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  2. nsfw my balls

    Balls of steel Nice cap, i see ur the drummer. Well i have Fender and Fender stap and Fender t shirt
  3. To expand upon in the near future:
  4. tcw Update Log

    Date: Sunday, March 18, 2018 5:43:55 AM Committer: zunnie Divide game time by 60 to display time in minutes on the stats command.
  5. tcw Update Log

    Date: Sunday, March 18, 2018 5:35:02 AM Committer: zunnie Add stats logging for Capturing and Destroying Control Points in Domination mode. Example log stats: [zunnie] Total_Join_Amount=85 Total_Shots_Fired=17576 Total_Headshots=203 Total_Game_Time=133973.875000 Total_Bounty_Worth=70 Total_Bounty_Collected=0 Total_Spikes_Captured=5 Total_Spikes_Nod_Destroyed=1 Total_Spikes_GDI_Destroyed=0 Total_Control_Points_Captured=1 Total_Control_Points_Nod_Destroyed=0 Total_Control_Points_GDI_Destroyed=0
  6. Yesterday
  7. tcw Update Log

    Revision: 423 Author: zunnie Date: Saturday, March 17, 2018 10:35:29 PM Message: Add GDI Grenadier, GDI Missile Soldier and Nod Militant Rifle Soldier models to the game, thanks to Hunter-Seeker. ---- Modified : /Client/Data/Always3.dat Modified : /Client/Data/always.dbs Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Grenadier Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Grenadier/GUgrenadier.dds Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Grenadier/GUgrenadier.gmax Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Grenadier/GUmissilemanHead.gmax Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Grenadier/asset_report.txt Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Grenadier/c_ag_ggrenad.W3D Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Missile Soldier Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Missile Soldier/GUmissileman.gmax Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Missile Soldier/GUmissilemanHead.gmax Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Missile Soldier/GUrifleman.dds Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Missile Soldier/GUrifleman.tga Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Missile Soldier/GUriflemanglass.tga Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Missile Soldier/GUspawnchar.tga Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Missile Soldier/asset_report.txt Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Missile Soldier/c_ag_gmissldh.W3D Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/GDI Missile Soldier/c_ag_gmissldr.W3D Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/Nod Militant Rifle Soldier Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/Nod Militant Rifle Soldier/NUmilitant.dds Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/Nod Militant Rifle Soldier/NUmilitant.gmax Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/Nod Militant Rifle Soldier/asset_report.txt Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Characters/Nod Militant Rifle Soldier/c_ag_nmrs.W3D Added : /Editor2/TCW2/EditorCache/GUgrenadier.dds Added : /Editor2/TCW2/EditorCache/NUmilitant.dds Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/presets/objects.ddb
  8. If you are new to Tiberium Crystal War (and the Renegade W3D engine in general) you also need to run the installations for VC++ 2012 and VC++ 2013 and the DirectX Update. You can find these in the Prerequisites folder of the checked out folder. Simply run them and install them. The game should then definately run
  9. tcw Update Log

    Date: Saturday, March 17, 2018 7:16:28 PM Committer: zunnie Add !stats for Tiberium Spikes Captured and Destroyed for both GDI and Nod ones. Current stats logged: [zunnie] Total_Join_Amount=66 Total_Shots_Fired=850 Total_Headshots=22 Total_Game_Time=10316.936523 Total_Bounty_Worth=8752 Total_Bounty_Collected=1377 Total_Spikes_Captured=3 Total_Spikes_Nod_Destroyed=1 Total_Spikes_GDI_Destroyed=1
  10. If you get errors or conflicts in your folder then you need to perform a cleanup. This is done by right clicking on the folder and going to "TortoiseSVN->Cleanup..." Once clicked it will open a new window where you must select all options and press OK: Once the cleanup finished running you *should* see something like this: If for some reason your cleanup doesn't work, then post in the forum here please.
  11. nsfw my balls

    Bought a new hitch today.. complete with accessories "I'VE GOT BALLS OF STEEL !!!!!!!!!!!!! " many other bad jokes followed...
  12. Last week
  13. Happy Birthday Bullvipe

    Happy Birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday Bullvipe

    happy birthday
  15. tcw Update Log

    Revision: 421 Author: zunnie Date: Friday, March 16, 2018 6:09:50 PM Message: Update map TCW_City_Blue_Zone a bit with more texturing and water. (test) ---- Modified : /Client/Data/Always3.dat Modified : /Client/Data/TCW_City_Blue_Zone.mix Modified : /Client/Data/always.dbs Added : /Editor2/TCW2/EditorCache/gwallbz.dds Added : /Editor2/TCW2/EditorCache/nwallbz.dds Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/City_Blue_Zone.max Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/TCW_City_Blue_Zone.ddb Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/TCW_City_Blue_Zone.ldd Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/TCW_City_Blue_Zone.lsd Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/TCW_City_Blue_Zone.lvl Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/TCW_City_Blue_Zone.mix Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/citybzA.W3D Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/citybzB.W3D Added : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/citybzW.W3D Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_Tropical/Tropical.max Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/presets/objects.ddb
  16. This map is originally designed by @Hunter-Seeker for TCW 2.0 I've placed a few temporary textures on it so you can better see what it could look like in its final state. I think the map is greatly done by Hunter-Seeker, good layout, needs some fixing here and there but overall i'm very happy with it. Here a shot from ingame while we were testing just now (remember: Textures are temporary)
  17. tcw Update Log

    Revision: 420 Author: zunnie Date: Friday, March 16, 2018 2:27:06 PM Message: Place some temporary textures on the map TCW_City_Blue_Zone to be replaced at a later stage with nicer ones. Testmap. ---- Modified : /Client/Data/TCW_City_Blue_Zone.mix Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/City_Blue_Zone.max Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/TCW_City_Blue_Zone.ddb Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/TCW_City_Blue_Zone.ldd Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/TCW_City_Blue_Zone.lsd Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/TCW_City_Blue_Zone.lvl Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/TCW_City_Blue_Zone.mix Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/citybzA.W3D Modified : /Editor2/TCW2/Levels/TCW_City_Blue_Zone/citybzB.W3D
  18. Happy Birthday Bullvipe

    Happy B-day
  19. Happy Birthday Bullvipe

    Happy Birthday Bullvipe
  20. Heightfield from greyscale terrain tutorial, also includes some tid bits for getting a map set up like adding buildings with welds, and such. Commentation will be added soon.
  21. reccomandation

    I wanted to post 1x time
  22. reccomandation

    I want to !n00b @SToRM for triple posting same topic.
  23. Please read that topic to get going
  24. Public Testing We've decided to make the Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 testing public. It is very timeconsuming to find people willing to test and get them to be active on the forums and all. So we figured it would be nice to just make it a public thing. You can now download the client through SVN and join the testserver. We hope you like trying it out, but keep in mind that the game is not finished at all and you may of course give suggestions. I encourage everyone who decides to download it to register on our forums and report any issues or questions. What you will need TortoiseSVN program - http://tortoisesvn.net/downloads.html You will need the program called Tortoise SVN to download (or Checkout/Update) the game test client. To install (aka "Checkout") the "Tiberium Crystal War 2.0 Test Client" you need a username and password listed below: Username: tcwtester Password: testersonly15 Create a new folder in any location of your choice, for example: C:\MPF Games\Tiberium Crystal War 2 Test\ or even your desktop will do but NOT your Program Files or Program Files (x86) folder. Right click the folder you created and you will see an option named "SVN Checkout" select this and a popup window will be opened. Enter into the URL portion, this address: https://svn.multiplayerforums.com/svn/tcw/Client (right click on the link and copy it) The screen should look like this and press OK: Next you will be presented with a login screen where you enter the username "tcwtester" and password "testersonly15" (no quotes). No further changes are required, press OK and it will begin to download the latest updates (about 2 GB) from the SVN Repository which may take a while depending on your internet speed. Once done downloading, you have the latest files from SVN. Updates to the game will be posted here in the forum. Once a new version has been submitted, simply right click the folder and click on "SVN Update" and it will download the posted update, and keep you up to date. Keeping the Client Up2Date Everytime we update the server and client you will need to SVN Update on your end. If you get "Version Mismatch" or "You need Tiberium Crystal War to play here" messages when trying to join, it means your Test client is out of date. Simply right click on the folder and choose "SVN Update" and wait for it to download the new and modified files: Now you should be able to join the server again. If not: Please post on the forums. Play & Test Run the TCW2Launcher.exe file in your folder. Goto the Direct Connect tab. Enter your player name and connect to play/test. IRC Channel The irc channel is on irc.cncirc.net in #TCW and #TCW2 Discord Area Visit https://multiplayerforums.com/discord to join our Discord Area for text and voice chatting. Thank you Thanks for testing the client and please provide us with your thoughts and concerns if any.
  25. tcw Update Log

    Date: Thursday, March 15, 2018 4:24:18 PM Committer: zunnie Add bounty logging to stats command so you can lookup your total bounty worth and bounty collected on the server.
  26. Covering my beacon at barracks with flamer

    Droping a beacon at bar and covering in flamer
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