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ren GSA Master Server Backup

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The following are GameSpy Master Servers hosted by MPF and C&C IRC.


  • renmaster.cncirc.net
  • renmaster-backup.cncirc.net


It is highly recommended that these be the only two servers in your servers configuration.


In the event of a future outage of the master server, the backup will kick in to meet the needs of the Renegade community through RenList.

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    • By Whitedragon
      This is a server-side game manager for the Renegade FDS.
      It includes a wide variety of features such as additional logging, gamespy forwarding, weapon and powerup drops, new game modes, crates, vehicle shells, vehicle purchase queueing, and much more.
      The source code is included and you can build your own plugins using the built in event system or use existing SSGM plugins.


      Created by @Whitedragon and Black-Cell.net.
    • By n00b7
      Note:do this at your own risk and dont modify ANY other file not mentioned in this article
      So you try and set up a gamespy renegade server but you see this 

      then in your searchbar in the start menu or next to it type
      notepad %systemroot%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts
      right click notepad %systemroot%/system32/drivers/etc/hosts
      and click run as administrator
      and click yes on thebox that pops up
      now copy this text (one line at a a time) below:
      and paste it into the file
      the file should look something like this

      now save the file and close the window
      now type restart in the server console window and it should look like this now(you may have to restart your pc)

      and if you look in renlist you should see your server

      this proves i dont have to use brenbot for my server to work properly
      why this works is because windows redirects it to which is renmaster.cncirc.net
      every time it trys to access master.gamespy.com and master.udpsoft.com
      NOTE:you may still have to forward ports such as 27900
      NOTE: this should work with any FDS server
      NOTE:This should work for any windows machine that can run a renegade server
    • By r3sur[r3Kt]
      Today CnCNet decided to drop the Renegade Master Server List. Apparently it is no longer sustainable as the time and costs can be used elsewhere.
      What will this mean?
      Basically you will no longer be able to connect through the GSA tab on Renlist and it will appear blank:

      If you have the server saved in your favorites this will not apply and you will still be able to join. There is a tutorial on how to add the server to your favorites list written by@WhiteNyte which can be found here: (edited with new server IP etc)

      You can continue using Renlist to connect to the server through WOL if you use that as this is unchanged: 

      Alternatively you can use RenIP which you can download from our Downloads section here:

      RenIP is rather like Renlist and will connect you to Renegade. Just a few simple bits to set up:

      Click 'save' and then 'connect' and away you go. 
      If you need help be sure to ask me on IRC or send me a PM on the forums or reply to this topic.
      Download Renlist here: https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/70-renlist/
      Download RenIp here: https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/2201-renip/
      Server IP:
      r3s & MPF Team.
    • By kenz3001
      Hey guys! It's been a long time since we've had an update, but there's a lot of exciting news that we'd like to share with you today.

      Beta 3 is coming out on October 8th!

      The long-awaited evolution of Renegade X is coming out in 8 days! After several months of working, testing, and of course, playing our previous beta on the side, we're finally ready to push a new beta build. After beta 3, we will continue working on Renegade X - we've got a lot of exciting stuff coming up for later updates.

      So, for Beta 3, you can expect to see the following:

      •    Brand new Renegade X launcher!
      •    New map: C&C Volcano
      •    New items: AT mines and EMP grenades
      •    New Black Hand character model
      •    Crash fixes
      •    New UI features (interactive pause-menu and scoreboard)
      •    End-game sequences  
      •    Oodles of balance changes and fixes for weapons and vehicles
      •    New first-person animations for some weapons
      •    Audio changes (silo capturing is now broadcasted, weapon and vehicle sound changes)
      •    Texture, LOD, and shader optimizations – game runs much smoother
      •    TeamDonate command
      •    Weapon and vehicle reticle changes
      •    Many glitch fixes
      •    And much more!

      Beta 3 will be available for FREE at http://www.renegade-x.com on October 8th 2014.

      What else is up?

      We at Totem Arts have been developing Renegade X for over 7 years. In that time, we released several RenX Unreal Tournament 3 alphas, a standalone singleplayer game, and two standalone multiplayer betas. We've come a long way - this game has matured, and so have we. As a free project, it’s difficult to give Renegade X all of the time and attention that it needs to hit its climax in success. Still, we plan to do everything in our power to support our community and empower those who can help us in that goal.

      For the next version of Renegade X (after Beta 3), we will be developing several new maps – including remakes of some of our favourite classics – and we will begin working on a new gamemode, which will be discussed at a later time. We realize that our players have dwindled significantly since our February release: we went from having 400-1000 players on at a time to just 40-80 players. You can still catch a good game of Renegade X at almost any part of the day, but we want to have a large, thriving, self-sufficient community.

      Perhaps the biggest cause of the population shrink is the crashing, which became too annoying for many people to bear. We believe we have fixed those problems. Another cause was ingame exploits, and we’ve since developed some countermeasures to the use of exploits. A third reason is that C&C mode – which is very different from what gamers are used to nowadays – perhaps did not appeal to some of the newcomers. While many FPS games are based on k/d ratios and capturing flags, Renegade X is about defending and destroying bases, which is radically different from the mainstream. Renegade X is not for everybody, but we are exploring ways to gain new audiences while retaining our roots.

      We are a free game, and therefore we do not have an advertising budget. Renegade X relies completely on word-of-mouth, so please do whatever you can to spread the news. Upload a beta mirror, e-mail a gaming site or magazine, record a YouTube video, post about us on reddit and other forums, and be sure to tell your friends! The bigger our playerbase is, the more work we can put into the game.

      With that said, we do aspire to become a Steam game, but we cannot do so without EA’s expressed permission. We have been trying to get to the EA licensing manager, but so far unsuccessfully. If you have any ideas on how Renegade X can become a Steam game, post them in the comments! If you know anyone from EA, point them in our direction please!


      The new and improved Volcano is complete, and it will be available in Beta 3. Check it out below!

      Black Hand Sniper!

      Check out the new Black Hand. Looks a lot better than a painted SBH, right?

      EMP grenades

      We’ve added a new purchasable item in Beta 3 that will be available to both GDI and Nod. The EMP grenade is a C4-replacement that freezes the vehicles in its radius for a few seconds. While the vehicles would still have access to their guns, they cannot move as long as the EMP effect remains.

      AT mines

      The new AT mine is an anti-armour C4-replacement. A player can deploy a maximum of two AT mines, which have the firepower of a remote-C4. However, these mines can be destroyed by enemy weapons.

      New Tiberium Flechette Model

      Capturing a Tiberium Silo gives your team the ability to purchase a Tiberium Flechette. We have created a new model - check it out!


      And that is all for today. Be sure to download Beta 3 on October 8th, and to stay tuned for more Renegade X news!

      Oh, and by the way, happy Rene-birthday X! September 30th was the day that we released our very first Renegade X alpha for Unreal Tournament 3 back in 2009. So we wish you fun times ahead and many presents to come

      Stay connected:

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