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  1. Yesterday
  2. What maps you have removed?
  3. Thanks m8, just busy
  4. Other Updates: Turrets purchased with !turret can now be entered.
  5. Last week
  6. I tend to mind my own for the most part. Usually when I step in it is typically a calm down issue or speaking proper so everyone can listen. The teams are random, people do leave at first few minutes then evens out usually quickly. I would ignore the people that try to bother you, if that doesn't work, then page the ingame / irc mod for assistance.
  7. any cash
  8. teams are made randomly, dude dont care what people say. Enjoy game
  9. Mask, gk21, Khol, and sometimes Cereal killer and some other 1 thing is to give me nothing but noob but then start my team off w less player and or take the 1 or 2 semi-decide players i have on most game makes the game not fun and weak and to top it off have them all stalking me at the same time, should make a ban rule for people that do this often like mask012 weak ass P!!.
  10. I've been able to get in game.. i thought antivirus was causing issues... but even if it is off.. when I come in, often at first I get a gameplay pending, and then broken connection (or I quit before that happens) then when i re enter, all works ok... until next time that i try to sign into the server this does not happen in other ren servers, just MPF
  11. No base defense has ever been fundable for either team on d3 maps...
  12. GDI is unable to fund the base defenses on C&C_Mt.Pass_D3.mix. 4 people tried and none were successful. Please fix this as it is unfair for gdi.
  13. Earlier
  14. Again I am late with my response , but the same for you bro
  15. for some reason.. all of a sudden my antivirus program seems to block playing... i've tried panda, avira, Avg, norton, bitdefender.... all the same results
  16. Happy Birthday Stephan!

  17. Same to you my Friend
  18. Right back at ya buddy
  19. http://renlist.n00b.hk/download/RenList-1.0.9.zip
  20. I still use renlist, but it is buggy... anyone use another launcher? or is there a new site to load renlist... current one in this forum has a dead link
  21. hey ok... i dont know what is going on... cant get into game tried reinstalling, but its a mess.... any step by step instructions to reinstall? please email rob42harrison@yahoo.ca
  22. Dont know what is happening.. cant get into ren.... removed game, reinstalled... now I need map packs... thought I had copy.. still looking.. but I do not see it on this site (or it is not working)
  23. Reload the link to the file
  24. its cool now its working guys.... Now theres 0 players on lol. bad timing for me, i will make sure im on during prime playing time next time! anyway nite all.
  25. hi all, can anyone help me with my little problem please. It keeps saying Game Pending then timing out. I can see the match time at the bottom ticking down and then it kicks me out due to timing out. Anyone got any suggestions to help me please. Thanks, Andy.
  26. You can add many maps from my AOD website http://www.pashacnc.com to here. regards, Pasha
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