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Its the most wonderful time of the year....

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    • By sla.ro
      Hey, Christmas it's coming soon and we're happy to announce a new update to Mutant Co-Op. In the spirit of Christmas, you can use !santa command that will transform you into a Santa, with lot of weapons and health, plus healing around (like a mobile dispenser!). 
      We've also added a new command !amin (!a for short), try it
      We wish you a Merry Christmas!
      PS: Soon we will have Jerad Gray's maps on Mutant Co-Op
      - Mutant Co-Op team
    • By Genesis2001

      Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/pics/comments/3wwolu/burn_victim_little_girl_who_asked_internet_for/?utm_content=buffera990b&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=buffer
    • By zunnie
      General Map Information
      Snow_Warfare is a deathmatch type of map with a little twist to it.
      You will spawn as a random character on this map, with a higher chance of becoming the lower class characters than the high class $1000 characters.
      The map is based around Christmas, Snow and Trees scenery.
      The purpose of this map is not to braindead-kill-and-shoot like most Deathmatch maps. On this map there is five "Control Points".
      When your team repairs a Control Point your team gets 1 Capture Point per second per Control Point. When the target of 4000 Capture Points has been reached your team will win.
      Creator Information
      The map was created by Mauler from the TCW Dev Team originally for Tiberium Crystal War and now ported to Renegade.
      Special Notes
      The map uses custom written scripts by zunnie for the Domination Style which are unavailable in the TT 4.0 RC1 scripts.
      The latest TT 4.0 RC2 now contains the scripts used for this level, ENJOY!
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