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Asterisk Connect Tool BETA 0.46

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About This File

This is the current public beta version of the W3D-Asterisk Connect Tool - A direct connect tool built to be a spiritual successor to the legacy RenIP connect tool. This tool is compatible with all Renegade W3D-engine mods.


It includes:

  • A universal server connect tool, compatible with all Renegade-based mods on the W3D engine.
  • A universal single-player game launcher. Save an entry for all of your W3D-based games and easily run them from here!
  • The ability to save multiple server profiles for quickly changing between your various favorite games and servers.
  • Multiple config options (with many more to come!) so that you can have things just the way you like them.
  • An IRC !auth feature for players with protected nicknames. No more joining IRC just to run one command and leave, this will do it for you!
  • Many features are still being developed. Stay tuned for updates!

What's New in Version 0.46   See changelog


Ah! Now that the Downloads section is working again, its time for an update or six! :D



  • Fixed bug where IRC profiles could show up twice in the list in the when editing a server profile.

  • Fixed bug where the IRC profile field could be blank, which could in certain cases cause a crash.

  • Changed delay before connecting to IRC from 10 to 15 seconds in an attempt to fix a bug where network/internet latency could cause the IRC connection to terminate prematurely, resulting in a failed !auth attempt. I'm looking for a better way to implement this so I can eliminate issues with slow connections completely.

  • Implemented better delay code which allows the program UI to stay responsive rather than frozen from the effects of the previously threading.thread.sleep() method.

  • Corrected text on Save button when editing an IRC profile.


  • Added feature: GSA query proof-of-concept. Currently only lists server IP addresses and ports, and allows them to be copied into the appropriate fields for use.

  • Added Feature: Pre-launch application (set in options menu).

  • Added Feature: Post-launch application (set in options menu).

  • Ensured that IRC Profile field could never be blank (will always read "None" if not in use).


  • Renamed "Clear Saved Default Fields" (which was a naming blunder anyway) to "Reset Program Settings".

  • Fixed where saved pre- and post-launch application paths were not being cleared when selecting the "Reset Program Settings" option.

  • Fixed application focus issues with programs launched via the pre- and post-launch options. The game should receive proper focus now.

  • Added Feature: Menu option to open the selected game's install directory.


  • Renamed "Save Current Profile As Default" option to "Save Current Data As Default", and coded it to work with single player-only data as well as server profiles.

  • Renamed "Reset Program Settings" again to simply read "Reset Fields" to be more accurate.

  • Added some code to catch program exceptions at game launch and produce error messages that don't result in a program crash.

  • Fixed coding error with the "Save New Profile" button, which was erroneously calling the wrong function (and subsequently performing an incorrect action).

  • Fixed coding error which allowed the user to save a blank value in the IRC profiles field via the secondary server profile form, which would cause a crash.

  • Enabled all the "Purge" options in the help menu. Use at your own risk!


  • Added menu option to run auth sequence manually.

  • Improved code for producing error messages at game launch.

  • Fixed bug where IRC "None" profile might not be selected under certain conditions for profiles which have no IRC profile.


  • Added warning dialogs when deleting games, profiles, and IRC profiles.
  • Added an extra confirmation step for some items in the Help -> Reset menu.
  • Added code to force the names of Games and Server Profiles to be unique (disallow exact duplicates).


Design choice notes (v0.46):


For simplicity's sake, I have chosen to not attempt to disallow the user to delete saved items in the Games and IRC Profiles lists even if those items are currently associated with a Server Profile (this will break the associated profiles). There are warnings, but the user may do as they wish (since they can manually edit the file anyway).

I have also chosen to not force uniqueness in IRC Profiles. Due to the way it is coded currently, this makes sense as these profiles do not have actual names but rather are identified by a concatenated string of all contained information, minus the password.

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