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Introducing the new BlackEagle!

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Recently, the development of BlackEagle was resumed. And we made a lot of changes in our server. I want to talk about them a bit now.




We added a "!refill" command that refills your health, ammo and armor for a cost.



We added a "!ctf" command that shows the current game data.



We're making a cool Ranking Website, where you can view player's ranking datas, and creating small embeds showing your progress in our server, which you can use it everywhere! (It's done, we have to wait our host to install it :/)











We also added some several moderation commands.


- We made a logic change, where you need to move the flag to pedestal your own. (In old logic, flag was automatically teleporting to the pedestal)


- Some small commands (like !fullrot, !rot, !nextmap, etc.) added into server! (If they were already existing, they are updated now. ;))




- Server has a modular design now! So it will be easier to add your ideas as features into server! We couldn't make server even better without RenSharp, by Neijwiert. I would like to thank him for such a cool addon like that for Renegade servers.


- We're planning to add some other maps, a voting system, maybe jukebox, and go for small balancements.


*You can click on images to view them, they are not broken.


The changes are currently like above. If we add more features soon, we will post them here.

You can post your thoughts about updates. If you find or notice a bug, please report them under https://multiplayerforums.com/forum/535-bugs-requests/. It is very important for us to fix them. For a better game quality.

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