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Renegade ‘02 through ‘20

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I thought we could have a little fun here talking about what we’ve seen over the years, what’s changed, and what’s new/old. I’ll get it kicked off!


I’ve been playing since ‘02 (demo days)


Many players took avatars or names from popular movies such as the Matrix and Lord of the Rings. They also took names from musicians such as 50 cent and G-unit


We didn’t have cool things like Discord on PC & Smart phones, we had teamspeak and instant messengers (rip xfire)

Didn’t have a cell phone at all in ‘02! 


Still had and was using CD players instead of ipods 

Many of us played different games together besides Renegade, now it seems most of play our own thing on the side and not together.


PlayStation and other consoles didn’t really have an online presence 


We were using Internet Explorer, MSN, and Netscape! Holy cow! 

Popular Instant messangers were yahoo, aol, msn, and icq. There was something called Trillian that could import all your other messenger names so it would allow you to have open only 1 messenger rather than multiples, but I remember it sucked hardcore. Xfire saved us all!


Popular forums had galleries where players could upload images from in-game. Truth: I lost of ton of pics this way since I used to upload them on the Pitts and Moonlightshakers. 

We didn’t have facebook or social media. We had clubs on yahoo! Haha


We made websites with geocities, tripod, and angelfire. 100megsfree was a decent one too! 

No one had gmail, we all had yahoo or hotmail!

I think that’s all I have for now! What a trip down memory lane! 

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Wow, about the same for me.


I've been playing for 16 years, so I guess I started in '04.


I was in college my senior year and my wife was expecting our first child. I worked 45 hours a week, went full time to school, had a wife, so Renegade was just a release from the life for awhile. Just gave me time to chill and relax.


Now i have 4 children and have to fight for the computer. 😀 and don't get to play as much.

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3 hours ago, trunkskgb said:

Didn’t have a cell phone at all in ‘02! 

Wow really?


I was actually thinking one day how common cell phones were back then around the world. I got my first cell phone in 1999 just before I began 1st class and I was only one on my class who had one but until 2002 almost everybody had one.

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I got the game in '02 but after played single player through i lost interest (whitout playing it online) I played ra2 online alot back then.


But in '04 i stopped playing ra2 and tryed ren online and i was hooked.

In '11 i stopped playing ren and played WoW for 6 years but it bored me in '17 so im back since '17 playing ren 😀 ren is the best game ever made imo (till now at least)

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On 1/14/2020 at 9:12 PM, trunkskgb said:

I knew the DA (Dark Angels, formerly TwA: The War Angels, which I was part of both) clan, so I wasn’t  confusing you lol 

lol ok

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