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hi, anyone played this old classic before? use to be addicted to this game back in the day! still got the BattleRealms special box edition with the Expansion pack included (winter of the wolf). If anyone has played it which Journey was your favourite? Grey backs, Kenji's ect... Was a long game to complete, all the Journeys/skirmish missions where quite cool. Use to love playing online versing people.. its a shame its not online anymore! ORR if anyone knows where it is played online still PLEASE let me know! Iv had to download another version (old version) of windows onto my computer along side my origional windows just to play it again lol. 


Oh btw for those who dont know its a PC game.


anyway, enjoy your gaming!








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Images are super tiny. O-O


Haven't played it, but from what I can see it looks similar to either Starcraft/C&C and Total War?

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