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  3. Here's a hotfix for the one-time error message issue in the previous version. The only other changes since the last version are a couple of labels I decided to change. A side note about something else that may happen. One user reported that his antivirus didn't like this file, and labeled it a "confuser". This is due to the use of an obfuscator program on my part. Basically I run Asterisk through a program that makes it difficult for others to decompile and see my code. This is common practice though, so I'm not really sure why an antivirus would feel threatened by this.
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  5. yo dude welcome i use to play world of warcraft back in the day! until i found out about renegade haha. alot less time consuming ren but in a way i find more fun! in my opinion anyway, looking forward to seeing u ingame dude,
  6. Thanks. I don't use Team Viewer. I have downloaded and installed scripts 4.3 to the renegade executable's folder. Maybe it has something to do with that restore to factory settings i did a year ago or that im using the origin version. All other games still work. I'll might uninstall all this stuff and reinstall, see if that works, soon.
  7. Happy Birthday, Enjoy ur day
  8. Happy Birthday mate
  9. Last week
  10. But on the other hand... added some great maps possible poll to see which ones stay and which ones go? oh and which ones come back
  11. 15

    holy shinola!!!! 15 years!!!! 15 years... holy shhhii,,,,, wt.... lol long live renegade. its around a year for me give or take a couple of months. i thoroughly enjoy the game. some time short but sweet sessions but very satisfying haha. in the coming months i shall become a donator once i manage to sort my current financial status out. again, congrats ladys and gents!
  12. You removed some good maps
  13. hmmmm, now i see why there is so many maps appearing online i have not seen/played before. Some good new maps guys! keep up the good work. hopefully see you ingame soon to kick your butts haha
  14. Update! Here's the rundown for version 0.40: Added Feature: Help -> Reset menu, with various options inside for clearing some or all of the program's saved settings. More to come here! Added Feature: Menu item to toggle automatic saving of last used connection data (on by default still). Fixed bug where IRC profiles were not correctly linked to server profiles. Fixed bug where the title of secondary windows could read incorrectly in specific circumstances. Fixed bug where the program was performing an IRC join and !auth for single player launch operations. (whoops) Fixed bug in setting-saving code for single-player instances. Changed some minor UI elements. Added "GSA Server List" button. It is disabled for now as it doesn't do anything besides spit out a list of around 14 IP addresses + ports, but hopefully one day I'll have it completed. I forgot to mention last time that with the way this works, if you are already signed in to IRC with the same name that you intend to use with this program, it will fail because the name is already signed in. Nothing I can do really. No new known bugs in this version. Check it out!
  15. If it was working it would skip everything and take you straight into a loading screen before connecting you to the server online. If you have Team Viewer i maybe able to take a look and help you. Have you downloaded the latest TT patches etc? Latest one is 4.3
  16. Thanks a lot man
  17. Welcome to the forums
  18. Hi Gr8Recon, Thank you for your donation of 15.00 USD. We look forward to improving MPF with your donation.
  19. I have got all that covered. Going through GSA. So, just to clarify, if it were working, whenever i launch through renlist it should take me directly into multiplayer? No main menu or any of that? Is that tiberium technologies launcher supposed to do anything besides open the game?
  20. Welkom bij MPF , ik hoop dat je je zult thuisvoelen
  21. Welcome.
  22. Hello
  23. for the dutch players short translation: I am a child of the devil, mama please dont cry, i hope they play this song on my funaral.
  24. Hello everybody, Recently started Renegade again and was enjoying the MPF servers so why not subscribe to the forum then. i played ren a lot back in the days till world of warcraft came out Best regards from Amsterdam Gr8Recon
  25. Are you connecting through the GSA tab? If so, you need to make sure your Settings are configured right. (Options -> Settings) You need: 1) Path to your ren executable (with scripts 4.x launch through "UAC Launcher.exe" and your scripts packages will auto-update from TT; should be game.exe or game2.exe otherwise) 2) GSA tab: Set a nickname as seen here: If you're playing via WOL, fill out the WOL tab with valid credentials (including serial, username, and password).
  26. Patched the map to fix the building health bar not repairing to full health.
  27. Whenever i try to connect in renlist it brings me into the game's main screen, but im not seeing how to play online in multiplayer lan or multiplayer online. Do i need to fill out some of that stuff for gamespy in there? Seeing nothing everywhere on how getting into the game will look. Previous adventures: I had to run in administrative mode. It then said i was missing some dll files. Downloaded 10 or so of them.
  28. -NEW- D3.mix (Imperial Age maps): It is NOT allowed to use the Sapper as GDI or Nod to build Tank Blockers or Barbed Wire as stairs to access places otherwise unreachable.
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