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So I want to buy a rig on steroids since for the past 7 years I only used laptops and I've had enough of them.


They are premade(some might say, you fool, make your own shait) but I did create one from parts and compared the prices, they were the same.

These aren't brand PCs but rather they're made out of parts kinda, better performance/price ratio and whatnot. 


So, both have the same CPU, 6th gen i7 6700(no 6700k though which was kinda bad).

One has a ASUS GTX 1060 with 3 GB DDR5, the other a Sapphire RX 480 NITRO+ with 8GB DDR5(talk about overkill).


The one with the GTX has 8GB DDR4(with one more slot available, making it 16 if I would upgrade) and the other has 16 + space for another 16(2x8) making it 32.




I want to go for the AMD to be honest, they have the same prices and you can upgrade it better. The AMD one has more SATA III slots for SSDs than the other.

I want to get several 250 GB SSDs since they're fairly cheap, I will use the HDD to store random junk. With the AMD one I'd get 1TB in total from SSDs and with the GTX one I'd get about half.



For price comparison, the CPU and the GPU alone make up about 80% of the price of the already made PC. i'll still need mobo, ram and all the other shenanigans which will already go over.

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Depending on what you're wanting to use it for. If youre into rendering or playing real modern day AAA games, like Battlefield or something like that you'll need way more than 3GB Ram. 16GB is standard these days imo.

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