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The  Helipad models and textures are in zip: CapturableHelipads.zip


Temp Object->Simple->Simple_DSAPO_Versions->Simple_MiniConsole and name it Capturable_GDI_Helipad




On the Physics Model tab browse for the model by clicking the folder icon and choose Open




On the Settings tab set Health to 2 and HealthMax to 500,

Skin and ShieldType both to CNCMCTSkin with a DamagePoints of 0.750 and DeathPoints 0.000

Click the Letter icon to choose the Helipad name from the category Enc and set Encyclopedia Type to Building




Still on the Settings tab set PlayerType to Unteamed and Radar Blip Type to Stationary





Now MAKE your Helipad on the map




Goto the Scripts tab for the properties of the Helipad and select Type: z_Capturable_Helipad and set the Name Parameter of Owner to -2




Now note the ID of the Helipad in a textfile for later use:




Now TEMP the Simple_MiniConsole and name it Capturable_GDI_Helipad_Terminal




On the Settings tab for the Terminal set the Skin and Shield Type to Blamo and Damage and Deathpoints to 0.000

We want this Terminal to grant a Orca so we click the Letter icon and choose the Orca name from Enc category:





Make note of the GDI Orca exact multiplayer presetname, in our case this would be the original preset aka CnC_GDI_Orca (case sensitive):




Next we MAKE and position a Daves Arrow on TOP of the Helipad and move it UP on the Z-axis until it floats like 3 orca's high in the air above the Helipad like so:




Note the ID of this Arrow (PS: Do NOT delete the arrow, you must leave it on the map)



Go back to the Helipad Terminal on the map and goto its properties and the Scripts Tab, add the following script to it "z_Capturable_Helipad_Terminal"

with the settings as displayed below.

HelipadID would be the ID of the Helipad on the map we created first, in this example ID number 100000

Preset would be the vehicle to create at the location of the Daves Arrow we placed so CnC_GDI_Orca and 100003

An Orca costs $900 in Renegade so we enter that as the Cost for it.



Endresult should look like this for the Helipad Terminal:





You're done:


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      Place the obelisk controller like this on the Obelisk in your map:

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      Old Value = 28.009
      Substract - 41.000
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      The controller will jump underneith the map, this is fine, and supposed to happen.

      Now when you play your map the obelisk will fire from the red top.
    • By zunnie
      The Repair Pad models and its textures you are gonna need are in the zip: CapturableRepairpads.zip
      Temp it under Object->Simple->Simple_DSAPO_Versions->Simple_MiniConsole and name it "Capturable_GDI_Repairpad":

      On the Physics tab browse for the model by clicking the folder icon and open it:

      Give it 2 Health, 300 MaxHealth (Shield & ShieldMax should be 0.000)
      Give it CNCMCTSkin as Skin and Shield Type (even if its set to 0.000)
      Click the letter icon for TranslatedNameID and go into the Enc category and find the RepairFacility one as shown below
      Make the Encyclopedia Type a Building

      Still on the Settings tab set PlayerType to Unteamed and Radar Blip Type to Stationary

      Now you can "MAKE" it on your map:

      Next goto Object->Script Zone->Script_Zone_All and MAKE it, position it on top of the repairpad as seen on the image below.
      To make it higher in length hold down SHIFT and then move your mouse up/down by selecting the black little boxes of the zone.

      Now get to the properties of the Repairpad and note its ID, in this example 100000
      Get to the zone properties too and get its ID, in this case 100001

      Goto the properties of the Repair Pad and its Scripts Tab, there you add the script z_Capturable_Repairpad with the Name parameter of Owner set to -2 (unteamed)
      Set the Name parameter RepairZoneID to the ID of the Zone you noted in the step earlier, which in this example is 100001

      Endresult should look like this for the repair pad:

      Now edit the Script_Zone_All that you placed on top of your Repairpad by going to its properties and on the scripts tab add the script "z_Capturable_Repairzone" and set the Name parameter for RepairPadID to the ID you noted earlier for the Repairpad, in this example it is 100000

      Endresult for the zone should look simular to this:

      Now save your level and you will have a capturable repair pad on your map!
      Repeat the above process for Nod but then with the Nod model of course.

    • By zunnie
      Required Files: CapturableTiberiumSilos.zip
      TEMP a preset into Object->Vehicle->Mounted and call it for example "Capturable_GDI_Silo":

      Goto the Physics Model tab and for ModelName click the folder button and browse for the gtsilo.W3D file, click Open:

      Goto the Settings tab and set Health to 2 and Healthmax to 300 (yes: ShieldStrength and Max should be 0.000)
      Set Skin to CNCMCTSkin and Shield Type to CNCMCTSkin
      Set DamagePoints to 0.500 and Deathpoints to 0.000
      Set the TranslatedNameID to IDC_Enc_Struct_GDI_TiberiumSilo_Name (found in the strings editor under the Enc category)

      Still on the Settings tab set PlayerType to Unteamed
      Radar Blip Type should be Stationary

      Goto the Scripts tab and click Add... for Type browse for the z_Capturable_TibSilo
      For Name parameter Owner we set the Value to -2 (which means unteamed).

      Now select your temped preset called Capturable_GDI_Silo and click on "Make" button.
      It will appear on your map. Save your level and make your mix file.
      Now people can play your map and capture the silo.

      Repeat the above process for the Nod Tiberium Silo but set Team to Nod, that's all.
      Greetz zunnie

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