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  2. How can I create Server Content?

    Do you mean so it downloads when you join? Well you need to host the contents of ttfs folder on a web server and set the url, gameDefs and rotation in tt.cfg
  3. How can I create Server Content?

  4. Yesterday
  5. How can I create Server Content?

    @Genesis2001 Can you answer?
  6. Game pending then timed out

    Has happened to me and Khold a few days ago. I think it has to do with changing the SFPS limit as the SFPS limit was changed when the map loaded. I was playing the map then tried rejoining as the map has a leak causing permanent FPS drops until you rejoin...then I got the gameplay pending stuff. Same with Khold
  7. Game pending then timed out

    happens to me once in a while.. still have not figured it out.... but if i then try to log in again, it works fiine (just dont exit Renlist)
  8. Map Requests & Map Discussions

    It was funny, but good to know it was not the original rotation
  9. Map Requests & Map Discussions

    Its not in the rotation. It was a rare !snm (more of a mess about map which was made for testing suicide vest) It will never be in auctal rotation. Some had fun some didn't.
  10. Last week
  11. And stop doing that moderator triggerbot test thingy, it screw up my aim after i exit scoped mode with sniper https://www.twitch.tv/iran___
  12. Map Requests & Map Discussions

    Why is "zunnies_test map" in the rotation, or did some mod put it on rotation? Maybe funny for a few minutes, but it's not funny if all the other players are dying all the time lol.
  13. mpf NewMaps Extended Rule Discussions

    Imperial age maps (D3) vehicles are allowed in tunnels. Non D3 maps they are not. I updated rules accordingly.
  14. BattleRealms

    Images are super tiny. O-O Haven't played it, but from what I can see it looks similar to either Starcraft/C&C and Total War?
  15. mpf NewMaps Extended Rule Discussions

    Is there a rule for vehicles in tunnels? There is one for vehicles in buildings, NOT tunnels. On "Bridge" map last night, I used a recon in the tunnels connecting the bases and Baddog q-kicked me for "Not knowing the rules". He claimed vehicles are not allowed in tunnels. I can find no reference for such a rule. There are a ton of maps like "Great Under" where you have to go through the tunnels to get to the Comm, Not to mention these interconnecting caverns that can be classed as tunnels. A long time ago, I was told by IK that you can use vehicles in tunnels at your own risk, as sometime you get stuck.
  16. How can I create Server Content?

    Before I open this post, I couldn't find "C&C Renegade Server creating and using Server content" and similar words on Internet. And I opened this post. I looked up RenHelp on archive.org to latest save (Jun 2009). And I can't find any tutorial on this topic. I also looked up this website, but I can't find on here too. I already created this content pack. And performed a download with TTFS. But how can I use this content pack on my server?
  17. How can I create Server Content?

    You create content using a 3D modeling program and use LevelEditor (LE) to import that content into the game. You then use PackageEditor to put that content onto your server. We have tutorials somewhere on the site and there's the internet too. If you can't find the tutorials on our site, look at the Web Archives (archive.org) for "renhelp.net" back before 2010.
  18. Version 1.0


    A tool for RenegadeFDS Package Editor. You don't need to run command prompt continously for package editor. Open it and use. Enjoy! Planning to do in version 1.1: - Adding User Interface - App configuration for use this application without server's folder. (Now, working on new version...)


  19. How can I create Server Content?

    I already did that. It works but how can I use it?
  20. Earlier
  21. Map rules

    Never knew that
  22. New donation: newtown19

    Thanks man
  23. Renegade won't start with Renlist

    Try running renlist as admin
  24. How can I create Server Content?

  25. BattleRealms

    hi, anyone played this old classic before? use to be addicted to this game back in the day! still got the BattleRealms special box edition with the Expansion pack included (winter of the wolf). If anyone has played it which Journey was your favourite? Grey backs, Kenji's ect... Was a long game to complete, all the Journeys/skirmish missions where quite cool. Use to love playing online versing people.. its a shame its not online anymore! ORR if anyone knows where it is played online still PLEASE let me know! Iv had to download another version (old version) of windows onto my computer along side my origional windows just to play it again lol. Oh btw for those who dont know its a PC game. anyway, enjoy your gaming!
  26. Link broken downloads here

    Some of SSGM 4.0 Plugins
  27. Inventory of broken downloads

    Please use the following topic to document which files are broken.
  28. Link broken downloads here

    Please list any download that isn't working. Please keep it to one link per post. Known files: + Imperial Age client download (literally bad URL).
  29. Map Requests & Map Discussions

    Cairo with Disabled Fund if it destorys the map. Grtah3 , what Server said Alpine NIght inestad of Alpine Ruins0X again, miss this map
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