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Signature Creation

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So I keep seeing cool sigs that have been created and used for forum users. Does anyone here create their own? I wanted to have one made but not really sure who might be able and willing to do that, and I definitely can't. I'm terri-bad at anything art related. I don't really have anything specific in mind, just my player name of course. The background, ish, I've seen space-related things that look cool, game-related backgrounds that look awesome, (NOD, not GDI, GDI sucks), etc.

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I haven't made one in a long time, but I still can if your interested.  You have anything specific you'd like to see in the background?  Would also need to know what kind of text you want on it, such as your username or more if you have other text you want to appear.

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Just my name I guess. Im not sure what else I'd want on it. Idk. I know some years ago a place called Xfire used to have these things you could place on forums for your sig that had your game stats and such. That was pretty cool but they dont do that anymore sadly.

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