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2 - intermediate [HOWTO] Organizing Work Environment Setup - Renegade Tools

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I was asked by a few people to do this. So this is how i work with my editor and stuff :P

I find it very handy but like always some people might not think so and do it different :)

Thats fine..

I just hope this helps some people get under way with mapping for Renegade.

Although i myself use 3dsmax8, for legal reasons i could not include that in the files of course, so i made one for RenX.

If you do get a copy of 3dsmax8 the environemnt setup is pretty much the same really..

Anyway, good luck with your mapping :)

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Much appreciated Z. I'm not as far as your tutorial goes, but I will be referring to it often. Hopefully I'll have time to pop on TS as well.

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