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Goodbye Wyld1USA


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I have been trying to contact Wyld over the last few months in various ways with no luck.  He was a private person and let me know a few years ago his name and we met and hung out a few years ago.


Since I have had no contact, i've been searching for news,  Unfortunately im saddened to say I found he has passed away back in February.


Many did not know but he had been fighting cancer for a few years.  It seems the cancer was just too much.

Out of respect I will not put any personal details out there, I did contact his wife and confirmed, and she would rather it be kept private.


We've lost another hell of a friend. R.I.P Wyld you crazy old fucker...

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Not even 2 hours ago I was in-game reminiscing about stuff when I thought about him. I know he had a habit of playing under smurfs and assumed he was still around.

I suppose if I were to be around IRC at all I would've noticed his absence.


These are absolute shitty times, especially recently but it feels like its been going on for a while now. Feels like last week we got news of zunnie. Countless celebrities recently, this covid-19 business, ugh.


RIP to Wyld1. RIP to all we have lost in Renegade. You will be missed.


Stay safe everyone.

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My wife battled Cervical Cancer for 2 years end result all female productive parts removed and then after 2 years find out it destroyed her left Kidney as well and that as well was removed and now we may be battling incoming affect with her liver being affected as well sigh I know how this works and I hate to hear about anyone being taken down by this visions and sometimes relentless disease. You and your friends family have our deepest condolences.

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Wow so sad. I met WYLD back in the Jelly days. He would always show up for advice or a laugh or cookies. Through UN, and STORM and MPF he wasn't always around, but you knew he was there and he would pop up and have a laugh. Now sadly ... no more,


RIP my cookie loving friend

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