -
      To run a Renegade Dedicated Server you need to install the Renegade FDS (Renegade Free Dedicated Server).
      A dedicated server is basically a command prompt type program which allows for Renegade Clients to connect
      and play on the server. Dedicated servers are usually unattended and you cannot play as the host while running
      a dedicated server. Running a dedicated server also enables you to run SSGM 4.0 and/or other special modifications
      which are unavailable for the game client.
      - MPF Public FDS Package -
      You can now download a prepared package of the FDS with DA 1.92 and TT 4.6 applied, source code included with examples @

      - Downloads -
      You can download the RenegadeFDS installation file on for example multiplayerforums over here:

      - Installation -
      After you have installed the Renegade FDS, copy the contents of the serverfiles folder from the 4.0 server download into the FDS folder.
      Edit server.ini, svrcfg_cnc.ini, tt.cfg and ssgm.ini as per the documentation in this topic.
      You then also need to install the Visual C++ runtime libraries and the DirectX runtimes from the "redist" folder.
      The server.exe file in the 4.1 server download is the one you should be using as it has been modified.
      You do not need to apply the "no gameplay pending" patch to it as that patch is now a server.ini option.
      Make sure anticheat.ini is in the data folder otherwise the anti-cheat will probably kick you even with stock renegade files.

      - Requirements -
      When running the server in Westwood Online Mode (or XWIS these days) you require a valid serial number to run the server.
      This can be a FDS Serial or your Renegade Client serial.
      In GameSpy mode there are no requirements.

      - Notes for WOL Mode (XWIS) -
      To get passed the WOL installation for the RenegadeFDS you need to enter a (fake) serial number that starts with 0669.
      For example: 0669714956637887900319 ( Note: This is a fake serial and you cannot host a server in XWIS/WOL mode with this serial,
      it is only provided for you so you can get passed the installation dialogs. )
    • By zunnie
      Hello everyone, as you can see SpEeDr and me started working on a new version of Crazy Capture The Flag originally thought up and created by Jessica back in 2004-5 or something. It was immensly popular then because it had many custom weapons, little secrets and special stuff.
      I've fixed a few glitches here and there in the source code provided by Jonwil in the TT 4.6 server scripts and combined it with Dragonade 2.92's latest release by @Whitedragon.
      Vehicles are enabled in Crazy CTF, though only the APC's and Hummer + Buggy.
      You cannot pickup the flag while inside a vehicle, nor can you drive in it while carrying the flag, you can however be a passenger of a vehicle. Furthermore you need to know that you cannot capture the flag while you are inside a vehicle, you have to get out and walk over the flag pedestal to actually score. Returning your own flag while inside a vehicle and driving over it, is possible.
      You can look up the !score and your capture- and some other gaming stats by typing !stats <playername>
      Those stats are processed once every map at the gameover event for every player in the server. If you leave the server before the end of the map; tough luck, your stats are lost for that map. (i will see if i can fix this soon tho).
      If you have bug reports, concerns, feature requests or thoughts about Crazy CTF then feel free to post them here.

      TODO - A bug or feature that will be fixed sooner or later
      PENDING - This has been fixed but has yet to be installed on the server
      DONE - This has been done and is applied on the server
      NEGATIVE - This will not be fixed or added
      TODO List:
      Coming shortly.......
    • By zunnie
      _ _ _ _____ ____ _ _ _____ __ | | | | | |_ _| _ \ / \ / \ / _ \ \ / / | | | | | | | | |_) | / _ \ / _ \| | | \ \ /\ / / | |_| | |___| | | _ < / ___ \ / ___ \ |_| |\ V V / \___/|_____|_| |_| \_\/_/ \_\/_/ \_\___/ \_/\_/ Simply extract it to your Renegade\Data folder
      Or extract it to your Documents\Renegade\Client folder
      You will then be able to deploy vehicles on the maps from ImperialKaskins and some other MPF related maps.
      As well as a number of things such as:
      - Press Backspace to Sell vehicles on the Repair Pad
      - Press Q to deploy vehicles and such
      - Press M to lay an Anti-Tank mine
      - Press F4 F5 F6 F7 F10 F11 F12 - and = for additional radio commands
      - Press Q to deploy a tank trap
      - Press Q to detonate your Fanatic
      - Press M to lay an Anti-Tank mine
      - Press N to deploy a barbwire
      - Press O to drop your current previously picked up weapon
      - Press P to drop all your previously picked up weapons
      - Press I to use Chinook Vehicle Transport abilities
      - Press HOME to check your veterancy status
      - Press BACKSPACE while parked on top of a Repair Pad to SELL your vehicle
      - Press END key to quickly look up the Mine and Remote C4 usage and limits
      - Press Keypad number 1 to 9 for special Animated Taunts
      - Press U for chathistory window
      If you prefer so, or can't get it to work using the manual method, you can download an automated installation file @
    • By zunnie
      This mappack automatically detects your Generals Zero Hour maps folder and will install the following maps:
      !aod triangle base final version(more money)
      -aod- civilian insurrection (more money v3)
      -aod- lagarto3 v1-3
      -aod- mega defense challenge (remade by hazard)
      a general & his army  new modifidedt version 2
      air aod - frontline by evanz1987 [final]
      aod - 2 mini no money
      aod - fifa terrorist takedown edited by-=modified=-
      aod - level ups final v5! by twinsen
      aod - new frontline! by twinsen
      aod by-  china skirmish
      aod enemy retreat v3 by twinsen
      aod field of fun
      the i^love^aod map (final#2 v3)
      P.S. Maybe you want to try our First/Third Person Shooter with Tiberium Wars elements:
    • By zunnie
      This mappack contains a bunch of maps designed for Coop and/or Art of Defense.
      The maps are supposed to be played against scripted computer controlled opponents and in most cases are scripted.
      The zip contains an installation file that will install into your CnC 3 Tiberium Wars Maps folder directly.
      Do not change the destination folder unless you know what you are doing and it is required.
      Maps in this package:
      P.S. Always wanted to play TW in an First/Third Person Setting? Download this:
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