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  2. Don't need Silo support as then there is no point in killing the Refinery. That's why we rush to get the Refinery first, typically. The ammo, yes I agree it should go up or !ammo is available after the first vet level only. This stops for ammo at start of maps making a single player able to kill a building (thinking to promote teamwork). As for refill health and ammo, no it shouldn't do that. (Would be same concept as using !char command in enemy base, which is unfair) !struck would be the same as !ammo in a way. supply trucks are very useful on maps and can change the game quickly if used right . I don't see a use for this command. Vanq would be nice to go back to 300. They are so fun to use! Turrets / Guard Towers, I agree the prices should be different if possible. The IK defs are way more powerful then regular maps. Just my two cents
  3. So increase silo cost and let it give onlye 1 credit per second? Like imperial maps.
  4. Sounds too cheap and makes killing ref less of value
  5. It's about the same if not lower as Renegade
  6. Rotation has been updated and refreshed using your !like & !dislike votes this month. Changes are: Maps Added: Night0x Tib_Forest Tib_Field Urban_Rush Ocean_View Underpass Tib_Pit_3 DesertTunnels MPF_Under Woodland Canyon_Fortress River_RaidDB Caves City_Flying_SE Volcano Dusk Urban_Conflict Desert_Siege Maps Removed: Bio Battleground BridgeDB Bunkers Damm Epocilation FieldTS Gobi Mines Tib_Waste Tiberium_Temple Wasteland As usual use the map request topic here to request maps you want to see in rotation: That is all for this month. Thanks again for playing on MPF <3
  7. Yesterday
  8. No silo fund please. Just defend your ref. With the restores and !fund we have already enough to restore our base. Most times in IK-maps the enemy won't destroy the ref first and there are silo's at most maps. At the normal renegade maps the cost are to high for your silo support. Also mpf maps are timed and i think a game end after base destroying will be less with that support in Ik maps.
  9. Yo @WNxServer @unknown @r3sur[r3Kt] @MPFwobbly196 @Dethice @gkl21 What do yer thinks ?
  10. I have played it in 2015 and remember it had lots of folk online around, worth trying again? How many players play there comapred to Original Ren
  11. Ok, I change my opinion to less frequent. Just played Big_Walls and Nod had two of them in the first 5 minutes.
  12. Last week
  13. Because that is how it was made and tbh it make sense as its completely different game/engine.
  14. Why that? on one side you get told they should be there, they make us unique, but then there not... If it's because they spawn to often then? These Maps are all hard covered by base defenses, most likely hard to get a building down anyway with that. But if there will anyway be soon a limit, then there can be that beacons too.
  15. Yo. Ive been thinking awhile of something that would be unique here and could help a little. How about we add option "Silo Support" -It would make silo appear in place where player uses the command. This would help with economy after losing Refiniery. Since we have fund, loss of PP,wf air, bar n hon isnt that tragic like Refinery. Its hard to fund ref without silo maps etc... It would cost 1000 per one player, each player, so if we have two player it will increase to 2000, 3 to 3000 . !AMMO option, increase cost to 1000 and also Refil Health Points and Armor !Struck - could be a new option, spawns free supply truck for team where map is big but there no WF air or it has been lost. This ability would have 3,5 mins cooldown . Cost, time may vary Reduce Vanquisher vet points from 350 to 300 NOTE ABOUT TURRETS I think that on Regular new maps Turrets and GT should have cost reduced both to 1500 max, since they are easy to destory and not powerfull like Imperial ones. Imperial one might be a little more expensive for what can they do atm.
  16. No because they are set not to appear on D3 maps...
  17. (just a side note - it's always funny that ppl. who play less on the server defends it.) when you play that much like me, you realize it, that they fuck up after some time. jeff had the last days always many 10 secs... it really got out of hand... so many maps just ended by that 10 secs... on D3 Maps they don't appear - why that? maybe map over to early then with the "beloved" maps?
  18. The bot does send you a pm telling you it has been removed after the time restriction has ended.
  19. It makes this server unique (for quite a long time I may add) It's called defense, I know. That's not a word people don't like to hear Sometimes they spawn a lot, and sometimes you never see them. I've played for years, and I've played for hours upon hours at a time, and not seen a single spawn. It balances out like that. If they "ruin" a map like people say, just suck it up and realize that you or your team, or lack there of, just lost fair and square, since it COULD have been you winning that way. I'm sure we never hear from you all "people" when YOU get them and use them. Fair is fair. Like Wolf said, they're easier to disarm. I voted to leave them. Our server rocks!!!
  20. Depends on the map. Some maps you see more than others, but part of that is also due to how many weapon spawns a map has.
  21. Are they that common? I've been playing when I can recently, and I've only seen one.
  22. Hmm, now I'm wondering if I may have just hit the new soldier box instead of refill. Damn. Oh well, thanks for the info. Didn't know about the time limit either.
  23. Get RenList from out site, its better
  24. OB gun will disappear if you buy a new char before the 3 min timer. Not sure about refill.
  25. OB gun has a time restriction on it (3 mins) but the AGT does not.
  26. Is it normal for them to disappear from inventory if you refill at a PT? I picked one up last time I played, and lost it when I went to refill my health. Kinda bummed me out. SBH plus OB gun was awesome.
  27. Tiberian Technologies Launcher, but now I can connect
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