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  2. Version 1.0.0


    3ds max file of the renegade buildings with proxies, has flying and non flying versions
  3. Pwn Call


    Version 1.0.0


    Blue NOD asset file
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Nod vs Nod field containing just the level files and no Blue Nod assets
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Nod vs Nod field, full complete mix file.
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  8. Welcome. This tutorial will instruct how to set up your workspace to load and build Renegade scripts.dll project. Note that you can only work with scripts.dll in Windows. Linux with Wine, and macOS are not supported. Step 1 - Visual Studio 2012 (and its build tools) Visual Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) to write, run, debug code. Visual Studio 2012 (will be referred to as VS2012 from now on) comes with the build tools (v110) that scripts.dll project requires. Unfortunately, build tools alone are not available. Thus, forcing us to install VS2012 completely. Since Microsoft has cut the support for VS2012, it is tricky to obtain a copy of it. First, head to https://my.visualstudio.com/Downloads?q=2012. This page requires you to have a Microsoft account and join a program called "Visual Studio Dev Essentials". When prompted to join, simply click "Confirm". Then, open the link again. Once in there, you'll see loads of VS2012 downloads there. What you're looking for is "Visual Studio Ultimate 2012" or "Visual Studio Premium 2012". The edition does not matter as what we essentially want is the build tools bundled with it. Hit the "Download" button when you find it. The download should be in the ".ISO" format, as the support for it is over and no online installation methods are available. After the download is complete, double clicking the file should mount a virtual DVD drive and open the contents of it in the File Explorer. If that didn't work, right click on the downloaded file and click "Mount". In the virtual DVD drive now, find "vs_ultimate.exe" or "vs_premium.exe" and open it. You can unselect all options in the optional features, as none of them are needed for scripts.dll development. If installation succeeds, you now have the necessary tools required to build scripts.dll project. But wait... Step 2 - Get a newer Visual Studio You don't necessarily need to use Visual Studio 2012 as your primary IDE. And you probably can't if you don't have a license key, unless you own one. It is possible to use a newer Visual Studio version, like 2022, to work with scripts.dll, as VS2012 is only required for its build tools and not for the thing itself. You can download newer Visual Studio versions at https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/, but you want to download "Visual Studio", and not "Visual Studio Code". This is important because they're not the same thing. If you decided to use a newer Visual Studio, (you probably will, because you have no other choice for long term development if you don't own a VS2012 license, just don't crack it... please!) only "Desktop development with C++" feature is needed. Step 3 - Get the scripts.dll project You can download the source code from https://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/. Go to Downloads page and find the link with "Source Code" in it. Download it and extract the "source" folder itself to somewhere, then open ".sln" file in the folder. If the computer asks you to which Visual Studio to use, select "Visual Studio <newer>" or "Visual Studio Version Selector". I'm not going into any more details as this is not a "How to write C++ code" tutorial, but all the "engine_*.h" files have useful functions in them. Also, there should be an example plugin to get you started. Step 4 - Get the Dragonade project If you want to work with Dragonade instead, you can download or clone it from https://github.com/TheUnstoppable/Dragonade. It also has an example plugin to get you started. You now have a fully functional workspace to start developing your own scripts.dll. Good luck!
  9. Very sad to hear. Deathice was always very nice. May you rest in peace Deathice.
  10. Version 1.0.3


    =============================== =====Renegade Map Readme====== =============================== Map Name: C&C_DownTown_Showdown.mix | Version: 1.0 Creator: Bokurei (Forithow) Setting: City at night Special thanks: -Mortalc13 for providing HUD icons and many more. -Pwncall for providing assets from his Detroit map -Blacky for Field Lights and Tiberium Gas emitters -Creator of C&C_Dusk for textures and assets -Creator of C&C_Tib_Field for Nod Weapon Factory assets -And you for playing the map! ***BALANCE CHANGES*** -GDI Medium Tank. Speed increase - 9.97m/s instead of 8.53m/s -GDI Mammoth Tank. Speed increase - 6.25m/s instead of 5.18m/s -GDI APC. Speed increase - 14.50m/s instead of 13.18m/s -GDI Humm-Vee. Speed increase - 14.77m/s instead of 13.73m/s -GDI MRLS. Rockets have 50% faster velocity -Nod Light Tank. Speed increase - 11.42m/s instead of 10.03 m/s -Nod buggy. Speed increase - 15.89m/s instead of 14.96 m/s -Nod Automatic Rifle does the same damage as GDI Automatic Rifle ***VEHICLES*** GDI: -TOW Humm-Vee. A standard humm-vee with rocket attached on top. -Fires 4 homing rockets -Faster than a regular Humm-vee -Costs 550 credits. -Rotatable MRLS. An alternative version of the regular MRLS that you can buy by pressing the arrow on the left on the MRLS in the vehicles menu. It is the same as a regular MRLS except it has a rotatable turret. -Beta Medium Tank. Same as regular Medium Tank, except it is the beta model. -Beta Mammoth Tank. Same as regular Mammoth Tank, except it is the beta model. Nod: -Recon Bike. A standard bike. -Fires 2 homing rockets -Half the rate of fire of a TOW Humm-vee, but does fire 2 rockets per shot (so same DPS as a TOW Humm-vee) -Costs 500 credits -Beta Light Tank. An alternative version of the Light Tank that you can buy by pressing the arrow on the left on the Light Tank in the vehicles menu. It is the same as a regular Light Tank except it is the beta version where the light tank cannon is on one side. ***STRUCTURES*** Nod Weapons Factory - Functions exactly like the Nod Airstrip. Does not provide GDI Vehicles. GDI Turret - The GDI Turret does slightly more damage than the Nod one to help balance it with the GDI AGT which does less damage than the Nod Obelisk. Repair Facilities - Repair Facilities provide repairs for Vehicles. They are capturable and must be captured first to provide repairing for you. Tiberium Silos - The Silos are situated outside of the base, protected by a chainlink fence. They are c4-able like on RxD maps. They are capturable and must be captured first to provide additional credits. ***WEAPONS*** Semi Rifle - A weaker version of the Sniper rifle that comes with the Shotgunner class. Deals 25 damage (125 as headshot) Grenade Launcher - Grenade Launcher now fire 3 rounds as an alternate fire, similar to C&C_Crevasse.mix Flamethrower - Flamethrower now fire a mendoza fireball as an alternate fire. It does less damage than the weak rocket launcher, and has less range. Weak Rocket Launcher - Rocket Launcher now track targets and has an alternate fire that fires 3 rounds which aren't homing. Strong Rocket Launcher - Does not track targets, but has an alternate fire that fires 3 rounds, similar to C&C_Crevasse.mix ***COMMON BUGS*** VIS issues which will be fixed at a later date.
  11. A symmetrical medium map with 2 vehicle entrances and infantry pathways connecting inbetween. Road connects between the two vehicle areas.
  12. Dethice what a great guy and plyer he was. RIP my friend, I have great memories with him.
  13. Rip Dethice. We played a lot of matches together over the years. You were a good dude. Has anyone tried finding other “Deth” members “aka moonlight shakers”? you will be missed ice!
  14. Im so sorry to hear this Deth was such a nice person with a gentle sole. I mad him a Mod here like 15 or so years ago. Not a bad bone in his body I hope you are in a better place my old friend Say hello to Wyld and the Zman for me!!!
  15. I remember Deth, sad to hear about his passing. RIP
  16. Sad days for the community already thought something happened, after i haven't seen him for ages rip DI
  17. Very sad day, he will be missed
  18. 😢Loved Dethice. He was always so considerate. He would always greet me with Hello Friend, how you doing? Very Sad to hear of this. 😢
  19. Version b11


    Test map for Field Nod vs Nod edition, will be updated with newer versions
  20. He was a big part of Renegade and MPF, remember playing with him in December 2022 last time. Was hell of a cool guy, always asked me in private message if im fine or not. Big heart, big love for this dude. Deathice will stay in out hearts
  21. Rest in peace, brother. 😢
  22. @Dethice had been inactive since around February. We knew he had been fighting illness for a while. I started searching ways to contact him or his family last week and found out he unfortunately passed away back in 16th of March. We don't have any more details than that as I tried contacting his family, but nobody responded. We lost another community member, Dethice may you rest in peace...
  23. Unstoppable


    Version 1.0


  24. A deathmatch map based on 9th mission Evolution of Evil.
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