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  2. Version 1.0.0


    Remake of the C&C map under, added more tunnels and a back base entrance, bases are modified slightly.
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  4. I've always considered the B2B line to be past the walls (or where the walls would stand if destroyed). But I'm not in favor of allowing b2b beyond that.
  5. Hey, i remember u from UnRules. Come jump into the game!
  6. I kinda like b2b on this map. Cant we make it b2b ? It so small, u can shot arty from both bases
  7. IMPORTANT! Sign-ups have moved to the form at https://forms.gle/PEK2F8rcr6k9btTb6 Note that everyone who wants to join should fill it, even though you stated above that you want to join.
  8. I even asked admins to add it in maprules but they said they need to discuss. Been like 2 years.
  9. Ah lemme have a look at that edit button. hellosunshine and cooldude are the same person.
  10. Assuming you mean SSM missile launchers. Sometimes players b2b with them on this map right from their own base gate even tho its not allowed. iirc we talked about this with @Unstoppable when he was making the map and he said b2b line goes through pillars on bridge and those little hills on tiberium field side
  11. Anyone else think that this map needs work? I find that they can use rocket launchers (NOD) almost like B2B.. Doesn't make for a fun time...
  12. No edit button there for me, it dissapears after a while. You probably have it because you're a moderator? Cooldude7 is also in for MPF! 3 signups for RC so far. Spread the word! The server is also ready to go 😉
  13. I can't edit :-(. Signing up for MPF: - hellosunshine Map count for MPF: - complex: 1
  14. I've been talking about this with Unstoppable since a couple of days. Let's try and set this up ;). This is a funwar. Nothing to "win" except for bragging rights. Please stay cool about it 🙂 Date / time: Sunday 19th March, 9 PM euro time (= 8 PM UK time) Server: Rencorner community war server Settings: standard Renegade AOW settings, 30 minutes timer per map. The password will be given on discord. 5 standard maps: each community can choose 2, Field is the 5th To sign up: post in this topic or PM me on discord (Goztow#6817). Please add in this topic what standard map you would like to play. Will join for rencorner (list will be completed) - rencorner topic: https://rencorner.com/topic/15707-funwar-rc-vs-mpf-sunday-19-march-9-pm-euro-time/ Gozy Will join for MPF (list will be completed):
  15. You're fully unknown to me
  16. Hey! I think i vaguely remember seeing your name in renforums.
  17. Hey all! Good to be back on Renegade :-). I'm mostly playing on rencorner, but thought I'd drop by to say hello. Some may remember me from renforums. See you later! Goz
  18. A medium/large map with 2 vehicle entrances at the front, and 2 infantry pathways at the sides. Temple structure in the middle and 2 bridges that connect to the middle area. Based on Arctic_Stronghold from Renegade X.
  19. Version 1.0.2


    Map Name: C&C_Aztec_Stronghold.mix | Version: 1.0 Creator: Bokurei (Forithow) Setting: Deep in South America, near hidden Aztec temples. Description: A medium-large Renegade level where Nod has situated a base in Peru and spent a long time trying to discover the secrets of the lost temple to retrieve a powerful weapon. GDI found out about this and decided to set up their own base, opposite of the temple to preserve the mysteries and stop Nod from digging up what shouldn't be dug. Special thanks: -Mortalc13 for providing interiors/exteriors for Conyards and CommCenters, HUD icons and many more. -Halo38 for models of the temple -Blacky for Field Lights and Tiberium Gas emitters -And you for playing the map! ***VEHICLES*** GDI: -TOW Humm-Vee. A standard humm-vee with upgraded armour and a rocket attached on top. -Fires 4 homing rockets which is great for taking out aircrafts. -Slightly faster than a regular Humm-vee -Costs 550 credits. -Rotatable MRLS. An alternative version of the regular MRLS that you can buy by pressing the arrow on the left on the MRLS in the vehicles menu. It is the same as a regular MRLS except it has a rotatable turret. -Harvester. A standard harvester that collects tiberium and dumps it in the refinery. -Same as a regular AI harvester except it is driveable -Can harvest tiberium in any tiberium fields (including the enemy's), and then dump the tiberium in YOUR refinery (not the enemy's), to provide 300 credits to your entire team. -Cannot dump tiberium if the refinery is dead so you can't make more credits but you can still buy harvesters for other reasons. -Costs 2000 credits because 300 credits to every player on your team is a lot of credits. -Can be useful as bait for massive rushes. Nod: -Recon Bike. A standard bike with upgraded armour. -Fires 2 homing rockets which is great for taking out aircrafts -Half the rate of fire of a TOW Humm-vee, but does fire 2 rockets per shot (so same DPS as a TOW Humm-vee) -Costs 550 credits -Harvester. (Exactly the same as the GDI Harvester) ***STRUCTURES*** Construction Yard - Conyards provide automatic repairs to the team's base as well as their minor defenses such as Guard Towers and Turrets, they repair at a rate of a normal engineer would. Destroy them to make base destruction easier. Construction yards cannot repair themselves. GDI Turret - GDI was able to briefly capture the Nod Construction Yard and managed to build themselves some turrets before Nod took it back. -The GDI Turret does slightly more damage than the Nod one to help balance it with the GDI AGT which does less damage than the Nod Obelisk. Nod Guard Tower - Nod was able to briefly capture the GDI Construction Yard and managed to build themselves some guard towers before GDI took it back. - Acts the same as a regular GDI Guard Tower Repair Facilities - Repair Facilities provide repairs for Vehicles, it's slightly faster than the repair rate of an Engineer. They are also c4-able like the Tiberium Silo and a lot quicker to destroy. Tiberium Silos - The Silos are situated outside of the base, protected by a chainlink fence, a house and a guard tower. They are c4-able like on RxD maps and provide 1 credits per second. Note they will mosty likely to be destroyed in late game, they are mostly just to offer extra credits early game. Communications Center - The communications center provides radar for GDI/Nod. If destroyed, it will no longer provide radar for its respective team. (Originally the Communication Center would detect if an enemy is in a specific building and warn the team, but I decided that was too OP and ruins the element of sneaking in. Also originally wanted it to jam enemy radar if they get too close to the base, but this will sometimes crash games.) ***WEAPONS*** If you can find 3 secret keys and open the door to the temple, you will unlock a chance of getting one of two special weapons: Personal Obelisk Cannon - A gun that fires obelisk lasers, it does 125 damage, has limited range and requires a charge up. Personal AGT Launcher - A gun that fires AGT bullets/rockets. Does pretty much like a normal AGT, but has limited range. ***COMMON BUGS*** There may be some occassional VIS glitches here and there Double message for player harvesters displays when depositing tiberium into the refinery.
  20. Hey, i remember You back from UN Rules server, long time no see
  21. Version K2 changes Infantry Partisan rifle velocity increased from 300 to 390ms Vehicle Mobile artillery weapon accuracy returned to normal values (not sure when i changed this but it had a extra 25% spread on the shell, this has been removed) Light Tank turn speed increased so it handles better Mammoth Tank rocket direct hit damage increased by 5 Mammoth Tank regeneration increased from 2 to 10 per second when below half HP. Gatling Tank Damage reduced from 20 steel to 16, (DPS of 38.4 per second to light and medium armour, 28.8 to Heavy armour) putting its DPS inbetween Med (42) and light tank (35) Reduced projectile velocity by half from 300 to 150 Reduced HP from 500 to 450 Increased Cost from 700 to 900 Every other vehicle that isnt a apc, buggy or humvee should be able to destroy this vehicle in a 1 v 1, not accounting for player skill. Map Snack machines should now tell you if you dont have enough money to use the machine rather than doing nothing. Changed the defensive area around the base entrances to give infantry a place to fire from Placed a sandbag wall infront of Nod Ref frontdoor to give better protection from snipers. Improved the visuals on Nod/GDI Tiberium fields to bring them a bit more to life. Temple side doors (the doors that face each base) can now be both closed AND opened but only from inside. Changed Guard tower damage from Steel to CNC_Flamethrower. (melts light armour and medium armour but struggles against heavy armour)
  22. hmm, i havent deleted it. regardless here is the newest version C&C_LostTemple_K2
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