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BlackEagle Update (11 Dec 2019)

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Hey folks!

We've made an update yesterday (11/12/2019), and here's what we made:


- Added 6 new radio commands.


BECTFRadio1 (Default: F4): Enemy flag carrier is here!
BECTFRadio2 (Default: F5): I've got the flag!
BECTFRadio3 (Default: F6): I've got our flag!
BECTFRadio4 (Default: F7): Somebody get our flag back!
BECTFRadio5 (Default: F10): Take their flag.
BECTFRadio6 (Default: F11): I need some backup!


- Added BECTFDropFlag (Default: F12), so you can drop flags you carry now. Doing this will not effect your rank points, to prevent abuse.


- Fixed a important bug where flag observer tries to heal player which was left the game.


- Fixed a bug when protected nicknames leave and rejoin and tries to type chat causing crash.


- Fixed a important glitch and crash about random characters.


- Added !support command. Typing it will drop Soldier, Shotgunner and Officer. You must have all your support bots killed to call another support.


- Added !ping command. That shows specified player's latency.


- Improved !refill command.


- Added 8 new taunts.


- Fixed duplicated or multiplied radar blips not disappearing after flag drop & capture/return.


- Some miscellaneous fixes to various systems in gameplay and serverside.

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