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  4. I did play it, but so long ago, I forget. It’s ok!
  5. confession I have never beat the renegade campaign yet, I am currently on the snow mission part on commando I only ever played the co-op servers back in the day and thats it.
  6. Renegade's 22nd anniversary is approaching fast. During this time we will be limiting or even turning off our regular servers to get as many people in the event server as possible. Lets try to beat the record of 80 players from the previous anniversary!!
  7. well, that was interesting. I did not have to reinstall . Once I used my REN disk, it asked if I wanted to use the configuration tool before starting (graphics stuff, I believe... I'm not super computer savvy... i just know enough to be dangerous). anyway, after using the config tool from the original disk, everything worked fine. Perhaps the config tool in the update has issues? Anyway, I can get back in-game now!
  8. Yeah could try reinstalling.
  9. with the Scripts update... is anyone else having issues? I get a black screen once I go through the usual steps to log in
  10. If I don't find another solution, I will try reinstalling ren from scratch, again... I will also check my old computer. I think it's still running there
  11. I end up with the third screen... all black
  12. This is what I see..... I tried reinstalling the update.
  13. Earlier
  14. tiberiantechnologies.org
  15. thanks.... where can i get that.
  16. Need more details what kind of error you are getting Maybe try reinstalling the patch from tiberiantechnologies.org?
  17. so.... tried logging into game... it asked for update, now I cannot get in aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  18. Scripts 4.8 Update 1 is now available. I would like to thank Unstoppable, Jerad2142, dblaney1 and cyberarm for their contributions to 4.8 Update 1 (If I missed anyone else who contributed to 4.8 Update 1, sorry). Changes made since 4.8: New launcher & auto-updater. Servers using this release will no longer allow TT versions below 4.8 to join the game. New scripts and changes to existing scripts by Unstoppable. New scripts and changes to existing scripts by Jerad2142. Changes to existing scripts by moonsense715. Changes to existing scripts by danpaul88. Add HUD surfaces feature that allows servers to draw primitives, images and text on client's HUD. Added "Windowed Borderless" window configuration. Added "Render When Unfocused" option to continue rendering the game when window loses focus or minimized. Added new engine calls Print_Client_Console and Print_Client_Console_Player to send a message to client's console at top left corner of the screen. Added new engine calls Change_<Enemy/Friendly/Neutral>_HUD_Color and Change_<Enemy/Friendly/Neutral>_HUD_Color_Player to change the reticle & target color. Added new engine calls Enable_Global_Targeting and Enable_Global_Targeting_Player that disables targeting except for pokable objects, buildings and MCTs. Added new engine calls Get_Time_Of_Day and Set_Time_Of_Day to change the sky time. Added new engine call Is_Connection_Bad that tells if a client experiences connection issues. (AKA "Connection to server interrupted gameplay pending") Added 18 new engine calls to override various sky parameters and colors. Added hardware identifiers, accessed with HARDWAREID console command and Get_Client_Hardware_Identifier engine call. Added GameSpy heartbeat feedbacks that report any GameSpy failures reported by the master to the console. Added support for custom C4 disarm explosions. Added cinematic camera feature from 5.x. Added support to load always4.dat. Added SPY console command to toggle spy mode of a player, or their vehicle. Various additions and changes to the scriptable dialogs. Added Health Bar control. Added new styles for Label control. Added control focusing support for scriptable dialogs. Added Enter (to confirm entered text in Text Areas) and Esc (to request to close the dialog) key press events. Changing a control parameter without showing the dialog will no longer crash the clients. Fix so removing a control by ID will no longer cause a crash. Title label background is now properly updated when the text changes. GRANTWEAPON console command now grants full clip and inventory rounds. Various fixes to the GameSpy listing and broadcaster. GameSpy listing in the game will no longer display non-Renegade games, according to their reported game name. Various changes to make Console_Output hook and file logging work as intended in Wine. Bring back "Load X% complete" message. It is now possible to change Obelisk's weapon and warmup effect model using the 2 new parameters added to the Obelisk script as well as AGT's machine gun and rocket weapons. In multiple monitor configurations, Renegade window will now try to create itself in the desired screen, instead of primary one. Cleaned up and re-organized wwconfig's interface. Fix so games no longer end immediately after the level load is complete on rare occasions. FLY and SPECTATE console commands no longer expect a second parameter. Fixes to Reload_Level to increase reliability. Fixes to Server Operation dialog to display more precise countdown. Fix crash that would occur when client finishes downloading TTFS during a level change. Fix so joining an unpassworded server after joining a passworded server won't leak the passworded server's password to the unpassworded server. Fix smart bots (added by BOTCOUNT) not getting any credits. Fix a memory leak in URL protocol. Footstep effect will no longer play if soldier is not grounded or on ladder. Fix a crash while displaying tooltips. Fix a backwards compatibility issue with no gameplay pending. Fix a false positive in anti-cheat when team changing is disabled. Refinery dumps will no longer give twice the dump amount if smooth dump is disabled. Fix a rare issue when a non-GDI & non-Nod player is present. Fix a crash when ssgm.ini changes during runtime. If you are running 4.8 (or any earlier version) you will be automatically updated to 4.8 Update 1. People wanting a full installer (to install from scratch or to do a full reinstall), a server download or a tools download can find them on the Tiberian Technologies website (www.tiberiantechnologies.org) in the downloads section. Appropriate source code for 4.8 Update 1 as well as the source files for the map fixes in 4.7 (which are the latest fixes we have) can also be found on the site. People who need Dragonade will have to follow https://github.com/TheUnstoppable/Dragonade for updates. [Read the original post at https://w3dhub.com/forum/topic/444771-scripts-48-update-1-is-now-available/]
  19. Looks awesome can't wait to try it.
  20. I'm impressed cant wait to play it!
  21. Looks much better than original.
  22. A larger version of the classic C&C_Snow.mix map. Features a field area for vehicles, more infantry exits, and a large icy underground connecting the base.
  23. Forithow


    Version 1.2.0

    1 download

    A larger version of the classic C&C_Snow which includes vehicles! Features the usual buildings from the original Snow but also includes conyards, Airstrip and Weapons Factory Thanks to: Mortalc13 for HUD icons PwnCall for the car models from Detroit.
  24. That stinks. The overall color schemes are a nice change from the stock.
  25. The way these maps were designed was to fit the theme and play style of UltraAOW. Since they are too deeply modified, I doubt that they would make their way in ModernAOW.
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