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Have a degree?

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Do you have a degree in anything or are you working on a degree now? If so, what is it in?


I don't have a degree yet. I spent some time in college for a computer science degree, but had to quit due to some issues. I am planning on going back when I get another car in a couple of more months. 



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I would have degree in English Studies, however i left university after 2 years, havent had opportunity to stay because of cash problems and other things. Not sure if i will ever graduate higher university , wish i do. My county is pile of shit , lots of people can't find work. At least im employed, never had problems with that. Can;t find time for it or help from goverment.


I might join army, if anything.


Wanted to get into musical academy in my young years, but was too old damn.


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No degree here, yet. I'm technically 3-4 classes away from a basic associates though. My major is Physics (Astronomy inclination) and math.


I haven't finished it up because I've been having severe trouble focusing on the math to be able to pass the classes I need to take. :( 

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