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1 - beginner Custom Object Translations

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In this tutorial we are gonna create a custom strings_map.tdb for inclusion with your map.

This file will hold the translation for custom presets that you make on your map such as Tiberium Silo (view tutorial) or Repair Pad (view tutorial) so that when you 'aim' for the building the translation text under it says "Tiberium Silo".

First we goto our Renegade folder (which has TT4.0 applied) and run the program "tdbedit.exe"

You are presented with the following screen:


We goto File->Open and browse for our LevelEdit\MODDIR\ALWAYS\TranslationDB\ and select and open the file strings.tdb

In my example the file is located at E:\NewMapsEditor\UltraAOW\ALWAYS\TranslationDB\strings.tdb


We are presented with the following in the program:


We goto Edit->Add Category and name it MyMap (name it the actual mapname there) and hit OK.

A new category is added to the strings.tdb

Goto File->Save and click it so the new file is saved and then EXIT the program again.


Next we open our Editor and goto Strings->Edit Table, once there, click on (1)the arrow at the right to goto your MyMap category, select it(2).

Then (3)double leftclick on the empty line as on the image below:


On the next screen we see the defaults:


CodeID MUST be 100% unique so always prefix it properly like "IDS_MyMap_TiberiumSilo" for example.

You cannot use spaces or special characters in the CodeID box.

For String we choose the object that needs a translation like in our example "Tiberium Silo".

The String box CAN contain special characters and spaces.


Now press OK. And the string is inside the file :) Press OK again to confirm it.


Now goto your (1)Tiberium Silo in the preset-tree and choose (2)"Mod" while having it selected.


On the Settings tab click on the letter button(1), a new window opens, click on the (2)arrow and scroll to the right until you see your map category(3) and click on it.

There you see the ID for your custom translation (4)"IDS_MyMap_Tiberium_Silo" then click (5) OK.


Now the preset has the translation applied, simply press OK again to make it effective.

See (1) what it should look like:


Now save your map.

Goto your ALWAYS\TranslationDB\ folder and COPY the strings.tdb file and PASTE it into your Levels\MyMap\

Once there, you RENAME it to exactly: strings_map.tdb


Then you include that file into your mix as well by using XCC mixer.

Now when you play your map the Tiberium Silo will actually say it is a Tiberium Silo and not a Gun emplacement anymore :)

Have fun.

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Guest Mauler

Update on this tutorial


There is no need to use tdbedit.exe... If you are using 4.0 Editor...


So you can totally skip that part :)


You can simply create your category and IDS string in LE itself,


Adding a new category: 

Goto> Strings>Edit Table>

Then from the popup window Goto>Category>Add>Enter Name of choice


All the custom strings info is the same as above

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What does the soundfile option do? I couldnt figure it out.

Otherwise great tut, and it is much easier to just do it through LE itself.

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