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  3. Dragonade

    Is this updated for Scripts 4.6??
  4. Happy birthday FeaR

    Happy B day old man....Get in-game sometime
  5. Hi All! Robyike1 here!

    Hi all, I am trying to connect with players that played Renegade back in the day at black-cell.net. My handle was robyike1 and I'm getting ready to get my family into playing Ren. I was wondering who still played.
  6. renegade Rotation update December

    Can u remove hesh94 from rotation, he nub :v
  7. Earlier
  8. renegade Rotation update December

    done haha no idea ^^
  9. renegade Rotation update December

    When will you be Ren Admin, wnxserver?
  10. @Goldy58 and me @zunnie are creating a new free game based on the Renegade engine with Tiberium Wars elements. It will be a fierce battle in the Tiberium Conflict between GDI and Nod in both Online and Offline missions simular to Renegade's MP and Co-op. We are looking for co-developers! Drop a message in the MPF discord when interested www.tiberiumconflict.com
  11. Happy birthday FeaR

    Thnx guys
  12. Hey boobie, come online sometime :)

  13. Hey Zunnie, how's it going?

    1. zunnie


      Long story lol, but i'm good :) Jump on the discord sometime?

  14. Happy birthday FeaR

    Happy Birthday
  15. Happy birthday FeaR

    Happy Birthday!
  16. renegade Rotation update December

    Ok, will do that when i get home xD atm I‘m in Vienna, so no access to PC :$
  17. renegade Rotation update December

    Can you remove Arctic from rotation plz. it has that bug with flamer (gun) and you can kill buildings in few seconds with it.
  18. Happy birthday FeaR

    Happy birthday noob! Talk to you soon maybe.
  19. Let it snow, let it snow...

    @alexrirak made it snow here on the site.
  20. renegade Rotation update December

    I hope too
  21. Here's the updated rotation for December based upon feedback from last month's likes and dislikes. Serv.
  22. CTF-Reprisal-V5

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    First map I have ever made. Loved Thorns from way back and was inspired by it. Still working on it as I learn the editor. Scaling is too big and some textures didn't make it into last cooked version for some reason. Thinking about adding a top level that has tighter corridors but I had liked thorns due to its "openness" . New to this, but enjoying it. Mondogrunday


  23. Upcoming Downtime for GSA Listing Tomorrow

    We know your time is valuable so Thanks for doing all this!
  24. Upcoming Downtime for GSA Listing Tomorrow

    Please see the following for more details.
  25. Upcoming Downtime for GSA Listing Tomorrow

    Thanks for that.
  26. Upcoming Downtime for GSA Listing Tomorrow

    Nah players are all good, It should just work, It doesnt show all the servers since alot of them haven't restarted their server. But the active ones are on the list. Today or tonight sometime I'll move the DNS back to the main server. Going forward any server owners should have both of the following DNS in their MasterGSA List renmaster.cncirc.net renmaster-backup.cncirc.net
  27. Server Down Time

    Hi! Just ask: what happen Imperial Age Server? Become? Thx!
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