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Server FPS

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As you may or may not know, Every time text gets written to console it can cause the SFPS to drop

It's more noticeable in larger games when brenbot needs to send its player_info command.

To combat this we have installed a version of FDS that has no console output



In our testing by spamming the console

FDS with console output dropped to 18 from 60 sfps

FDS with no console output dropped to 55 from 60 sfps



Credits iran & eric


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btw even though there is no console output the game will still randomly drop a frame every 30 seconds or so. I didnt bother to find out what is causing that. I did this EXE like 2 years ago lmao. I forgot the memory addressess else i'd change it into a SSGM/dragonade plugin

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